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What does Crikens Name mean? {Funny!}
On Crikens Livestream, Criken answers what his name actually means. To go to this live stream channel its : Twitch.tv-Criken (Mine is Twitch.tv-Cpt.FraggerZ)
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Let's play Minecraft! Survival Island! Part one! - ZOMG Island !!!
Hello ladies and gentlemen! Join FraggerZ and Flippex on there wild journey! To not die, or be eaten by zombies! Part one entails: Tree's, Grass, Texas and a fantastic dirt house!
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R&L - I want Popcorn! :L
Yo guys! It's FraggerZ ... Scrolling through all my game's, I found a certain clip which I found hilarious, Hopefully you do too! Uhmmm the game is Resistance and liberation, and you can download it here : (It's Free) http://www.resistanceandliberation.com/downloads/p13_sectionid/8 The video is Criken styled to add that little bit more of a funny edge to it... Hope you like it! If you want to see more, just subscribe! And don't forget to rate and comment! Much regard's and appreciation... Uhm, I'd quite like to add that Popcorn was actually a player in the game, he wasn't talking about the food... just to clear it up. - FraggerZ
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Lets play Minecraft! Survival Island! Part four - Bridge builder :P
lets play minecraft! in this episode: we change the house to stone build a bridge, and more!
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Mists of Panderia officially announced! [My Thoughts!]
Yo guy's It's FraggerZ, These are just my first thoughts on the new pandarian class. Scouting through youtube, I've noticed a mass of mixed opinions any it's fair to say... Allot of people than I thought are actually dislikeing this. Anyway, The links! Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyeZ8khSEC0 Site: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/game/mists-of-pandaria/
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Lets Play Wow! Road to 85! Part 1
Hello! and Welcome to the first instalment of Flippex's and FraggerZ Road to 85! In this episode we... both... die -.-
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Lets play Minecraft! Survival Island! Part two! - Watah Situation :L
Greetings! Part two of episode one continues! In this part, FraggerZ and Flippex talk about: Spiders, Flowers, Cave finding, Water, Gold, diamond! and more! ______________________________________________ Can we add that due to a shortage of memory, Flippex unwittingly accidently stopped recording, though we didn't go to far ahead, we have missed out about a 5 - 7 min chunk of what we were doing. From there on out, FraggerZ records
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Lets play minecraft! Survival Island! Part three! - Fecking Enderman -.-
Join FraggerZ and Flippex in an epic journey! Of murdering enderman, House blowing up and more!
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Lets Play Wow! Road to 85! Part 2
Lets Play Wow! Road to 85 Part 2 involves fraggerz saying the grapes were tasty and more! Stay tuned for part 3
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