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4 ways to style African prints for men
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4 Ways To Style  Camouflage
Camouflage print has been around for decades but in the past 3 years it has really been on trend. 2017 has been the year where Camo can be found in collections of almost every major brand, in every type of clothing you can think of.
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4 ways to style all black by Nocturnal Fashion
For a more detailed look at each outfit and clothing sources check out the website. www.nocturnalfashion.com
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Masquerade by Nocturnal Fashion
Styled by Coco Becky & Nocturnal Fashion Video by @therealHA If you have ever get the chance to attend a Masquerade Ball, consider wearing one of these looks! Enjoy the video!
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4 Ways To Style Uniqlo [ Mens Fashion ]
Song: Voicemail - Staasia Daniels We set our sites on the Japanese casual wear brand and styled 4 outfits for men. Uniqlo has very reasonable pricing for the type and quality items you're getting. If you want to see high resolution photos of each outfit be sure to visit the website www.nocturnal fashion.com. Also follow us on Instagram www.instagram.com/nocturnalfashion www.instagram.com/lady.baptise www.instagram.com/seniorgumboy
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5 ways to style floral for MEN by Nocturnal Fashion
With floral prints being one of the hottest trends this summer we decided to show you 5 different ways to style mens floral. Be sure to follow us on Instagram www.instgram.com/nocturnalfashion twitter www.twitter.com/nocfashion Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Nocturnal-Fashion
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5 ways to style Air Jordan's by Nocturnal Fashion
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4 Ways To Style A White Dress Shirt
Every man should have a white dress shirt in their closet. In this video we show you some styling options to get multiple looks from dress shirt.
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4 Ways To Style Denim On Denim
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4 ways to style Air Jordan's for Women
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2019 Vacation Haul #1
I recently visited the Caribbean island of Grenada and here is some of the looks I put together. If you want to know anything about a particular item feel free to ask down bellow.
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5 ways to style a white V-Neck by Nocturnal Fashion
A white V-Neck is something almost every man will have in his wardrobe. So click that play button and see how to get the most variety out of that V-Neck.
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Sporty Chic by Nocturnal Fashion
Style Never Sleeps Our featured guest stylist this week was the wonderful Nickesha McFarlane who has a love for fashion and style. With her creativity, she put together 2 great outfits that illustrate the new 'sporty' trend this season. Check out her work at www.hionfashion.com and check us out at www.nocturnalfashion.com. Enjoy.
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Take Off by Nocturnal Fashion
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Unisex Look by Nocturnal Fashion
We wanted to showcase that it's not what you wear but how you style it. To do so we wore the same outfit but styled differently. Let us know what you think. Videography by: Brenda Ha Styling by: Nocturnal Fashion Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/nocturnalfashion Twitter: www.twitter.com/nocfashion
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5 ways to style a flannel shirt by Nocturnal Fashion
SeniorGumBoy has successfully managed to find five ways to style his one favourite piece - a flannel shirt! From formal to casual and even swaggy, he has transformed his look in various ways. Check out the video! Don't forget to leave us a comment below! We love feedback!
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4 Ways to Style Nike Air Max 90's
Air Max 90's are one of the best looking shoe silhouettes of all time. We wanted to show the versatility of this beloved shoe, from a dressy casual look to a chill day. If it was possible to get every color combination of the Air Max 90 it would be a dream come true. (wink wink Nike lol )
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Street Style by Noctrnal Fashion
Our beautiful and creative, stylist and friend, Coco Layne, created a men's and women's street style look for us that we feel stands out in the crowd. Check it out below and let us know what you think by commenting! Be sure to visit her website www.nerdzandcocoa.com
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Set It Off by Nocturnal Fashion
Be sure to follow us on Instagram @NocturnalFashion Makup By: Anna Carina www.instagram.com/byannacarina Videography By: Justin Moy www.greenpinkyellow.com Special thanks to TSOQ (The Store On Queen) All the guns featured were not real just airsoft. Make love not war
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Keep it 100 by Nocturnal Fashion
This week's look is fun, playful and cheap! Keep It 100 shows you how to keep your outfit under $100 FOLLOW US!! Instagram www.instagram.com/nocturnalfashion Twitter www.twitter.com/nocfashion
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THE LOCAL April 26th 2014
On April 26th 2014 join us for the second installment of our Pop Up Shop and Mixer! The fun starts at 3pm and ends at 1am. Come shop for exclusive items from local Toronto designers! Of course you cannot have a mixer with out music! Dj Freeon & Dj Spoonz will have you shopping to the beat! Don't worry the appetizers are on us! The only thing left to know is: Where all this fun is taking place? 801 Dundas Street West Toronto inside Hashtag Gallery Now that you have all the information, be sure to book off the date and support Toronto designers at The Local!
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The Resort by Nocturnal Fashion
With summer officially just around the corner, pool parties, cabana nights and BBQ weekends will be all the craze! Summer is also the time to take that vacation you've been craving! So how does one dress? Styling by: CeCe Glam www.ceceglam.com Videography by: Brenda Ha Be sure to follow us on INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/nocturnalfashion TWITTER www.twitter.com/nocfashion
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