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Meghan Markle blows away royal protocol with powerful speech about the right to education for girls
In just four minutes the Duchess of Sussex has told the world she won't be shying away from her feminist roots now she is a member of the royal family. Meghan's speeches overnight in New Zealand and last week in Fiji delivered powerful messages about women's suffrage and the right to education for girls and women. In doing so the former Suits actress has put to rest speculation that protocols preventing members of the royal family speaking out on political issues will not stop her from championing causes including women's rights and racial equality. In her two-minute address at a reception celebrating the 125th anniversary of New Zealand becoming the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote, Meghan issued a "bravo" to the nation for its history-making move.
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Thousands turn out in Croatia’s capital celebrating national team’s valiant Football World Cup
Euphoria gave way to a mixture of disappointment and pride for Croatia fans after their national team lost to France in its first ever World Cup final. The entry into the World Cup final in Russia brought the country of 4 million people to a standstill, after officials and the media described the event as the biggest in Croatia's sports history. "Croatia has fallen as a hero!' proclaimed the Index news portal. "Croatia's team has managed to unite the whole country!" Fans in the capital Zagreb - many wearing the team's red-and-white checked shirts or wrapped in national flags - crammed into squares and streets and were full of hope and cheers until the last moment. As the game ended 4-2, they couldn't hide sadness but many said they were impressed by what Croatia has achieved at the tournament. "Of course I am sad. I could see them lift the trophy, but this is really fantastic," Aleksandar Todorovic said. "We were great!" Waving flags and singing songs, the fans kept up their spirits as the crowd partly dispersed from Zagreb's main square. Firecrackers went off as the state TV proclaimed that "we are still not aware of what we have done." Many fans went on celebrating into the evening. Croatia's Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said the national team are "the first in the world for me." "People are happy as if we have won and that's the way it should be," Plenkovic added. "This is a miraculous success for Croatia and we should be very, very happy." The fans were particularly proud that the team captain, Luka Modric, won the Golden Ball after being voted the best player of the World Cup. "We have achieved so much," the 26-year-old Sofia Halinovcic said. "This is the best ever we did." Halinovcic contended that "we had great expectations, but we still need to process what we have done." Croatia is planning a huge welcome ceremony for its players that will include celebrations at the main square in Zagreb and a reception with the country's president.
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From desk job to an All Blacks call up  Hear Karl Tu’inukuafe’s Hollywood tale from health issues
If you had told Karl Tu'inukuafe 12 months ago he would soon have a Super Rugby contract, he wouldn't have believed you. So imagine how the 25-year-old is feeling now, having been called into the All Blacks. Tu'inukuafe told reporters today he was still in disbelief at being called into the squad for next month's series against France. "I got a missed call and then a text and it was from the All Blacks manager. "I called him back and he said ‘congratulations’ – it was unreal." The front-rower says he’s been blessed for the incredible tale which started back at Wesley College in 2010 when he was frontrowing with Chiefs teammate Nepo Laulala. Tu'inukuafe made Counties Manukau age-grade teams but took a few years off the game, with a doctor's visit proving to change his life. “I was living in Mangere when I got married and I chucked on the weight because I wasn’t playing. "About 2013-14, I was sitting around – I had a desk job with security – so I just put on the weight and then I talked to the doctors about feeling a bit weird and he gave it to me straight; 'You've got to lose weight'." Tu'inukuafe opted to join his cousins at Takapuna Rugby Club to help solve his health issues. "They were just saying I should come along so I decided to join them. I thought it would be fun playing with the family. "I thought rugby would be an easier way to lose weight than to do it on my own."
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Winston Peters reduces Parliament debating chamber to hysterics with clever comeback on
The National Party may be very displeased New Zealand hasn't followed suit with Britain's allies in expelling Russian diplomats, but for Winston Peters the threat of Soviet surveillance is nothing new Under a barrage of prodding during Parliamentary question time today, the Foreign Minister was asked flatly "for how long has he been aware of Russian intelligence activity in New Zealand," by National Trade spokesperson Todd McClay. "Since I was a young boy," Mr Peters replied, to raptures from his side of the House. This did not dissuade McClay however, who for the second straight day relentlessly tried to get a concession out of Mr Peters that Russian diplomats and spys exist in New Zealand embassies. The Opposition insists the Government should expel them if so, in solidarity Britain over the Salisbury nerve agent attack on March 4. Yesterday in question time, Mr Peters said the government was acting on advice from the NZSIS.
