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I wasn't the best partner, - Shaquille O'Neal on his failed marriage
There is probably not a single person in the world who has never heard of Shaq. This giant of a man simply exudes charisma, which is why it is not surprising how many women have been around him over the years. Today, let’s talk about Shaquille O'Neal and wife, as she is the woman that has been in his life for longest.Shaquille O'Neal wifeAs you most likely know who Shaquille O'Neal is, we will not bore you with his entire biography, so let’s jump right into his personal life, particularly his (unfortunately) failed marriage. For several years (from around 1998), he had been dating woman that would one day become his wife. It was none other than Shaunie O’Neal, who is now known as the producer of Basketball Wives on VH1. But back then, she was just a film marketer.On December 26, 2002, the stunning couple tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony in the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is interesting to note that both Shaq and his wife came into this relationship with children of their own. Shaquille had a daughter named Taahirah, while Shaunie had a son named Miles.Even before they got married, the couple had already had two children together. In 2000, they had their first child Shareef, and a year later, their daughter Amirah was born. Over the next few years, their family had grown bigger by another two children. In 2003, the world saw the birth of Shaqir, and their youngest child, Me’rah, was born in 2006.While it might have looked like everything was great, there was quite a lot of trouble in their paradise. The year 2007 saw the first big crack in the marriage of Shaq and Shaunie. That year, Shaquille filed for divorce on the grounds that his wife had been secretive about her funds and assets. It seemed rather weird, as back then, Shaq made $20 million a year just from his basketball career, and even more, if you count his many endorsement deals. Why he was so upset over his wife allegedly hiding money from him? We will never know.Despite the fact that the marriage was apparently ‘irretrievably broken’, the couple managed to put their disagreements aside, and the divorce papers were put away. But not for long.READ ALSO: Lebron James wife and kidsNot two years later, things fell apart once more, this time on the grounds of infidelity. It seemed like both Shaq and Shaunie were cheating on each other. Shaunie even hired a private investigator to unearth the details of her husband’s infidelities.The couple had a prenup, so the divorce process was not all that complicated. Nevertheless, it took the couple whole two years to finalise it, and the whole thing was rather loud and messy. The children ended up with their mother, and Shaq was required to pay a significant amount of money in child support. What is interesting, though, is that Shaquille prohibited his wife to talk about their relationship on her show Basketball Wives.A few years later, Shaquille opened up on the whole affair in his memoir, where he talked about how he had ‘too many options’ and h
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10 most impressive health benefits and side effects of bitter kola
Garcinia or bitter kola like many other plants is used for non-traditional medical treatment all over the world. Anyone who desires to consume these nuts for therapeutic purposes should learn more about bitter kola health benefits and side effects. Get ready to explore some possible advantages and disadvantages of this natural product to personal health.Health benefits and side effects of bitter kolaGarcinia kola is an evergreen tree that grows in Nigeria as well as other African countries. The second name this plant has is bitter kola since these nuts have a bitter taste that slowly turns into sweetened taste when you chew them.For many centuries, the tree bark, green leaves, bitter nuts, and fruit of this evergreen plant are used by communities, tribes and Africans to treat different conditions, from a regular cough to extreme fever. That is why knowing bitter kola health benefits and side effects is must-have for every individual who would love to eat bitter kola for health purposes or add it to meals as a flavouring ingredient. Health benefits of bitter kolaIt is possible to use garcinia kola to ease different medical conditions for a short period. This might work for depressions, fatigue problems, atonic diarrhea, migraine, and in some other situations.So let us talk about health benefits of bitter kola and let us find out how many bitter kola a day you can eat with no consequences to your health.Weight loss effect – those of us who are on a special diet and wish to lose some extra weight can add bitter kola nuts to their meals and experience fewer food cravings throughout the day; using nuts as a snack can also help reduce hunger between meals.Fighting with infertility – Nigerian women who experience infertility problems sometimes eat garcinia kola nuts to improve fertility.Curing eyes – some people who have glaucoma search for different natural treatments pay great attention to kola nuts. So if you spend a lot of time working at night or have significant pressure on your eyes you might also want to low down this pressure by taking bitter kola nuts.Curing fever and cold – during fall and winter time it can be useful to add bitter kola to your meals to enhance lungs functions and fight with different seasonal illnesses such as flue, cold and fever.Preventing malaria – this disease is a big problem in African countries, so think about eating bitter kola a day for short-terms to prevent malaria, just don’t consume too many nuts, because such attitude can cause some very unpleasant side effects instead of healthier changes you are looking into.How many bitter kola a day to consume if you are willing to enjoy the positive changes? A small number of nuts as a snack between meals can be great for you, but don’t overeat garcinia kola if you want to experience only health advantages and not visa versa.READ ALSO: Bitter kola and weight loss: Does it work?Bitter kola side effectsNigerian men and women love to enhance everyday meals with garcinia kola
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Meet Thomas Fuller African slave whose mathematical ability shocked the world
The age-long imperialist notion that Africans were intellectually lower than their European counterparts, was proven wrong by the life of Thomas Fuller, an African slave with an incredible potential for mathematical calculation. Fuller's ability to offer prompt and accurate solutions to mathematical problems shocked white slave-masters, forcing them to reconsider their views on an average black man's worth.History concurs to the claim that the name Thomas Fuller (1710 – 1782), an African who was sold to America in 1724, is synonymous with mathematical genius. Popularly nicknamed 'Negro Tom', and described by his contemporaries as a very black man, Fuller's birth place seems to have been between what we now know as Liberia and Benin.READ ALSO: Retro: Meet the first European princess of African origin, Angela of LiechtensteinAfter being sold off as a slave from Africa at age 14 to a farmer in the United States (US), Negro Tom lived in Virginia, a place linked to why he was later called the Virginia calculator.No sooner had he arrived this strange land than the fame of his prowess in numeracy began to hit the white world. For instance, when asked how many seconds there were in a year by men of no small eminence and potentials in arithmetic, William Hartshorne and Samuel Coates, Fuller replied in two minutes: 47,304000, leaving his questioners lost in wonder and amazement.Towards his gray years, Hartshorne said of him: "He was gray-headed, and exhibited several other marks of the weakness of old age. He had worked hard upon a farm during the whole of life but had never been intemperate in the use of spirituous liquors. "He spoke with great respect of his mistress, and mentioned in a particular manner his obligations to her for refusing to sell him, which she had been tempted to by offers of large sums of money from several persons."Also, Coates, having remarked in his presence that it was a pity he had not an education equal to his genius, Fuller interjected: "No, Massa, it is best I had no learning, for many learned men be great fools."Perhaps one of his most outstanding feats was his brilliant reply to the question asked by one interrogator, "How many seconds has a man lived who is 70 years, 17 days and 12 hours old? " Fuller responded in less than two minutes: 2,210,500,800. Unsatisfied with the answer, one famous mathematician at the time approached Fuller, claiming that his result was wrong by some figures less. Fuller reminded him: "Stop master, you forget the leap year." Upon including the amount of the seconds of the leap years, the calculation of the whole in both sums matched perfectly. As Fuller's mettle in calculation continued to rise, anti-slavery campaigners thought it wise to use him in staging several demonstrations that Africans were in no way inferior to Europeans.Regrettably, he died at age 72, with little or no formal learning in writing and reading. But even if he had no academic certificate bearing his name, the life and ti
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Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola celebrates only son as he turns a year older, shares photo on Inst
On Saturday, June 2, son of one of the richest men in Africa Fewa Otedola turned a year older and he was celebrated by his father on social media. The handsome young man is the only son of the CEO of Forte Oil, Femi Otedola and only brother to famous fashion designer, Temi and entertainer DJ Cuppy. Fewa turns a year older today and the oil magnate has taken to social media to celebrate his heir to his billion dollar estate. However, the billionaire is not fond of sharing pictures of Fewa on social media unlike he does to his daughters. READ ALSO: Oyinbo couple naturally conceive, welcome identical triplet daughters in UK (photos) He shared a handsome photo of his son with the caption: “Happy birthday to my dear son. I love you Fewa!” In 2017, during World Autism Day on the April 2, Temi Otedola shared a personal story on her JTO Fashion blog about living with autism with her younger brother, Fewa. She said: “No matter what I do, I need to build my life with Fewa in mind. My parents won’t be around forever and his care and well-being will become the responsibility of me and my sisters. It is true that consideration for Fewa will always affect the decisions I make in my life. Despite this, Fewa is by no means a burden. These worries do not reduce the immense love I have for my brother who has brought so much joy and shown me the purest form of love. To quote The Bard, ‘love sought is good, but given unsought is better’. It is Fewa’s unconditional love that has shaped me into the woman I am today.”
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Plateau: Niger Delta militants blow hot, reveal what'll happen in 21 days - Daily Post Nigeria
A coalition of Niger Delta militants, yesterday, gave the Federal Government a 21-day notice to end killings in the country.  The group lamented the recent killing by herdsmen in Plateau State.  The militants, who met at Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State during the weekend, also tasked the Federal Government on protection of lives and property of Nigerians.  The militants warned the Federal Government that there’ll be doom if it failed to forestall anarchy and further bloodshed.  They declared a 21-day mourning period for those massacred recently in Plateau State by rampaging herdsmen, and threatened to declare herdsmen and Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders’ Association enemies.  A statement by leader of the coalition, W.O I Izonebi, read, “As agitators with conscience, we take lives of fellow Nigerians sacrosanct as no amount of provocation will lead to the slaughtering of innocent Nigerians because of cows.  “We, therefore, declare 21 days of mourning for the innocent Nigerians killed in Plateau State by foreigners trained by late Gaddafi that are now masquerading as herdsmen, according to our President, Muhammadu Buhari.  “We urge the government to do the needful before the expiration of our 21 days of mourning to avoid a total breakdown of law and order because it seems we do not have law, and government is unable to implement its primary responsibility of protecting lives and properties of its citizens.  “We demand implementation of the following to avoid doom and more loss of lives: The immediate devolution of power to states and regions to enable governors discharge their primary responsibility of protecting lives and properties and declaration and proscription of the Gaddafi mercenaries masquerading as herdsmen as a terrorist organisation.  “The government and security agencies saddled with the responsibility of protecting Nigeria and its territorial integrity should apprehend the perpetrators of this heinous crime against innocent Nigerians and humanity; total overhaul of the security organisation and security chiefs, immediate arrest of the Miyeti Allah Cattle Breeders Association leaders and its disbandment with immediate effect.  “We also condemn the inability of the government and securityagencies to protect its citizens from foreigners masquerading asherdsmen committing genocide in the Middle Belt of our dear nation, Nigeria.  “We are not going to fold our arms to see foreigners masquerading as herdsmen slaughter and kill hardworking Nigerians that are going about their legitimate businesses and livelihood anymore, when we have a democratically elected government in place.  “We are bold to ask these questions? What is the primary responsibility of government? Why is nobody being arrested and prosecuted for these killings? As agitators with conscience, we take lives of follow Nigerians sacrosanct as no amount of provocation will lead to the slaughtering of innocent Nigerians because of cows.  “We, therefore, warn that after this 21 days o
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Offa robbery: Police nab dismissed SARS personnel declared wanted - Daily Post Nigeria
Operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team, IRT, have arrested one of the robbers declared wanted for April 5 attacks on banks in Offa, Kwara State. The suspect, Michael Adikwu, an ex-policeman, was reportedly dismissed in 2012 by the Kwara State Police Command for allegedly aiding the escape of some robbery suspects. Adikwu, until his dismissal, was attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, of the state command. Adikwu was said to have been arraigned in court and remanded in a prison, where he spent three years. He was reportedly arrested on Tuesday in a town in Kwara State by the DCP Abba Kyari-led IRT operatives, who acted on a tip-off from members of the public. A senior police officer told Punch: “He (Adikwu) was a SARS operative at the Kwara State Police Command. He used to fraternise with robbers. “There was a robbery that happened in Kwara State about six years ago. The robbers killed somebody and escaped. The police were able to arrest those robbers. “He collected money from those robbery suspects and released them. Later, the robbers were rearrested and they confessed that he aided their escape. He was arrested, tried in an orderly room trial and dismissed. “He was charged to court together with the robbery suspects and was in prison for three years. He and some of the robbers were able to manoeuvre their way out of the prison and formed a robbery gang.” DON'T MISS: Download DailyPost Android app and earn unlimited free Airtime The Police Public Relations Officer, Kwara State Command, DSP Ajayi Okasanmi, said arrests had been made, but he had yet to receive information on Adikwu’s arrest.
