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Battlefield 1 Achi Baba Triple kill knife finisher
Just me playing battlefield again, filmed this with a potato again so I'm sorry for the bad video quality...but we all have to start somewhere. Enjoy!
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Sensitivity plant (Mimosa pudica)
This is a plant that moves when touched, really trippy never witnessed this before decided to film and show people of the world. Enjoy!
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Heavy Machine gun
Battlefield 1 camping with a heavy MG, I don't like to camp but when I do it's in Battlefield.
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Heligoland Bight | First try
Filmed this with a potato still waiting to get a good capture camera. Enjoy, comment, like or dislike give me feedback good or negative I'll take it. 👍
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Flamethrower vengeance before the loss
Filmed with a potato
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Tank sniper
Just playing some BF 1 I filmed this with a potato so sorry for the poor quality, at some point it falls because I got shot and I flinched in real life.
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