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'Sorry about my friends'   Fiji Bati teammates chant, give giggling Jarryd Hayne stick for in
Fiji Bati were in high spirits after their training session in Wellington, giving Jarryd Hayne grief as he prepared for an interview with media this afternoon. Hayne, 29, tried to keep his composure, but cracked after his teammates continued to give him stick after being put up to talk with media. The Fijian half saw the funny side of his teammates' wise cracks, laughing along at their efforts to disrupt his interview. "Hey it's Jarryd Hayne, the Hayne plane!" said one of Hayne's Fijian teammates. The Fijian team went on to chant and cheer for the NRL Titans star. Hayne apologised to the media for his teammates' disruption. "Sorry about my friends," said Hayne. Fiji take on the New Zealand Kiwis in Wellington on Saturday for their Rugby League World Cup quarter final match. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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'No one supports their own like Tongans' – Rugby League World Cup darlings gear up for historic
'No one supports their own like Tongans' – Rugby League World Cup darlings gear up for historic semi-final Mate Ma'a Tonga will face England at Mt Smart Stadium on Saturday for a spot in the World Cup final. Source: 1 NEWS Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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‘I have sleepless nights’ – New Zealand war hero Willie Apiata opens up about his personal struggles
Victoria Cross recipient Willie Apiata says he opened up about his personal struggles for mental health advocate Mike King's I am Hope tour in the hope he can help others In a recent interview with TVNZ1's Marae, the former New Zealand SAS soldier said it wasn't easy being so open about his experiences as in the Defence Force. "I can hear and feel all the sounds, the pressures, you know, everything I was experiencing at that moment just from talking about it," Mr Apiata said. "I have my good days and my bad days and you know when I talk to the public and tell my story it takes me back … like I was there yesterday." Mr Apiata was awarded the Victoria Cross for New Zealand back in 2007 for his bravery under fire in Afghanistan. In 2004, the then corporal in the New Zealand Special Air Service Troop was on patrol when his troop was attacked. Under fire Mr Apiata risked his life to save one of his comrades injured in the attack. Mr Apiata says the night of the attack has caused him many sleepless nights. "It all comes to me in my dreams and you know there are songs that will trigger it." Visiting a psychologist once a month enables him to speak about his experience and how it is affecting him. "I talk to somebody about it and they just need to listen." Mr Apiata has also spoken to the public about his struggles - joining Mike King as he toured the country talking to crowds about mental illness. "All the groups I've spoken to, it's about connecting them to their emotions and trying to relate my story to something that may happen in their lives. "You know we all have traumatic episodes that happen in our lives. And you know my family and myself we've lived through those – family violence through alcohol and they old days of how things use to be; separated families, it all affects us in some way. "And also my career as being a soldier in the Defence Force, the action that happened that night it'll live with me for the rest of my life."
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David Tua steps in to help quell growing violence between Tonga and Toa Samoa rugby league fans
New Zealand's Pacific Island communities are bringing in the big hitters to try and put a stop to the recent violence which has broken out between Tongan and Samoan rugby league fans. Samoan-Kiwi heavyweight boxing legend David Tua and even Government Ministers were drafted in today to address the situation. "If you believe that you have what it takes to be a fighter, please call me I'm very easy to find I'm in Onehunga, get in the ring and make something beautiful of yourself," Tua challenged the fans. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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'Boy' star James Rolleston emotionally speaks of his close friend's injuries and possibility of pris
It's tough for Kiwi actor James Rolleston to speak about the aftermath of the car accident that almost claimed his and his close friend's life. Rolleston was driving in Opotiki last year, over corrected going around a corner and crashed. Both him and Kaleb Maxwell, who described Rolleston as his 'brother' were left with horrific injuries. "People that suffer from a car accident aren’t the only ones who suffer," Rolleston said on TVNZ1's Sunday Special, Wait For Me Hollywood. The documentary follows Rolleston and his family to restorative justice with Kaleb and his family. "I'd just like to apologise to our bro Kaleb and his family. The decision I made on that night was a poor decision," he said. Kaleb suffered five broken vertebrae, a lacerated kidney, a dislocated sternum and collapsed lungs. "I just felt damaged, that I injured my mate." "If he hadn't survived, I honestly don't think I’d be here today," Rolleston said. But when asked if the accident had changed their relationship, Mr Maxwell said "it hasn't changed at all". "We're just like family, brothers. More than friends." Rolleston emotionally spoke on the documentary, saying the realisation he could have faced prison time was hard to hear. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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Daughter of Tutira Mai Nga Iwi composer says we've been singing the song wrong for over 50 Year
The daughter of the man who composed the iconic Maori waiata Tūtira Mai Ngā Iwi says New Zealanders have been singing the wrong words since her father created it more than 50 years ago. Ngatai Huata told TVNZ1's Te Karere how her father, Cannon Wi Te Tau Huata came up with the waiata in the late 1950s, while driving past Lake Tūtira, teaching her and her siblings the words as he made it up. The song was then picked up by the mass populous in the 1960s, with the Ministry of Education publishing the song in New Zealand schoolbooks. This is where the mis-translation of the song began according to Ms Huata. "They never sought consent, never bothered to find out who wrote it, and they consequently wrote the wrong words," she said. She says the original third-to-last line in the song was "kia tapatahi" not "kia ko tapatahi" as it has been taught for generations. Ms Huata told Te Karere her father was a big advocate for the Maori people to rearm their morals and values, but the waiata was written for all people, regardless of their race, creed or political stances. The waiata has recently been in the spotlight after the All Blacks used it as a rallying cry for the nation during the tour by the British and Irish Lions. New Latest Videos Check This Channel Subscribers. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRdbeElPWvSumxERqoR7ZUA
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'We'll keep them running' – passions run high in NZ as Holden closes last Aussie car factory   1 NEW
It's the Aussie car that's long been a Kiwi favorite. But 69 years after making its first mass-produced vehicle, Holden has called it quits, closing its doors at the company's Elizabeth factory in South Australia. The first car, the 48-215 (but often called the FX or Humpy Holden), was promoted as Australia's own car. Then-Prime Minister Ben Chifley launched it, declaring "she's a beauty". The last ever Australian-made car has rolled off the production line today. For Aucklanders Mark and Rich Grey, it's the end of an era. "I think they'll become a bit of a cult car," Mark told 1 NEWS, proudly standing in front of his restored 1953 Holden FX. His nephew Rich says there are 16 classic cars in the family. "Some people collect stamps for a hobby, we collect cars. Little bit more expensive, but we enjoy it," Rich said. "We'll keep [the Holden spirit] alive in our old girls. "These old Holdens never die. We'll keep them running. There'll still be the passion there." The uncle and nephew will drive in the End of an Era Cruise to raise money for St John’s ambulance tomorrow. New Latest Videos Check This Channel Subscribers. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRdbeElPWvSumxERqoR7ZUA
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Ben Smith cracks up after reporter tells him he's old enough to be Jordie Barrett
He may be nearly old enough to be their dad, but Ben Smith is just enjoying playing in the All Blacks' back three alongside young stars Rieko Ioane and Jordie Barrett - and he's adamant he's keeping up with them. Smith, 32, was told by a reporter he was old enough to be a fatherly figure towards Ioane and Barrett, who are both 21. He admitted it wasn't something he ever thought about. "I suppose I'm early thirties, so I know I’m getting on a wee bit, but as far as my body goes I’m feeling bloody good and yeah still trying to chase around those young fellas," he said. Smith was shifted from his usual role at fullback to the wing for the All Blacks' first Test against France with Barrett taking the No.15 jersey - a shift he said he didn't mind. "To me it doesn’t really worry me if I’m playing on the wing or at fullback. "I think the way the game's being played now, there's certain times in the game where you end up in a few of those positions anyway. "So I enjoyed getting out there on the wing, and working alongside Jordie and Rieko to try and do our bit for the team back there was enjoyable."
