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Ohtani car leaving Angels Stadium
Players and coaches leave the stadium in their cars as the fans hope to get a glimpse or perhaps a signature as they leave. Ohtani, Canhoun, Tropeano and Briseno are seen as well as others. Hopefully noone will put a magnifying glass on Ohtani's plate. My subs would NEVER do that? :)
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Ohtani blast live HR homerun Angels
He hits his 9th of the season off James Shields 7-25-18.
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Manchelle Michelle Obama Michael Man Penis Tranny Transgender
I was skeptical about this conspiracy until I saw this gif on a Buzzfeed website taken from the Ellen show. You can see the definition and everything. This is just one of the many fraudulent things about that administration. I figure now that they're out of office, they won't be coming to Breitbart me for posting this.
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ESPN misses Matt Ryan's f bomb
Warning profanity. Matt Ryan in his no huddle offense shouts to hurry teammates into lining up quicker. ESPN sound team missed the f bomb.
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Frank Sinatra Early Hits
There's No Business Like Show Business 2002 compilation of early Frank Sinatra Hits. Lots of fine standards on this one. 1. There's No Business Like Show Business 2. I Only Have Eyes for You 3. Love Me as I am 4. Oh What a Beautiful Morning 5. Over the Rainbow 6. Moments in the Moonlight 7. Time After Time 8. Fools Rush In 9. Blue Skies 10. All or Nothing at All 11. It Had to be You 12. Begin the Beguine
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Aretha Franklin --- A Rose is Still a Rose
A Rose Is Still a Rose is a 1998 album from the Queen of Soul. RIP (1942-2018) 1. A Rose is Still a Rose 0:00 2. Never Leave You Again 4:26 3. In Case You Forgot 8:54 4. Here We Go Again 13:43 5. Every Lil Bit Hurts 17:14 6. In the Morning 21:21 7. I'll Dip 26:17 8. How Many Times 30:23 9. Watch My Back 34:45 10. Love Pang 39:31 11. The Woman 43:51
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Indoor fireworks on NYE fire alarm
After the hockey game were fireworks, but they were cut short when too much smoke set off the fire alarms.
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1956 Perfect Game 5 World Series Don Larsen
Radio play by play of the iconic game on 10-8-1956 World Series 2-0 won by the Yankees over the Dodgers by Bob Neal and Bob Wolff. Don Larsen's perfect game at Yankee's Stadium. This was ripped from an old cassette tape bought by my dad in the 1980s. It's one of the few he had left.
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Last Hour of KMET 94.7 FM to KTWV The Wave 2-14-87
The last hour of KMET before it transitioned to KTWV The Wave. Ripped from a 30 year old audio cassette TDK D90 from a Sony S2 cassette walkman using a 99c store 3.5 and a Dollar Tree wired speaker into a Radio Shack tri pod. Primitive but effective. You can hear audio of B Mitchell Reed and songs from The Beatles, The Who, Elton John, The Cars, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, The Boss and others. It was a sad day for many of us the grew up on the Mighty Met. As a college student I thought it might be an important thing to document if only for my own nostalgia. Now you can share in it too if you want as long as they don't make me take it down. It also includes the first two Wave songs. Well, it did get taken down. There's a big blank space where an Eagles song once was. I guess even this low quality is a copyright violation lol. Hopefully there won't be any more. Now minus one Beatles song The End. Still has the others in the montage for now. Anyway, back again 2/19. Not sure how long it was blocked this time.
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Bees take over foul pole at Angel's Rangers game
That cleared the area. Bird was pitching for the Rangers so we had the birds and the bees. The Angels AAA team just also happens to be named the Bees. There was also a bee delay at an Angel game I was at last August 4th. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZa63tTxZhU
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Shohei Ohtani signs with the Angels
Reporter: So Shohei, what are you going to do now? Ohtani: I'm going to Disneyland! 100 years after the Babe came on to the scene, the Japanese version lands in Orange County. I chose my favorite MLB show Intentional Talk to share this news.
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Yelich signs for fans before game
Before the game at Anaheim stadium. Lorenzo Cain also signed. Yelich and Trout also fraternized during warmups.
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Ryan Shazier Steeler LB back injury
Ryan Shazier LB for the Steelers suffered a serious spine injury early in the Monday night Dec 4th game against the Bengals and had to be carted off. Godspeed to him.
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TWIB 1992 October This week in Baseball with Mel Allen
TWIB October 1992 with Mel Allen includes the first round of the playoffs and the famous Cabrera hit. How about that!
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Man kills himself after long police chase
From Garden Grove to San Bernardino Cajon Pass.
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Daytona 500 2019 mega crash
Near the end of the race
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West Coast Thunder 2017 Memorial Day motorcycle ride parade Riverside CA
This first 10 min of the motorcycle parade at Riverside California Allessandro and Canyon Crest view of it. Veterans riding motorcycles end up at the National Cemetery for a ceremony. It starts at the Harley shop on Indiana St. Over 7k motorcycles participated amid heavy police presence despite a Hells Angels shooting on the same Indiana St. 2 weeks earlier.
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Big O Tires Jello cake commercial
It always makes me laugh. No no no no lol
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1959 NFL Championship New York Giants at Baltimore Colts Radio Broadcast
The year after the greatest game ever played, these two teams meet again. First half. Includes commercials from 1959 cigarette radio ones. Van Patrick with the play by play.
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500 mil stamp prize Postie Pete RS
Turned 200 stamps to get the biggest package and was blown away by a 500m prize. Have they ever given away this much gold before? So save up your stamp because you never know.
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West Coast Thunder 2018 Memorial Day ride parade Riverside CA
Didn't get the start of it, and was on the wrong side of the street but at least it was the shady side. Around 15k veterans on motorcycles participated in the parade from the motorcycle shop on Indiana st to the national cemetery on Van Buren.
