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The Best and Worst of Fashion in 2018
http://whoisjacov.com @whoisjacov Today I talk about the best and WORST of fashion/ streetwear in 2018 #fashion #cokezero
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@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Today I finally made the video: how to start a cut and sewn clothing brand. I decided make this video a story format and hopefully it helps some of you out! Love you!
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Reconstructed Denim! (Tutorial, Vetements/Off White style)
@whoisjacov https://whoisjacov.com Whats up y'all today I have a little DIY tutorial type video where I reconstruct some vintage Levis jeans. This is my attempt at emulating Virgil Abloh's Off White, or Vetements. Clearly my pair is less complex but I think they came out good. Thanks for watching, love you.
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Reacting to 2018's Biggest Fashion Trends!
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com What's up guys today I'm looking back at 2018 and some of the biggest fashion / streetwear/ hypebeast trends. Love u #fashion #wow
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rating subscriber's outfits… Mukbang! (feat. Sangiev)
@whoisjacov Sang's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrEFCdOOfJHZi5tvnS0jLlA Fernando's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/designerclothes21 Avery's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GearedTowardGear http://whoisjacov.com Today we react to some of your outfits featuring sangiev! Don't take any option ninths video too seriously love you #mukbang #fashion #sangiev
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Clothes you need for Back to School...HERE'S WHY
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov Whats up guys today I have a video featuring my back to school streetwear/ fashion essentials. Love u Shorts: https://bit.ly/2wsU2xM SweatPants: https://losangelesapparel.net/products/14oz-heavy-fleece-hooded-pullover-sweatshirt
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I hired a Professional Stylist for $5... Heres what happened
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Today I journey onto fiverr in pursuit of a professional personal stylist, all with a $5 budget. #fashion
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@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com - HEAVYWEIGHT COTTON HOODIE: https://bit.ly/2grhCHm - Whats up guys today I found the best affordable/ cheap option for hoodies for fall winter 2017. It's the hanes heavyweight pullover hoodie. Thank you for watching LOVE U -
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What I bought for Christmas (clothing haul)
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Today I bought a ton of new clothing in the spirit of Christmas. #christmas #haul #yay
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DIY: Paint Splattered Pants! ( Margiela, Vetements, Light Wash Levis )
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Finally back with another tutorial and this time it's a pair of paint splatter margiela inspired vintage light wash levi pants. I think they came out good let me know what you think LOVE YOU.
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TOP 3 SHORTS FOR SUMMER! ( Champion, Dickies, Essentials )
@whoisjacov - Summer Shorts: https://whoisjacov.com/collections/store/products/summer-short-1 Dickies Shorts: https://bit.ly/2t6U1z5 Today I did a top 3 list for essential shorts for summer I think everyone should have in their wardrobe. The best sweat-shorts (vintage champion) the best twill shorts, and the best nylon shorts. Let me know what you think of this list LOVE U
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@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Whats up guys today I have a video all about street wear hype Instagram, just a list of my top tips for posting good photos. LOVE YOU!!
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@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Today I made a video all about body types/ dressing to fit one's body type. Instead of giving do's and don'ts I tried to give helpful suggestions to improve how clothes fit on your body. Hope this helps, LOVE U
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The Jewelry I Actually Wear
- star! bracelet: https://whoisjacov.com/collections/store/products/star-bracelet _ @whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com
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Fall/Winter Try on Haul
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Whats up guys today I have a try on haul/pickups video featuring some items from Dover Street Market and a lot of other buffoonery. love u
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TOP 5 PANTS FOR SPRING! (Gosha Rubchinskiy, Striped Pants)
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Striped Pants: https://bit.ly/2oO2McO Track Pants: http://bit.ly/2oNLjRQ Dickies: https://bit.ly/2q9Q8sy Today I made a video about the top five pants I personally will be wearing this spring. The list includes: dickies work pants, gosha rubchinskiy light blue logo sweatpants, my own 3M track pants, levis vetements inspired denim, and a pair of striped dickies chef pants. Hope you enjoyed, love you
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I bought new clothes (and shoes)
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Whats up guys today I bought some new clothes / shoes. Also an attempt at a scuffed target outfit challenge smh. the amazon pants: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003U5DDII?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf #target #fashion #shoes
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The BEST Streetwear JEWELRY ( Where to Buy, Sizing, Rings )
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Silver Bracelet: https://bit.ly/2veO2KW In Todays video I finally show off all my rings, bracelets, and necklace and share how and wear to find the best streetwear/ hype beast jewelry. LMK What you think Love you all
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Non-Hype Spring OUTFITS! Ft. PAQ
Check out the PAQ episode now!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVWeedX2bXk http://whoisjacov.com @whoisjacov Whats up guys today I have a video about some non-hype outfits for the spring featuring PAQ! Let me know what you think LOVE YOU!
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Spring DIY'S ( Acne Studios Distressed Denim Jacket, Shoe Lace Belt)
Jacket: http://bit.ly/1UofOKk http://whoisjacov.com/ @whoisjacov Whats up guys another do it yourself video. Today I remade the acne studios distressed denim jacket, and made the shoelace belt more functional. Enjoy! tags: Acne Studios DIY clothing tutorial
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@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Today's video is my top five list for back to school essentials. It consists of items from supreme, converse one stars and more! Love you!!