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1 NEWS reporter mobbed by jubilant Peru fans, kissed on live TV after their team reaches Worl
1 NEWS reporter Chris Chang came face-to-face with the perils of live television after being mobbed by Peruvian fans during the 6pm news today. Chang, a football fan himself, went live in front of a raucous group of fans after Peru's 2-0 win over NZ. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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New Australia land Australian ad calls on Oz and NZ to unite with Ardern as PM   1 NEWS NOW
A humorous Australian advertising campaign has called on New Zealand to "bridge the ditch" with Australia over our shared love of lamb, the "smell of unity". Meat and Livestock Australia launched their summer campaign on Australia Day today, addressing the slew of controversies which have come out of the country in recent years, including Cricket Australia's ball tampering scandal, their revolving door of prime ministers and the right-wing party One Nation, led by Pauline Hanson, Ad News reports. In the video, Kiwis and Aussies meet halfway between the two countries over a barbecue, sitting on a floatie, as Australians proposes that the two countries unite to become "New Australia-land". "Think about it - we've got awesome stuff," Australia's "lambassador" says. "You've got awesome stuff. Most of our stuff is already your stuff ... Best of all, you get to share our prime lamb. "And we can share your Prime Minister," an Australian politician adds. "Sounds like a Fair Trade Agreement," one of the Kiwis responds. "So what do you say we bridge the ditch and do this?" the woman asks, referring to the Labour Party's election campaign slogan. "I guess we gotta check with Jacinda first," the other Kiwi adds. The Australian politicians then call the Prime Minister as Kiwis and Aussies, all lounging in floaties, tell her to "come join the party".
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Family keep vigil as police call off shoreline search for teen swimmer at dangerous Auckland  1NEWS
Police have called off their second day of searching the shoreline for a 16-year-old who is believed to have drowned yesterday at a West Auckland beach where his family was camping. Local boaties, fishing vessels and a police helicopter helped comb the sea yesterday near the choppy shores of Whatipu Beach, where two people went into the water around 1pm but only one person came out. Staff at the campground where the boy’s family was staying called police around 1.30. The search was called off last night as darkness set in – the boy’s family maintaining a vigil at the shore, waiting for his return. It resumed at 8.30 this morning, but after four hours police decided to abandon the shoreline search and focus instead on providing support to the family. A police helicopter will continue to make sporadic aerial searches and Surf Life Saving will perform sweeps of the area in coming days, police said. Whatipu Beach is not reguarly patrolled by surf lifesavers, and the entrance to Manukau Harbour is known for its large waves and dangerous currents. Jeremy Saunders, who has lived out in Whatipu for nine years, told 1 NEWS today he’d never go out in the water, which he described as extremely dangerous.
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'We're happy to be here'   Pre match mind games begin as All Whites touch down in Peru   1 NEWS NOW
'We're happy to be here' - Pre-match mind games begin as All Whites touch down in Peru New Zealand's footballers are settling into Lima after a chaotic journey to South America. Source: 1 NEWS Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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Samoan boxer punches clock at Countdown to fund Comm Games berth   1 NEWS NOW   TVNZ
Frank the tank Masoe has fundraised his Commonwealth Games journey at an Auckland Countdown distribution centre. Source: Seven Sharp
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'We wouldn't normally do this!' Watch Anika Moa's greatest hits from two weeks on Seven Sharp   1 NE
Tonight was Anika Moa's final night filling-in as host of Seven Sharp, and her impact on the show has been so stimulating a highlights package was in order. Although her stint as host was just two weeks long, the program rustled up a send off for Anika more befitting someone who had been on for two decades - as Hilary Barry observed. “Time to say goodbye, I feel like Andrea Bocelli even just saying that. I want to thank you so much," Hilary said before Anika's greatest hits tape ran. Anika then sang Hilary a song to show her appreciation to her co-host. "Hilary Barry, I want to marry you, but only for your money, then I will divorce you. "I love being on this show even though Peter hated my moko. Jeremy Wells is back next week but if ratings are bad he won’t have a job to speak of. "Hilary Barry, you’re my new BFF, you da bomb girl, and you the best, I love you." Touching, and as Hilary says, "whats-his-face" will be back next week.
