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How to dress when going out to a club
What to wear to a club - 5 tips on how to dress when going out When it comes to going out to a club or a nightclub it is important to know what to wear so you can look your best. Otherwise why go to a nightclub, right? Wrong! Most men have no club how to dress or what to wear when going out to a club or another event. In this video, you as a guy can learn what to wear and what not to wear when you're going out to a club. Music: "Cologne 1983" by Josh Kirsch/Media Right Productions
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Interracial Dating 101 - White Men Dating Black Women ( BWWM )
Dating black women 101 for white guys - BWWM interracial couples tips and advice for single white men Interracial relationships are amazing, sexy and also controversial in many parts of the world. Specifically BWWM interracial relationships ( black women and white men ) or as they call it swirling sometimes. Here's some dating advice and tips for those white men who are considering dating outside of their race and who are fascinated and attracted to beautiful black women. Remember interracial relationships especially BWWM are on the raise in the US and the rest of the world so this topic will continue to be a hot one for many years to come. Photography by Olga Basti of Studio Cupid Photography ( https://www.facebook.com/StudioCupidPhotography/ )
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How To Look Taller | Tips  For Men To Appear Taller Than You Are
How To Look Taller | Tips For Men To Appear Taller Than You Are There are plenty of men out there who are considered to be short but would like to be taller. Of course, you can't be taller but you can certainly look taller.. Many of those men have seeked advice and tips on how to look taller, or at least appear taller for years. There is no surgery that can help short men to look taller but there are plenty of fashion tips and advice to create an illusion of looking taller. The average height in the United States is about 5’10” and being tall is usually considered more attractive and powerful. Even if you were not born tall per say, there are plenty of tips you can utilize to make yourself appear taller than you really are. There! I just solved your short men problems :-) Music: Cologne 1983 by Josh Kirsch/Media Right Production
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Are looks important? Yes, here's why!
Are looks important? Yes, here's why! What men's fashion can do for your career, love life and confidence? Taking care of your appearance will make many things i your life better. From your love life to your professional life and everything in between. Check out this video to find out why you should care about your appearance, your fashion, the clothes and accessories you wear, the hair style you sport and even the way you smell. Don't be a slob - take care of your outside and the inside will follow!
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7 Best Places to Meet Women that are NOT night clubs or bars
7 Best Places to Meet Women that are NOT night clubs or bars Most guys believe that for them to find a girl they need to go out to a night club or a bar. Or maybe those guys don't even think about it that hard. But the truth is that the night clubs and bars are the worst place to meet women. I explain why that is in my video and tell you about 7 other places where you can meet girls with a much higher rate of success.
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How to succeed with online dating - profile picture is the key!
How to succeed with online dating - profile picture is the key! How to avoid making mistakes trying to meet girls online and improve most men's online dating profile picture? Asking a girl out is no easy task. Most men prefer to date online nowdays. Online dating starts with your profile picture! Most people give up on online dating without realizing that they are making many mistakes while trying to meet girls online. However, it is their dating profile picture that is responsible for the lack of dates. Following these few simple tips for your online dating profile you can create a great set of profile pictures that will get you much better results in your online dating adventures. Remember, that the physical attraction starts in their eyes and the first thing they see is your online dating profile picture! Guest star in the video: Sareeta Panda - more about her at https://www.facebook.com/XenalPanda/
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Dating taller women - would you?
Would you date a girl who is taller than you? I believe it is almost a cool fashion trend. I think it creates a great visual dynamic between the members of the couple if a girl is taller than a guy!
