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Close-Up Magic Show Finale
This just ONE of the many ways I close a show at a private event. My close-up magic show is perfect for adults, colleges and sweet 16's.
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Restaurant Magic Tip
Some sage advice from the tall sage.
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Bam Magic Egg Bag and Ropes
My long standing favorite Magic Routines The Egg Bag and The Acrobatic Knot.
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Magic Room Segment Lou Johnson
Magic Room Tour for my friends in magic.
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2 Card Morph
Routine that uses Daryl's "Morphed" Card. Get them from http://www.daryl.net/category.php?cat_id=200
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Here's a trick revolving around sound. Thanks to Jay Sankey for helping me, "DUET".
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Egg Bag at Library
My long standing favorite Magic Routines The Egg Bag.
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Full Bowl Routine at Tannen's
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Stringing a Ring
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Mentalist with a Marker w/o a plug of Inside Deception
From Jay Sankey and Lou
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Are rabbits safe for a magic show?
Answering concerned parent's question about how safe is a rabbit during a magic show for families. Watch the video and call me at (516) 978-7735 for more answers on magic shows for events. This is how I perform the classic Rabbit from the Hat trick. Safe, colorful, and fun.
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Amazing Amp closes a great party
The handheld microphone is a MUST. Get the whole package that INCLUDES this microphone!
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MOD Mop and More.MOV
My friend Michael Karas comes up with some neat inventions in juggling. Here's a toy that wasn't invented by me, but I had to try and juggle them. They were a gift from a school. They don't make them anymore. Collapsible Spheres in the air. 3 to be exact. Watch them change in mid-air.
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More magic at the Country Club
String magic that is actually FUN!
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Rocking the Magic at Sip This
Cool routine with a custom card as a cool 😎 gift!
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Fire Juggle
My wife and I are NOT responsible for anyone's harm or death from any attempts to try this without professional training. This clip is to show what fire juggling 3 torches looks like.
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Juggler on Movie Location
Lou on the set of film "The Other World"
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MOD Opener.MOV
My show called, "The Magic of Discovery" was a big hit at The Long Island Children's Museum and now it's been seen at little one's birthdays and day care centers around Long Island and Queens, NY. 30-45min. Colorful Juggling, Balancing, Plastic Plate Spinning, Toys, and the right amount of Magic, make this show "just right". Take a look at our website and DISCOVER.
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Lighted Hoops Short Intro
Lou Johnson's NEW act for Galas and IMPORTANT EVENTS: The Electric Hoops!
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Short Huggle
"Huggling" the wifey!
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Card Flourishes
Big Hands with Big Skill with Cards
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Happie Amp for Casino Parties
The Jr. Pro comes through again. Check out my link for this and other cool products that make your message more powerful by making it BE HEARD! http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=1625930
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Lou's Stilt Clip.3GP
Lou's most requested look/trick for meet & greet. Here it is, LIVE, at an event in NY.
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Sip This Sankey Set
HEY! Thanks for checking out my LOU-TUBE...I mean YOU-TUBE site. I'm the #1 Juggler for NY and the TRI-STATE, but don't forget, I'm an AWARD WINNING MAGICIAN TOO! So take a look around and call (516) 978-7735 with any questions on booking Magic, Juggling, Unicycle, and more!
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MOD Hoops
Hoop magic
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Look thru Glasses
My own creation (that I know of) to entertain with my hands and head up to the audience. It's called Through the Looking Glasses. Jeff McBride has been my best teacher in Magic. Check out his acts too. They are amazing!
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Lou Johnson Contact Juggling Ball Bearings
Juggler Lou Johnson demonstrating contact juggling with multiple steel ball bearings...
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M&M Surprise
My original handling of a neat effect from Michael Harvell called M&M Surprise! Published by Tim Sonefelt in his lecture notes and also in M.U.M. October 2007. Hope you like it. It's dedicated to my teacher in magic Jay Sankey.
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Quick Sage Tip
Fine+Ally= FINALE
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Second show
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Money Magic at Sip This 2015
My best and most memorable trick!
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Coins and a glass
My go to trick to get my sleights on. A ballet in magic!
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Opening Club Juggle for my Corporate and Family Show called The BAM Variety Show.
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Open Sesame JUMBO
Performance test of Sankey's Open Sesame in JUMBO CARDS with a neat promo gift inside.
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Bag and Egg
Lou performs one of his favorite routines in Comedy Magic: The Old Bag and Egg effect!
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Close Up Coffee House.AVI
Lou performing Close-Up Magic at Sip This Coffee House as The House Magician. Watch This at Sip This.
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Heart 2 Heart.wmv
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Ambitious with a twist.MP4
My take on a classic premise in magic, Sorry about the twist in the camera. She got caught up in the magic. I believe that NO ONE ELSE has this presentation on The Ambitious Card, but I could be wrong. Note to fellow magi: Yes I do start off with "The trick that fooled Houdini" Thanks, Professor.
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Don Miguel Magic Bill
Magic with a BORROWED bill at Don Miguel Cafe. Wednesday Nights from 7-10PM
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Uni To Sip This
Get to Sip This however you can!
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Watch This Intro
Intro to my weekly performances at Sip This Coffee House in Valley Stream, NY.
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From Chicago With Love
My use of Daryl's 14 of Hearts!
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Spooky Card Trick
New trick thanks to Jeff McBride!
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Mcbride Question with Plug
A question regarding the length of a Close-Up Magic Show to Jeff McBride in Las Vegas. Also, check out the illusion show that I'm producing in Custer, South Dakota called Grand Magic Show. It's Vegas Quality that's Family Friendly :-) More info at www.grandmagicshow.com
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Keith Nelson
Tops at bowl spinning
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Warped Bill Trial Run
First try at this Berger-esque style of a sit down two punch routine that ends with a souvenir for the guest.
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Costume air out
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