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Boardwalk Empire - Rosetti's Tirade
Gyp Rosetti's glorious rant after Nucky Thompson declares he will only sell booze to Arnold Rothstein. Season 3, Episode 1. Belongs to HBO. I own nothing.
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Boardwalk Empire - Richard Harrow Killing Spree
Richard Harrow explores the concept of first-person shooters at the Artemis club as he seeks to rescue Tommy with what appears to be an unlimited arsenal. Season 3, episode 12. Owned by HBO.
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Boardwalk Empire - This Man is an Interloper
Nucky Thompson meets Andrew W. Mellon in an attempt to conspire against Harry Daugherty. Owned by HBO.
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The Wire - Lt. Daniels meets Clay Davis
Deputy Burrell introduces Lieutenant Daniels to Senator Clay Davis. A defiant Daniels refuses to lay down, much to the annoyance of Clay Davis who twists the thumbscrews on a bewildered Burrell.
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Boardwalk Empire - Gyp Rosetti and Chalky White Standoff
Gyp Rosetti comes sniffing around for Nucky Thompson as Chalky White keeps his poker face. Meanwhile, the student doctor has Eddie Kessler in stitches. Season 3, Episode 11. Owned by HBO
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Boardwalk Empire - Luciano & Lansky Lose Heroin Business
Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky lose their heroin business as Rothstein, initially trying to screw over Masseria who backed them, has Luciano busted by corrupt agents, and then brokers a deal with Masseria with his newly acquired heroin. Season 3, episode 12. Owned by HBO.
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Boardwalk Empire - Gangster Peace Meeting
Nucky Thompson brings together Arnold Rothstein, Joe Masseria and others to try and broker peace. Season 4, episode 1.
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Boardwalk Empire - Rosetti Checks Out
Gyp Rosetti relieves himself on the beach, then is relieved himself on the beach. Of life, that is. Season 3, episode 12. Owned by HBO.
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Boardwalk Empire - Gaston Means Visits Jess Smith
Gaston Means expresses concern regarding the well-being of Jess Smith on behalf of the Attorney General who is detained by the burdens of State. Or something. Smith lets it gets to his head. Season 3, Episode 10. Owned by HBO.
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Boardwalk Empire - Rosetti's Prayer
Gyp Rosetti's emotional prayer is answered. From season 3, episode 7. Belongs to HBO. I own nothing.
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Boardwalk Empire - Finale Opening Montage
Lots of gangsters die in opening killing montage. Season 3, episode 12. Owned by HBO.
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Boardwalk Empire - Owen Returns from Masseria Hit
Nucky Thomson is awoken by the delivery of a large crate and drags it into his home among his family to open it right there and then because no-one would try to bomb him twice in as many weeks, and there's nothing at all suspicious about 4am packages.
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Boardwalk Empire - Rosetti's 3-in-1 Oil
A good samaritan lends Gyp Rosetti his 3-in-1 oil, and Rosetti thanks him by explaining the other things 3-in-1 oil could have been. Season 3, episode 1. Belongs to HBO. I own nothing.
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Boardwalk Empire - Van Alden Dines With Capone
Van Alden's dinner-date with Capone is something of an eye-opener, as the details of O'Banion's operation prepare to be spilled. Season 3, episode 10. Owned by HBO.
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Game of Thrones - Arranged Marriage(s)
Tywin Lannister plots to out-plot the Tyrells by marrying off Cersei and Tyrion to Loras Tyrell and Sansa Stark. Cersei changes from extreme smugness to despair so fast she suffers whiplash.
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Boardwalk Empire - Rosetti Delivers Killer Burn to Sheriff
After decoding a conspiracy of mocking well-wishes, Gyp Rosetti decides to stick around Taber Heights, and fires the fat sheriff. Belongs to HBO. I own nothing.
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Boardwalk Empire - Gyp Rosetti Destroys Beachhead
Gyp Rosetti rues his father's life as a bricky and not a fisherman, then cheers himself up with a game of whack-a-mole. Season 3, episode 10. Owned by HBO.
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Boardwalk Empire - Masseria's Men Ambushed
Al Capone and Chalky White show they can play together as they ambush Joe Masseria's men. Crossfire? What crossfire? Season 3, episode 12. Owned by HBO.
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Boardwalk Empire - Manny Horvitz Checks Out
Manny Horvitz's new hat is immediately put to the test by Richard Harrow. Season 3, episode 1. Belongs to HBO. I own nothing.
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Boardwalk Empire - Van Alden Flips
Van Alden doesn't appreciate his colleague's burns and loses his shit. Season 3, episode 8. Owned by HBO.
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Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 Opening Scene
Richard Harrow solves two mysterious gentlemen's car trouble. And every other problem they had. Season 4 - Episode 1
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Boardwalk Empire - Al Capone: "Pay for his Funeral"
Al Capone avenges his henchman Joe Miller's beat-down by delivering one of his own. Season 3, episode 4. Owned by HBO.
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The Wire - "You're His Father"
A shell-shocked Nick tells Frank Sobotka that Ziggy shot two of the Greeks, as Thomas "Horseface" Pakusa looks on. Season 2, episode 10
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Boardwalk Empire- Rosetti's Hat
Gyp Rosetti takes his tricorne very seriously and dares you to laugh. Owned by HBO.
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Boardwalk Empire - Harrow Double Tap Kill
Richard Harrow lets a mysterious office middle-man do all the talking. And writing. And dying. Season 4, episode 1.
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