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Ella Enchanted - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Anne Hathaway in movie 'Ella Enchanted' singing 'Don't go breaking my heart' I totally love this song and I think that Anne did a really good job... Please rate and comment! Thanks I don't own this!
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Ice Princess - Recital
The song is It's Oh So Quiet by Lucy Woodward (Cover of Björk)
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Mean Girls - funny scenes.
it only counts if you saw a nipple
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Ella Enchanted - Somebody to love
Anne Hathaway in movie 'Ella Enchanted' singing 'Somebody to love' Please rate and comment! Thx I don't own any of this! Yes, this REALLY is Anne Hathaway singing(:
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Bratz The Movie - It's All About Me & Bratitude (FULL SONGS)
I don't own any of this :) And please stop posting comments about the bad quality of the video because they WILL get deleted. Thanks =] xoxo
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neam riječi...
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I so like Diddl....i tryed to connect music with pictures so pay attention to that (example: music goes "I wanna stay home today" and than you can see Diddl on toilet or he is in a bunch of books....lol)
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Bratz The Movie - Meredith singing 'Fabulous'
From 'Bratz The Movie' I don't own any of this :)
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