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Why Does Lecrae Winning Best Artist at the 2015 Dove Awards Matters?-TalbyReacts
This video is about Lecrae recent triumph at the 2015 Dove awards!
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My Dating Story: How I Met My Wife (on Tinder!) - TalbyRelates Episode 2
This video is my first look into dating for Talby Relates. To begin talking about dating, I wanted to tell you my dating story and how I met my wife through Tinder. The main objective of this video is give you the viewer hope. I hope enjoy this video!
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My reaction to Lecrae winning a Grammy: Is Lecrae the King of Christian Rap?!?!
Please watch my second YouTube video. It Is a reaction video to Lecrae winning another Grammy.In this video I give props to Lecrae and I talk about where he and Reach Records has taken us. Enjoy the video! Like it and Subscribe to my channel.
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The ways of the camper?!? Professionial sniping  on COD Ghosts- TalbyReacts ft Talby Wananbe
This video is about The ways of the camper?!? Professionial sniping on COD Ghosts ft Talby Wananbe!
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Which "big 3" anime (Naruto,One Piece, Bleach) should you watch?- TalbyReacts
This video is about which "big 3" anime (Naruto,One Piece, Bleach) should you watch and my opinions on all three anime
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What If Activision Bought Rare?
In this video, I look at the possibility that Activision could've purchased Rare rather than Microsoft buying it in the first place. I look at what Activision could've done with the studio and what properties would've went well with Rare ie Skylanders .
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Gamestop Officially Accepts Retro-Trade-Ins
This video is about Gamestop is now accepting retro trade-ins. Gamestop will now old school consoles, controllers, and games
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What is "Talby Reacts?"
Welcome to Talby Reacts! Talby Reacts is a channel that I created to express topics I wanted to talk about. In this Channel, you can expect that i willI discus Games, Movies, Anime, and much more. I hope you join my community and Subscribe to my channel.
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Why "A Futile and Stupid Gesture:" is a Netflix Must-Watch?
Do you need a late night Netflix recommendation? I got you covered with the movie "A futile and Stupid Gesture." "A Futile and Stupid Gesture" is a charming comedy about Doug Kenney, the founder of National Lampoon. Go watch my full video to find out what its all about.
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TalbyReacts: Icon For Hire leaves Tooth & Nail
This video is a reaction video to Icon for Hire leaving Tooth and Nails Records. I hope you enjoy this video! Check out Icon For Hire here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6LHwDBkE4U
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"My Wife Shaved My Beard" Challenge
A couple weeks ago, my wife wanted to shave my beard.We went outside and I let her shave my beard with the help of my dad. Watch my video to see what transpired.
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Why I didn't like the ending of "The Escape Room?"
So movie I checked out the Escape Room. I liked the movie but the ending didn't work for me. In this video, I discuss what went wrong with the movie ending and should movie pursue sequels at the end
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Is The Martian Better Than Interstellar? -TalbyReacts
So in this epic video I look at the recent movie The Martian and how does it stand against the great Interstellar. Like my video and subscribe to my channel!
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What Anime Needs To Be Remastered?
In this video, I l take a look at my top picks for Anime that need to be remade or get the Dragon Ball Kai treatment. One of my picks is a shounen favorite, while the other two are anime classics that you know instantly.
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A galaxy far away: A light hearted introduction of Steven Talbert!
Here is a light hearted intro about myself and my newest "unnamed channel". If you haven't heard by now I am Steven Talbert. My channel is dedicated to what I like to do. Whether its talking about gaming, sports, current events or even life. Like my video if you like or subscribe to my channel if you wish to see it in the future. Thanks!
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TalbyReacts: Fast and Furious 7 impressions
This video is about my impressions of Fast and Furious 7 and where I think the Fast and Furious series will go next!
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New Channel Direction? I'm making a relationship series!
