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Rio 2016 Olympics - Rhythmic Gymnastics | Rise
I know, I'm almost a year late, but here it finally is. As I watched what happened in Rio, especially with Yana and Rita, I immediately thought about this song, which happens to be one of the Olympic songs. I thought it could be nice, so tell me what you think about the result! A special thank to Love Rhythmic, who was so kind to send me the Olympic clips, I can't even tell how much that meant to me, so thank you so much once again. Check out Love Rhythmic's montage about the Rio Olympics here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ECyiv3uTAw I don't own any of this content, except the montage, the audio is the property of Katy Perry. Enjoy!
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This is Rhythmic Gymnastics | Memories
A little trailer trying to show as much as possible of the beauty of this mesmerizing sport. I know there is a lot of Kanaeva and Soldatova but they are amazing, so why don't feature them? I created a Community on Google+ with the same name if anybody is interested. If you want to use this montage, just ask me. Have a great time watching this, a great day, stay positive and love rhythmic gymnastics!
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