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1988 Los Angeles Dodgers New York Mets Game 7 Championship Series
The Bulldog finishes off the 9th inning 6-0 and post game interviews. Vin Scully play by play. Don Drysdale and Ross Porter interviewing Ron Perrinoski, Tommy Lasorda, Orel Hersheiser, Peter Omally, John Shelby, Mike Marshall.
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Rush Funnies Rush Limbaugh Radio Funny songs
A self made tape from Rush Limbaugh humorous songs and gags featuring Rush, Paul Shanklin, Johnny Donovan and others. Includes Ted Kennedy incoherence deciphering. Approx 1993-1996.
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Julio Urias signing for fans
Urias signs and greets fans after his rehab outing for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. Dodger fans hope to see him back with the big club soon.
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Ohtani pitching at Angels game
He struck out 11 batters in a no decision on Mothers day 2018.
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Ohtani at game interviews dugout
At the game watching Shohei Ohtani as he roots his team on from the dugout and postgame interviews.
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Rare freeway pit maneuver
He slowed down just enough and the freeway was clear enough. Very rare especially at 3pm on a Friday. Other vehicles cooperation was necessary for this to happen.
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14th inning stretch World Series
In the longest World Series game in history they had a 2nd 7th inning stretch once they got to the 14th inning. Tired Dodger and Redsox fans gave it their all enthusiastically singing for a second time. Dodgers won 3-2 in 18 innings.
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Chicharito 50th goal
Gives Mexico 2-0 lead over S. Korea
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Prizes from 4 200 stamp boxes Runescape
No 500mil prize this time from Postie Pete. Still can't believe I got it the last time. Maybe next time I'll get the hat. Still, swagger stick, and 2 cool morph rings were pretty nice.
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Houston Astros at Los Angeles Dodgers Game 7 World Series Radio
Radio broadcast of Game 7 of the 2017 World Series on AM 570 with Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday. David Vassegh with pre game interviews.
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Game of Thrones Cup is gone
Starbucks cup has now been edited out on HBO go on demand just 2 days later.
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Old Ontario Airport Terminal USO
Ontario California. Still used for Chinese arrivals and USO. Used for filming period pieces such as Argo. Shows the front desks, waiting areas and baggage claims. The old Airport has not been used for the public since 1998.
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Reds OF violent wall crash
Pre season game vs the Angel's. Brian Ogrady holds on long enough for the out.
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Robert Blake killing joke on Carson
My jaw dropped when I heard this.
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Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway house Palm Springs 1350 Ladera Cir Priscilla 1966-1967 Teddy Bear
House Elvis and Priscilla Presley lived in for a year around the time of their honeymoon in Palm Springs including a mostly accurate version of Teddy Bear by yours truly. (Paul Farnham). If you want to visit it yourself, Go down I-10 to Indian Canyon (south) to Vista Chino (west) immediate left on 111 (south) then right on Via Las Palmas where there's a Denny's. Follow that past Monte Vista and veer right to Elvis house.
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Kmart closing after 110 years
This store closes for good tomorrow. Sad day.
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My 48yr old autistic brother is money from 10 feet out. Mostly
Thanksgiving day we decided to shoot some hoops while we waited for the food to get done. He`s 6`3" and can pass but he doesnt dribble. Over 90 deg out so we had to make it a quick one!
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Quakes wall of MLB fame Padres Angels Dodgers
All the MLB players that played with Quakes. Are they missing any?
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Rams game tying and winning field goals
2 kicks by Greg the leg Zuerlein. One put it into OT and one to win 26-23 to head to the Superbowl over the Saints. Johnson 3 with the key pick to put them in position.
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Skyway city walk metro
The sky walk that connects to universal city walk from the Metrolink. I think it's cute.
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Mike Trout signing autographs
Will he sign for Troy?
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Rose Bowl ref snags balloon
And pops it in stride
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Rush Limbaugh TV Show Feb 1994
Episode make fun of the Clintons shredding documents (before the time of emails) and Jim "Dafficit" Sasser. Ripped from a VHS tape originally taped from TV Channel 13 on 2-94.
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Elvis iPhone Apple commercial
Someone requested it, so here it is. This is the alternative version that is slightly different from the one on the official Apple page. It shows the "good looking" Elvis at the end rather than the "fat" one. Enjoy.
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USO van old Ontario Airport
I wonder what celeb was going to hop into this van? Old airport time capsule into the 60s. We made a wrong turn trying to find the cell lot and found this.
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Shohei Ohtani robbed of a hit
Robbed by Jean Segura of Colombe of Seattle on 7-27-18. Angel's won the game in 10 innings 5-4 on a walk off HR by Calhoun finally getting him over the Mendoza line in style.
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I ate a pumpkin on the last day of RS Classic
Hung out in in Draynor bank, flashed riches, ATE a pumpkin, fun staked a clannie. Sad times, but good to see some old mates again. RIP Runescape Classic. It was fun to visit my roots in this game every once in awhile, but now it's gone. All we have left is pics and vids.
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Spring Training ends with a broken water main
On 3-27-18 Spring Training ended with a broken water main for the Dodgers and Angels at Dodgers Stadium. A pipe broke under the field flooding the third base foul area and the Dodgers crew were unable to fix it in a timely manner. 5 innings had already been played making it an official spring training game. The breakage also flooded the Dodgers clubhouse. Patrick Oneil and Jose Mota with the commentary.
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Dr. Demento Funny 5
Manually recorded to a cassette in the late 80s. Not sure if it was KMET or KLSX. It may have been just after the transition period. Includes "Camoflage", "Wet Dream", "Boot to the Head","Lasagna"."Wild Thing".
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