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Should you drink garri during pregnancy?
A lot of Nigerians love to drink soaked garri on the daily without really thinking about the consequences. Today, we are going to explore whether there are any consequences of drinking garri during pregnancy. That way, you will know for sure if you need to stay away from your favourite drink while you are pregnant.What is garri?So what exactly is garri? Well, this word is usually used to describe a ground powdery substance made from cassava plants. The name ‘garri’ comes from a Hausa word garin, which means ‘grain’. It is actually a very popular foodstuff in Hausaland, as people enjoy it in all ways. You can have raw garri in a drink by mixing it with water, sugar and milk, chew on the garri grains or cook it. Igbo people know cooked garri as utara, while Yoruba people call it eba/teba. Even though it is a staple food for many people in Africa, consuming too much garri is not a very good thing. As cassava used for making garri contains hydrocyanic acid (in other words, cyanide), one should not consume it if it is not properly processed. In such cases, the effect of drinking garri will be mostly negative, as it might cause intestinal issues, worsening of ulcers and serious eye defects.This leads to the question… Is drinking garri good for a pregnant woman? READ ALSO: Is ginger and garlic good for a pregnant woman?Many expectant mothers enjoy drinking garri first thing in the morning or in the evenings, as its sour taste prevents them from vomiting. But should they actually be drinking it?According to Mr. Razak Adeofalade, the chairperson of the Health Workers’ Union of the Lagos State Council, drinking raw soaked garri is not a very good idea, especially during pregnancy. In addition to what we have said before about consuming improperly processed garri, it might also lead to Lassa fever. Back in 2016, many Nigerians, including several pregnant women, suffered severely from the outbreak of this fever, and some even died from it. The Lassa fever was transmitted by rats who came into contact with cassava. Thus, drinking raw soaked garri led to contracting the fever and several fatalities.If you want to avoid such fate, it is best to stay away from drinking garri during pregnancy. If you still want to have garri in your diet, make sure it is thoroughly processed. You can still eat it in the form of utara/eba, as long as you cook it properly.As pregnancy is already a very stressful time for anyone involved, you should avoid adding more stress for yourself by worrying whether it is safe to consume something or not. If you are hesitant about anything, the best way to ease your worries is to ask a doctor about it. READ ALSO: Benefits of unripe plantain in pregnancySource: Naija.ng
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IPOB reveals what it will do to Buhari in US - Daily Post Nigeria
The Indigenous People Biafra (IPOB) has announced plan to launch Operation Cow Dance 2 ahead of President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the United State on April 30. A statement by IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, said the group’s advocacy trip, Operation Cow Dance, in the United Kingdom, last week, was testimony to its strength. “In this regard, we have decided to launch Operation Cow Dance 2, to coincide with the planned arrival of the president in Washington, USA, on April 30. Our leader, Nnamdi Kanu, the prophet of our time had predicted that Buhari will usher in Biafra. “What happened in London will be a child’s play, compared to what will happen in Washington. IPOB USA is ready and waiting,” he said.
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Fuji singer Alabi Pasuma gushes about his daughter as she celebrates her sweet 16
Popular Nigerian fuji singer Wasiu Alabi Pasuma has taken to social media to gush about his daughter who celebrated her birthday. The teenager identified as Aliyah Niniola Odetola clocked 16.The fuji singer shared photos of his teenage daughter on his Instagram page. He shared a cute throwback photo of himself and his daughter when she was a little girl.In the photos shared on the musician's Instagram page, Aliyah Niniola Odetola who lives in Chicago, United States of America, looked beautiful and regal just like a princess.On his Instagram post, Pasuma prayed for his 16-year-old daughter wishing her joy, happiness, love and friendship.Pasuma celebrates daughter on her 16th birthday Photo source: Instagram user PasumaREAD ALSO: I am fed up with some of the top artistes - Yoko B says as he claims 2baba stole his song Amaka The singer further prayed that his daughter should continue to prosper and flourish in all parts of her life.Pasuma shared lovely photos of his daughter Photo source: Instagram user PasumaPAY ATTENTION: Get the Latest Nigerian News on NAIJ.com News Read post below:“Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to my Daughter Aliyah Niniola Odetola, May you be surrounded and all-encompassed in a massive sea of joy, love, happiness, family, & friendship. Continue to prosper & flourish in all parts of ur life. Amen. U know dat we treasure u & will do anything to put a smile on your face. LLnP my luv❤“  PAY ATTENTION: Get the hottest gist on Naija Uncensored Facebook Group The fuji musician who has been around for over thirty years has made name for himself in Nigeria’s entertainment industry with hits after hits and evergreen songs. Why I trust Simi with everything regarding my music – Adekunle Gold on NAIJ.com TVSubscribe to watch new videos Source: Naija.ng Show Comments Think it is important? Share with your friends!
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What we did to Biafran soldiers during the civil war – Gen Onoja - Daily Post Nigeria
Former military governor of Katsina and Plateau States, General Lawrence Onoja has revealed his civil war memoirs.  Onoja, 70, who fought gallantly during the civil war, which lasted between 1967 and 1970, recalled his encounter with the Biafran soldiers.  The retired war hero, said his surviving the war was a miracle of God, noting that many of his friends could not make it.  Speaking with DAILY POST, Onoja, a native of Benue State, recalled how they would send cigarettes and beer across the water to some Biafran soldiers during the war.  He said, “Surviving the war was a miracle of God. A lot of Idoma officers, who were with me in Port Harcourtwere killed. I remember when they brought the dead bodies of George Lawani (younger brother to former deputy governor of BenueState) Col Shambe, a Tiv man, Francis Oluma, a native of Adoka here in Benue. I was very young.  “One day, I just received a call from the late Benjamin Adekunle (Black Scorpion) in front of his office. I could remember vividly that what was written on the steel helmet in front of his office was ‘enter my office at the pain of death.’  “Adekunle posted me to meet my kinsman, Ignatius Obeya who was the then Brigadier Commander at Itu, CrossRiver State.  “At that time, you couldn’t connect Port Harcourt from Calabar because there no road, you had to go through Aba, which was already held by Biafra.  “So, we had to connect through Igwenga to Abak, then we connected Oron before finally crossing to Calabar.  “I reported to Brig Obeya, Rtd and I was part of the operation from crossing Calabar to Itu through a river called Ikoto Okpora. I was made a brigade major to Obeya to ensure that the three battalions in the brigade were effectually controlled and commanded to fight the war.  “We were facing a place called Arochukwu across the water at the time. The Biafran were on the other side while the Nigerian troops were on this side. It was very funny, because every morning, we would wake up and talked to ourselves across the water. The Biafra soldiers would tell us, Gowon and Ojukwu are enjoying themselves in Aburi and we are busy fighting ourselves, please give us some food, we would then throw cigarettes and sometimes beer to them across the water  “But after at about an hour, we would start shooting at ourselves. I went through all this and came out alive, I think at 70, I would say I am a fulfilled man.”
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Biafra: Fani-Kayode reveals Nnamdi Kanu's whereabouts - Daily Post Nigeria
Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has claimed that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is being kept on a Nigerian naval warship far off the coast of Bayelsa.  Fani-Kayode, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, made this known in a post on his Twitter handle on Monday.  He said, “Intelligence reports suggest that my friend and brother Nnamdi Kanu is being kept on a Nigerian naval warship far off the coast of Bayelsa and that Buhari intends to keep him there until 2019 and then drop him in the Atantic ocean after “winning” the February election.  “Know this: the incarceration, torture and murder of Nnamdi Kanu will not go unavenged or unpunished. The God of Justice will serve His judgement on all those involved in this sinister, gruesome and homicidal initiative. Buhari will soon know that God rules in the affairs of men.”
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2019: Sheikh Gumi lists reasons Buhari must be removed - Daily Post Nigeria
Fiery Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, has said that President Muhammadu had performed worse than the immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan in every area.  He said Buhari ws just a common man and wondered why people seem to be afraid just because the President had a team of illiterate fanatical followers.  Gumi said Buhari was a victim of ignorant, unemployed and senseless followership that stiffle other politicians.  Definitely, the situation now is worse. The economy is worse. Feeding is a problem; medical care is a problem. There are problems everywhere. Nigeria is down. Nobody is secure. The honest people in government have pulled out.  Look at what a governor said recently; that he was resigning his position as the Chief Security Officer because he is helpless. Another governor said we have to face the fact that there is a problem in Nigeria. We can’t deny that.  “Buhari is just a common man. He is just an ordinary one man in Nigeria. We cannot be hypocrites, hiding facts because of a man.  “Why are people shivering because of him because he has a team of illiterate, fanatical followers? We can deal with them. They should not hold us to ransom. He is a victim of this ignorant, unemployed and senseless followership.  “When politicians see that, they become frightened. We won’t succumb to that. Let’s do what is right. Put the right Nigerians to lead us, if not, we will destroy ourselves. We cannot be victims to these rascals.  “When you try to correct the president, they come out in their millions trying to abuse you. They don’t even counteract your points with knowledge. If you think abusing us will deter us, you are making a mistake.  “There is problem with and in the government. We have absolute failure in government. People are dying, things are not good. We cannot continue this way.  Asked why he had not visited the Villa to advice the President, the cleric added, “I cannot get to the other room with him because I am not his wife but even somebody who has access to the other room cannot get ideas into his head.  “How do you blame somebody who does not have access to the other room? You cannot change Buhari. He is already cast in a mentality. He believes that most Nigerians, if not all, are rascals, thieves and 419.  “He believes only his own circle are the good people. You cannot get across anything. He has castigated Nigerians in many fora and everybody knows that. He is somebody who always blames others; he does not take responsibility for anything.”