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Look taller - great how to solution for short men
Great way for shorter men to look taller with these shoes! Elevator shoes by Guidomaggi ( http://www.guidomaggi.com ) is one of my most favorite "how to look taller" fashion accessories with a purpose. These Italian made shoes add 2 to 4 inches in height for any men so you can look taller. The shoes are handmade in Italy with genuine leather and beautiful craftsmanship. So, they still look great while elevating you to the next level. If you are a man who wants to look taller - Guidomaggi shoes is the essential fashion accessory for your closet. Elevator shoes is one of the best ways to add a few inches to your height and too look taller! Shoes featured in this video: Liverpoor: http://www.guidomaggi.com/us/luxury-collection/dress-shoes/liverpool-detail#.WBgzQBXYOEc Positano: http://www.guidomaggi.com/us/luxury-collection/bridegrooms-tuxedo-shoes/positano-2-detail#.WBgzwRXYOEd
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National Loving Day - Celebrating Marriage Equality for Interracial Couples
Behind the scenes of our Loving Day photoshoot featuring the final images and the history of the Loving Day! We are an interracial couple who would like to inspire others in the interracial relationships to celebrate their love. Loving Day is an annual celebration held on June 12, the anniversary of the 1967 United States Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia which struck down all anti-miscegenation laws remaining in sixteen U.S. states Transcript of the video: Celebrate with us! Loving Day: Alex and LaChelle Hi, today I wanted to talk about marriage equality. Most people equate marriage equality to gay marriage because it’s been in the news a lot, it’s actually made a really good progress in our court system, and this month a huge decision is due out of the Supreme Court. But the thing is marriage equality, of course, is not just for gay couples. Most people don’t know, or really probably don’t think about this, but at some point in American history interracial couples could not get married. It was illegal to marry somebody of a different race. And it wasn’t until 1967 the Supreme Court has finally struck the ban on interracial marriages. The reason this issue is dear to me because I myself am in an interracial relationship And even though me and my girlfriend have decided not to exercise the right to get married, we appreciate and happy to have it. And, of course, we want all other interracial couples to have the same right to be married. So, 1967 decision came in on June 12 which now is known as Loving Day. Which is amazingly ironic because the last name of the couple, a white man and a black woman, who took this issue all the way to the Supreme Court... their last name was Loving. So, thus the Loving Day! So, this year to celebrate this date, me and my girlfriend have decided to do something special. We’ve decided to calibrate with an amazing local photographer Olga Basti to create a set of pictures to celebrate our relationship and to inspire other interracial couples to celebrate theirs. So, we came up with a few different concepts, including vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and a few other things that we shot on location in Alviso, California. If you want to see the entire set of our pictures please find us on Instagram or Facebook and you’ll be able to enjoy them. Please do share, please do repost, so many other interracial couples can celebrate their diversity as well. Happy Loving Day!
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Vintage Clothing - Suspenders for Men Lookbook 2016
Vintage Clothing - Suspenders for Men Lookbook 2016 In this lookbook for men's fashion, this vintage look will make you stand out in a crowd. Who can resist an old fashioned gentlemen? The basics of this look are the brown trousers with button attached suspenders. No vintage look is complete without the maroon classic tie with a white dress shirt. Cognac horsebit loafers by Gucci give it a great vintage look especially if they are worn over the black and white socks in the houndstooth pattern. Last but not least is the Serkisof mechanical pocket watch on a chain! What else can you ask for? Classy, gentlemanly and vintage! This is what men’s fashion is all about! This men lookbook was filmed in downtown San Jose, CA Music: Camagüey by Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPm0Cq4FUbU
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Right To Die - support humane treatment of people
Right To Die - support humane treatment of people Social commercial dedicated to the topic of "Right to Die". Also known as "Death with Dignity" or "Assisted Suicide". Compared are human rights and the rights of animals on this issue. Music used in the video is by Mattia Cupelli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JYHk_D5A44
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Straight men who love fashion often mistaken for gay men
Straight men who love fashion often mistaken for gay men A lot of times I get asked if I'm gay. When I ask them why they asked they say that I'm dressed well and that's the reason. Why is dressing well for men stereotyped? Also, I'm from Europe and European men tend to be more in touch with fashion and take care of their looks. This is also a stereotype but still. The videos that I refer to in my video are from the musical "Legally Blonde" and it's the piece called "Gay or European". Kinna funny. But not so funny :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiQTFweF7jc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx-vRwsRVJI
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Pink - the new color trend in men's fashion 2016
Pink - the new color trend in men's fashion 2016 This fashionable outfit featuring pink colored accents always attracts a lot of positive and curious attention. The pink items are the wrist watch with a pink dial by Neff, pink skinny tie and pink dress socks. The rest of the outfit consist of a black dress shirt and a blazer, “Double G” black loafers by Gucci, black wooden bead bracelets and a Calvin Klein black leather belt. This combination of pink and black pieces gives it the best contrast to be playful yet classy. Remember, only real men wear pink! This video was filmed in Redwood Shores, CA Music: Colorful Spots - Nicolai Heidlas Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH8w5ETzzhU
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Men's boots to make you look taller
Today I review Guidomaggi boots that are specially designed to make a short guy look taller and a taller guy look even taller than that LOL This is one of the few ways how to make yourself look taller and appeal more to women - the elevator shoes! This brand, Guidomaggi shoes, is my favorite and I have other videos where I review Guidomaggi height increasing shoes. Please check them out!