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'Hope and pray they don't come back'   Tongan star Manu Ma'u inspires young offenders to chan
Mate Ma'a Tonga league star Manu Ma'u and his teammates visited the youth unit at Christchurch men's prison this afternoon, hoping to inspire the young inmates in turning their lives around. Ma'u, 29, had served 22 months in prison in 2007 at Spring Hill prison in Waikato, convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent to injure. The Parramatta Eels star said his visit with his teammates in Christchurch was about giving the young inmates hope. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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Kuga owners say Ford took too long to launch recall after car fire over three months ago
Ford Kuga customers in New Zealand are questioning why the company took so long to recall vehicles after a 1 NEWS investigation into under-hood fires Our investigation into Ford Kuga fires has led to the carmaker recalling more than 900 vehicles in New Zealand as part of a global probe in which more than 450,000 thousand cars are being recalled worldwide. Former Kuga owner Eden O'Connor is still fearful about driving any car after her 2013 Ford Kuga caught fire out of the blue last December, with children in the back. "It is kind of hard, like knowing that on the 16th of December all five of my family members including myself could have died," she told 1 NEWS. Our story about Ms O'Connor's incident led Ford to investigate the problem. Ford says it's aware of two car fires in New Zealand and is now recalling 900 Ford Kugas made between 2012 and 2014, and 69 1.6 litre Ford Fiesta STs made between 2013 and 2015. The vehicles will undergo a two-stage repair process that includes adding a new sensor to control engine heat. Ford South Africa has already recalled more than 4000 Kugas and the carmaker will now recall almost half a million globally. Ms O'Connor says Ford has taken too long to act. "It's pretty scary to know that they've let people drive the car so long knowing what happened to my car." Ford claims it was a complicated issue to evaluate. The company said these models are at risk of catching fire when the engine overheats. But despite that warning, it says the safety risk does not mean customers need to stop driving these vehicles. It has still left 2014 Kuga owner Ebony Seym nervous behind the wheel after recently having engine cooling problems repaired. "People shouldn't be allowed them to drive them," she said. "When we first went into Ford we were told it was unsafe to drive." The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment says customers affected by the recall could be entitled to a refund or replacement under the Consumer Guarantees Act "If they can't reach any kind of resolution with Ford then the next step in the process is to take that to a dispute tribunal," said Mark Hollingsworth, MBIE consumer protection manager. Ford is confident it has got a permanent fix for the issues and is advising customers to see their dealer about any problem
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Glen Osborne leads all star cast in epic version of Tutira Mai Nga Iwi   1 NEWS
Glen Osborne leads all-star cast in epic version of Tutira Mai Nga Iwi The ex-All Blacks back turned Northland cop picks up the guitar to get rugby fans fired up for the Lions series with a re-worked version of the Kiwi classic Tutira Mai Nga Iwi.
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Former AA worker took more than $56k in bribes for licences   1 NEWS NOW   TVNZ
A former Automobile Association worker has admitted taking bribes in exchange for drivers' licences. Lovepreet Brar appeared at the Manukau District Court yesterday where he admitted a representative charge of obtaining by deception. According to court documents, Brar kept more than $56,000 worth of bribes. The 25-year-old worked for the Automobile Association with the title "customer service consultant" in the Meadowlands branch in east Auckland. He processed paperwork and took money from people who wanted to sit their practical driver's licence test. According to the agreed summary of facts, released to RNZ News, in 2014 Brar was recruited into a group who were taking bribes.
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Can Fiji Bati humble Kiwis  Jarryd Hayne sends chilling message his side are ready   1 NEWS N
Fijian rugby league star Jarryd Hayne believes his side has what it takes to create another upset at the Rugby League World Cup, as Fiji Bati prepare to take on the New Zealand Kiwis in their quarter-final in Wellington on Saturday. Hayne, 29, said his side have the belief that they can beat New Zealand after they were handed a 28-22 loss to Tonga last Saturday in Hamilton. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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'It's just ridiculous'   All Blacks coach Steve Hansen fires shots at World Rugby's
All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has launched a broadside at World Rugby following separate test series in New Zealand and Australia marred by refereeing confusion. Hansen expressed empathy with Wallabies counterpart Michael Cheika, who unleashed frustration at match officials following the series-deciding 20-16 loss to Ireland in Sydney. At the heart of Cheika's concerns was the inconsistency of how laws are being interpreted. Hansen reiterated those views as referees became the talking point after each of the All Blacks' three test wins against France.
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Fiji Bati players get stuck into Jarryd Hayne and Kevin Naiqama about unique and boisterous
Fiji Bati players all agreed that their star players Jarryd Hayne and skipper Kevin Naiqama had the most annoying laughs in the team. uring a Q&A session with the Fijian team, the players admitted it was tough to handle listening to Hayne and Naiqama while they were in fits of laughter during their camp. In a video released by one of the Fijian team members on Sunday, Hayne revealed Naiqama had a unique and bizarre laugh. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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Humble Akira Ioane plays down chances of first official All Blacks selection despite stellar
Blues loose forward Akira Ioane isn't getting caught up in the excitement of this weekend's All Blacks squad naming for next month's series against France, saying there's another rival that needs to be taken care of first. Ioane and the Blues will host the Crusaders on Saturday night before the All Blacks squad is named on Sunday with the 22-year-old telling 1 NEWS his attention is solely on the game at Eden Park. "My parents would be stoked but I've got to focus on Saturday first," he said. Ioane said he hasn't been trying to over-do things in the game while taking a bigger interest in his fitness, nutrition and sleeping patterns to make sure he gets the best performance each week. "Little stuff like that helps heaps in a long season like this." Ioane admitted he would be "pretty emotional" if he was selected for the squad on Sunday - his first official selection after he was called in as injury cover during last-year's end-of-year tour. "It showed me what it's like [to be an All Black]," he said. "For me, mentally, it made me focus more on this year." Should Ioane be selected, he could get a chance to play in front of his family early on with the first Test taking place in his home town at Eden Park - but he's remaining humble about that dream. "Hopefully."
