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Rainbow Prophecies Short - 3 min.
Native American Prophecies of the Rainbow Warriors and how that relates to the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest of Sustainable Communities
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Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest - 10 min.
Each community is going to be like a young Tree that is being planted in some of the very best places on Earth that have not been completely devastated. When they grow up into a mature forest that will be what we mean by the Emerald Forest. Every Forest does have a way of maintaining and sustaining itself by the control of its own environment. They can protect each other from the wind and they can shade the soil and even lay down a blanket of mulch to hold in the moisture and to feed the soil. There is room for a great deal of diversity in a forest, and each Tree stands independently, and yet they all stand together in voluntary simplicity. They will all be able to become unified, and begin to collaborate, through their unification with the Vision of the Ark, which will start first here in the Americas, and then may spread throughout the Earth and beyond. We must be able to make it over each one of these hurdles, to make it up to the headwaters, where these watershed based communities, can be expected to flourish. We do hope there are many, who are ready to feed and breed and reseed, so we can fulfill this one shared vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace that has so many branches. Then we can begin creating the new children, who are to be raised up within this more meaningful new set of understandings. - T
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The Big Bang is Over With
The Big Bang Theory has finally been explained in more depth and now it has been partially debunked as well, and now instead of being a thing, that never happened, it is now going to be recognized as being an ongoing process that may never end. - T
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World Wide Disengagement from Corporate Dominion
World Wide Disengagement from Corporate Dominion is the story about how life extends and sustains itself, and how we need to begin to do this on purpose. - T
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The Eden EcoVillage Project - Intentional Community
http://edenvillage.net We are creating a whole new way of living in community on the land in collaboration in Northern California as an Ecological Village to Save the Earth. - T
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