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Business Casual - How to look professional yet hip
Business Casual - How to look professional yet hip In this OOTD this business casual outfit has designed to bring together a professional look mixed with some casual items and accents. Light chambray shirt and dark gray jeans by Levi’s are the main bones of the outfit. Light blue jacket with a blue handkerchief give it the relaxed business look. Check out these unique dress lace-up shoes by Kickslogix! Sharp and sexy! For wrists Aleks has chosen a silver half anchor cuff on navy rope by J. Beverly and a classic MVMT watch in black and light blue style with a black leather band. Beige suede belt with heel buckle give it a sharp waste line to complete this fashionable ensemble. This OOTD video was filmed in Aptos, CA Music: Cold Funk - Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vhd6Kc4TZls
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How to defeat ISIS at home - Social Ad
How to defeat ISIS at home - Social Ad This social ad illustrates the new generation of anti-terror fighters that are simply regular citizens who use green energy ( electric cars, solar panels, charging stations, etc. ) to get the civilized world off of oil. That is the best way to fight terrorism including ISIS, it's suggested. If we stop coming to Middle East for their oil, they will stop coming here to bomb us. It's just that simple! Videos licensed through: https://www.shutterstock.com/ Music by: Ross Bugden ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujsCRw-eA0o )
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Dating Women with Children: Pros & Cons
Dating women with kids could be challenging and even though there are some pros the cons it is something that every guy should carefully think about before getting into such complicated relationship.
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What to wear on my vacation - Travel with style
What to wear on my vacation - Travel with style In this travel vacation lookbook, check out a great comfortable yet stylist look for that occasion when you are on vacation in a warm climate area or simply it is your beach day to relax. Any man can follow these few simply steps to put himself together into this fashionable and European outfit. This video was shot off the coast of Mexico on a Princess cruise ship!
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Where Have I Been?
I'm back after a year and a half but I had a very good reason which is my OTHER YouTube channel. I'll give you an update and tell you what I'm planning to do with this channel moving forward!
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First date - what to wear? Makeover tutorial
First date - what to wear? Makeover tutorial Many women wonder what they should wear when going out on a first date with a guy! There are many ways how you can impress your potential boyfriend on a first date. First date shoes, first date hair and first date clothes are all discussed and showcased in this video. This is a first date makeover video with before and after pictures and shots and everything in between that you need to know before you go on your first date! I wanted to do a complete makeover on someone really awesome for a while. Finally, I've met Sharon, a girl who worked at the neighboring business's restaurant, and she agreed to participate. Me and my hair stylist / MUA Ruby have done this cool transformation over a period of 3 weeks. First, Ruby did a balayage color on Sharon's hair. Once that was done, she has done makeup to achieve a natural daytime look. We have finished by picking out a great outfit for Sharon for the final look! We loved working on this project and I hope to do another one soon!
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How to look sexy over 40 - advice for older men
How to look sexy over 40 - advice for older men Most men can have a better sex appeal as they age. It may sound odd at first but, older men have a wide sex appeal to younger women. However, most men are not always confident in themselves and are afraid that they are no longer sexy simply because they are older. That's not true. You can look sexy BECAUSE you are an older man. Older men are sexy by definition in some women's eyes. This video outlines why and how you can look better and sexy than ever if you are an older gentle man.
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Right to Die - Essential civil right of every human
Right to Die - Essential civil right of every human This is my commentary to the social commercial I have produced about the right to die ( death with dignity / assisted suicide ) issue in the united states. Commentary transcript: So, this video is about, what's called, the “right to die”, or “death with dignity”. If you don’t know what “death with dignity” is, in short, it is a concept that every human being has a right to die in a peaceful and dignified manner if that individual is suffering from a terminal illness and the remaining time that they have will consist mainly of pain and suffering. This is something that’s only legal in 3 states here in America. There are a couple of countries that have it legalized. The history of this concept, at least for my generation, kinna started with Dr. Kevorkian back in the day who actually ended up serving time in jail for one of the assisted suicides he has performed on video to make a point. That’s where I found out about it for the first time. He is my personal hero because of that. Unfortunately, back then he ended up being dubbed as Dr. Death and ended up being a butt end of many jokes by Jay Leno and many comedians. And it really didn’t take. I think the concept made it to the national stage but the hearts of the people really didn’t get behind it. So, Oregon is one of the three states. The law has been performing flawlessly. There has been hundreds of cases. It is actually setup, I think, pretty smartly with a lot of safeguards. You can’t just go to a store and get a lethal dosage of something that will end your life. There has to be at least two doctors who would agree on this separately. I believe there might be a psychiatrist that’s involved. There is a waiting period that’s involved. So, it’s actually a pretty smart combination of things where you really do have to get a buy-in from other people in order to do that. Now, before we go any further, I just wanted to make sure that there is no misunderstanding or misconception about the message that I’m communicating in the video. Because in the video I’m certainly comparing the rights of animals, like our pets, to right to die when they are terminally ill. We consider it humane to end their lives peacefully and with dignity and so they don’t suffer. But yet we don’t really provide the same right to people. And people say “Well, you know, animals don’t really have that right because they don’t have the choice. That is actually a fallacy because a right and a choice are not mutually exclusive. You can have a right but yet not have a choice. I don’t even really have to go that far to demonstrate that because everybody who’s watching me right now most likely, if you live in a civilized country, has a