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The Office Mike owns toby Season 4
Mike owns toby funniest part.
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Jets Beat Pats Last snap. 9/20 Mark sanchez section 321 row 30 in style baby
Jets beat the pats finally!!!!!! 16-9 9/20 Giants stadium... tom brady Incomplete pass ends the game as Sanchez takes a knee and seals it. I took this with my g1 hard to c but you get the idea of whats going on.
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Jets Opening Chant vs bengals 1/3 J!E!T!S! JETS JETS JETS Last game at Giants Stadium.
Jets get a wildcard spot as they kill the bengals 37-0.
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Jets players intro vs bengals 1/3
The Jets players come out of tunnel as the kill the bengals and clinch a playoff spot.
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Jets chant 9/20 vs pats Loud Crowd amazing Win!! Jets vs pats
Opening JETS CHANT 9/20/2009 VS THE pats.
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Jets old school players being introduced 1/3 vs bengals.
Old school Players being introduced at halftime at the Jets vs bengals game on 1/3. The last gamne at Giants Stadium.
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Carl Crawfords nasty catch with replay Aug 19 vs O's as seen on SC
Well i messed up this video very badly but i caught the replay and most of the catch and the reaction. Im from jersey and that stadium was pretty amazing. If your ever at st pete def go to a Rays game. Everyone is nice and they win games aside from my real team The Mets who play awful.. Anyways dont hate on me too much even though i screwed this up.
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Krod gives up a two run shot to flores but comes back to get anderson hernadez out of a fly ball caught by Carlos Beltran. The mets won 4-3.
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Drunk jets fan on bus. 9/14/08 JETS CHANT
A drunk jet that had one to many. He also breaks the bus lights at the end.
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Larry fitzgerald td in super bowl 43.
Reaction to larry fitzgerald long td catch and run
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U2 CONCERT 9/23 Giants Stadium. Drunk Irish dudes fail at getting the wave done pretty funny
These three drunk Irish dudes try to get a wave going. They fail hard. One dude looks like a nut job as the other just yells out pussy whip followed by his friend who just claps at anything.
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Big ben 540lb dead lift
Big ben 540lb dead lift at the gym filmed half through, he had 4 reps.
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Kurt Warner finds a way for a td in Super Bowl 43.
Kurt warner stumbles but keeps going and throws for a td to his TE.
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The Killers When you were young PNC Bank Arts Center 9/2/2009
The Killers live at PNC Bank Arts Center Septemeber 2 2009. Badass show caught my Favorite song right before my Phone died Keep in mind not best quality but just the fact that I caught it before my phone died is good enough for me.
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David Wright Rbi single vs nationals 9/10
My last mets game at Shea Good times. The mets won. In this video David Wright blops a single to drive in a run.
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Airport Copter up close
took this on my g1.. went to the hospital and after I got out this was right over my head so I took a vid right before my phone died
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Thomas Jones scores the first td. Jets vs bengals 1/3
Thomas Jones runs up the middle for a td against the bengals.
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manlet ok quality need headphones
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Rutgers entrance vs army 10/16
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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The Killers Human at PNC 9 2 09 Opening Song
Caught on my G1 so its not the best quality but still a sweet video.
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Dolphin fan get owns at giant stadium 12/28
Despite the loss this was good.
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