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Workplace bullying causes some Kiwis to suffer mental health issues   1 NEWS NOW   TVNZ
New Zealand has a tendency to normalise and trivialise the issue of bullying at work, according to a director of a workplace agency, who says it needs to stop. Just under a decade ago New Zealand was ranked as having the second-worst rate of occurrence in the developed world with one in five workers afflicted. Director of Culture Safe New Zealand, Allan Halse, told TVNZ 1's Breakfast programme a quarter of the agency's clients have been diagnosed with mental health issues, leaving him "horrified". "We've got probably 25 per cent of our clients and we would have over 80 right now...have actually entered the mental health unit because they have either had mental breakdowns, they are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder or something similar but they are certainly under medication, anti-depressants or sleeping tablets," Mr Halse said. "It's a lot worse than I ever believed it could be. "It has horrified me over the last few years." Mr Halse said a lot of workplace bulling behavior is subtle and takes some time to notice work, such as colleagues trying to undermine others and "setting them up to fail." "Typically employers will defend bullying managers by saying they're a strong manager but its really easy to see the difference between a strong manager, an authoritative manager, and a workplace bully." "In Australia they have worked out the cost to the Australian economy as somewhere between $6-36 billion per annum, it's massive. "From New Zealand's point of view, being second worst in the world, it means we are getting people coming into our country that go into a workplace were bullying has been normalised and they are horrified and can't cope with it." Mr Halse says New Zealand needs to treat workplace bullying as a health and safety issue, rather than an employment issue. New Latest Videos Check This Channel Subscribers. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRdbeElPWvSumxERqoR7ZUA
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'I'm really proud'   Auckland school with just four Polynesian students rocks Polyfest
'I'm really proud' Auckland school with just four Polynesian students rocks Polyfest
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Steven Adams stunned by Kiwis' loss to Fiji – 'it was something weird'   1 NEWS NOW   TVNZ
Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams says he was stunned to hear the Kiwis were eliminated from the Rugby League World Cup last week by minnows Fiji. When sitting down for an interview with the Oklahoma City Thunder's media team, avid rugby fan Adams was asked whether he keeps up with sport from back in New Zealand. "I haven't been like hardcore involved," he said. "But I've been aware of the losses - it's unbelievable!" "We (the All Blacks) lost against Australia, and then we (the Kiwis) lost - I think just last night - to Fiji?!" "It was something weird, something big." "It's pretty big news, all my mates from New Zealand are just going ham on Facebook about this team." Adams then had to explain the standard Kiwi reaction to an All Blacks or Kiwis loss. "When people lose like we did, everyone goes so mad - like so mad." "It's unbelievable, but it's because you love them." Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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Meet the 14 year old girl turning heads in the male dominated world of sheep dog trials 1NEWS
Meet the 14-year-old girl turning heads in the male-dominated world of sheep dog trials. Phoebe, with the help of Sage, is the youngest person to qualify for the New Zealand championships. Source: 1 News
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'People genuinely seem relaxed and happy'   Gloriavale series producer says life inside
The producer of a popular TV series on the Gloriavale Christian community says, despite common opinion, the people there are "genuinely happy". Amanda Evans, speaking this morning to TVNZ 1's Breakfast, said she was aware of the allegations of sexual misconduct, ostracisation and forced marriages, but that she had only every seen a positive side during her three all-access visits. "I think the rest of the media in New Zealand are doing a very fine job of putting the black hat on Gloriavale, and I understand those allegations and I follow those reports and I read them - I'm giving a view of how the community feel from their perspective," Ms Evans said. "When you are inside the community and you are there, life continues on pretty much as normal - they don't take a lot of notice of what's going on outside ... life has evolved with their own particular set of rules and their own particular agenda.
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'You feel really defensive' – Clarke Gayford opens up about how Jacinda Ardern was treated on
acinda Ardern's partner Clarke Gayford has opened up to TVNZ1's Seven Sharp about their life in the lead up to and after the election. Mr Gayford told Seven Sharp's Toni Street he felt protective of Ms Ardern during the tough campaign. I've never been more anxious and nervous about anyone else in my life than I was about Jacinda over the last two months. "There's all these external factors, people saying things that are untrue and articles coming out that are really false, so you fell really defensive," he said. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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'Hot property'   All Blacks winger Waisake Naholo's younger brothers Meli and Kiniviliame
Fijian brothers Meli and Kiniviliame Naholo have set alight the Taranaki club premier competition this year with their audacious strength and speed, the quiet and modest brothers have the NPC in their sights but admit they still need to improve their craft. Meli and Kiniviliame are looking to follow in the footsteps of their older brother - All Blacks winger Waisake Naholo, in taking the next step into the professional realm. Meli said he was extremely happy after his younger brother made the move from the Hawke's Bay to New Plymouth this year.