right to life. So, if you have a right to life you certainly did not have a choice to have that life. Obviously, you weren’t alive to make that choice. So, here is a great example that a right that’s granted to you was never your choice in the first place. So, going back to my video and a concept of animals having that right despite the fact that they do not have that choice. Now that I’ve cleared that up, I just want to move forward with, you know, the message that I’m trying to deliver. And to me it is very simple: your life is your business in many many different ways. But especially when it comes to ending it. Now, in this case, this is a legal issue because, you know, you need assistance from your doctor to be able to die with dignity so you don’t get die in a violent death what usually suicides are. And therefore, it should be regulated, and obviously debated, and legislated. But I believe that everybody should have that right just because we all agree that even when an animal has to go through pain and suffering just to die at the end of it we should be humane and we should provide them a way out in a peaceful and comfortable way. And I truly believe we should provide that right to ourselves and all of our fellow human beings. Now, I’m an atheist, so to me that argument ends there. But most religious people probably know that committing suicide and taking your own life is a sin which is true for most religions. However, I still believe that it should not play a role in deciding this issue because in this country, much like in other civilized countries, there is a separation of church and state. So, our laws should not be governed by a religion or a holy book of any religion. And even if it wasn’t, just the fact that people think that somehow it’s their business to get in between God and whoever is the person committing suicide, and somehow people need to assist God to punish that person or judge that person, I believe, that usually goes against almost any religion where it is between God and a person, and God will deal with it. You should stay away, mind your own business and let God be God. ...
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Get rid of pimples or acne in 30 seconds - Men's Fashion
How to cover and remove pimples or acne for men? Men get acne and pimples too! Yet there aren’t as many treatments for men’s acne out there! I have one that is the fastest and the simplest way to get rid of your pimples or acne. Yes, it is using makeup for men. No, I don’t mean getting your face all dolled up in makeup. I mean a tiny little drop to simple cover up your pimples and acne where no one will see the pimples or that you’ve used makeup. So, don’t be shy. Follow these easy steps to learn how to cover up and remove your acne and pimples with makeup for men! Music: “Jack in the Box” by Silent Partner
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Hard work in America - do we appreciate it?
Hard work in America - do we appreciate it? This is my commentary for the video I have created to compare homeless people without any physical or mental disabilities and hard working immigrants and the way society looks at them. Transcript: First, I want to make sure that if you watched this video and you thought that this is about either homeless in particular or immigrants in particular – you are definitely wrong. The video is about homeless and is about immigrants. However, the bigger concept, the bigger message is really… it is about you! It is about us as a society that somehow draws its compassion from pity rather than from respect for something like hard work. And this is why I picked homeless and immigrants to feature in this video because I feel like that’s a great example of how we, at least most of us, unfortunately react to such different triggers for compassion. Now I know a lot of people say “Hey, you know, you can’t just go after all homeless and say they are all lazy and that’s why they don’t work. Because a lot of them are either mentally impaired or physically impaired or both. And that plus a lot of other unfortunate circumstances have really put them in that situation where it is unfortunate but that is the best they can do”. And I would agree with you. I understand it is a problem. It is there. And it is very unfortunate. But those are not the homeless people I’m talking about. As you can see in my video, I am featuring, and I’ve met everybody there personally, all immigrants, and all homeless people, in my video are real, all of this footage is real. I’ve met them all personally and all the homeless people that I have met, as you can see, they are very much capable of working, they are mentally sound, I had a conversation with them, they are all obviously physically fit enough to perform some sort of work, they are all white, they are all American, they all speak perfect English. So, I’m talking about those people. I’m talking about those people who still get the pity, they get the compassion from people passing by and giving them money. And as I stood there for a while and watched people give them money I would say if I had to estimate some of them made twenty to thirty to forty dollars per hour. And I don’t think they’re filing 1099 forms so all of this is tax free. And I don’t need to tell you guys that it is way more than people who work very hard make on daily basis. And yes, I am saying that those types of homeless people are fucking lazy and somehow they are still getting the pity from a lot of us, from a lot of people in our society. And yet, now switch topics to immigrants, you know, people who come here without all of those things that these homeless people enjoy by default: speaking perfect English, having permission to work, understanding culture, have these… qualifying for all these benefits from government. Without any of these, these immigrants come in, work their asses off, sacrifice so much and yet the reaction of most people is very different to immigrants. You know, I think people look down more on people, you know, sitting at the Home Depot parking lot, you know, waiting for somebody to give them work for the day than people look at a homeless guy standing there with a sign making twenty – thirty dollars an hour cash. And that is very unfortunate. And that’s what the video is about. I think it’s not only unjust but it’s very unfortunate that we, as a society, sort of almost promote and continue to encourage this type of a lifestyle for people who really should get jobs and work hard for their money rather than beg on corners. As you’ve seen in my video, they are perfectly capable of getting definitely minimum wage jobs flipping burgers in McDonald’s and earning money that way. So, next time you see a homeless person and you want to help with money maybe you should pass them by and maybe you should drive to the next corner where someone is selling strawberries that they worked so hard for and buy a box from them. Please reward those who are hard working rather than those who are lazy. You’re encouraging them, you’re part of the problem if you’re doing that. So, I hope next time you have a few bucks to spare you give it to the person who actually deserved it. Deserved your money and your compassion.