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what I'm wearing this fall
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com What's up guys today I show you what me and my friends are going to be wearing this fall featuring a few different fall outfits. LOVE U #fall #fashion
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http://whoisjacov.com/collections/collection-iii @whoisjacov whats up youtube, Jacob here with a little bit of a different video. This one's about my favorite shoes, enjoy! tags: vans old skull gosha rubchinskiy logo tee tapered acne studios cash raf simons tie die tee supreme ny riot parka ootf fotd
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SUPREME DIY Shorts for ONLY $10!! (Supreme Alternative)
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com - The Pants: http://bit.ly/2x7xyVC - Whats up guys today I made a video tutorial about a pair of shorts from supreme new york. This is a super simple DIY and you all should try it LOVE U
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Pickups! (SUPREME Box Logo, PACCBET, AF1 + more)
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com - FERNANDO RANGEL: https://www.fernando-rangel.com/collections/productall - Sorry if I seem tired in this video! I wanted to show you all some recent things I've been buying: a Supreme New York Yankees Black Box Logo( hype beast I know), the gosha rubchinskiy Paccbet t shirt, a pair of retro super future sunglasses, the air force 1 low in white, and two t shirts from my good friend Fernando Rangel. Hope you enjoyed I love you
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How to Start a Brand? Money? Vetements? (Q&A)
@whoisjacov https://whoisjacov.com Today I made a question and answer video. Had a lot of questions like: Age? College? How do I start a clothing brand? How do I find a manufacturer? Opinion on FTP Opinion on vetements How do you make money?
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How to Style: OVERALLS! ( Fall 2017 TREND )
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com - BEN DAVIS: https://bit.ly/2xexb8n GOLF ALTETNATIVE: https://bit.ly/2xfu8wQ DICKIES STRIPED: https://bit.ly/2yH3IWi DICKIES COVERALL: https://bit.ly/2yG8YJE - Whats up guys today I made a video about how to style overalls/ coveralls I have a few pairs, one from dickies, one from Ben Davis, and one from osh kosh. Let me know what you think LOVE U
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NEW SUMMER CLOTHES! ( Supreme New York, Prada, Vintage)
http://whoisjacov.com @whoisjacov Yellow Hoodie: https://www.oreenyc.com/product-page/yellow-capsule-pullover Whats up guys today I show yall a few new things I've recently purchased. A Supreme New York 3M Backpack, A pair white Prada trainer shoes, a few vintage pieces (Hanes Beefy) and some thing from gotsweige prod, LOVE YOU
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How to dress for winter
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com http://silver-league.com Whats up guys today I have a video about my winter essentials which get compiled into the ultimate winter fit. LOVE U happy autumn/winter #winter #fashion #gunna
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So Many New Clothes.
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Whats up guys today I have a bunch of clothes to show you. (From Number Nine, Chrome Hearts, Helmut Lang. Dior, Prada, Nike, Dries van Noten, Undercover, Junya)
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RING: https://www.fernando-rangel.com/products/yeah-ring-whoisjacov-collab http://whoisjacov.com.com @whoisjacov Sangiev: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrEFCdOOfJHZi5tvnS0jLlA Fernando: https://www.youtube.com/user/designerclothes21 Whats up guys today I have a video about an outfit battle as cringy as that seems. My friend sangiev and fernando helped me with this let me know what you think LOVE U
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I asked girls on Tinder to style me..
Download Bump: https://sobump.app.link/jacobwallaceyt @whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com whats up guys today I went to tinder to have girls style me and pick out outfits ;) This was quite the experiment... LOVE U Trevor: @trevorgorji Fernando: @fernandorangel
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@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Today I show off my top 3 affordable shoes for the summer. My picks are the classic vans old skools in a myriad of color ways, the nike air force 1 low, and 2 pairs of cheap reeboks/filas I found. Love you! Vans: https://bit.ly/2rqB0Ha Reeboks: https://bit.ly/2qVHYAm Filas: https://bit.ly/2rqTcjU
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How to find your style in 2018.
http://whoisjacov.com @whoisjacov Whats up guys today I have a video about my style and style in general. Style is kind of an interesting topic and I think the concept of having a personal style will continue to get more popular in 2018. I also talk about my personal style and how its been changing, LOVE U
Views: 77291 Jacob Wallace
Gosha + Best Shorts For Summer! ☺☺
@whoisjacov Shorts: https://whoisjacov.com/products/summer-short-1 Today I have a video about the best shorts for summer. Hope you guys enjoyed let me know what you think love you!