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'How unprepared is he for leadership'   Winston sledges Simon Bridges after he hits
Winston Peters has today defended the lack of any Russian intelligence personal being expelled from New Zealand in solidarity with Britain, during a barrage of questions by National in Parliament today. Speaking in Parliamentary question time, the Foreign Affairs Minister was repeatedly asked by National trade spokesperson Todd McClay why New Zealand hadn't followed suit of many of Britain's allies by expelling any Russian diplomats or spies. Mr Peters said the government was acting on advice from the NZSIS. "I'm advised by the NZSIS, and so has the Prime Minister been, that there is no individual here in New Zealand that fits the profile of those being expelled by other countries - that is people within the embassies in other countries," Mr Peters said. "If there were we would have taken action a long time before Salisbury. "Having been in politics for some time I prefer to listen to the NZSIS, I'd rather listen to people with experience than a few flighty journalists from abroad. "And if they want to make the kind of noise that Simon Bridges is making right now, showing how unprepared he is for leadership because he's prepared to react to every phone call from some foreign embassy rather than his own national interests." Many of Britain's allies are acting in solidarity with Britain after its government blamed Russia for attacking a former spy with nerve agent in England. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that while other countries are expelling "undeclared Russian intelligence agents" — or spies — they haven't found anybody in New Zealand fitting that profile. But security analyst Paul Buchanan told Radio New Zealand the politicians are trying to wriggle out of their responsibilities and their stance has made New Zealand a laughing stock. He says some of the Russians kicked out of other countries are regular diplomats and the expulsions are often only symbolic. Russia's ambassador to Australia says the dozens of countries that have expelled Russian diplomats in response to the recent nerve agent attack on a former Russian military intelligence officer and his daughter in Britain are "not a significant number." US President Donald Trump is speaking with leaders from France and Germany to praise the coordinated expulsion of Russian intelligence officers from their countries in response to Russia poisoning a former spy on British soil. That's according to the White House, which says Trump spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in separate calls today. The leaders "expressed support" for the move and "praised" the announcement by other Western allies who have followed suit. The United States, NATO, 16 European Union nations and some other countries have announced they would expel more than 130 Russian diplomats in response to the nerve agent attack on a former Russian intelligence officer and his daughter in Britain.
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'That's our party trick' plane buffs descend on Blenheim for famed air show
Thousands will be hoping the rain stays away for the Omaka Classic Fighter Air Show. Source: Seven Sharp
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He's back! All Blacks captain Kieran Read makes successful return to rugby in bruising
All Blacks captain Kieran Read has made a successful return to the rugby field this afternoon after lining up for Counties Manukau in a pre-season Mitre 10 Cup match against Tasman. Read played the first 40 minutes of the exhibition match in Manurewa today having overcome a long-term back injury that required surgery and kept him sideline since November last year. The 32-year-old played at No.8 in the match, getting involved in any way he could with tackles, runs and work at the breakdown. The game wasn't just a return from injury for Read but also a return to his original province, having played for Counties Manukau in age-grade play before paving his professional path with a switch to Canterbury starting in 2006. Despite not being named as a squad member for the recent French series due to his slow recovery, Read trained with the All Blacks as they prepared for games each week. The last time Read pulled on the black jersey was in Cardiff last year when the All Blacks rounded off their successful Northern Tour with a 33-18 win over Wales. Lock Sam Whitelock captained the side in the 3-0 sweep of France in this month's June Test series in Read's absence.
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Four times the World's Strongest Man Big Z in NZ to inspire strength enthusiasts   1 NEWS NOW   TVN
Many of the world's strongest men regard Zydrunas Savickas as the strongest of them all. This week the Lithuanian, who's dead lifted 524kgs, is in the country mentoring young lifters and inspiring gym bunnies. Savickas is the owner of 80 lifting world records and has won The World's Strongest Man competition four times. In the run up to a competition Savisckas consumes 8000 calories daily, with a Big Mac at 504, that means gobbling up the equivalent of 16 a day. Thankfully in Lithuania, they like their spuds. "We have 10 different dishes cooked from potatoes and potatoes is very good to gain weight," he told 1 NEWS. At 43 he isn't looking at retiring yet and is enjoying mentoring young lifters. Savisckas will hold two seminars in New Zealand, with the first in Christchurch tonight.
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First Person video shows daring kayaker set new record with 30m Hunua Falls plunge
A daring kayaker believes he may have set a new record when he plunged over the rain-swollen Hunua Falls on Wednesday. Lawrance Simpson, an expert swift water kayak Hunua with 25 years of experience, woke up to Hunua rain and thought it was time to take on the falls He said he had scouted out the 30m falls numerous times over the past year and it was time to take the plunge. "The feeling going over the drop ... I'm just in the moment ... living," he says, "and then once you hit the bottom at the end all the nerves and all the emotions come back to you." Apart from a minor sprain in his knee, he was fine after the drop - and he thinks he has set a new record. "As far as I'm aware, I believe it's now the highest waterfall paddled in New Zealand. "If anyone else out there has paddled anything higher, and thinks you've got the record - feel free to let me know!"
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NZ's oldest police officer retiring after 49 years in a job that saw him marry woman he pulled over
The country's oldest serving police officer is getting ready to hang up his hat, after 49 years of service. Canterbury Highway patrol Sergeant Clem Edmonds, 74, began working for the Traffic Department in 1969 in Dunedin, after working for the railways and in the military. A heart condition discovered last year has meant he's been forced into retirement, but he said age has never slowed him down. "To me age wasn't a barrier, provided your health was ok. I just carried on regardless. I love it. I really do. Police are my family." His role with highway patrol also led him to meet his second wife, Myra, after pulling her over for excess speed. "I gave her a ticket actually! And I've been paying for it ever since," he said. He said he's seen many changes in his decades with the police, the most dramatic being changes with alcohol legislation. The worst aspect, he said, was witnessing the aftermath of serious crashes. "I've seen a few in my life. A lot of serious ones and fatal, the hard part is seeing young children involved. To me that's hurtful," he said. Sergeant Edmonds last day will be in June.
