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The Resistance | Gachalife| Transformers Prime Tribute
Hope you liked the video. Took me 2 hours to make. Blood Star is my own creation. I created her because I thought that she would be perfect in transformers prime season 6 as knockout’s sidekick. I could do her voice so if we get 30 likes on this video I will create I video of me doing her voice.
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LEGO Movie 2 ending credits
I didn’t get the cast so I’m sorry
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🎶Darkside Alan-Walker🎶 Minecraft Animation (Not my creation)
This is a shorter version of the video. I forgot who you were. None of this belongs to me.
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My ocs of 2019 | My Demons |
Please no bad things on this video. It took me a while to make it. I had to record it twice. Let’s try and get 50 likes on this video please. That would be amazing!!!! Enjoy and have a good day.
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Sonic.exe build in Minecraft | TikTock|
Took me 3 hours for this entire thing. Please like and if anyone who works with jester or hypemike, show them please.....
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Ending to Transformers Dank Memes
Could someone tell me what song this is? This is not my creation. None of it belongs to me. This belongs to @RoBUSTMyAFT on YouTube Link to his channel here https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRFaUP6j9TDQWgNTfPFEtcw
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Do you get it? #tiktok
Tell me if you get it!!! This is by @thegreatshazoom on tik tok. I hope you get it.
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TheDooo plays Hans fav song
Shoutout to TheDooo for the video
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Transformer’s Minecraft: Shatter’s destructive backstory
This is all from Shatter’s perspective. My sister is a huge fan of shatter. I’m NightEmental/ bumblebee, my brother is optimus. Let’s get 1,000 likes on this video!!! Autobots!!! Role out!!!
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Megatron hates selfies
You will only get a selfie if you bow before him. If he approves that you are worthy, you may have a selfie
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GachaVerse YouTuber Reality Show |Gacha Mike Challenge| #youtuberrealityshow
For Gacha Mike Biju Mike Mr Beast Concorde Gaming And Sonic.exe This is for a Gatcha Mike challenge Please subscribe, I only have 20 subs And I hope to get the silver play button soon. So if you could help me accomplish that dream, that would be amazing!!!!
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Sonic Forces | Infinite’s Theme |
(NOT MINE) I own none of this. The song belongs to its owner and the background belongs to its owner
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Transformers Prime theme song
Sorry about the darkness. I can’t show my face! If you hear a click it’s me turning on my keyboard. One of my hands are on the keyboard. The other pushes the button. I then quickly put both hands on the keyboard and play. Please like and subscribe! Let’s get 50 likes on this video
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