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NAIJ.com exclusive: Ooni of Ife to chose new Olori from these 6 ladies, 2 are allegedly pregnant
- Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, is set to pick a new Olori - Six ladies are said to be contending for the vacant position, two are said to be pregnant - The monarch's estranged queen, Olori Wuraola shares on social media the collapse of their marriage in August 2017 In Yoruba land, a king without a wife loses honour and respect and that means the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, cannot stay too long without a queen to be by his side in his palace. NAIJ.com exclusively gathered that the first class monarch whose queen left him in 2017 is working seriously hard in getting a befitting replacement for his estranged olori. It was also gathered that the contest to win the heart of the king is hot as ladies of means and beauty are trying to outdo themselves. They are said to come in different shapes and complexion and also from different states. In all, NAIJ.com scooped from a source close to the palace that the contestants have been screened down to six while the king is suspected to have more affection for two out of the six ladies. PAY ATTENTION: Install our latest app for Android and read the best news about Nigeria One out of the ladies is said to be based in Canada, another is said to be based in UK, another is said to be an indigene of Ondo state while another is said to have come from Ijebu in Ogun state. Of the six ladies, the Ooni was said to have presented two of the ladies to the people of Ile-Ife at different occasions during some recent public events in the ancient town. The monarch was said to have raised their hands up while he asked his people if they would like to have them as their queen. The lady from Ondo state had a chance at being presented to Ife people some months back while the lady from Ijebu was presented to the people during the recently concluded Olokun festival that was held on Sunday, April 29. She was said to have come to the event with her father. They both arrived together at the palace in a Rolls Royce with a customised plate number. Another source close to the palace disclosed to NAIJ.com that one of the criteria given to become an olori is pregnancy as the king is not ready to marry a woman who will not be able to bear him children. So pregnancy comes first before wedding. From our investigation, two of the ladies are rumoured to be in the family way already so the king might be having a double wedding soon and it might be more because as a king, he is entitled to marry as many women as he desires. NAIJ.com gather from yet another source that a woman of 45 years who has kids was initially among the contenders for the king's heart. She was said to always come with different gifts for palace staffs while coming to see the king. READ ALSO: Nigerian man falls in love with beautiful lady in 3 weeks, shares introduction photos The Ooni of Ife became single again after his estranged queen, Olori Wuraola, took to social media, Instagram, to announce the dissolution of t
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2019 election: What God will do to Buhari, APC - Prophet Olagunju - Daily Post Nigeria
The Presiding Bishop of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministries, Prophet Wale Olagunju has revealed what God told him concerning President Muhammdu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress, APC, in 2019. Bishop Olagunju said even if President Buhari decides to red-carpet the whole nation, he will still lose the presidential election. He said God has condemned Buhari to defeat already because he (Buhari) placed his Fulani people in charge of security in the country and allowed killing of innocent Nigerians on a daily basis. Speaking with the Sun, the cleric claimed that it was not in the mind of God for Buhari to rule beyond 2019, adding that the President has failed Nigerians. Olagunju said, “Let me give you my own biblical view, whenever there is injustice there will be no peace. Forget about those bishops who are saying it shall be well with Nigeria. “I am a die-hard supporter of Buhari in those days. One, to me his war against corruption is too selective. “Buhari should know that corruption is a sin against God and mankind, so war against it should be total. I expect him to restructure Nigeria to balance the equation. “He should conduct transparent censors to address the injustice that is going on in this country, create job opportunity for the youths who are roaming the streets and address the problem of tribalism in the nation, correct the lopsided appointments. “It is not in the mind set of God for Buhari to rule beyond May 29, 2019. Look at the just concluded bye-election in Oyo State, yes, PDP floored APC hands down. This is just the beginning of what awaits Buhari and his APC come 2019. “As earlier predicted by me in my prophecy of 2017 and 2018, let me be frank and declare before God of heaven and the whole earth, even if Buhari should red carpet the whole nation, Buhari and his APC will not win the 2019 presidential election. “In my 2017 prophecy, the Lord told me He would raise adversaries against him and even his own kinsmen, the Hausas would disown him. What are we witnessing now? The Lord gave me the signs through my prophecy; there is no way he can win. “Some Nigerians in their own thinking has said that Buhari is a man of integrity. Where lies the integrity in the life of Buhari when he chose his own people, the Fulanis to manage the security affairs of this nation, shedding innocent blood on daily basis, marginalising the Christians and the Igbo have no say in the affairs of Nigerian nation? Why? “To me, the thinking of those who are supporting Buhari today is upside down. Under Buhari, the government doesn’t value integrity and value system is no more.”
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Does Osita Iheme have a wife?
We all heard the rumors about the relationships of a famous comedian actor from Nigeria. In this post we are going to figure out the answer to the question - is Osita Iheme married? Read on to know details of the story. Osita Iheme is also famous as Pawpaw after his role in “Aki na Ukwa” movie. He is also known as the director of Inspired Movement Africa, the organization that works to stimulate, help and inspire young Nigerians. Actor's merits of Osita are great, but this time we are going to talk about his personal life. Actually, all the news about Osita Iheme wedding is just rumors. The 33 years old actor is not going to get married now, according to his words, he is not ready to get into marriage. It is important for him to find the best moment for this significant step. According to his interviews, Osita Iheme doesn’t want to be married just because it is the right age to do this or because of the opinion of society or because other people are getting married. Six months ago the media was full of rumors about Osita Iheme wife and wedding ceremony. Nana Ama McBrown claimed to be Osita Iheme's wife, but, the Ghanaian actress and Osita Iheme did not confirm their relationship. There was no public confirmation of the wedding ceremony. The actor is single at this time, and there is no bride. Majority of Osita's colleagues are married, including one of his friends Chinedu Ikedieze, so fans are expecting Osita to be next. But it seems like at this time, Osita Iheme is completely focusing on his work. Osita Iheme's family is a popular topic to talk in the media and among fans. Some fans worry about the loneliness the comedian may be feeling, others support his decision. Anyway, according to the words of the actor, he just wants to choose the right partner and at the right time, so we just need to wait and be ready to congratulate him when his big day finally comes.
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What happened between Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite?
Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite used to be the hottest couple on the block, but these days, they are no more. What happened to their marriage? Why did the two sweethearts drift apart so soon after just a few years living as husband and wife? Find out about it here, as we are going to talk about how such a beautiful thing between Chris Attoh and wife crumbled into million pieces.Photo: ksuamebo.comThe story of Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite romanceLess than four years ago, the news came that the famous Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh proposed to Nollywood actress Damilola Adegbite. It came to many as a surprise, as, even though the two have known each other for 10 years at that point, almost nobody suspected the move.Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite worked on the popular TV show Tinsel for many years side by side, so it almost seemed natural that the two would gravitate toward each other. The romance has reportedly sparked between them, as by 2014, Adegbite was already pregnant.When the two actors went on a boat cruise in the United States back in August 2014, Chris made his move and proposed to Damilola in front of dozens of people. Not long after, on September 6, 2014, their baby boy was born, and they named him Brian Nii Ayittey Olaferomi Attoh.READ ALSO: Is Chris Attoh really Yvonne Nelson’s Husband?Photo: nollywoodcelebnews.i-celebnews.comEven though the proposal was a rather big and public event, the couple decided to have a small wedding with only the closest people. They chose the most romantic date of all, February 14, and tied the knot at a private ceremony at La Villa Boutique Hotel, Accra in 2015.It all seemed great for all of about two years until the first rumours of divorce started popping up. While neither of the actors had been very vocal about their relationship while it lasted, they both came out to dismiss the rumours of their impending divorce. However, the two still drifted apart in 2017. Let’s talk about why it happened.What happened to Damilola Adegbite and Chris Attoh marriage?Photo: kokolife.ngIn September 2017, news came that, despite the denial on both sides a few months prior, Damilola Adegbite and Chris Attoh were no longer married. Their marriage lasted for all of two and a half years and fell apart quite suddenly.The first signs came when Damilola removed her husband’s last name from her Instagram (@adedamee), as well as deleted all the pictures of or with Chris. Not long after, Attoh finally admitted that the two of them were not together anymore.So what happened? Why did the two of them decide to no longer be together? Well, neither have told the public everything. When Chris was approached for a comment on the divorce, he talked about how he and Damilola had conflicting schedules, which was not beneficial to their marriage. He also denied any accusations of infidelity, as, according to him, he had no reason to cheat.As for Damilola, she has never directly addressed the issue with the divorce. However, her Instag
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Moghalu fit to be Nigeria’s president - Emir Sanusi - Daily Post Nigeria
The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has said presidential aspirant, Kingsley Moghalu is fit to govern Nigeria. He also warned politicians against acts and pronouncements that may cause violence before, during and after the 2019 general election. The Emir, who spoke while receiving Moghalu, in his palace in Kano on Saturday, insisted that Nigeria is bigger than the selfish interest of any politician. He said: “I have the privilege of working with five brilliant associates as deputy governors of the Central Bank of Nigeria when I was the governor. “I can testify that all of them are credible and displayed the credibility to handle the political leadership of this country. One of them is Professor Kingsley. “I will rather urge all of them that worked with me, including Professor Kingsley to inject their intellectual experience to grow the nation’s economy“. Speaking, Moghalu told the Emir that he was in Kano to pay traditional homage and officially intimate the palace about his presidential ambition. DON'T MISS: Get Latest Hot News - Download DailyPost Android app Moghalu lamented that “the country’s economy is being poorly managed by people without vision”.
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Babangida makes shocking revelations about origin of Boko Haram in Nigeria - Daily Post Nigeria
A former governor of Niger, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, has revealed that dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram would have started in the State because the sect leader, Shekau, was living in a place called Mokwa.  He said this on Monday in Abuja during the 12th annual conference and general meeting of the Society for Peace Studies and Practice.  He said his prompt action on security reports made available to him while he was governor, stopped Shekau from establishing a Boko Haram base in Niger State.  Aliyu, however, called on government at the federal and state levels, including institutions, to read every security report they get.  He said: “If I go by newspaper reports, the Jos crisis, I understand intelligence report was written and that we should have been aware three or four days to that crisis, that it was going to happen,” Aliyu said.  “Now, if you are aware that things are going to happen and you let it happen, you can judge it in your heart.  “So, what I did was to be proactive and pre-emptive. Boko Haram probably would have started in Niger State because the Boko Haram leader, Shekau, was in Niger State in a place they call Mokwa.  “They were calling their place Daral Salam. In 1991, they were only nine people who went there and asked the Village Head for a farmland and he gave them.  “By 2007 when I went to Niger, they were over 7,000 and they have enclosed themselves, they have turned it into a territory and they were the only Muslims in their own world. But they were also engaged in armed robbery and abduction of peoples’ wives and children.  “I understand before I arrived there that two Immigration officers were sent to investigate and they became members.  “So, when I went, I read all the background information. Anytime their leaders were brought to Abuja, they would go back with more strength and they would be rewarded.  “So, I was wondering who in Abuja was doing this to them. I read and I was very lucky also that I had a proactive president then, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, who assisted me and we discovered that over 80 percent of the people that were there were not Nigerians. And they were people who will be willing to slaughter you like you slaughter goat.  “What I did was to call all my colleagues who we discovered had indigenes there and alerted them that I am sending you your own people who have ran away from you, make sure you know their movement.  “The others that were not Nigerians, we took them to the borders and we paid their transportation to leave.  “And Shekau went to Lokoja, from there, we heard he had resurfaced in Maiduguri. And I thank God that he did not start in Niger because by now, I don’t know what would have happened to the Niger Bridge.”