So two years ago I set out to make a YouTube which turned out to be Talby Reacts. Overtime I made videos geared toward gaming, anime, and whatever pop culture event I found interesting. Then my life changed about a year ago when I met the future miss Talbert. This lead to a hiatus for my YouTube channel until a couple months ago. Ever since I went on hiatus, I struggled what would be the next step for Talby Reacts. I wanted to do some of the stuff that I did back then because I like it, but I also wanted to do a relationship due what I learned from dating my wife. So we get the best of both worlds. I hope enjoy the ride and keep watching Talby Reacts!
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Why I loved Kinda Funny Live 2?
This video is my reaction video to Kinda Funny Live 2 and why I loved the event! I talk about my trip to IGN headquarters and the event that KFL2! Pixel Brave link here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3FWlgtV73oSqCDXvkV9QFQKinda Funny Link here :https://www.youtube.com/user/GameOverGreggy Kinda Funny Games link here: https://www.youtube.com/user/KindaFunnyGames S/O ShadowPlays Game for the outro! Channel info here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK4sEep_VlpgynlInGFpDaQ
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My Problem With The Xbox One S Release Date Plan
I beleive the Xbox One S release date is a huge blunder by Microsoft with the consumers. So in the video I checkout why maybe a possible big mistake by Microsoft.
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My Reaction to BatmanvSuperman! (Spoilers)
This video is my reaction to BatmanVSuperman! ( with /Spoilers). I talked about what I liked about the film and what i didnt like about BatmanVsSuperman. I hope you enjoy the video!
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Reccomendation Thursday- Twenty One Pilots- TalbyReacts Music Edition
This is Reccomendation Thursday! Today we are looking at one of my favorite bands named Twenty One Pilots. I hyope you enjoy mu video!
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Did Gamestop Reveal Playstation's VR Date?- TalbyReacts
This video is about did Gamestop's CEO accidentally reveal Playstation's VR's launch window
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I'm a terrible TryHard! TalbyPlays: COD AW
This Let's Play Saturday I jump into to some COD AW multiplayer and play some of my favorite types of game modes. A little Hard line, a little Domination, and lastly a little Death match! I hope you my failures lol!
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What games are we excited for in November? -TalbyReacts
This video is about what games that are coming out in the month of November with the addition of Halo 5. Hope you enjoy the video!
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Pokemon GO and Nintendo's Future In the Mobile Space
So Pokémon came out last week and it was gigantic success. Here's my reaction to Pokémon Go and what I think about the future with Nintendo in the Mobile game space with games like Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing.
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My Early Reaction To The Xbox One Slim and Xbox 1.5
This video is my early reaction Xbox One Slim and 1.5 or Xbox Scorpio. I look at the announcement and the various factors that come into play from this announcement like will Oculus Rift run on Xbox One. S/O to ShadowPlaysGames for the cool graphic outro! Go checkout his channel with the link down below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK4sEep_VlpgynlInGFpDaQ
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My reaction to Andy Mineo winning a Whammy: "You can't stop me!" -TalbyReacts
This video is pretty much my reaction and thoughts to Andy Mineo winning his latest achievement a Whammy! I hope you enjoy my video!
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V.Rose signs with Inpop Records!
This is my reaction video of V.Rose, a Christian pop singer/rapper signing with Inpop records! Hope you enjoy my video! Checkout V.Rose music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jveEaVQznTU&list=PLkzx7IeKIN_o-TlpAIr8ym6VKK8BHs-dy
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TalbyReacts: My first Bloodborne impressions
Here's my impression video of Bloodborne where I talk about my play through of the first level that I completed. By the way, I died a whole a lot of times! Hope you like my video!
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My Reaction To The Sony 2016 E3 Press Confrerence
This video is my reaction Sony 2016 E3 Press conference. I look at God of War, Days Gone and much more.
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TalbyReacts: Silent Hills canceled and Gear of Wars Remastered?
This video is my reaction to Silent Hills getting canceled and Gear of Wars getting a Remastered version
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My Full Reaction to Sony's Paris Games Week Conference- TalbyReacts
This video is my full reaction to Sony's Paris Games Week conferenc.