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How to pick your watch - wrist watches for men
How to pick your watch - wrist watches for men Why watches are important and how wrist watches can add to your outfit. Explore why it is important to get the right watch and how to shop for it without spending a lot of money. Most men watches that are in fashion are not that expensive. More and more up and coming men's watch brands are popping up everywhere on social media. Take advantage, save money and look great in your new watch!
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Short men problem solved with fashion! ( How to look taller for men )
How to look taller for men - short men problem solved with fashion! A few simple tips on how a man can appear taller. There are many different ways to look taller if you are short. One of them is to wear men's shoes with a higher heal or inserts. That will give you an inch or so in your height. Wearing hats can make you taller but the most recommended method is to wear your hair straight up which will gain you about an inch as well. Yes, the right haircut for a man can make him look taller! On top of that if you are thin it will also help you appear taller simply because you will appear longer. It's good for you in more ways than one. Solving short men problems with fashion is the way to go!
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Tattoos - why you should not have one
This video is a response video to alpha m.'s "How To Avoid STUPID Tattoos" video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rC971Xor3sk ). I go over some of Aaron's great points but I also talk about why I believe tattoo is not a good idea after all. So, next time you're asking yourself "should I get a tattoo" - I hope you find an answer in both of our videos alpha m. channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1KbedtKa3d5dleFR6OjQMg
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Custom tailored dress shirt - essential tips for every guy's wardrobe
Custom tailored dress shirt - essential tips for every guy's wardrobe Every guy would agree that it is essential to have well fitted dress shirts in your wardrobe. However, it is almost impossible to buy a dress shirt that fits a guy well at a department store. Doesn’t matter how fancy the store is or how much the dress shirt costs. Your shirt is going to be too long and too loose in some places and too short and too tight in others. On top of that, if you want anything more than a solid color you are on your own. This is why having a custom fit and custom made dress shirt for guys is a great way to go. J.Hilburn is a great company to get your wardrobe revived in your dress shirt section. Your 3D profile gets entered and perfected as you order and wear your shirts. As your wardrobe is filling up with better shirts, by your 2nd and 3rd orders you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Every shirt, or suit, or jacket or pants you order will be a perfect fit. On top of that you get to pick your shirts' colors, and not just of the shirt but of the collar and cuffs, buttons and stitching. You can pick the style of collar and whether or not you want a pocket on your dress shirt.
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MEN'S FASHION NEWS: chokers is the new 2017 trend, Amazon's new workout line, new sneaker releases!
MEN'S FASHION NEWS: chokers is the new 2017 trend, Amazon's new workout line, new sneaker releases! Looks like chokers will be a trend in men’s fashion in 2017. More and more designers are featuring this accessory in their fashion shows and some have already started selling them as part of their collections. A study conducted at a request of a hair restoration company KSL hair had found that men spend about half an hour a day worrying about their appearance. Main sources of anxiety seemed to be the weight, hair loss as well as body shape. It’s been reported that Amazon is hinting at yet another private label, this time featuring workout clothes and accessories. Amazon has already launched numerous clothing brands for men and women, and is starting to take a lead as one of the top fashion retailers. New sneaker releases this week are: ADIDAS NMD R1 PK OG on January 14th and UNDER ARMOUR CURRY THREE “FLIGHT JACKET” on the 15th That’s it for now! Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and remember to stay dapper!
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Natural day look - makeup and hair tutorial
Natural day look - makeup and hair tutorial In this video my good friend Solange walks me through how she gets ready to go out for some drinks in downtown San Jose. She has amazing makeup, hair and wardrobe tips including contouring techniques!