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Yoruba actress Motunrayo Adeoye reportedly dies in Ibadan after battling chronic ulcer
Weeks after the death of talented actress Aisha Abimbola, another tragedy has struck. Veteran Nollywood actress Motunrayo Adeoye has passed away after battling chronic illness in Ibadan, Oyo state. The actress had reportedly passed away at the early hours of Friday, June 1. She had reportedly battled with chronic ulcer for many years. NAIJ.com gathered that she would be buried today at her residence which is located at Akobo Ojurin in Ibadan, according to Islamic rite. Madam Adeoye was a niece to top Yoruba traditional ruler, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, the Alaafin of Oyo state. She graduated from Osogbo Technical College in Osun state, where she had studied electronics. She later moved to Switzerland for a seven months course to further her studies in electronics. In the 70s, she became a studio/audio engineer at BCOS Communication in Ibadan. She was a studio engineer for almost 40 years before she retired in 2010. The late actress had gone into full time acting after her retirement PAY ATTENTION: Get the Latest Nigerian News on NAIJ.com News The veteran actress was well-known in the industry. She was listed among the 10 most featured Veteran Yoruba actresses in the industry. PAY ATTENTION: Get the hottest gist on Naija Uncensored Facebook Group Tears, wailing as late Moji Olaiya is laid to rest in Lagos - on NAIJ.com TV:
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Ranching: There'll be war - Nasarawa youths warn Gov Al-Makura - Daily Post Nigeria
The youth wing of Alago Development Association ADA, has warmed the Governor Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa State, not to invite an unimaginable war in the state.  The warning followed the Governor’s recent approval for the establishment of cattle ranches in Alago major communities of Doma, Keana, Obi and Assakio Local Government Areas of the state.  Speaking during a press conference, in Lafia, the state capital, President of the Association. Barr. Iliya Ashokpa Auna, pointed out that that the Alagos, were farmers and descendants of Kwararafa, with numerous culture and tradition, different from that of the Fulanis.  He said Al-Makura was inviting war to the area by approving the citing of the cattle ranches in their areas, ading that the area was already under siege by the herdsmen.  They said that it was ‘unhealthy and a time bomb’ that was capable of causing an unimaginable crisis in future.  He said, “It will naturally be of good conscious to allocate most of these ranches to areas and places like Keffi, Nasarawa and Uke local government areas which have similar cultures, tradition and speaks the same language instead of Doma, Keana, Obi and Assakio.  “We cannot fold our hands and allow our ancestral lands be allocated and taken over in the name of ranches, neither can we allow the relative peace being enjoyed in the Alago nation be disrupted,” he said  Speaking further, he accused the governor of re-locating all the state government projects cited in the Alago nation by the previous administrations to his place and advised him to also cite the cattle ranches in his place.  “It may interest the general public to know that more than six lucrative projects worth billions of Naira were cited in Kwandare village, the governor’s ancestral home with not more than approximate population of three thousand people.  “These projects include the construction of modern market Kwandare, construction of Kwandare –Keffi road, construction of Lafia Kwandere roads, establishment of Federal Primary Healthcare Hospital, Kwandare, construction of Lafia Cargo Airport in Kwandare, establishment of Model Government Girls Secondary School, Kwandare and the recent citing of the state office headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), in Kwandare, and the governor did not deem it necessary to locate one cattle ranch in Kwandere.  “It is pertinent to also note that while projects worth billions of Naira can be seen in Kwandere, the entire Alago communities put together cannot boast of a completed project of one billion Naira, but the governor finds same Alago communities and local governments suitable for ranches,” he lamented.
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Retro: Meet Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria who died about 40 year
Chief Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti was not just the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria, the beautiful woman was also the mother of great Nigerian music legend and activist, Femi Anikulapo Kuti. She was born on October 25, 1900 and died on April 13, 1978 at the age of 77. The deceased was a teacher, political campaigner, women’s right activist and a traditional aristocrat in Nigeria. She served with distinction as one of the most prominent leaders of her generation. According to Wikipedia, late Funmilayo’s political activism led her to being regarded as the, ‘The Mother of Africa’ and in 1947, she was described as the ‘Lioness of Lisabi’, by the West African Pilot. Funmilayo was the mother of Beko Ransome-Kuti a medical doctor and Professor Olikoye Ransome-Kuti, who is a doctor and one time health minister. She was also the grandmother to music legends, Seun and Femi Kuti. READ ALSO: Self-acclaimed pastor arrested for allegedly defrauding his member of N16million (photo) Born to the family of Chief Daniel Olumeyuwa Thomas and Lucretia Phyllis Omoyeni Adesolu’s family, her father was a son of a returned slave from Sierra Leone. He traced his ancestral history back to Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria where he became a member of the Anglican faith. She attended Abeokuta Grammar School for her secondary education, and later went to England for further studies. She soon returned to Nigeria and became a teacher and on January 20, 1925, she married Reverend Israel Oludotun Ransome-Kuti. In 1942, Funmilayo founded the Abeokuta’s Ladies Club (ALC) for educated women involved in charitable works and in 1965, she received the national honour of membership in the Order of the Niger. The University of Ibadan (UI) conferred upon her the honorary doctorate of laws in 1968. She also held a seat in the Western House of Chiefs of Nigeria as an Oloye of the Yoruba people. She founded the Egba or Abeokuta Women's Union along with Eniola Soyinka, her sister-in-law and the mother of the Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka. This makes Professor Wole Soyinka her nephew. • Ranking member of the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons. • Treasurer and president Western Women Association of the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons. • First woman to drive a car in Nigeria. It could be recalled that on Thursday, August 20, 2012, one of her grandsons Seun Kuti responded to questions from fans and friends on Channels Television, Nigeria’s platform via Google+. Saying that his grandmother was murdered by the federal government. Here. He asked them to apologize to his family for the death of his grandmother, before considering immortalizing her by putting her picture on the proposed N5,000 note. However, as of September 3, 2012, the Nigerian government neither responded to his request nor apologized. The N5,000 proposal was later withdrawn by the Nigerian government. In old age, it was reported that late Funmilayo’s activism was outshined by that of her three sons,
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Why we'll become violent ahead of 2019 election - Biafra group - Daily Post Nigeria
Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, has threatened to become violent ahead of the 2019 general election.  The pro-Biafra group said it will not allow politicians, who are “obstacles” to the current struggle for Biafra, campaign freely in the South-South and South East.  The leader of BNYL, Princewill Chimezie Richard, in a statement made available to DAILY POST, warned Igbo politicians still preaching one Nigeria not to use their political campaigns to “hoodwink” the people of the region into believing in a united Nigeria.  “As they are preparing for 2019 we are also preparing; no politician will be allowed to deceive the grassroot and the youths this time”, it read.  “We are not threatening to destabilize their campaigns but we will monitor them carefully and their speeches. Whoever speaks against us will be stoned.”  The group vowed to resist those who have paid allegiance to the Northern oligarchy from taking political control of the region.  “We know PVC is a scam, it does not work in Nigeria. It is only good for bank transactions, because the powerful northern leaders will manipulate every process to make sure their anointed loyalists are imposed across Nigeria, especially our territory being their major target.  “They just want to control our natural and human resources and then frustrate the Biafran movement but we will prove to them that part of Southern Nigeria is controlled by Biafra.”
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TECNO unveils Pouvoir 2 and Pouvoir 2 Pro, affordable smartphones with 96 hours battery life - Daily
In accordance with its well-defined status quo in consistently delivering quality products to its consumers, Africa’s leading smartphone maker, TECNO Mobile recently launched a smartphone duo called Pouvoir 2 and Pouvoir 2 Pro, a continuation of its power series started last year. The Pouvoir 2 and Pouvoir 2 Pro are revolutionary smartphones and serve as substantial upgrades from its predecessors within the subset of TECNOsmartphones. The Pouvoir 2 comes with a 2GB RAM while the Pouvoir 2 Pro has 3GB RAM for seamless usage of apps on the device concurrently. However, both devices come with 4G connectivity, 6.0 HD screen, a sleek design of 167g with 3.8 visual thickness and 16GB ROM internal storage. The Pouvoir 2 dons an 8MP front-facing camera and a rear camera with 13MP while the Pouvoir 2 Pro sports a 13MP front-facing camera and a rear camera of 13MP. Most importantly, the Pouvoir 2 and Pouvoir 2 Pro come with an impeccably crafted 5000mAh battery that is guaranteed to gift the user 96 hours of normal usage which is equivalent to 4 days of non-stop fun. With the introduction of the Pouvoir 2 and Pouvoir 2 Pro into the Nigerian market, we are reminded that TECNO Mobile will continue to remain Africa’s leading smartphone maker despite being in a stiffly competitive market. The Pouvoir 2 smartphone is available in retail outlets across Nigeria with a starting price of N46, 000 For more information, click to visit TECNO Mobile Nigeria website.
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Fani-Kayode reacts as 'picture' of Kemi Adeosun in NYSC uniform emerges - Daily Post Nigeria
Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has spoken in condemnation of a picture of the Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) kit currently making the rounds on social media.  Fani-Kayode, writing on his verified Twitter page, insisted the image looks photoshopped and said it was only compounding her problems.  “Whoever was stupid enough to conjure up this terrible photoshopped picture in an attempt to cover up Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun’s shameless malfeasance has just compounded her problems.  “Not only must she be removed as a Minister but she must also be prosecuted for forgery,” he wrote.  Adeosun is under the microscope, for alleged criminal forgery of her NYSC certificate.  The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday, charged President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately sack, arrest and arraign the Minister.
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Meet Tanzanian model who has the body of a goddess and is known as the original African queen
When you talk of beauty you think of facial features that draw you to a person. A young lady knows how to send humans to another word just by releasing photos of herself.For Instagram brand influencer, Jacqueline Obed it's all about the body and it's what keeps her 88,000 followers glued to their phones on days she decides to flaunt her curves.Jacqueline is not your everyday curvy woman, she has made a living from posing in outfits for top brands but all that achievements is small compared to how confident she is as an individual. Simply put, Obed is why some men leave their wives, with all that curves, one would suspect nothing less.Just recently, the young lady decided to take her followers on a ride and released some mind-blowing cute photos, flaunting her goddess-like body and it most definitely got a lot of men drooling. READ ALSO: Nigerians react to the viral picture of Tonto Dikeh kissing Bobrisky Here are some of the photos below:  Although Jaq is a pretty simple woman who dress in the most basic outfits but her curves are worth a million dollars and that piece of information is why she can show off the amazing body with a straight face.     READ ALSO: 4 adorable photos of actress Rita Dominic as she clocks 43     If you screamed 'wow', you're not alone. Get hottest gist on Naija Uncensored Facebook Group. Join here.PAY ATTENTION: Read best news on Nigeria's #1 news appGirl with multi-coloured eyes discovered in Nigeria on NAIJ.com TV: Subscribe to watch new videos  Source: Naija.ng Show Comments Think it is important? Share with your friends!
