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Lina Puking
Funny scene in the First Season of the The Slayers. "Bleeeeehhhhh...." LOL!
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Mega Man X Collection Music Ending Credits
No one on YouTube has this song and it made me so mad! Well, now I have it. It's a little repetative but it sounds really nice. Enjoy! ^^
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Anime Black Lion Final Battle.mpg
The Epic Final Battle!!!
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Resident Evil 5 Music Library
The best Song of the game. Enjoy! ^^
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My 10 Gallon Fish Tank
10 Gallon Fish Tank with Mayan Temple. Running Aqueon Power Filter 20 (Cycles up to 125 gallons of water per hour), and also running a 2nd Power Filter 5-15. Running Whisper 10-30 Gallon Air Pump, with the small air stone. Real plant, Asian Waterfern. 2 Feeder Goldfish. Still new to the hobby, and did not find out till later that it's a bad idea to cycle with feeder goldfish. Will not make mistake again, but do not just want to get rid of them since I'm on my 3rd week of cycling and they have survived the Ammonia stage. Plan on getting Glofish Tetras for the long run. any "positive" feedback would be greatly appreciated
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Asuka 1.mpg
Asuka Kazama on Xbox Live. The best Tekken character.
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My glofish tank
via YouTube Capture
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Sakura Victory!  Close call
Street Fighter IV, close victory
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Asuka 3
Another Tekken 6 Asuka Xbox live Vid. Trust me, I get better as time goes by.
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Asuka 2
Me playing as Asuka Kazama, just some beatdowns on Xbox live.
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saltwater creature????
I bought some live rock at Petco, and 1 week later I see this guy... Can someone tell what it is? Is it a nasty parasite that I should get rid of? Or is it a nice creature. Please tell me. Thanks
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Sakura vs M.Bison
Me playin some Xbox live
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Street Fighter 4 Sakura is the greatest.mpg
Yes, Sakura is the best Street Fighter character. Not only is she cute, but she's fast and strong.
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My 10 gallon saltwater fish tank.
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