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FUNNY VIDEOS | Weibo funny videos collection 2 (2019)
Funny videos on Weibo,I make a collection. Weibo, China’s biggest social media network that was launched in 2009. Over the past eight years, Weibo has transformed from a Chinese equivalent of Twitter to a comprehensive platform that incorporates the major features of social media channels like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.
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FUNNY VIDEOS:Weibo funny videos collection 1 (2019)
Weibo funny videos collection 1 The first one is about a guy interact with Loki. The second one is about a guy talk with a duck. The third one is about some peolpe's funny move when they are playing games. The garbage was winded into a circle and the cleaner was helpless. The dog hugged its master's thigh and barkedat other dogs. The dog was attracted to table tennis. A funny child drinking water.
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Can you guess what these funny Chinese Stickers(memes) mean?
I found some funny Chinese stickers, can you guess what they means ?From level one to level 5. Download link:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FBkyYZayxGU3BCd45-Mn8IOLRZiUSG5e
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