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My Lego collection! Selling on Ebay for profit
Here's my collection of Lego! Slowly sorting and selling it. There's some advice for buying and selling lego, what themes and sets to look for, and I touch on different ways of selling. Next video will detail my eBay selling process, from listing to shipping! Like and subscribe, and please comment on what you would like to see. :) Jason.
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Incredible Lego Haul! How to sort it!
Here's my full haul with advice on how to sort and organise it.
Views: 557 Jason Vernon
Marstons Pub of the Year! Thanks to all staff and customers!
Quick thanks to all who work at the New Inn for your hard work in helping us attain this incredible award!
Views: 93 Jason Vernon
Woohoo! Bald reseller returns with a beard! Mini haul vid BOLO
My first video in half a goddamn year! Going to go back to doing 1 or 2 a week, so keep your eyes peeled! Mini haul vid of some interesting charity shop finds, and a cracking bolo!
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How I sell on eBay! Part 1- Taking photographs
A brief tutorial on how I photograph my items ready for listing on eBay. Part 2 will detail how I research an item. Part 3 will cover creating a listing. Part 4 will show my packing process and workspace layout.
Views: 440 Jason Vernon
1st Pickup video- charity shop goodies and introduction!
After literally DAYS of deliberating, here is my first youtube video. I talk a little about myself, what I like to buy/sell/collect. I show my finds from today, and generally try not to look like a pratt in front of the camera. Please click like and subscribe, and let me know what you would like to see in future videos! Sorry about the image quality- had to convert from .mov to .mp4. Next vid will be in glorious hd haha.
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Lego Star Wars 7662 MTT ebay listing
This is a short video showing the condition and features of this fantastic lego set I have for sale. Ebay seller Retroelectro666
Views: 441 Jason Vernon
Selling on eBay & Amazon - Charity Shop haul! Rubik's puzzle demonstration!
My second vid- better quality this time as I have learned to do what an 8 year old can do- upload to youtube haha. Some interesting pickups including a Rubik's Magic puzzle demonstration! You can tell I was the quiet kid in school... Please like and subscribe- I'm really enjoying this and would love to make more vids! - Jason :)
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Some recent pickups and my initial thoughts on FBA in the UK
Happy New Year everyone! Mildly anticipated video from your favourite baldie, beardie reseller. Some fantastic finds I've had in the last week, and I talk about my first FBA shipments and how they've worked out for me.
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A look at my FBA shipment! More advice on reselling and collecting
A closer look at an FBA shipment before I send it up to the great warehouse in the sky! I talk about how including a Youtube video in your eBay listing can improve your listing for particular items. Check out my ebay listing with embedded video here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141879114027?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Don't forget to like and thumbs up the vid!
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Recent Pickups- Star Wars, Unusual CD's and advice!
Just a quick little vid to show what I've picked up over the last few days! Total cost for haul - £11.50 Intended resale value - £65 Please like and subscribe! If you would like to see me talk about any aspect of buying or selling, please ask in the comments- come and say hello! :)
Views: 144 Jason Vernon
How I sell on eBay/Part 2: Choosing where to list
Here's the second part in my series of video tutorials on eBay selling. This deals with researching an item to decide where is best to list it, with the highest likelihood of it selling.
Views: 238 Jason Vernon
Introduction to amazing Lego Haul!
Small intro to the next video of my awesome haul of lego
Views: 126 Jason Vernon
New haul video! Lots of cool charity shop finds, ebay tips and general chat!
Been a while, but looking forward to posting more videos. Here's my latest haul of some fantastic retro stuff I find on my travels!
Views: 112 Jason Vernon
Our stupid cat drinking water with her paw! Funny!
Meep, our tubby little kitty finally caught on camera drinking her water with her paw! Super cute. 😸
Views: 17 Jason Vernon
Haul Pickup video! Playmobil, Plimsolls and Pyrex.
Here's a brief pickup video of some more uncommon items that I've bought from the local facebook selling pages. Suki, my Oriental cat puts in an appearance!
Views: 207 Jason Vernon

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