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Blind cleric shares prophecies on Ekiti, 2019 elections, herdsmen killings - Daily Post Nigeria
A renowned blind cleric, Prophet Muyideen Kasali, has shared his vision on the July 14 governorship election in Ekiti.  He also advised the Federal Government to put an end to the insurgency and incessant killings in some parts of the country before the 2019 presidential election.  Kasali, who gave the advice on Saturday, said allowing the violence to go unabated may not augur well for Nigeria before, during and after the elections.  The popular cleric, who is the General Overseer of the Hour of Mercy Prayer Ministry Worldwide (Oke Alaseyori), spoke during the July edition of the monthly Hour of Mercy programme of the church in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.  He begged politicians in the state to eschew violence and not turn the state into a battle field in the name of election, saying God will avenge such unwholesome acts on the household of whoever is plotting such.  The cleric also said the 2018 governorship election in Ekiti State would be full of surprises.  “God told me mighty men will fall for in the election and the humble shall be exalted to bring a man after his heart to succeed Governor Ayodele Fayose. This He said will happen in a miraculous way.  “Politicians must not promote violence in the coming Ekiti election. God said He would visit His anger on the household of whoever does that. The results of the election must not be manipulated. Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and other stakeholders in the election must be fair and thorough in their conducts.  “Votes of Ekiti people must be allowed to count. The electoral process must not manipulated in favour of any candidate and actual winner declared winner of the election. God told me if the conduct of Ekiti election is fraudulent, the 2019 general election will fail.  “We must be careful to do the right thing concerning Ekiti elections otherwise, it may mark the end of democracy in the country. Thousands of vision and prophecies may not work.  “President Muhammdu Buhari must take the issue of security seriously in this country. If adequate security of lives and property cannot be guaranteed, God said we should forget the 2019 elections. ”  On the killer herdsmen activities in the country, the cleric said God is set to intervene in the situation as their operations will be curtailed soon.  “Power will change hand on the activities of the killer herdsmen soon. Their sponsors and promoters will soon be fish out, apprehended and prosecuted. God said we should relax and see what He is about to do about them.  “What we do not know is that, those that are behind their operations are somewhere plotting to wreak havoc on daily basis, but it is another thing and and different people we are suspecting to be the brains behind the heinous crime they are committing”.  Commenting on the plan by the federal government’s intention to establish cattle ranches across the country to curb herdsmen/ farmers clashes, Prophet Kasali said that may not be solution as other groups in the rel
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Grace, 56-year-old wife of Prophet Samuel Abiara speaks on how she ‘preserved herself’ till marriage
Many were surprised to hear that immediate past General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Prophet Samuel Abiara, was getting married. He however recently got married to Grace Ojewande who said she was a vi*gin at 56 years of age. They got married in March 2018. In a recent interview with Punch, she explained how she kept herself till marriage and how she met Prophet Abiara. Read excerpts below: I have never been tempted to backslide. What has been keeping me going is that I know that there is God. Everybody in life has been faced with one form of temptation or the other but for me, I noticed everything was going on fine with me apart from the issue of marriage. I told myself that if God could perform wonders in other spheres of my life, he would do it for me when it comes to marriage; I waited patiently on the Lord and he made other things available for me. I never gave up. There is an annual programme in MFM which holds around my birthday. I remember telling God a year before I got married that I had never asked Him for a birthday gift but He should give me my own birthday gift by granting my heart desire last year. Before the end of the year my prayer was answered. I faced a lot of pressure but I had God on my side. I faced pressure to the extent that my family, friends began to tell me to marry just anybody even if the person was not a Christian. Anytime I got such advice, all I used to say was ‘okay’. I never fought them because I knew that it was borne out of the love and care they felt towards me. If they did not care, they would just be watching me. It was by divine intervention; everything was prepared by God. When I say that we met through divine intervention, it is beyond human reasoning. It is beyond human imagination. But for a divine intervention to occur, God has to use people. Was it a case of match-making through a mutual friend? We did not meet through match-making. I had initially said that there was a prophecy about 13 years ago that I would get married to a man of God; so when it happened, I was not surprised. As the Lord lives, I would. What age was Sarah when she had her child? She was in her 90s, I am just in my 50s, so what are we saying. The God that did it for Sarah then is still the same God. He does not change. Throughout my university days, I was never one of those girls that had s#x with lecturers to pass their courses. I was always adequately prepared and I could stay in the classroom till 2am before I got back to the hostel to sleep. If a lecturer scheduled an early morning class, after reading I would sleep in the classroom despite the noise and after the early morning lecture, I would return to my hostel. When God prepares a person for a certain journey in life, you would not know but he would give you the strength and knowledge required for the journey. PAY ATTENTION: Install our latest app for Android and read the best news about Nigeria Pastor Ashimolowo shades Daddy Freeze, insis
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Nigerians react as suspected gunmen kidnap Senator Dino Melaye - Daily Post Nigeria
Kogi West Senator, Dino Melaye was reportedly kidnapped on Thursday morning in Gwagalada on his way to court.  DAILY POST recalls that the lawmaker was supposed to appear in court on Thursday but failed following a reported attack on him by gunmen suspected to be kidnappers.  Nigerians, however, took to the social media to react to the news.  While some are of the opinion that the Kogi lawmaker might have staged his own abduction, others said they were tired of the various drama playing out in Nigeria.  Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST:  I wholeheartedly condemn the abduction of @dino_melaye. I implore those that have kidnapped him to return him home safely to his family and loved ones. I urge the Federal Government to do its job and protect the Nigerian people before it is too late.  @Ibrahim Ijaola “Another day, another Dino Melaye headline  @Ebuka Obi-Uchendu “Plot twist… What if Dino Melaye planned his own kidnap just to gain public sympathy?  @Wale Adetona “Who will rescue Dino Melaye? This man has been shouting that his life is in danger. The police ignored him,withdrew his security & APC herdsmen mocked him saying he faked his neckbrace. Did he also fake his own kidnap?!  @Miz Cazorla “Similar case, Saraki was on his way to honor police invitation, before police blocked him. Dino on his way to court, but was abducted. This a Nollywood script similar to neck brace story. Please look for another script.  @olatunji k abiodun “Who has now kidnapped Dino Melaye? Can’t y’all corrupt politicians just get along?  @Imoh Umoren “Dino Melaye said to be abducted on the way to court today.  Condolences to his family. I have deep concerns as to why anyone would abduct a man already going to face the law. And I also hope this is not a self-arranged kidnap to avoid court. Oh Nigeria. The drama never ends.  @ YourFavOnlineDoctor “Why must it be only him they attack every time he’s to be present in court
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Canada visa in Nigeria: main requirements for successful applications
All you need to know about Canada visa requirement for Nigerian citizens and how to apply for a Canadian visa. Canada is one of the world`s largest and wealthiest countries. This country is good for living, studying and working. There are a lot of Nigerian citizens already there. Because the process of obtaining a visa in Canada is quite simple. Here are additional documents that may be in certain circumstances include: People who want to study in Canada on a temporary admission need to apply for the student visa. To be eligible for a student visa you need to have: You need to apply for a study permit before you come to Canada. But also in some cases it can be: applying within Canada, applying outside Canada, applying at the port of entry. Make sure that you understand which case is suitable for you. So, will you try to get your own Canadian visa? Then without doubt, our guide will be useful for you. Or you already have one? READ ALSO: How much is Canada visa fee in Nigeria 2018?
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Professionals task Gov. Obiano on completion of Anambra Airport project - Daily Post Nigeria
The Association of Professional Bodies in Nigeria (APBN), Anambra State chapter, has charged the state governor, Chief Willie Obiano, to brace up and ensure timely completion of the Anambra Cargo Airport at Umuleri, Anambra East local government area.  The group expressed worry over the slow pace of work or near-absence of work on the project after the hope of the citizens of the state was raised by the governor through its flag-off.  Chairman of the body, Dr. Akaolisa Ezeagu, who stated this on Friday in Awka, regretted that the speed at which the project started had dropped significantly, urging the government not to play politics with the project.  He said the body did not believe that the project was used to score political points, in view of its enormous economic significance to the state.  “Yes, infrastructure has severally been used by politicians to bargain for power. But the concept of the international cargo airport and the way the state government went about it, initially indicated professionalism.  “If the state would have the airport, being one of the states with the highest commercial activities, it’s going to boast trade in the state.  “The concept of the project is where aircrafts are going to be refuelled and others which would be the first in the Sub-saharan Africa. There will be enough dividends derivables from the project. So it’s not something government will play politics with at all,” he insisted.  Describing the airport as a key developmental project which would sustain the state’s economy for a long time, the chairman urged the government to see to its actualization before its expiration.  He said, “As professionals, we know the cost implications of the project. It’s a huge capital intensive project which will be impossible for the state to carry out single-handedly.  “That’s why it should review the Public Private Partnership policy, because if it is monolistic PPP policy, the financial capability of the company may be dwindling for that moment. The project need to be segmented with aggregated PPP in order to actualize the dream at record time.”
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What Southern, Middle Belt leaders discussed with Danjuma - Daily Post Nigeria
The Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum has met with a former Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma (retd.) over the killings in parts of the country.  Participants at the meeting including a Niger Delta leader, Chief Edwin Clark, and Yoruba leaders, Chief Ayo Adebanjo and Chief Olu Falae, sought Danjuma’s support to proffer solution to the carnage in Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Zamfara, Adamawa and other states.  Addressing journalists after the meeting which was held at Danjuma’s residence in Asokoro, Abuja on Monday, the President-General of Igbo socio-cultural group, Ohanaeze, Chief Nnia Nwodo, disclosed that the Forum and Danjuma resolved to embark on advocacy visits to all political and civil leaders in all the geo-political zones in order to stop the bloodshed.  The Ndigbo leader noted that there is currently no strong political direction towards a solution to the killings.  He said: “General TY Danjuma is an elder statesman and a non-partisan politician. He retired from both political and civil service obligations, but he remains a very strong neutral voice in our country and the Armageddon that has befallen us given the quantum of bloodshed that we waste on a daily basis.”  “We had a very useful discussion and as a father, he has promised that he will do everything within his power to ensure that he continues to be a voice of reason and a voice of reconciliation. He has promised to be a voice of advocacy for the correct way and path to follow in our polity,” Nwodo explained.  Asked if the forum discussed the issue of ranching, he said, “There is no reason for it to arise because it is part of the general issue that we raised regarding the instability in our country and the waste of blood.”  “We did not seek his (Danjuma’s) specific reaction on any of these points. We just wanted to bring to his attention the issues that we represent and our worry that the nation is sliding into chaos and we need him as an elder statesman to advocate as the voice of reason diplomatically to ensure that we do not go into the armpit of instability,” Nwodo added.
