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NASCAR Heat Intro
Opening to Hasbro Interactive's NASCAR Heat from 2000. Credits, NASCAR, Hasbro Interactive, Monster Games
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Wild Finish at Daytona July 6 2015
Dale Earnhardt Jr wins and Austin Dillon is in a serious accident at the end of the Sprint Cup Series Race in Daytona
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Party Rock Anthem  Christmas Lights
Not mine but what I plan to do with my lights this year
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Christmas Lights test
Working on my Christmas lights, I know you can't hear the music that part is coming. Also got more lights to add this is just testing it out.
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Proper iRacing 2 Car Draft at Talladega
This is how the 2 car draft at Talladega works if executed right. Notice how me and the 88 car pull away in a short amount of time.
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Talladega Spring 2016
Late race restart in the 2016 Geico 500
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I 20 To Talladega Speedway
I 20 To East Talladega Speedway. Sorry the camera work isn't the best but I wasn't filming this go round I was driving
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Chuck Norris Sniper Dwarf Basketball
My first attempt at a Chuck Norris Sniper clip
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iRacing Logitech G27 Settings
This is my personal settings for the Logitech G27 on iRacing. I went from racing mid pack with the common G27 settings in the iRacing Forums to racing in the top 5 and contending for wins with these settings. ENJOY
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Coden Beach and Bayou La Batre Alabama
This is where I call home. Summers are hot and humid, the winters are mild and the seafood is the best in the world.
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New Daytona Cameras
Edited cameras for Daytona iRacing
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Phone Scammer Gets Called Out
I'm sorry I didn't get the whole phone call recorded. He started out by saying I had won $2.5 million. Once I called him out and he admitted it was a scam he tried everything he could to get money from me even saying he would be my friend and that he wouldn't do it anymore. Don't fall for these people and their tricks. You haven't won any money, the IRS doesn't call you asking for money don't trust anyone.
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Coden Beach and Bayou La Batre Alabama
This is where I call home. Summers are hot and humid, the winters are mild and the seafood is the best in the world.
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iRacing Late Models at Daytona
iRacing late models at Daytona.
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iPhone 5 screen recording
iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.1 Envasi0n
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Coden Beach
The beach at the Coden Park in Coden, Alabama.
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Climbing in the window Dukes style
Climbing in the window Dukes of Hazzard style
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iRacing Pocono Test Run
Pocono is finally available for iRacing. Here are my first laps turned on the tricky track in the Chevrolet Silverado on the day of it's release, 9/8/10. The tune "Strokers Theme" by The Charlie Daniels Bamd
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Talladega Nationwide Race 2013
Talladega Nationwide race 2013
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I Racing Air glitch
Iracing air time glitch.
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iRacing 2 Car Draft Talladega
iRacing's new build brings tandem racing to the Superspeedway's with speeds over 200mph.
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iRacing The Drivers Seat
iRacing to the tune of The Drivers Seat by John Schneider
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iRacing Daytona Win
Last few laps of a race at Daytona. I started 10th and made my way to second,I planned to just ride around behind the leader for the entire race and make my move on the last lap to try and win. Luckily for me it did. Ain't it great when a plan works out fust how you wanted it?
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Brewres at Cubs MLB 12 The Show
Game Highlights from my Cubs franchise
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iRacing The Big One
Big crash at Daytona in iRacing Trucks.
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iRacing Big Air
Air glitch in iRacing
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Dale Earnhardt Jr Qualifying for the 2011 Aarons 499
The view from my seats at Talladega Superspeedway during the 2011 Aaron's Dream Weekend. This id Dale Earnhardt Jr making his qualifying run.
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50th Anniversarry Opening
Opening Sequence For Mom & Dad's 50th Anniversarry
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Cardinals VS Cubs
Cubs and Cardinals MLB 12 The Show Highlights
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My Dog Loves Funyuns
My dog having a fit for a funyun.
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This is the first race that my girlfriend Mollie has ever been to. I've been to many. We made a whole weekend out of it.
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iracing win at Talladega
Final laps at Talladega. iRacing.com Silverado 2010 season 2 week 11.
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Strange Limo
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Missing The Big One At Talladega
Brakes are good on a race car at times even at 210 mph
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NASCAR Racing 2003 Nationwide Mod
Nationwide 2011 Mod for NASCAR Racing 2003. Sometimes racing hard doesn't always mean a win.
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Bayou La Batre, Alabama, Coden, Alabama
This is where I call home. Summers are hot and humid, the winters are mild and the seafood is the best in the world.
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Daytona Carnage
Getting wrecked at Daytona while leading
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Christmas Light Show Part 2
My 2010Christmas Light Show Part 2
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MLB12 The Show Glitch
Catcher ask for swing appeals during warm ups
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NASCAR Racing 2003 Talladega Win
Final few laps at Talladega in NASCAR Racing 2003. I'm driving the 29 car.
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Cubs Vs Nationals MLB12TheShow
Highlight reel of my 12-6 win over the Nationals, in my Cubs franchis on MLB 12 The Show
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iRacing Win
Highlights from the closing laps, battle for position and the win at Talladega.
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iRacing Talladega Wreck Avoidance
The big one happened in front of me at Talladega, I saw a tiny opening and avoided the wreck with no contact.
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Start Of NASCAR Nationwide Race
Start of the 2011 NASCAR Nationwide race at Talladega Superspeedway from the point of view of my seats.
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iRacing  trucks @ Daytona
iRacing's 2010 Season 4 week 6 at Daytona. Clips from the only race I ran that week. Sat on the pole led all 50 laps for the win
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Kris Bryant's new home run trot MLB® The Show™ 18_
#MLBTHESHOW18 has a big selection of home run celebrations MLB® The Show™ 18 https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA09450_00
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iRacing Fun @ Talladega
impala class B @ Talladega
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My Christmas Light Show
The first few minutes of my 2010 light show
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