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Ace Hood Ft. Chris Brown - Body 2 Body
I do not own the music, im only promoting it! BRAND new song! subscribe + thumbs up?
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Rihanna - We found love FEAT. Calvin Harris (HD) BRAND NEW  SEPT 2011!
A brand new song of Rihanna feat. CALVIN HARRIS! subscribe for more good music! brand new song rnb hiphop mixed rhytem good music runescape lol fail cool justin bieber kim kardashian wtf omg facebook twitter cristiano ronaldo 50 cent g unit fail cool omg stfu tosh.0 oprah dutch rs bike
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Trey Songz ft. Ne-Yo and T-Pain - The Way You Move (HD BRANDNEW SONG SEPT. 2011!)
A brand new song of T-Pain and Trey songz and Ne-Yo! Please subscribe for more good RNB and HipHop! and dont forget to Thumbs up? 3
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Partij voor de Dieren - Standpunten (BUC MC1A)
Partij voor de dieren, standpunten, buc, opdracht,school
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David Guetta ft. Usher - Without You
I do now own this, im only promoting it! Please subscribe for more good music and funny vlogs? Usher ft. David Guetta - without you
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HQ 50 cent ft. Jerimih - 5 senses ( HOT NEW 2010 27 sept.)
50s new song with Jeremih!
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nicht rijder Mastermovies XD
nicht rijder by mastermovies :p
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YC - Racks On Racks REMIX ( With Nelly and others)
Official remix with nelly, BoB Yo Gotti and lots of other rappers! please subscribe and like?
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Akon - Searching for Love ( KONKRETE HQ)
Brand new song of Akon, please thumbs up and subscribe? Thank you!
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Real Ghost footage  January '98
dit is een gevaarlijke film dus niet kijken als je jonger bent! al props gaan naar gasnblud
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Kevin McCal - GoodBye (with Lyrics) BRAND NEW 2011 8 OKT)
Kevin McCal with Goodbye his brand new song! Please subscribe and comment? 3
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Short Afg pictures !! SEE SEE For more Sub!!
this is an afghan movie made by my self but its not verry good and its short if you guys like it i make a longer one Sub&Rate&post an comment !!!
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HQ Mike Posner - Cooler than me ( NEW HOT SONG 2010)
the song starts at 1:01 the beginning is exclusive
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Cornelious I ( cb 120, with 2.9BIL ) scammed me, He said he wanna make me richer so he wanted to sell santa to me for 50m but I have only 12m so he said first give 12m now and pay 38m later if you made profit, but he wanted to see if he could trust me, so he said give now 12m so i can see you can be trusted. I dindnt wanted to do that. but finally he said 10M and i thought why not? hes cb 120 so he got some honour and he got like 2.9bil so why would he scam 10m from a cb 61er? but when i gave him the cash he logged :/ and now i quit rs because im broke :/ but you guys can give donations if you want :D
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VLOG #2 please rate or comment if you want more?! Created with I Am T-Pain app by Smule. iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/i-am-t-pain/id314652382?mt=8
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Guys going crazy on GAS MONEY (made famous by Tim, Deshawn and D-PRIDE)
Dutch white boys going mad on gas money in the car and people are looking at us like we are crazy :p enjoy and we made this just for the fun :)
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Trey Songz ft. britni elise - your the one HD!
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The power of this plant (art, raw sketch)
This is a raw sketch of the papaver-plant and what it does to the life of people. Please like and comment, it would mean the world for me. Its the base of the cocaine drugs that make people's life miserable.
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DJ Kleijzone - Dreamer(HD SNIPPET BRANDNEW)
Brand new song from a new artist DJ Kleijzone. Please subscribe and like for more good music and full song! Ignore this: DJ 50 cent justin bieber rapper house good music lol fail funny drake rnb hardstyle cool youtube lil wayne muziek young money g-unit
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2 Rolls Royce Phantoms close up in show room
Two gorgeous rolls royce phantoms from close in an exclusive show room :)
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VLOG Trailer - you guys choose what we gonna do!
You guys choose what we are gonna do, so please leave comments below and we'r gonna entertain you guys! thumbs up if you want? 3 VLOG vlog fail funny cool choose Amsterdam Utrecht wow omg fail cool swagg timothy baby justin bieber young money lil wayne dr dre eminem
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Guy C-Walking in the hallway like a BOSS
Chris brown is dancin backstage c walking! in NYC concert please subscribe for more cool footage crazy funny lol sexy omg juicy wtf fucking hipster
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Freestyle 51
Created with I Am T-Pain app by Smule. iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/i-am-t-pain/id314652382?mt=8
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Real scary ghost footage (january 1998' it was recorded in Joegoslavia)
If you are younger than 16 dont watch this video, some people died and the people who filmd it died 2 weeks after this
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Cute little kids Shuffle like PROs
Cute kids dancing like they are animals and they are freaking cute Ignore this: Justin bieber scott herman fitess lady gaga shuffle lmfao lol fail blog runescape beyonce lil wayne young money dance usher nicki minaj snoopdogg Gucci funny omg shit baby lol dog cute america illuminati killuminati diss 2012 death osama bin laden
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