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Tips for new hire railroaders!
Wanted to make this video for everyone thinking about joining the railroad. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for watching!
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A More In Depth Look At The Murray 11/36
Just a better look at it. Thanks for watching!
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Hotshot trucking- 6/4/19 load board
Hmmm, maybe I like to ramble? Hopefully someone can gain something from this! Thanks for watching!
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Cold start the '91 silverado
It sat for about a month in the snow and cold. This just shows how much you can really rely on your Chevy! Thanks for watching!
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What would you do? Maybe it’s just a write off and lesson learned? Thanks for watching!
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Fixing the air/fuel issue with the Murray 11/36 tractor
This was the last thing I thought would be causing all the trouble. Thanks for watching!
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Hotshot trucking-Calculating your rate per mile
Remember guys, these are generic numbers. Just a walkthrough for the beginners that don’t know where to start!
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Got a classic Ariens Emperor to play with!
Pretty soon people are gonna be callin me the lawn mower king! Oh, and stay tuned for more videos, since now we're on the FARM!
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Intro To The Murray 11/36 Lawn Tractor Project
It's gonna need some work, but it should turn out nice. Thanks for watching!
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Mowing With The Snapper Classic
I actually kinda like mowing, but I can't wait till we finish fixing up the Murray! Thanks for watching! Remember to comment rate and subscribe!
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Clip The Ends Of Computer Cables For Big Bucks
Ok so it's not really big bucks, but it's more than if you didn't! Thanks for watching!
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My Old 1979 Arctic Cat Pantera Snowmobile
It was junk, really. Thanks for watching!
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Looking at the MTD tractor we got for free
It's been a while since ya'll saw this, and a lot has happened to it. Thanks for watching! Remember to rate comment and subscribe!
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New craftsman tool set and a quick announcement
Sure I'd rather have Snap-On tools, but those are WAY too expensive. Thanks for watching!
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Hauling trees on the farm
Redneck logging? Either way, it's always fun! Thanks for watching!
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Got A Free MTD Lawn Tractor
I don't get THAT many of them for free! I'm just lucky that they're all so easy to get running. Thanks for watching!
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Cleaning the hog barn on Christmas
Raising hogs even takes work on holidays!
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Briggs and Stratton engine teardown part 3
This is the last part of the series. I wanted to get this thing running because i can't find another engine like this to put on the Chris-Cut, but it just couldn't be done because of the stuck valve. Oh well. Thanks for watching!
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Pigs will eat anything
Arnold eats a whole turkey carcass in just a few bites. Thanks for watching!
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Cold start the 1970 Montgomery Wards snowblower
Sat for almost a month! Thanks for watching!
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Scrapping a boat
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Looking at engines and finding projects....
So this guy I know wants to build a mini bike using a chainsaw engine. I think it's a pretty cool idea, but wouldn't a snowblower engine work better? Now that I found my chainsaws I have even more projects going on around here. Great....Thanks for watching!
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My stuck Chevy
'91 Chevy half ton stuck up to the frame in snow...and it's lifted an inch! 4wd wouldn't help. Looks like she's stuck till spring! Thanks for watching!
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Taking apart a computer power supply
I took apart the optical drive yesterday, so I thought it would be nice to take apart the power supply today! Thanks for watching!
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laptops for sale on ebay
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Mowing trails on the farm
Its a quick job, but it's gotta be done. We'll be cutting back into the woods soon to clear them out. Thanks for watching!
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1 1 12 JUNK Emerson TV
I can't figure it out. Thanks for watching!
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Let's see how fast a Chevy truck can go... IN REVERSE!
What's the point in living on a farm if you're not gonna have fun? Oh, and it turns out the smoke is just from some oil that got in the exhaust. Thanks for watching!
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Let sleeping pigs lie
Arnold likes his sleep, and pluto likes to cuddle to keep warm.
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67 Chevy C20 Pre Resto Walkatound
Just picked this baby up! Let me know if you've got any ideas!
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New chickens for the farm!
We got 57 White Rock chickens, and an exotic one. I ordered them from Murray Mcmurray Hatchery and I'd definitely reccommend them! THANKS FOR WATCHING!
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2003 Crown Vic P71 Walkaround
Walkaround of my 03 Crown vic. Could be for sale, for the right price.Thanks for watching!
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Draining antifreeze out of the Chevy and looking at lawnmowers
What should I do with this Chris-Cut mower!? Thanks for watching!
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Had to cut her in half boys!
Ended up being 590 pounds for one deep freezer and we brought it outta the basement! Thanks for watching!
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My Southern Accent
Just having some fun in a challenge from another YouTuber. Don't judge, I know it's not great. Thanks for watching! Got a Chevy video coming up tomorrow!
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Unloading A Tractor Loader At The Scrap Yard
This is a loader and a snow plow that came off a 1947 Cockshutt tractor
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What's left on the Murray 11/36 tractor project
I got the carb issue fixed, so it's running like a brand new machine now. But there's still quite a bit of work to be done. But hey, for a free tractor, it's still not a bad deal! Thanks for watching!
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It's a scrapping day!
Out for a couple hours pickin up some scrap!
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Nailing a computer
What'd you think I mean?! Thanks for watching!
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Makin money the easy way
My new little business. Anyone let me know if you're looking for computers or computer parts! Thanks for watching!
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A quick update on the farm
Haven't been very active lately for lots of reasons. I need ideas for videos! Thanks for watching!
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Just doin some farm stuff
Yeah yeah prolly a pretty boring vid but hey i gotta get back in the rythm! More vids to come! Thanks for watching!
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Goodwill Outlet Haul 10/20/2017
Wanted to keep this short and sweet due to being on my phone, let me know if you guys are interested in more specific haul videos or eBay selling topics!
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Happy New Years Vlog
2011 was a great year here on YouTube, but I know 2012 will be even better! Thanks for watching and happy new year!
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Pigs weening and we got 10 more!
Got 10 more hogs, and got to see a bit of a weening. Thanks for watching!
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Just a normal day taking care of the pigs
There's a lot more to a day of taking care of pigs than this, like feeding, waatering, shots, etc etc. But the video was already long. Let me know if you're interested in more videos on how to take care of pigs! Thanks for watching!
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Got a lil project coming up....
We'll get er done!
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