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Petrus Tutorial: fixing bad edges
Step three. This steps is SUPER easy, you just need to learn how to find bad edges and how to fix them.
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The Final Petrus Tutorial
I'm sick of making tutorials. Like I said, this is for a specific friend, so if it doesn't help you, too bad.
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Petrus Example Solve
I made an example solve of using Petrus for my friend. I'm gonna be uploading a newer tutorial soon.
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Petrus Tutorial: Finishing the F2L
Step 4a and 4b. This step is really easy once you get it, just learn to move stuff using only R and U.
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Petrus Tutorial: 2x2x2 Block
Step one of Petrus, by fallofshadows. Please note that the Petrus method is very unorganized. You just have to learn to move things around on your own and get them into place. This video just shows and example of how I move stuff around.
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K4 LL Tutorial 1 of 6: 3 cycle, correct orientation.
A cycle of 3 edges, all of which have correct orientation.
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K4 LL Tutorial 6 of 6: Example Solve
I solve the LL to show yall how it works. Note that I just got lucky when it came to using a Fridrich OLL alg to orient everything, usually I would solve the corners and then go for whatever edges take the least amount of work.
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Take Flight
This is some footage from August that I've been sitting on for a while. Life got busy and I never got around to editing it... Anywho, I got to chase planes thanks to a last minute invite from a friend who flies at the local AMA field. I originally only had 3 batteries charged up, but there was a nice guy there who let me plug in to his generator. Thanks to him, I got to fly 10 packs or so, chasing planes the whole time. Let me just say that it's not easy keeping up with these things with a mini quad. Most of the time the planes were flying at 1/4 throttle or less and I was struggling to keep up. If you ever have the opportunity to chase planes, do it!!! Song: Take Flight Artist: Lindsey Stirling ~Parts List!~ Frame: FPV Depot IQ Sport http://bit.ly/2sulY5c Motors: Emax 2205 2300kv http://bit.ly/2tdVl1B ESC’s: Emax 30A Bullets http://bit.ly/2tdSRR4 RX: FrSky XSR http://bit.ly/2uccDjn VTX: TBS Unify V2 http://bit.ly/2t4cD2Q Antenna: Emax Pagoda 50mm http://bit.ly/2fgvu6u Props: HQ 5043 http://bit.ly/2stR8tA Battery: Tattu 1300mah http://bit.ly/2tzdsl3 FPV Camera: RunCam Swift 2 w/ GoPro Lens HD Camera: GoPro Session 5 Camera Mount: 30 Degree 3D Printed Mount
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Mmmm That's Nice
6" arms flying 5" props with an amazing soft mount system. This is hands down the best quad I've ever felt. Song: Bouncing off the Wall Artist: Green Day ~Parts List!~ Frame: FPV Depot IQ Sport http://bit.ly/2sulY5c FC: Betaflight F3 http://bit.ly/2udfp4d FPV Depot Soft Mounts: http://bit.ly/2tymMGh Motors: Emax 2205 2300kv http://bit.ly/2tdVl1B ESC’s: Emax 30A Bullets http://bit.ly/2tdSRR4 RX: FrSky XM+ http://bit.ly/2txyUXN VTX: TBS Unify V2 http://bit.ly/2t4cD2Q Antenna: TBS Triumph http://bit.ly/2tCYKKt Props: HQ 5043 http://bit.ly/2stR8tA Battery: Tattu 1300mah http://bit.ly/2tzdsl3 FPV Camera: RunCam HS1177 RR Edition HD Camera: GoPro Session 5 Camera Mount: 25 Degree 3D Printed Mount
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4x4x4 rubik's cube solve, K4 method
I use K4 to solve my 4x4. K4 owns. To stop the confusion, K4 is NOT the method where you build centers, edges, and then solve it like a 3x3. K4 is basically an intuitive method where you solve two centers, work on the D layer, finish centers, then insert edges one at a time. The last layer is solved using commutators.
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Joshua Bardwell recently put out a video with little to no propwash, and linked to a forum post from Boris B talking about how to do that with Betaflight. I took the quad out, got rid of most of my filtering, and retuned it. As you can see, it takes a LOT of effort to get propwash now. Like, a split S done perfectly vertically at high speed is pretty much what it takes now. Also, my quad feels completely different on the sticks now. Everything is so locked in, so precise... it's amazing what getting rid of all the filters did for me.