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'I taught the new Prime Minister!'   Jacinda Ardern's old social studies teacher to attend swearing
'I taught the new Prime Minister!' – Jacinda Ardern's old social studies teacher to attend her swearing-in ceremony Gregor Fountain taught a young Ardern at Morrinsville College, his c Source: Seven Sharp Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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New TVNZ Gloriavale series returning for Kiwi audiences in May   1 NEWS NOW   TVNZ
A new Gloriavale mini-series will return to New Zealand screens this May. Gloriavale: The Return features the secluded West Coast community and will revisit Dove Love and Paul and Pearl, who played large parts in TVNZ's previous series, Gloriavale – A World Apart, Gloriavale – Life and Death and Gloriavale – A Woman's Place. The new TVNZ series will hold a viewer submitted Q&A for Dove Love, with questions able to be submitted via: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/gloriavale-the-return Gloriavale is an isolated religious community that has captivated the country. The new series will be available on TVNZ OnDemand.
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Brad Shields seeking official clearance from NZR to play Test rugby for England   1 NEWS NOW   TVNZ
Long-serving Hurricanes captain Brad Shields has requested clearance to play Test rugby for England in June, forcing New Zealand Rugby officials to make a hurried ruling A formal request from Shields landed on the desk of NZ Rugby chief executive Steve Tew on this morning. The RFU and England coach Eddie Jones have given no indication the 27-year-old will be selected for the three-Test series in South Africa. However, Shields' request suggests he is firmly in contention, leaving NZ Rugby with an unprecedented scenario to consider. Tew says NZ Rugby aren't obliged to release the uncapped blindside flanker, who has signed a contract with English club Wasps which begins after the Super Rugby season. Until then, Shields' current contract commits him purely to New Zealand Rugby, Tew said. However, seven seasons of service at the Hurricanes may count in the player's favour. "We're looking at it and considering the ramifications of releasing him to play for England in the middle of a competition that he's committed to," Tew said. "There's no point not acknowledging that Brad's been a very very good servant of the game for a long period of time. "He's asked for some dispensation and we'll give that serious consideration." Tew said NZ Rugby officials will make their ruling a priority in a goodwill gesture to Shields and English rugby. Media reports out of England overnight opined NZ Rugby would have no right to prevent Shields playing for England under World Rugby's Regulation 9. The regulation says the release of players for World Rugby Test windows takes primacy over territorial contracts. Tew says that is not the case for Shields. "The players that are subject to Regulation 9 are those that have opted out of being eligible for that country," he said. Tew noted a number of New Zealand-based Super Rugby players will be released for international duty with Tonga, Samoa and Fiji because they had signed the regulation agreement. Shields had not, he said.
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Traveller who met Grace Millane remembers a friendly person who had a really nice energy about
A Kiwi traveller who met British backpacker Grace Millane has been left feeling "very sad and perplexed" following the news of her murder. Holly Courtly from Christchurch told the BBC, "I'm feeling very sad and perplexed. [It's] making me a little bit anxious, actually, to be honest". "She just had a really nice energy about her - just seemed like a friendly, nice person and just smiled a lot." Grace's body was found in a bush area on Scenic Drive, in the Waitakere Ranges, following an extensive search on Sunday. A 26-year-old man charged with the murder of the 22-year-old appeared in the Auckland District Court yesterday where he was given interim name suppression. Auckland's Sky Tower was lit up in white in honour of Grace last night, while candlelight vigils will be held across the country tomorrow.
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PM tells Muslim community in Christchurch this is not New Zealand
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told members of a Christchurch refugee centre and Muslim community representatives she had "three incredibly important roles" in the aftermath of the Christchurch terrorist attack at two mosques that left 49 people dead. "One is to bring the message of love and support and grief of the people of New Zealand," she said, alongside Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, Opposition leader Simon Bridges and Green Party co-leader James Shaw. "New Zealand is united in its grief and we are united in our grief." Ms Ardern said she brought the country's "desire to show in whatever way they can, that physical support and love that they have for our Muslim community". Her second role was "to ensure your safety, your freedom to worship safely, your freedom to express your culture and religion". "You were quick to mention this is not the New Zealand that you know. I want to reaffirm that today. This is not New Zealand." She said the only part of the last 24 hours that was New Zealand "is the support you are seeing. But nothing that led up to it is who we are or who this city is". "We need to keep having a conversation around how we ensure your ongoing safety in the aftermath of this horrific attack." Ms Ardern said her last role was to ensure the Muslim community have the space to grieve, "while we make sure we take care of those concerns that may not be in the immediate aftermath but will be in the days and weeks to come". "There will be questions around how we ensure people's livelihoods, how we ensure they can meet day to day needs when they have lost often what will be primary breadwinners. We need to acknowledge the victims here." Opposition leader Simon Bridges also spoke, telling the community, "we are with you". "We are all here united. "I stand here to show that complete unity of the Parliament of New Zealanders behind our Prime Minister, with you, condemning what has happened, wanting to support you and show you the love and compassion that you have and all New Zealanders have, given the tragic things that have happened," Mr Bridges said.
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Leaked documents reveal serious concerns about KiwiRail's decision to switch from electric trains to
Leaked documents throw into question a controversial decision to dump electric trains for diesel locomotives between Hamilton and Palmerston North. KiwiRail announced the decision last year, and said diesel would improve reliability and efficiency. But an external peer review by engineering consultants WorleyParsons warns diesel trains bought from China have "a very high failure rate". Seven to nine are out of service at any one time for maintenance, repair and asbestos removal. And their performance has been "extraordinarily poor". The review said KiwiRail should be switching its whole fleet to electric, but it said a paper from the company’s board was "biased towards the diesel option". And there are more concerns from a separate internal report, which says KiwiRail over-inflated expected savings – and upgrading electric trains was actually $230m cheaper than replacing them with diesel. And Treasury also had concerns. Cabinet advice given to the Green Party under the Official Information Act shows officials weren't convinced by the business case. They warned KiwiRail "provided no basis for its cost estimate" that electrifying the whole main trunk line could be up to $1bn. The electric trains will be phased out in the next two years. But Transport Minister Simon Bridges says the whole line could be electrified in the future. "There is an avenue down the line for different decisions to be made ... we can revisit this in due course - if we decide that's the right thing to do," he said.