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Leather pants and suspenders - Sophisticated Lookbook 2016
Sophisticated look can be achieved in many ways. Walking around the Stanford University campus is one of them. On top of that you definitely need a pair of clip-on suspenders. This outfit makes the sexy nerd look work by blending the suspenders with the black dress shirt by H&M and black faux leather pants by Calvin Klein. No belt, of course. Black MVMT wrist watch to balance out the black bead bracelet for the hands, and the rimless eye glasses will give this nerdy look a bit more sophistication. All the way down we got dress lace-up shoes by Kicklogix and two-tone grey socks. Now you’ll not only look smart but you will actually feel smart. Have fun! This video was filmed at the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, CA Music: Bright Future by Silent Partner ( YouTube Creator Royalty Free Library )
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Colorful fashion for men
Colorful fashion for men Wearing color for men? Yes, a lot of men do look good in color. It is important to balance the colors with the rest of your outfit and not overdo it. However, a well dressed men should not be afraid to rock some color in his clothes and his outfit. Color will help you to stand out and look more fashionable. So dare to be different - wear more color! This colorful outfit was meant to look great on any guy without going too far. Dark green dress shirt and dark blue Levi’s straight fit jeans set a good color foundation for the rest of the outfit. The biggest pop of color comes from the yellow breathable leather handmade shoes by Magnata Shoes over green dress socks. The choice for wrist jewelry are the lava rock wrist bracelet and the classic MVMT watch with a tan leather band. Brown jacket with purple handkerchief gives it another color contrast to make it cool. Brown leather belt with heel buckle rounds off this playful outfit. This video was filmed in Capitola, CA Music: Locally Sourced by Jason Farnham https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb_xhNme5no
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Is it cool to be trendy? Fashion rant / response video
This is a response video to the one by Craig of the Gotham Club channel. He made a video about how it is not cool to be trendy. But is it? Is it cool to expand on your fashion likes and dislikes based on a trend? What is trendy anyway? Gotham Club video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD5iq6SbNIU
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Melania Trump and fashion industry boycott
Should fashion designers boycott Melania Trump Recently fashion designer Sophie Theallet has announced that she would not dress Melanie Trump and has encouraged all other fashion designers to do the same. Tommy Hilfiger suggested to keep fashion and politics separate. However, this is an interesting issue to pick sides for. On one hand, Melania Trump is a wife of our new president, on another hand is is not Donald Trump and is more of a fashion figure than a politician.
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Dapper look for men
Dapper look for men This is my take on one of the dapper looks I've been falling in love with on the Instagram. I'd love to hear your comments!
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Interracial couple in a sexy fashion ad ( BWWM )
Interracial couple in a sexy fashion ad ( BWWM ) Funny, Uncensored and Banned commercials have been a huge hit on the Internet especially around the Super Bowl where Superbowl commercials are featured. This commercial is both funny and sexy. It features an interracial couple and was created for a men's fashion YouTube channel called "Real Fashion for Real Men". Whether this commercial is funny or sexy is up to you to decide but you should definitely watch! Funny Commercial for a Men's Fashion YouTube Channel "Real Fashion For Real Men": This funny video commercial was made for my men's fashion YouTube channel ( http://www.RealFashionForRealMen.com ). It was filmed at a train station in Santa Clara, CA in May of 2016, and was originally meant for a socks company who did not see the humor in the ad. The sexy ad is a parody of main stream commercials with the funny fail ending that will make you laugh. The interracial couple ( BWWM ) featured in this funny video is an actual couple ( Aleks Nevski and his girlfriend ). This commercial was banned by no country so far LOL
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You think Yelp sucks? Here's how to fix it!
I don't think it is a secret that most small business owners in America hate Yelp. Many consumers are turning on Yelp as well. Instead of producing yet another "I hate Yelp" rant, I would like to offer some possible solutions on how to turn things around and make things better
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Sexy European look for a classy American man
Sexy European look for a classy American man European look has been becoming more popular in America recently. Many men would look to look European because of the slick European style of clothes along with an assumption that you are a cultured gentleman. I'm not saying you would become one, but I'm saying when you look and dress as a European man you attract that certain assumption. Look and dress like a European man and you will attract the attention you want. This European look can be easily achieved by putting a few fashionable pieces together. Start with brown casual pants and add a black long-sleeve Henley shirt. Add the brown loafers but no socks. The always fashionable scarf by Gucci in GG pattern will be the center piece. The final touches are the MVMT Chrono white watch with caramel leather band and the mixed color wooden bead bracelets. You can make this outfit work in almost any time of year and your look will be distinguished and very European. This video was filmed in San Jose, CA Music: Crimson Fly - Huma-Huma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpxhgby-ONI
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Men with kittens - new fashion trend?