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Beginner's Petrus Method Tutorial: Basic Block Building
In this video we cover some basic block building techniques that allow us to complete steps 1 and 2 of the Petrus method. Keep in mind that these steps are easily the hardest part of the Petrus method for new users to learn, especially new cubers. Keep practicing! It takes lots of practice to begin seeing blocks the way I do. If you have any questions, leave me a comment!
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Mefferts 4x4, Unboxing
I just got this thing a few days ago, and I figured I would make my first ever "unboxing" style video. Sorry I didn't upload till now, but I've been busy. The cube, as you may have figured, is much more broken in, and works amazingly. I need to get some stickers on it though, instead of those ugly tiles. I think they actually slow my recognition down, as well as the slightly larger size of the cube. Either way, I've been averaging 1:30s, so Cumberland is gonna be fun this weekend.
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Petrus Tutorial: 2x2x3 block
Step two! Remember, you just gotta learn to do it on your own, this is only an example.
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Rubik's cube 22.61 seconds
I solve the cube in 22.61 seconds using Petrus method. This is about a second below average for me, and it's the best up to date Petrus solve I have on youtube.
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Blade 400 tracking issues
As far as I know, when things are all pitched right, it shouldn't track this poorly. And is that blade supposed to be so floppy?
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How to solve a Rubik's Snake
This is for those of you who can't figure out how to solve the snake on your own. Note that this puzzle is also called the rubik's twist. EDIT: This is the way most speed cubers solve the snake. There is no official "solved" state, the whole point of the puzzle is to just play with it.
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(Super Old Video) K4 Tutorial: Fallofshadows Variation
This is a super old video of a method I don't use/recommend anymore. I'm leaving it up because, hey, it's an old video and brings back memories. But seriously, I sound like a cocky jerk in this video. I'm glad I'm not a little kid anymore.
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Petrus Step 4b Beginner Tips
Saw a post on Reddit asking for help with this step, so I figured I'd break it down into 3 manageable positions. All you need to do is learn how to get to one of these 3 positions and solving is a breeze!
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Free Running Mini!
I'm using this video in speech class, so I figured I'd stick it on youtube too. It's nothing impressive, but hey, it's challenging for me.
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Random Product Review! Timbuk 2 Classic Messenger
Pockets in pockets in pockets! I wanted to test out the camera on my new phone, plus show off this awesome bag that I've used nearly every day for 6 months now.
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Gainer into Pool
I did a few off the diving board, then went for some off the side of the pool. The runup was short, and I had to make sure my feet/the deck was dry the entire time, or I would end up slipping. I wish I had more time to practice these, I might be able to start learning them on flat. Oh yeah, the vid was taken in the summer, in case you haven't figured.
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FoS Bloody Obvious Tutorial: Swapping Corners
L' U R U' L U R' Simple enough, eh? This step is a bit hard to explain, but it's insanely simple once you get the hang of it.
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How to do the Fridrich Method Part Two
This is the highly demanded part two of how to do the Fridrich F2L on a rubik's cube. This time it mainly focuses on how to solve the last slot of the F2L. And so people stop asking me, the cube is a white DIY from cubefans on ebay.
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Wall Tap Practice
I decided to start playing with wall taps, since I haven't tried them in a while. I forgot how much fun little tricks like this are! Song: All My Best Friends Are Metal Heads Artist: Less Than Jake ~Parts List!~ Frame: FPV Depot IQ Sport http://bit.ly/2sulY5c Motors: Emax 2205 2300kv http://bit.ly/2tdVl1B ESC’s: Emax 30A Bullets http://bit.ly/2tdSRR4 RX: FrSky XSR http://bit.ly/2uccDjn VTX: TBS Unify V2 http://bit.ly/2t4cD2Q Antenna: Emax Pagoda 50mm http://bit.ly/2fgvu6u Props: DAL Cyclones 5046 Battery: Tattu 1300mah http://bit.ly/2tzdsl3 FPV Camera: RunCam Swift 2 w/ GoPro Lens HD Camera: GoPro Session 5 Camera Mount: 30 Degree 3D Printed Mount
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17.20 Rubik's cube solve
I wanted a sub 20 on film, so I used Fridrich to do it. Intentional OLL skip, I realized I could skip it by flipping an edge before I placed my last slot.