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Real Talk! Lessons from Being Single. -Talby Relates Episode 1
So for the first ever episode of Talby Relates, I wanted to talk about being single. I wanted to give my thoughts about being single and look at the stigma of being single. I also wanted to encourage all my single and give them solid advice from my singleness. I hope enjoy today's episode.
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TalbyReacts: Witcher 3 first impressions
This video is my first impressions of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Checkout my Let's play which is coming soon!
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How To Make French Pressed Coffee | Becoming Coffee
One man's quest to make a cup of coffee...... The French Press is a Bodum in case anybody was wondering.
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Why Sony will release the PlayStation Neo in 2016?
Early this week, it was announced that Sony was holding a PlayStation Meeting that could possibly showcase the PlayStation Neo. So I look at the meeting and ask if it will come out during 2016
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My Reaction to Captain America: Civil War
*Warning Spoilers are involved in this vidoeo. This video is my overall reaction to Captian America: Civil War. My thoughts on the pot, characters, and where it will go from now. I want to give special credit to shadow plays games for my sick outro! Check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK4sEep_VlpgynlInGFpDaQ
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My Top 4 Dealbreakers That Can Breakup A Realtionship |TalbyRelates Episode 5
This video is about Dealbreakers or what topics left unsaid break up a relationship. This can be a wide range of topics from Money to Location. Here are some topics worth considering during the relationship process. Like my video if you like it and subscribe to my channel.
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My Reaction To The Microsoft 2016 E3 Press Conference
This video is my reaction to the Microsoft E3 2016 press conference. I give opinions about Microsoft all new hardware and games lineup.
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TalbyReacts: Batman V Superman and Sucide Squad trailer impressions
This video is my first impressions of the latest Batman Vs Superman and Sucide Squad trailers that were shown during last weeks San Diego Comic Con. I hope enjoy my video! Like my video and subscribe to my channel
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Why it's ok for dream to change, when life happens -TalbyRelates Episode 6
In this episode of Talby Relates, I take a look at dreams. More Precisely, should you stop dreaming when you get married or how your dreams change over time. I also look at how dreams influence your decisions as well.
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TalbyReacts: My impressions of Arrowhead Games Studio's Helldivers
Have you ever wanted to be a space marine and take out space bugs like the movie starship troopers?!? Here is a game for you! I hope enjoy my impressions of Helldivers! Like this video and subscribe!
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What Nintendo Porperties should made into Movies or Television?
This video is about what Nintendo properties that should be considered for the big screen or possibly television. I look at franchises like Legend and Zelda and Metroid
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Real Talk! Why it Would be Smart for Justin Beiber and Lecrae to Collaborate?
This video is about why i think Justin Beiber and Lecae should consider collabrating together! I hope you enjoy my video!
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TalbyReacts: My first Lets Play- The Witcher 3
This video is my First Let's play using Witcher 3 the wild hunt! I hope you enjoy the video!
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Aquaman: Movie - Reveiw
Welcome to my Aquaman movie review. In this video, I talk about my thoughts on the Aquaman movie. I talk about plot and possible spoilers. The look at it's place in the DC Cinematic universe.
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Is Revenant Motion Picture of the Year Worthy? ( Revenant Review discussion)
This video is my Revenant review discussion and is Revenant worthy of the title of best picture!
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My First VR Experience (with HTC Vive) -TalbyReacts
This video is about My First VR Experience with HTC VIVE. On Sunday, I got to check out a VIVE demo at the Microsoft Store. Here were my various impressions of the various demos that I got to check out and what I thought of my experience overall! Checkout Shadow Plays Games! He made my really cool outro! His youtube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK4sEep_VlpgynlInGFpDaQ
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What 4Chan gets sold? - TalbyReacts
As of yesterday, Christopher poole has sold 4chan and heres my reaction to the events that taked place!
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