Men with kittens - new fashion trend? Only real men can pull off wearing pink and still looking good. Even these adorable kittens could not sidetrack this pink flavored look. The black vest by Calvin Klein ( $69 ) over the pink dress shirt ( $49 ) is the main focus of this look. The contrast of pink and black is bold and confident. Grey 513 Levi’s jeans ( $49 ) complete the outfit at the bottom along with the chambray casual sneakers by Aldo ( $90 ) over multi-color socks by BED|STU ( $12 ). For the accessories we got black wooden bead bracelets by H&M ( $9 ) on one hand and a deuce watch with pink dial by NEFF ( $29 ) on the other. Now all you have to do is get out there and beam with confidence! This video was filmed in Santa Clara, CA Music: Beach Front Property by Silent Partner ( YouTube Creator Royalty Free Library )
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How to look sexy in a suit - men's fashion advice
Grey suit over a custom fitted J Hilburn shirt and a Hextie Formal wear for men is a hot topic in fashion this year. Whether you love fashion or not - most men have a regular need to wear suit and tie to events like weddings, interviews, family functions, and business meetings. Suit and tie is the classic look for it! Here's a great video if you are looking for a great suit and tie combo to add to your formal wear closet! You can never go wrong with looking your best when sporting a custom tailored suit. This two piece suit is by Kenneth Cole Reaction and was custom tailored. So, was the white dress shirt by J.Hilburn. A leather tote travel bag by Coach is a great touch to complete this formal outfit. Check out the Lines Space black tie by Hextie, black and grey leather belt by Burberry and the dress watch with white dial and black leather band by CEO Watches. At the bottom of it all we finish up with the black “Double G” loafers by Gucci over maroon dress socks. This sharp outfit is great for any formal event from weddings to high profile business meetings. This video was filmed in downtown San Jose, CA Music: Automotive Force by Silent Partner ( YouTube Creator Library )
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Black and white - fashion statement for men
Black and white - fashion statement for men Black and white outfits for men can be very simple and yet effective in adding to your look. You can look sharp and polished wearing black and white. Black and white clothing for men is one of the cooler fashion trends for men and I loved wearing this outfit to rock the black and white flavor in downtown San Jose! This outfit is all about the contrast between black and white. Featuring casual dress pants, blazer, dress watch with leather band, casual lace-up shoes by Kickslogix, leather belt with the “Double G” buckle by Gucci and braided leather bracelet with with Locking Stainless Steel Clasp – all in black, contesting the white dress shirt and black and white wool scarf in houndstooth pattern along with the checked dress socks also in black and white. This outfit will give you a polished looked and will sure turn the heads no matter where you take it! Black and White Lookbook for Men - 2016 This video was filmed in downtown San Jose, CA Music: Smart Riot by Huma-Huma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGxuLERIkxU
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Weird fashion combination that works - vest over a tshirt!
Weird fashion combination that works - vest over a tshirt! This fashionable outfit is a mix of simple and dressy. A classy grey 5 button vest over a maroon T-shirt are the main ingredients. Add the sharp look of the grey slacks by Calvin Klein and your basics are there! Now add a black dial wrist watch with brown band and braided brown leather bracelet for your hands. Finish it all off with the grey polka dot socks by Bedford & Broome and the Creative Recreation two-tone sneakers. This outfit can be worn for almost any occasion and yet you’ll look stylish yet casual. This video was filmed in San Jose, CA Music: Hep Cats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500022 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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How to look taller with special type of men's shoes ( Guidomaggi shoes )
How to look taller with special type of men's shoes ( Guidomaggi shoes ) Shoes in the video: https://www.guidomaggi.com/us/luxury-collection/dress-shoes/via-fiori-chiari-detail#.WJ2A2W8rKrw Short men everywhere have had their share of issues with being short. It is more attractive to women to look taller and a lot of clothes look better on a taller man. However, many short guys have never attempted to try to look taller with some fashion tips and tricks. One of the best ways for a guy to look taller is to wear elevator shoes. These shoes that I'm reviewing in this video are Guidomaggi shoes and not only they make you a couple of inches taller they are also good looking luxury high quality men's shoes. Check out my video and feel free to shop for them at www.guidomaggi.com
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Casual but sophisticated look for men ( Aldo, Tom's Wear, LG, Levi 513 )
Casual but sophisticated look for men ( Aldo, Tom's Wear, LG, Levi 513 ) This quick tutorial is for those men who would like to know how to achieve a casual look but still look sophisticated and fashionable. I went with the Aldo shoes, Tom's Wear dress layered dress shirt, LG L Watch R smart watch with the original face, and the Levi's 513 jeans!