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@whoisjacov https://whoisjacov.com/collections/store Today I announce the supreme new york yankees box logo giveaway winner and had a short tutorial DIY on a reconstructed vestments style reverse weave champion hoodie. I hope you enjoyed, love you
Views: 39653 Jacob Wallace
Acne Studios, Bronze 56k + Where I Shop!
https://whoisjacov.com @whoisjacov What's up guys today I have a few pickups: Acne studios College face sweatshirt, Bronze 56k classic logo light blue long sleeve, vintage nautica + the main websites I shop for resale clothing. Hope ya'll enjoy, love you
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GOSHA FW16 Pick-Ups
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com What's up guys this week I copped some gosha rubchinskiy Fall Winter 16. I was able to grab the grey pullover sweatshirt, and the yellow on black print shirt. I also was able to get the reebok revenge pack green classic tennis shoe. Tell meh wat yah think!
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@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com What's up guys today I have my personal fall 2017 streetwear essentials and a few trends I think will be popular. From colored socks to the impact of the hyped up release of the off white nike collaboration hopefully I covered everything, LOVE YOU! - socks: http://amzn.to/2fRANtH wool overcoat: http://bit.ly/2yYT1xY Overalls: http://bit.ly/2gb8fIw Coveralls: http://amzn.to/2y113Z9 -
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The Best Fashion Products on Amazon
http://whoisjacov.com @whoisjacov Today I went on Amazon and picked out the best clothes/ fashion. Here's what happened. Pants: https://bit.ly/2KQjpR1 Beanie: https://bit.ly/2QtYt7O Shoes: https://bit.ly/2DXyuyF T-shirt: https://bit.ly/2DXmq0E
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BEST Spring Jeans ( DIY White Cropped )
@whoisjacov Best White Pants: http://bit.ly/24i0EHl http://bit.ly/1TIDTHy http://bit.ly/1WvtTHE Today I made a pair of white raw cut cropped jeans. Enjoy! Thumbnail: @fernandorangel
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http://whoisjacov.com @whoisjacov Whats up guys today I made a video about my top 10 hype beast/grail items on my Christmas wishlist. Tell me what you think LOVE U
Views: 35950 Jacob Wallace
Pick Ups! (Suicoke, Gosha, Palace Autumn 2016))
http://whoisjacov.com @whoisjacov Today I showed you all some new stuff I have bought in the last month or so. Some archive Gosha Rubchinskiy epic aces, the Palace skateboards yellow polar fleece pants, a pair of Suicoke sandals, and finally some BDU cargo pants for a future tutorial. Love u!
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$10 Jeans Vs. $2,000 Jeans
http://whoisjacov.com @whoisjacov Whats up guys today I compare a pair of $10 denim/ jeans and $2000 jeans from vetements. Let me know what you think LOVE U
Views: 69065 Jacob Wallace
OUTFITS I Wore This Week
@WHOISJACOV http://whoisjacov.com This week's vid features two outfits I wore this week. Featuring gosha rubchinskiy FW16, gosha reeboks, whoisjacov shorts, bronze 56k. Tell me what ya think! Love you all
Views: 25609 Jacob Wallace
Current Hype-beast Trends? Anti Social Social Club? How to Design? ( Q&A )
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com QUESTIONS: Where do you find inspiration for new clothes you want to buy? Any tips for starting your own brand? Raf Simons or Rick Owens? Are all girls in 2017 thots? If you could own any anti social club what would it be? Would you touch Asap Rocky's Rafs? Thoughts on the direction of fashion? Are the vans old skool overdone? How long did it take you to deisgn your whole line? Is college worth it? How did you react to seeing kenneth faried in your clothes? Which piece took you the most time to find? Thoughts on sholder bags? How can you tell if you're a jerry boy or not Do you prefer shopping online or in store Would you wear Golf Wang? How do you like your pants to fit? How to stay financially stable? Do you ever get frusterated over fashion? Best shorts for summer? Fight 20 Jerry Boys or 20 Rick Boys? How many jerry boys do you see per week? Would you ever be interested in producing a shoe?
Views: 28037 Jacob Wallace
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com SHELL PANT: http://bit.ly/2oNLjRQ Whats up guys today I had a video in which you rate your favorite out of three fall winter outfits. Some had gosha, some had calyx studios paccbet and more! I also rated magnus ronning and fernando rangels outfits at the end. LOVE U
Views: 52884 Jacob Wallace
Gosha Rubchinskiy's NEW Paccbet Overview ( Gildan?)
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Gosha Rubchinskiy's Paccbet recently had it's second release and through purchasing the logo crewneck and a visit to dover street market it was realized that gosha had downgraded the quality of his previous cut and sewn line to use of gild an blanks. I can see the possible reasoning behind this move; perhaps to tap into the vlone off white market, however, what do you think? Thanks for watching LOVE YOU
Views: 30102 Jacob Wallace
I Bought a New Wardrobe
http://whoisjacov.com @whoisjacov Whats up guys today I have a ton of new pickups to show you as I go through the process of selling a lot of my wardrobe and buying a more spring summer closet. Love ya
Views: 68610 Jacob Wallace
$100 Vs. $1500 OUTFIT (Affordable vs. Hype Outfit)
@whoisjacov http://whoisjacov.com Whats up guys today I did a bit of an outfit challenge, in which I compared a cheap/ vintage outfit worth about $100 to a more hyped outfit featuring supreme ny, alyx studios, and gosha rubchinskiy worth about $1500. Let me know what you think LOVE YOU
Views: 40612 Jacob Wallace

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