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Biafra: IPOB, Ohanaeze reconcile - Daily Post Nigeria
The leadership of the apex Igbo socio-political organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, have reconciled their differences.  A peace meeting was brokered between the two bodies by the Chairman of the Igbo Leaders of Thought, ILT, Prof. Ben Nwabueze, SAN.  The reconciliation means that the IPOB had stopped all forms of verbal attacks on the Igbo leaders.  The Deputy Leader of IPOB, Mazi Uche Mefor made this know in a statement made available to reporters in Enugu, Saturday.  The statement reads, “Following an important meeting with some respectable Igbo elders, the representatives of IPOB and leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo earlier today July 6, 2017 in Enugu, under the distinguished chairmanship of the very eminent Prof. Ben Nwabueze; IPOB High Command hereby mandate that all forms of verbal attacks and name calling on all media platforms against Ohaneze Ndigbo seize with immediate effect.  “No IPOB family member should disparage Ohaneze Ndigbo or its leadership until further notice.  “This is strictly to give room for a number of representations and demands made by IPOB, to those present at the meeting to be given due attention within the shortest possible time-frame, under an atmosphere devoid of rancour.  “The meeting stressed among other things the need for our people, who are presently under siege in parts of Enugu State, to recognise the urgency and need to synergise and constitute a common front against all forms of threats to our existence as a people.  “Should this gesture by IPOB, in the face of well documented betrayal and blackmail by the political class be taken for granted, IPOB shall have no option but to stand in the gap to defend the aspirations and collective will of the people of Biafra against every enemy.  “IPOB, as the most potent and largest freedom fighting outfit on earth, remains focused, determined and resolute. Our unalloyed commitment to a referendum in pursuit of our emancipation remain sacrosanct and insurmountable.”
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Top 10 impressive health benefits of bitter kola nuts and leaves
With a big choice of various herbs and other natural products full of vitamins and useful minerals, Nigerians can eat more healthy foods than regular and often unhealthy fast food and store products. For example, popular kola nut can increase your energy levels; treat fever and other health issues. So let us learn about health benefits of bitter kola nut and leaves in our post below.Bitter kolaKola trees are evergreen. They grow in African forests and bring many delicious tropical nuts every year. These nuts are actually the tree seeds located inside the fruit, but they are better known as garcinia kola or bitter kola.By the way, the name ‘bitter kola’ has been given to the plant because of its fruit's bitter taste that becomes sweeter when you chew it.Bitter plants (their nuts, leaves, bark, fruit) offer a wide variety of useful elements, such as vitamins of B-group, A, C, E, potassium, iron, fiber, calcium, and many antioxidants.People know about the incredible health benefits of bitter kola, so they use these seeds for medical and personal purposes. Besides, bitter kola nuts are used by African tribes as a welcome symbol for different ceremonies, holidays and gatherings.Kola nuts are added to soda to change its flavor, but there are more ways you can use this natural product and enjoy all its advantages for your health.How good are bitter kola nuts and leaves for your health? Can they improve your metabolism, digestion, cure some illnesses or not? How can you improve your state of health? How many bitter kola a day should you eat? We are happy to answer these questions below.Benefits of bitter kolaHere is a list of different health benefits of garcinia kola seeds and leaves:Better metabolism – the seeds can improve your metabolism since they have caffeine and offer a portion of it for your health, so if your metabolism is slow, you can try to boost it by eating bitter kola nuts.Improved digestion – your stomach pains related to poor digestion can go away since bitter kola seeds help to produce gastric acid that boosts enzymes necessary for better digestion.More energy for the day – do you need extra energy or wish to boost its levels in your body? Bitter kola nut and leaves can influence your central nervous system, and such natural stimulation can also increase your energy level.Better blood circulation – you will love the benefits of bitter kola for your blood system and heart, as the plant contains some wonderful components (theobromine and caffeine) that boost heartbeat and positively influence the circulation within your body system.Lower risks of prostate cancer development – this hasn’t been proved through studies, but there are beliefs that eating kola nuts can reduce the risk of developing this type of cancer thanks to its components called phytoestrogens.Less headaches – those people who suffer from periodical migraines might reduce their headaches by eating kola nuts and leaves as this plant contains caffeine that can be very helpfu
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Saraki reveals when he'll leave office as Senate President - Daily Post Nigeria
The Senate President, Bukola Saraki has revealed when he will leave office as the president of the upper legislative chambers.  Moves have allegedly been made by some politicians recently to impeach Saraki over his defection from the All Progressives Congress, APC, to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.  However, addressing a World Press Conference on Wednesday in Abuja, the Senate President said once the numbers stated by the constitution for his impeachment are met, he and other principal officers of the Senate will vacate their office.  He said: “Let me reiterate that neither myself, Deputy Senate President nor Speaker belong to the class of politicians that are desperate to stay in power by all means and at all costs. The day, two thirds of our members feel they do not have confidence in our leadership, we will gracefully bow out. I repeat again and again, this is not about us, but about respecting the constitution and the rule of law…”  Analysts posit that a quorum of 73 out of 109 senators is required to effect the impeachment of any principal officer of the red chamber, excluding the leadership of party caucuses.
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Celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji fires back at Charly Boy on Twitter, reveals why she got pregnant outs
On Sunday, May 20, celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji shocked her fans as her sister, Laura Ikeji-Kanu first shared her pregnancy pictures on social media. Not long after her sister’s revelation on Instagram, the blogger also took to her social media handle to confirm the pregnancy news. Linda did not end it there, she also revealed her plans to spoil her baby boy upon arrival. The one time preacher on celibacy on Monday, May 21, took to her Twitter handle to reveal why she got pregnant outside wedlock. Linda added that she is beyond blessed. READ ALSO: Happy Linda Ikeji reveals she already ordered a Bentley Mulsanne for her son The post which seems to have been deleted from her handle reads: “I preached celibacy to young girls because I feel that’s the right way to live until you meet someone very special that you love and who loves you and wants to be in a committed relationship with you. Passing body around and having multiple partners is not the way and I stand by it. And I’ve lived by it. But then I turned 36 and I knew there was nothing else I wanted more than to be a mum & wife and celibacy wasn’t going to get me that! I even did a video talking about how much I wanted these two things and God has finally answered my prayers. Beyond blessed.” The drama surrounding Linda’s pregnancy did not end there has veteran musician, Charly Boy popularly known as Area Fada, took to his Twitter handle on Monday, to applaud the blogger of listening to his advice of getting pregnant and forgetting about marriage. His post reads: “That Linda Ikeji is pregnant is no longer news, women are getting pregnant by the second and some don’t even want the baby. Thank God she listened to my advice, to get pregnant and forget about marriage. You have done the right thing my girl. Your Mumu suppose Do.” Without wasting much time, Linda immediately fired back at the singer saying she has not given up on marriage. Her post reads: “Nah. I want it all. Marriage and children and thankfully, that's what I am getting! Yay! Who says you can't have it all? God is amazing!” What do you think will happen if women rule the world? (Nigerian Street Interview) | Naij.com TV - on NAIJ.com TV.
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UFO researcher found a rectangular object on the photographs of the lunar surface
Popular Scottish ufologist George Graham, who discovered the photos of the moon many amazing anomalies shared with your subscribers information about your new discovery, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to Esoreiter. The researcher reports that treated images of Earth’s natural satellite, made in China by the automatic interplanetary spacecraft “Chang’e-3” and noticed on one of the frames of perfectly smooth black box impressive size! But how is this possible? Skeptics are constantly accused of ufologists that they give for the anomalies of various bizarre-looking stones, however their arguments will be powerless. Nature, devoid of right angles, could not create the moon rectangular parallelepiped. That is a volume object that is real, and not some random illusion, point lighting and the shadow cast by them. Include the following video, you will be able to see this amazing discovery with my own eyes. Just don’t expect a world sensation, lamented Graham. Scientists will either ignore this news, or will get off with a statement that all the fault of the fault of the camera or something like that. They don’t pay what is not the truth, but even the slightest interest in cooperating with independent researchers of the moon. Many commentators on YouTube have been very impressed with this item and immediately thought of the cult science fiction film “Space Odyssey 2001”, the plot of which is similar alien artifacts, called the “black monoliths” and influenced the course of human evolution have been found on Earth, the moon and the orbit of Jupiter. Find Graham this time so impressed the Internet users that even not one of skepticism.
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Southern, Middle-Belt leaders, Danjuma meet over herdsmen killings
- Some southern and middle-belt leaders have met with General Theophilus Danjuma over killings in Nigeria- The leader sought Danjuma’s support to proffer solution to the carnage in Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Zamfara, Adamawa and other states- Danjuma was said to have agreed to lend his voice and reach out to other eminent persons to proffer solutions to the killingsThe Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum (SMBLF), has met with a former Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma (retd.) over the killings in some parts of the country.The Punch reports that the participants at the meeting who included a Niger Delta leader, Chief Edwin Clark, and Yoruba leaders, Chief Ayo Adebanjo and Chief Olu Falae, sought Danjuma’s support to proffer solution to the carnage in Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Zamfara, Adamawa and other states.READ ALSO: 2019: There is no automatic ticket for Melaye, others - Kogi PDPNAIJ.com gathered that while addressing journalists after the meeting which held at Danjuma’s residence in Asokoro, Abuja on Monday, July 9, the president-general of Igbo socio-cultural group, Ohanaeze, Chief Nnia Nwodo, disclosed that the forum and Danjuma have resolved to embark on advocacy visits to all political and civil leaders in all the geo-political zones in order to stop the bloodshed.He explained that the former CAS had agreed to lend his voice and reach out to other eminent persons to proffer solutions to the killings.He noted that the advocacy against the current situation had become imperative to prevent the nation from sliding into anarchy and instability.The Ndigbo leader pointed out that there is currently no strong political direction towards a solution to the killings, adding that the SMBLF decided to collaborate with all eminent persons in the country to use their influence to end the ongoing carnage.“General TY Danjuma is an elder statesman and a non-partisan politician, but he is retired from both political and civil service obligations, but he remains a very strong neutral voice in our country and the Armageddon that has befallen us given the quantum of bloodshed that we waste on a daily basis and the lack of strong political direction regarding the solution.”“We had a very useful discussion and as a father, he has promised that he will do everything within his power to ensure that he continues to be a voice of reason and a voice of reconciliation. He has promised to be a voice of advocacy for the correct way and path to follow in our polity”, Nwodo explained.Asked if the forum discussed the issue of ranching, he said: “There is no reason for it to arise because it is part of the general issue that we raised regarding the instability in our country and the waste of blood.”“We did not seek his (Danjuma’s) specific reaction on any of these points. We just wanted to bring to his attention the issues that we represent and our worry that the nation is sliding into chaos and we needed him as an elder statesman to advocate as the voice of reaso
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Oby Ezekwesili reacts to video of 'her fighting with Kemi Adeosun' - Daily Post Nigeria
A former minister of Education, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, has reacted to the viral video purportedly showing her as embroiled in a fight with someone who looked like the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun aboard a flight. The footage, showing someone with a striking resemblance with the former minister fighting with another woman who looked like Adeosun, had recently gone viral on social media. Some Nigerians on social media had identified the two women as Oby Ezekwesili and Kemi Adeosun But reacting, Ezekwesili laughed off the clip, saying that those suggesting she was the one in the video must have eyesight problem. Ezeksweli wrote on Twitter, ”It appears some jokers are passing off another human being as “Oby Ezekwesili” in a video clip of two women brawling on board a flight. ”Please lend those jokers pairs of glasses & some of your intellect my dear friends. ”How could that flawlessly Yoruba speaking woman be me. ”Of course those jokers who desperately wish that I was the Yoruba mama in their airplane video will not see this post to disseminate. ”How can? Their eyesight problem worsens when anything good is written about Oby Ezekwesili.”