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He always calls me fat'   Konrad Hurrell on 'love hate relationship' with Tongan star
Konrad Hurrell says his 'bromance' with star Tongan player Andrew Fifita at the Rugby League World Cup is like any relationship with its highs and lows. Hurrell opened up to media this afternoon in Auckland about his friendship with the Sharks forward. "I guess it's a love-hate relationship there, obviously he's a good bloke to be in the team," said Hurrell. "He's pretty loud, I thought Manu Vatuvei was loud but he's on another level. "He always calls me fat, if you look in the mirror I reckon I'm a little bit better than him." Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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The first and only TV interview with Gloriavale leader Hopeful Christian, where he revealed
TVNZ 1's Sunday show carried out the only sit-down television interview with Gloriavale leader Hopeful Christian over a decade ago. Reporter Janet McIntyre was given access to Gloriavale residents and shown around the property by Christian himself, to see the inner-workings of the religious sect in 2007. The religious leader was forthcoming in the interview, as he discussed everything from what people give up to live in Gloriavale to the allegations of sexual impropriety that have swirled around the sect since the 90s. The full fascinating expose can be viewed in the clip above. The community, near Greymouth, has more than 500 members, including 55 families. Christian, a convicted sex offender who changed his name from Neville Cooper, was in his 90s when he died today.
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'Let me tell you, sunshine'   Winston Peters calls Simon Bridges' Budget speech 'devoid of ideas'
The Deputy Prime Minister spoke today in parliament about Budget 2018, highlighting the recent boost to foreign affairs and reiterating the notion of a transformative economy. "The adaptive work will take longer than one Budget, but today a strong foundation has been laid," Winston Peters said. "There's much more work to do, and we look forward to fulfilling and continuing our role as a constructive force in the coalition to achieve positive change for our supporters and, indeed, for all New Zealanders." Mr Peters also used his speech to criticise the Opposition, calling National Party leader Simon Bridges' speech "devoid of ideas, riddled with clichés, and speeches like that are why they created the word 'vacuous'". National MP Tim Macindoe at this point asked, "What's the current poll rating? Mr one per cent." "Let me tell you, sunshine," Mr Peters replied. "I'm here after all these years because we know how to get a poll up, but not that failure, not that member there." Mr Peters called Mr Bridges, "Mr Simon Slick Bridges", "Mr Simon Soundbite Bridges", "Mr Simon One-way Bridges", and "Mr Simon Short-term Bridges". The speech came after Mr Bridges' speech on the government's Budget, which he said was based around "borrowing more, taxing more and spending more".
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New Year's Eve festivities to look out for across New Zealand   1 NEWS NOW   TVNZ
New Zealanders wanting to welcome in the New Year with a bang can look out for these exciting events being held across the country. Here's a rundown of the main New Year's Eve events: Auckland Auckland is the first major city in the world to welcome in 2019. Both the Sky Tower and the Harbour Bridge will be lit up. At midnight, there will be the annual fireworks display from the Sky Tower. There will be a light display on the Harbour Bridge at the same time. The Wondergarden music festival is being held again at Silo Park on the waterfront. Tauranga The Tauranga City Council hasn't hosted a New Year's Eve event at Mount Maunganui since 2016, after crowd control and safety issues at that year's event. The council will be taking the same approach this year, but there will be an increased police presence in the area. There will be a midnight fireworks display in Tauranga and a number of community events. Gisborne Gisborne plays host to the country's biggest multi-day music festival, Rhythm and Vines, now into its 16th year. A crowd of 21,000 will be partying in the New Year among the vines at Waiohika Estate. Wellington The capital has its annual New Year's Eve party on the waterfront, at Whairepo Lagoon, by Frank Kitts Park. There will be music, entertainment and food trucks, and a fireworks display at midnight. Christchurch A big free, family-friendly event will be held at Hagley Park. There will be music and entertainment - including the Jordan Luck Band - as well as a fireworks display to ring in 2019. Queenstown Queenstown is becoming an ever more popular destination for New Year's Eve revellers. On the lakefront, there will be two stages with live music and other entertainment throughout the night. And as the clock strikes 12, there'll be fireworks over Lake Wakatipu. Wanaka The sister festival to Rhythm and Vines, Rhythm and Alps, wraps up on New Year's Eve. The South Island's largest country music and camping festival, Top Paddock, is also on at Lake Hawea. There'll be a free event on the Wanaka lakefront as well. Dunedin Dunedin will mark the end of 2018 with a concert in the Octagon. The family-friendly, free event will have music, entertainment and food stalls.
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Jubilant Tongan league stars dance and sing in harmony in changing room celebrations after hi
Mate Ma'a Tonga players celebrated their Rugby League World Cup win over the New Zealand Kiwis singing and dancing in their changing sheds in Hamilton. onga's star forward Andrew Fifita sang along with his teammates and recorded their celebrations in the sheds. Fifita encourages his teammate Sio Siua Taukeiaho to get up and dance, with the Tongan forward obliging and pleasing his fellow players. Tonga defeated New Zealand for the first time 28-22 at Waikato Stadium to remain unbeaten for the tournament. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneNewsNewZealand/
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