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How to be liked and get compliments from women
How to be liked and get compliments from women Do you want to get compliments from women? Do you often wonder about how to get women to like me? Do you ever get compliments from women? or men? Do you struggle to have women look your way or to get noticed? It is actually easier than you think but most men usually go for the wrong approach when they try to receive a compliment from a woman. Here are a few tips of mine that worked for me and are based on my actual experience of getting complimented by women on my looks.
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Flip Flops - Men's Fashion Fail
Flip Flops for Men - Fashion or Fail? What not to wear! Many men wear flip flops to work or to school. It is easy and comfortable. However, flip flops is not in any way an attractive or fashionable part of your wardrobe. Men who wear flip flops usually come across as slobs and lazy. It is certainly not sexy to wear flip flops for men, and many times it weirds people out to see disgusting men's feet. It is OK to wear flip flops on the beach but that's the only exception for their use. Men should avoid wearing flip flops at all times if they at all care about their appearance and image. There are plenty of shoes and other footwear that can be worn comfortable and without compromising your character. It doesn't matter if you wear Gucci flip flops or flip flops of any other brain - they are still FLIP FLOPS! Avoid them at all times!
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How to look sexy in a sweater - sexy wardrobe for men
How to look sexy in a sweater - sexy wardrobe for men What to stand out by looking sexy? You can achieve that sexy look by pairing the right wardrobe choices with your sexy sweater. Check out this outfit featuring a dapper contrast between black and red colors. We start with the Levi’s 513 blue jeans with a custom made black shirt by J Hilburn and a red knit sweater by H&M. All the way on the bottom we got red suede oxford dress shoes for men by Aldo Shoes over the blue and white polka dot dress sox by Soxy. MVMT watch with black dial and black leather band balances out the multi color glass beaded bracelet by H&M. Don’t be afraid of taking a sweater out of your closet and making it rock your look. It’ll give you a bold sexy fashionable look that will turn heads and shower you with positive energy. Check out J Hilburn for your custom shirt needs and Aldo shoes for men for awesome colors and selection! This video was filmed in downtown San Jose, CA Music: Lucky Duck by Silent Partner ( YouTube Creator Royalty Free Library )
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Sexy over forty - how to dress when you're 40
Sexy over forty - how to dress when you're 40 Many men wonder if it is possible for them to look good and sexy in their 40s. The answer is yes. As a matter of fact younger women find older men attractive for no other reason but because of their age. Of course, you still need to dress well and this is what this video is about. So, if you're a man over 40 who wants to appeal to younger ( and older for that matter ) women - this video is for you! Look and feel sexy! This lookbook for older men in the style of the Fifty Shades of Grey book should appear to not just younger women but all women who appreciate a simple yet slick style for men. With all these shades of grey you have unlimited opportunities to create a slick yet fashionable outfit in different shades of grey for almost any occasion. This particular outfit named after the Fifty Shades of Grey book features grey Levi’s jeans, dark grey dress shirt and the light grey blazer by Calvin Klein. The wrists are sporting a wooden bead elastic bracelet in black and the Only the Brave stainless-steel chronograph watch by Diesel in dark grey. All the way on the bottom it’s finished off with the grey sneakers by Aldo over grey dress socks in houndstooth pattern. This video was filmed in Sunnyvale, CA Music: Crystals by Silent Partner ( YouTube Creator Library )
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What to get for men with style - fashion gift ideas, do's and don'ts
What to get for men with style - gift ideas, do's and don'ts Coming up with gift ideas for anybody is hard. But what do you get for a guy who loves fashion and has a certain sense of style? In some cases it can be more difficult, but in other ways it is a bit easier. I have some gift ideas that your guy will love and it will appeal to his fashion and style sense.
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What to Wear to Work - Business Casual Look for Men
What to Wear to Work - Business Casual Look for Men Many men struggle with the right look when it comes to decide what to wear to work when it comes to business casual look. Business Casual is a very versatile look. You can sport the business casual look at the office or relaxing at a local coffee shop. You will look good and sharp yet approachable and relaxed while sporting this business casual outfit for men. There is a good reason it is called "business casual" - it is very diverse to cover both business and casual types of look for men. This particular outfit is featuring blue Levi 513 jeans on the bottom with Calvin Klein’s black T-shirt and black blazer on top. Chambray casual sneakers by Aldo are rounding out this combination at the ground level. Moving on to jewelry, we got 2015 Brand New Universe series watch by Weide Watches and to balance it out the braided leather bracelet with locking stainless steel clasp on the opposite hand. Simple and yet classy! Rock this outfit tomorrow and get noticed! This video was filmed in downtown San Jose, CA Music: What It Is by Silent Partner ( YouTube Creator Royalty Free Library )
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