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What Buhari told Sierra Leone president Maada Bio - Daily Post Nigeria
President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday in Abuja assured the new President of Sierra Leone, Mr Julius Maada Bio, of Nigeria’s support as they work towards a stable and improved economy. Receiving the Sierra Leonean President at the Presidential Villa, Buhari congratulated Bio on the successful elections and the transitions that had ushered in a new government in the country. “We will continually stand by you to ensure stability in your country. We believe security in the West Coast region, Africa and the world should be a collective concern,” he said. He said Nigeria had for a long period provided security support for the country, especially during the 11 years of civil war, and would continue to assist the forces on the ground to ensure the peace and stability needed for development. President Buhari noted that he shared a lot in common with the Sierra Leonean President, which includes ruling the country as a military general, contesting several elections as opposition and winning to face the challenges of security and an ailing economy. In his remarks, the President of Sierra Leone said his country remains grateful to Nigeria for the brotherly role it had played in ensuring an end to protracted civil war in the country, and the successful political transitions since then. DON'T MISS: Download DailyPost Android app and earn unlimited free Airtime Mr Bio said he would work towards deepening the bilateral relations with Nigeria, and the strengthening of the regional bond, particularly in the areas of security and trade.
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Tears flow as late actress Aisha Abimbola aka Omoge Campus was finally laid to rest in Toronto
It could be recalled that on Tuesday, May 15, Nollywood once again mourned the death of one of its talented members, Aisha Abimbola popularly known as Omoge Campus. Without wasting much time, some of her colleagues immediately took to their social media handles to pen down heartbreaking tributes to the deceased. It was reported that the late actress died in Canada after battling with breast cancer. On Thursday, May 17, late Abimbola was buried according to Islamic rites in the city of Toronto. All funeral proceedings were taken care of by Heritage Funeral Centre. READ ALSO: 5 things you need to know about late actress Aisha Abimbola aka Omoge Campus However, one of her colleagues who is also based in Canada, Lola Alao, took to her Instagram handle to share pictures from the burial. Alao shared the burial photos with the caption: “Special thanks to City of Toronto for immense support, family and friends. May the blessings of Ramadan abide with you all.” See all her posts from the funeral service below: Nollywood stars have also revealed plans to honour the late Abimbola back home. This was communicated by veteran actor Saidi Balogun via his Instagram account. He disclosed that a candle light procession and artiste night would be held on Thursday, May 24, while the eight days Fidau prayers would be observed on Friday, May 25. However, venues where these activities would be held have not yet been revealed. Tears, wailing as late Moji Olaiya is laid to rest in Lagos - on NAIJ.com TV.
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The deification of Buhari has made many people to be afraid of criticising him - Fiery Islamic schol
- The “deification” of President Buhari has made it difficult for a lot of people to criticise him, Sheikh Gumi has said- According to him, the president is not doing enough to unite the people- He added that though Boko Haram has been tamed, insecurity has gotten worse under Buhari's governmentSheikh Ahmad Gumi, a prominent Muslim cleric, has said that things are worse under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari than when Goodluck Jonathan was in power.In an interview with the Punch, the fiery cleric said he knew the situation of things would be worse even before Buhari took over power.He said there during Jonathan’s administration, there was a lot of bloodshed but there was also a lot of progress.READ ALSO: You’re Awolowo’s reincarnation, APC excos tell Ayandele as he declares for governor“Even before Buhari came I was one of the few people that advised him that the Nigerian situation at the end of Jonathan’s regime was not the best for him. He was going to make things worse, not better."If you are bringing in a patient who has broken all his limbs to the hospital, the doctor will be concerned about whether his blood is circulating and not about his broken bones. The doctor will not be looking at the protruding bones but those standing by will be looking and wondering why the doctor is not concerned about the bones. The doctor is concerned about how to save the life of the patient.“That is how Nigeria is. When you are concerned and obsessed with what can be fixed later, you are rather killing Nigeria. That is what I see in the government,” the cleric stated.Gumi said because of the problems in Nigeria, it needs a person that can truly unify the country and not one polarising or dividing the polity. He said Nigeria needs a person who can listen and bring everybody together and also have a way of negotiating in the murky water of politics.He said his criticism of Buhari has nothing to do with him being a northerner or a Muslim but has to do with what is in the best interest of Nigerians.According to him, people are scared of criticising Buhari because of the fear. “The deification of Buhari has made many people to be afraid of criticising him because the next thing, you will be alleged to either be involved in murder or EFCC will be looking for you. That is why Jonathan’s record is better,” he said.READ ALSO: Osun guber: APC under pressure to pick candidate from Osun West senatorial districtOn the issue of security, he said though Boko Haram has been tamed, insecurity has become worse.He said: “There is no security in the country. I was told that a girl was stabbed in Kaduna recently by thugs who were trying to snatch her phone. They killed an undergraduate just because of a phone. What has Nigeria turned into? During Jonathan’s time, these things were not happening."Definitely, the situation now is worse. The economy is worse. Feeding is a problem; medical care is a problem. There are problems everywhere. Nigeria is down. Nobody is se
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Mikel, Okocha, worried with Super Eagles performance against Croatia
- Super Eagles captain Mikel Obi worried with the way the team defended set-pieces- Nigeria conceded two goals in each half of the game from dead ball situations- Ex-international Austin Okocha also slams Gernot Rohr's tactics in the match Super Eagles captain Mikel Obi is said he is baffled at the manner the team conceded two goals from set pieces in their 2-0 loss to Croatia. An own goal from Oghenekaro Etebo and a penalty from Luka Modric gave the Croatians victory over the Nigerian side at the Kaliningrad Stadium on Saturday night.Both goals were conceded from a set piece and the Tijain Teda midfielder is concerned on how the team could not defend properly against the Croats.READ ALSO: 5 things we learnt in the Super Eagles loss to Croatia“It’s difficult to explain. We talked about it and considering the fact that we trained on it. It’s four goals conceded now from set-piece,” Mikel said in his post-match interview “We have to keep going to try to improve on set pieces.”The 33-year-old was also quick to play down talks that some of his teammates are inexperience against the star-studded Croatian side.PAY ATTENTION: Click on link to get World Cup fixtures on NAIJ.com“I think the young guys did well but we just have to keep going and trying to get better,” he added.Former Super Eagles captain Austin Okocha has blamed Gernot Rohr for his poor tactical approach in the 2-0 loss.The veteran mifielder who starred for Nigeria in three FIFA World Cups in 1994, 1998 and 2002 also faulted the team’s poor defending which led to the two goals conceded in each half.“It was a decent first half but maturity was the edge the Croatian team had over the Nigerian team,” Okocha said on SuperSport.“The Super Eagles got done by the movements of the Croatian team in their box. The Super Eagles midfielders were not doing their best both in defending and in attack.“Eagles didn’t geg the best out of Alex Iwobi and Victor Moses because the manager was trying to accommodate Mikel Obi in the team.“The manager didn’t earn his money today. We were not a threat in the first half and I was expecting him to play three at the back, five players in the midfield and two strikers to the team a chance to get back into the game.“It is sad because I know we can do better than this. Of course there is still hope but we have to do it the hard way now.“These (Croatians) are world class players who know how to win by exploiting little details.”PAY ATTENTION: Click on link to get World Cup results and standings on NAIJ.com Okocha also slammed Rohr for deploying Mikel in the creative role.“We didn’t have a creative player today,” he added. “Mikel has been a good servant to the national team. His best position is playing in front of the defence. We saw what he did playing for Chelsea where he had a glorious career.“The most creative player in that team is Alex Iwobi but he was played on the flanks. He (Iwobi) can play on the flanks at Arsenal because they had better players in that role lik
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How much is Ja Rule's worth in 2018?
American rappers are known for their fabulous lifestyles, and it is always interesting to know how much they are actually worth. In this post, we will tell you about Ja Rule net worth and talk about the man himself. Jeffrey Bruce Atkins who is more commonly known by his stage name Ja Rule is an American artiste that has been on the scene for more than two decades. Which is why it would probably not surprise you that he is a millionaire. Sources vary on the exact number of his net worth. The Richest say that it is $5 million, while CelebrityNetWorth claims that it is $8 million. Either way, the artiste is quite wealthy by all standards. Most of this money came from the sales albums. Back in the 2000’s, Ja Rule albums topped the charts, so he pumped them out consistently every year from 1999 to 2004. That was probably when he had amassed the bulk of his wealth. Later on, though, things went downhill. For several years, Ja went on hiatus and when he returned, Ja rule music did not impress the fans as much. What was worse, the artiste started fighting with his fellow rappers, having legal problems and even getting imprisoned several times, which definitely did not help his reputation or net worth. Apart from being a musician, Ja Rule also tried other lucrative ventures. For instance, he starred in several movies, including The Cookout and I'm in Love with a Church Girl. In addition to that, he has been involved in several entrepreneurship ventures, such as a clothing line by the name of ErvinGeoffrey along with IrvGotti, a liquor company by the name The Mojito and a line of men’s sneakers named Maven x Madden with Steve Madden himself. READ ALSO: Wizkid and Justin Bieber: who is the richest? Things would probably not be all that bad for Ja Rule if he had not gotten involved with a man known as Billy McFarland. The two met in 2015 and collaborated on creating a credit card. Their end product called Magnises ended up failing, as it cost $250 per year for no good reason other than just getting money from gullible millennials. Two years ago, the duo created their own booking agency called Fyre Media, and a year later, they decided to hold Fyre Festival, which, as you might know, figuratively went up in flames. If you do not know, basically Ja Rule and McFarland promised a paradise in the Bahamas with appearances from top musicians, but the place ended up being a dump, and artistes quickly pulled out after finding out about it. As you might imagine, people that paid big bucks for their tickets expecting to have a great time, were not all that happy when they arrived to Bahamas (and could not even return home for a while). That is why Ja Rule and his associate were drowned in lawsuits. Even though the festival was supposed to happen in 2017, the legal proceedings continued until a few months ago. The brunt of the blame fell on McFarland’s shoulders, but Ja Rule’s reputation suffered another major blow. Over the years, the famous and popular rappe
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Top facts you should know about Davido's brother and sisters
Many people are surprisingly interested in Davido’s siblings. If you are interested in this question, too, let’s figure out the answer together and find out how many siblings the singer has and who they are. Image source: kemifilani.comHow many sisters and brothers Davido hasDavido is the third child in his father Deji Adeleke’s family. He has a brother named Adewale Adeleke who’s older than Davido, and two sisters named Sharon and Ashley Coco. They were spotted together by reporters on their father’s birthday some years ago. Image source: pinterest.comREAD ALSO: I wrote the song Assurance for Davido - Young man cries out on FacebookThe Adeleke children have only one living parent. Their mother passed away more than ten years ago. Apart from these siblings, Davido has no other ones. Their father and mother’s marriage was blessed with these kids only. Who are Davido’s brother and sisters?Image source: pulse.ngLast year it became known that Davido and his siblings had received high posts in the company headed by their father, Pacific Holdings. Davido, Ashley, Sharon, and Wale are directors and, in addition to this, Wale is a CEO at HKN. They all have seats in the Board of Directors, which generally consists of six persons, where their father works as chairman. Ashley combines this post with a job she has in the management department. Sharon is an executive director. Ashley is happily married and bears her husband’s last name – Ashley Adaji. Sharon is also a married woman and her last name is Ademefun. This is what is known about Davido’s siblings and their lives. With a billionaire brother and a father who owns a great corporation, they can expect to have a great life the rest of their lives.. READ ALSO: Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma prays to God after being confronted by a trollSubscribe to watch new videos Source: Naija.ng Show Comments Think it is important? Share with your friends!