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How to do the Fridrich Method
How to do the Fridrich method F2L on a rubik's cube. Oh, and so people don't have to ask any more, I got the cube from Ebay.
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HTC Droid Incredible Vibration Fix
Lots of people have had problems with Droid phones where the vibration function simply stops working on incoming texts. This is NOT a hardware issue, as the phone will still vibrate for anything else. The app I have installed is called "Sound Manager," and is the only app that allowed my phone to start vibrating again.
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K4 LL Tutorial 4 of 6: Solving opposite edges, part two
Wow, I'm getting tired of uploading videos... Different case, pretty much the opposite of the last one.
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K4 LL Tutorial 2 of 6: 3 cycle, incorrect orientation
A cycle of 3 edges, 2 of which are incorrectly oriented. Basically it's just the same thing as the last alg, with a double turn to start things out
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A Day of Learning
We did some free running today! Both DeceitfulFate and I learned backflips, which got us both very happy.
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Trampoline Double Frontflip attempt
I have just started trying these on my feet (I used to bounce off my knees to try it) and this is the closest I have gotten. Special thanks to Andrew for support, Damaris for help with the flip, and Dad for filming =) UPDATE: Check out my other video, I actually landed it!
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Because people have found nothing better to do than argue over small technicalities that I really don't care about, I'm not giving this trick a name over than a flip, cause nobody can argue that my body flips over... actually, some probably could, but that'd be a huge waste of time. Special thanks to anyone who has commented nicely on this video with something other than, "No, it's called a ____"
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FoS Bloody Obvious Tutorial: Cross
How to build the cross on a rubik's cube! I recommend you just learn this on your own, but the video might be helpful.
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Is this what kids these days mean when they say "lit?" The real question is what exactly burned? First person to correctly guess gets $1!
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Megaminx solve: 4:20
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Zac's speed solve
First video I ever put on youtube! This was my record time when I put the video up, lol.
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Erik Johnson OH RAGE!!!! (16.02)
Cornell Open 2011. This was Erik's best solve, he ended up taking 2nd place in OH.
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Twitch and Crash
I tried showing off for the internet and got too ballsy... aaaand now I'm out of props.
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Fallofshadows vs. Desicuber
R D' b R' r' B2 r f2 D f F2 r' b f2 l' U2 r2 B2 L r' B d l2 F R L2 f' d2 U2 r2 f R l2 b2 R2 f2 r' R' f2 B2. I didn't show the scramble because it takes friggin forever for me to scramble a 4x4 cube.
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K4 LL Tutorial 3 of 6: Solving opposite edges, part one.
Title says it all. There are 2 basic algs for this, plus the parity. If you get adjacent edges, do R U R' to set them up as opposites, solve them, then undo the setup.
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Rubik's cube solved in 20.22 seconds, Petrus method
Now with music!! This is a band I just discovered at a show I went to the other night, I think they are sick. If you mute this video, you are retarded.
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Rubik's Cube Solved: 19.21
Look at that slow turn speed =) I guess it was technically a +2, but screw that.
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Roux Method Cube Solve
I decided to do a cube solve using the Roux method. I kindof suck at this method, and from this video I realized my reco is very very slow :(
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This is FPV
I finally got to get back out to Hartman's Computers in New Oxford, PA, to rip around the greenhouse frame. If you're in the area, be sure to check out the place!
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Porch Gap Powerloop Practice!
I'm getting better at it, that's for sure. Although I had to stop practicing after I smacked the house, I didn't want to upset the wife :-P
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Rubik's Snake Solve
New solve, good time. Fun fun.
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Rates of Steele, Precision of Stinger
Ok, the title is a bit of an exaggeration, but my summer goal is to get this dive down tight and fast. I see lots of broken parts in my future!
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New Motors!
I picked up some of those fancy Emax 2205s 2300kv motors... I gotta say, I'm very impressed! To all of my fellow East Coast people (specifically those in PA,) be sure to check out fpv-depot.com! They're located in PA, so shipping time is SUPER fast. I got these motors in two days. No more waiting for California shipping! Yaaay! Also, dat 48 fps doe!
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Angry Flight
I only had two packs to fly, and I had plans for the evening, so I hurried to install my brand new VTX and rip the two packs. Instead, my VTX went up in smoke when I plugged in the quad. The benefit to flying angry? I get good footage!
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