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Hot Dogs - Die alten Rittersleut
Ließ ein Ritter einen fahrn, mei wie wars in der Rüstung warm, doch des macht'n gar nichts aus, er lasst'n zum Visier hinaus! 時間の無駄 ;)
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Ostkreutz - Motor
5. Song from Motor REEEPOST !
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Ostkreutz - Tanzen, Wurst und Bier
7. Song von MOTOR
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Ostkreutz - Gang Bang
1. Song from Motor
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Ostkreutz - Highspeed Bua
2. Song from Motor
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Ostkreutz - Rock
3.Song from Motor
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Ostkreutz - Elektrobaby
4. Song from MOTOR
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Ostkreutz - Deutsche Asphalt
Last song from MOTOR
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Ostkreutz - Messer im Eis.
10. Song from MOTOR
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Ostkreutz - Torwand
8. Song from MOTOR
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Ostkreutz - BUM
9. Song from MOTOR
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Drive (2011) Movie Trailer with Wolf Alice - Silk
I own jack fucking shit of this uh video. No music, no video. Not really sure if I'm supposed to write this into the description, but others do it so screw it. I saw the T2 Trainspotting trailer and like anybody else, whose earballs were not destroyed by someone shooting inside an elevator, noticed that incredible song performed by Wolf Alice. I don't know what happened, I guess I was high when I realized that that song would be a perfect fit for the trailer of the movie Drive from 2011. Surprise motherfucker, it fits almost perfectly, the climax of the song covers the climax of the trailer. Bad news: I'm not an editor, so you really hear the cuts I've made, unless, well earballs, elevator... So why am I uploading this piece of work I am so obviously incredibly proud of? Because I think the trailer fucking rocks with this song. At least it's better than that opera whatever song in the original, so I guess, enjoy. Please excuse the excessive use of curse words. Fuck.
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Ostkreutz - Vibrator
6. Song from Motor
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Hans Söllner - Werbung
keine ahnung was des is aba des is auf endlich eine arbeit drauf ^^
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Tür ins gesicht
nervende tussi kriegt ne tür ins gsicht
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Timi Yuro - I didn't know what time it was + Apollo Brown's "Know the Time"
Well, the title says it all. just put these two songs together, not very good to be honest, i think everyone will hear the cut. Got no copyright, so if someone's got a problem with this video being on youtube, just write me and it'll be gone Apollo Brown's Know The Time sample
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