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Breaking: Dbanj’s one-year-old son Daniel III passes on
- This is a sad time for Nigerian musician Dapo Oyebanjo- His son and only child Daniel Oyebanjo III has reportedly passed on- Baby Daniel is said to have drowned in a pool located in their house in IkoyiIn a sad turn of events, news reaching NAIJ.com indicate that the son of popular Nigerian musician Dbanj and his wife Didi, Daniel Oyebanjo III has died.According to various sources, Daniel who was one-year-old drowned at Dbanj’s Ikoyi residence on Sunday June 24, 2018. His remains have since been moved to a morgue at GRA, Ikeja.READ ALSO: Daniella Okocha shows off beauty in latest photosReacting to the news, Dbanj took to his Instagram page to write that: “ Trying Times . But my God is Always and Forever Faithful ��.”This is coming just days after Dbanj shared some interesting photos showing him hanging out with Baby Daniel.May baby Daniel’s gentle soul rest in perfect peace, amen.PAY ATTENTION: Install our latest app for Android and read the best news about NigeriaMom's Blog Ep 3: Does A Mom Have Weekends? | Naij.com TVSubscribe to watch new videosSource: Naija.ng Show Comments Think it is important? Share with your friends!
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Access Bank mobile money transfer guide
Access Bank mobile money transfer guide is created to give you the much needed information. Access Bank has recently updated their website for Internet Banking, and now there are some new options for users. There are special USSD codes to make mobile money transfers no matter what telecommunication operator you are using. Let’s take a look at the requirements needed for these transactions by Access Bank clients as well as the easy steps you need for your money operations. Despite the fact Nigeria is developing very fast, there are still a lot of people who do not know that you don't have to go to the bank to make any money operations you need. There are many Banks in our country and almost every big bank give its clients the possibility of mobile money transfers. There are three ways you can do it: Let's talk about how to do mobile money transfer using codes. Access Bank has a USSD code for mobile money transfers both to Access Bank and other banks accounts. This code is *901#. This code opens a special menu where you can do all the operations you need. There are also a few more variants of this code for some operations. So, here are requirements for making mobile money transactions: If you are transferring your funds to another Access Bank account, you can do it in two following ways. For the first is use the transfer code *901*1*Amount* Account Number of the reciever#. For example, if you want to make a money transfer of 6,000 NGN to a person with bank account number 1234567890 you need to dial *901*1*6000*1234567890#. READ ALSO: Online survey jobs in Nigeria in 2018 To confirm the transfer, it will ask you to enter the last four digits of your BVN or 4 digits security code to accept the transfer of 6,000 NGN from your credit card. In the end, you will receive the confirmation message for successful or failed transaction. For the second method, dial dial *901#. Then press “2” to go to funds transfers. To make mobile money transfer, to access the bank account, you should press “1”. Then it will also ask you to enter the last four digits of your BVN to authenticate the transfer. Remember, that money transfers between Access Bank accounts are free, but the limitation of funds could transfer a day is 100,000 NGN. For mobile money transfers on other Nigerian banks, there are also two methods. They are almost the same as for Access bank transfers, but instead of “1” you should press “2”. For example, now you will need to dial *901*2*6000*1234567890#. In the second way of making the transfer, you also need to dial *901# and press the button “2” twice. Then enter last four digits of BVN. Note that the limit for these transactions is the same, but they have a charge of 55 NGN. Here are a few more codes that could be useful for you: This is the easiest way to make mobile money transfers for Access Bank cardholders. The only minus for this service could be the absence of the possibility to make international money transfers. However, the webs
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Yoruba youths react to claim that all land in Nigeria belongs to Fulani - Daily Post Nigeria
The Yoruba Youth Socio-cultural Association has reacted to the claim by the Chairman of Miyetti Allah Hore that land all over Nigeria belongs to the Fulani.  The Yoruba youths warned the Federal Government against acquiring land to build cattle ranches for Fulani herdsmen.  The President of the YYSA, Olalekan Hammed, told Punch in Osogbo on Sunday that acquiring land for building ranches for herdsmen would cause a serious crisis in the future.  He said since the Fulani had already claimed ownership to the entire nation, it would be suicidal to build ranching across the country for their cows because they will be causing a serious crisis with the people of their host communities.  The youths called on the FG to treat livestock business like other privately – owned businesses so that people from other ethnic groups would not see the government action as trying to favour the Fulani people at then expense of others.  He said, “The Federal Government should not go ahead to acquire land for Fulani people because this will cause a serious crisis in the future.  “The Chairman of Miyetti Allah has already said that land in the entire country belongs to the Fulani.  “The Federal Government should not acquire land for them in Yorubaland.  “If Fulani herdsmen want to buy land for their livestock business, they should contact state governments. If there is available land in any state, such state will give them and they will make agreements on the land.  “Livestock business is private business of individuals and the Federal Government should not use the nation’s resources to create ranches for the Fulani.  “The statement that all land in Nigeria belongs to Fulani shows that they have a hidden agenda to dominate everywhere and this can never be possible.  “So, in order to avoid a crisis which the proposed ranches by the Federal Government would cause in the future, we are advising them against it now. Nobody will cede an inch of Yorubaland to anybody for ranches.”
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I warned Buhari against taking over from Jonathan in 2015 - Sheikh Gumi - Daily Post Nigeria
A fiery Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi has revealed how he warned President Muhammadu Buhari against taking over governance from the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan.  Gumi said he told Buhari that he was coming to make things worse for Nigerians due to the situation on ground when he won the election.  The cleric said his criticism of the President was done in the interest of Nigerians.  Speaking with Punch, Gumi noted that things were worse now under the Buhari administration than it was during the past government.  According to him, “Our criticism of Buhari is not about being a northerner or a Muslim . It has to do with what is in the best interest of Nigerians. A leader is like a blind man. People on the ground or on the field could see what he cannot see.  “Preachers of religions who are apolitical are the ones that are the eyes , telling the leadership what to do or where things are going wrong.  “We are like the press too, we are supposed to be neutral in our presentation of facts. Once things are not going on as they should be, it is our duty to come out to explain to the people and the government what is wrong and also proffer solutions.  “Even before Buhari came, I was one of the few people that advised him that the Nigerian situation at the end of Jonathan’s regime was not the best for him. He was going to make things worse, not better.  “If you are bringing in a patient who has broken all his limbs to the hospital , the doctor will be concerned about whether his blood is circulating and not about his broken bones.  “The doctor will not be looking at the protruding bones but those standing by will be looking and wondering why the doctor is not concerned about the bones.  “The doctor is concerned about how to save the life of the patient. That is how Nigeria is. When you are concerned and obsessed with what can be fixed later, you are rather killing Nigeria. That is what I see in the government.”
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7 tips for making correct football prediction
Sports betting is always fun, especially when you get to win often. But how can you do that? Where can you find the tips on how to predict football matches correctly? Well, here, of course! We will teach you how to make sure predictions today!Sometimes, when you are watching football, it feels like you know right away who is going to win. When the match is over, if it turns out that you were right all along, you cannot help but think about how much money you would have won if you had placed a bet based on your instincts.Other times, your confidence is destroyed when the team you have been rooting for has been utterly annihilated on the field, and you no longer feel like you know anything about football. Obviously, you would want to avoid this feeling as much as possible, but how? Well, for starters, you can check out our seven tips on how to predict a football match correctly.Match prediction: Considering the variablesWhen you are trying to make your best football prediction, it is important to consider the variables. What should you base your match prediction on? With football, one of the most important things to look out for is teams’ performance data. It includes knowing about the shots on goal, shots on target, goal differential, location of shots and ball possession of the teams you plan to bet on or against.Thus, to make a correct score prediction, you will need to gather some data on the opponents of the upcoming match. Look as far as ten previous matches for each team to achieve the best results. It can be time-consuming, but it will definitely be worth the while when you make a correct prediction.Figuring out goal expectancy for the correct score predictionThere is nothing more to this than maths. Pretty much all of the betting websites offer goal expectancy for the match, but you can also find this information on betting forums. In addition to that, there is such a thing as match previews, where the commentators can provide you with all the information you need about possible goals.Ball possession rates of both teams should not be overlooked as well. This data is also readily available. When you compare the two teams in terms of their possession of the ball, it will give you some idea about how the match might turn out.Paying attention to home advantage to make a correct predictionIt is no secret for football fans that teams play much better at home than they do away. Just compare the statistics of your favourite team for the last few seasons, and you will see what we mean. One of the reasons for that is the prevalence of the home team fans on the field, and you should not underestimate how much support of the fans means to the players.This means that you can use this knowledge to your advantage while calculating the odds. Sometimes, even if the guest team is much stronger than the home team.Learning about the goal differentialREAD ALSO: Virtual football league tips and tricksData about goal differentials is probably the most readily a
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“2 Days & 1 Night” PD Expresses Desire To Have Young Idols On The Show
On April 11, producing director (PD) Yoo Il Yong of “2 Days & 1 Night” sat down for an interview with news outlet OSEN. See Also: "Ask Us Anything" PD Promises Wanna One Will Bring Big Laughs With Their Appearance During the interview, PD Yoo Il Yong talked about his desire to have young idols as guests on the show. Soompi.Display.News.English.300x250.BTF Soompi.Mobile.English.300x250.ATF He expressed, “The cast members we have right now are the best. But the youngest member is over 30 years old, so I wondered what it would be like to have some younger stars on the show. I think it would be great to have people in their 20s like [Wanna One’s] Kang Daniel, [iKON’s] Bobby, BTS, and EXO.” “If these people in their early 20s were to come and play games with our cast members, even jumping into water and sleeping outside, it would be a fresh [experience]. I’ve pictured this before, but I haven’t actually planned it out yet,” he added. Would you like to see Kang Daniel, Bobby, BTS, and EXO on the show? Meanwhile, you can watch the latest episode of “2 Days & 1 Night” below! Watch Now Source (1)
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