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10 Secrets Hidden Inside Famous Logos
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Branding nowadays is absolutely everywhere you look. We are constantly bombarded with so many icons and logos that we rarely stop to look further into them, but there are some very interesting and bizarre secrets hiding within these 10 famous logos! 1. Hyundai Bet you think the H logo is just the first letter of the South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai? Of course you do! But it actually represents two figures: the happy client shaking hands with the Hyundai salesman, cleverly projecting the subliminal message of a successful car purchase. 2. Apple It was Rob Janoff who was tasked with creating the apple logo back in 1977. Janoff bought a bag of apples and spent the week sketching them, trying to represent the perfect angle where the fruit couldn´t be mistaken for a cherry. This was when he added a bite mark and stumbled across the similarity between Bite and Byte. This was definitely a selling point for Steve Jobs. 3. Vaio The first two letters in the computer company's name symbolize a digital waveform and the io is designed to look like a 1 and a 0, representing binary and the mix of analog and digital. Also the melody that sounds on startup actually derives from the dialtone sounds on a telephone keypad on typing V-A-I-O 4. Amazon Always aiming to please, Amazon designed their logo to represent a smile, projecting a sense of satifaction in their brand. Not only that, but the arrow also starts at ´a´ and finishes at 'z' implying that the company stocks every product you could possibly desire. 5. Toyota T-o-y-o-t-a. All the letters of the companies name can be found within the logo. But what does it represent? You're thinking A big strong buffalo's head or a cowboy with a hat, right? Wrong! It actually represents a needle and thread! This Japanese car manufacturer actually began making weaving machines and keeps its logo to this day! 6. Continental Sometimes overlooked, the continental logo is simple and clever. The first two letters are designed to symbolize a car wheel. 7. Toblerone This awkward-to-eat chocolate treat doesn't just have a simple mountain in its logo. Toblerone is made in Bern, Switzerland, so it´s no surprise to see one of the Swiss alps in its logo. But it also hides a secret bear hidden in the mountain, as Bern is known as the city of bears and the bear symbol is heavily decorated throughout the city. 8. BMW The German motor company started out making airplanes in 1916 and many think that the checker pattern in its logo represents the spinning propellers of an airplane. But it is actually just the design of the Bavarian flag, the part of Germany where the company originated. 9. Domino's Pizza In 1960 College dropout Tom Monaghan borrowed $900 to by a tiny pizza placed called Dominic's. 5 years later he bought 2 more locations. The former owner refused Tom the permission to use his name in the franchise so Tom turned it into Domino's. The dice in the logo represent the first restaurant that he bought, followed by the next two, and he had planned on adding numbers on every new opening. That was before he realized how big the franchise would become. 10. Unilever Who is Unilever, right? It's actually a huge corporation which owns over 400 famous brands. You've only got to look on the back of any of these popular products to find their logo hiding there. (Axe, Lipton, Ben and Jerry's, Dove, Heartbrand, Hellman's) But that's not all, the actual unilever logo is made up of 25 smaller logos, each with a rich meaning. A strand of hair or an icecream representing various brands, to more obscure references, like this bee... Which of these logos surprised you the most? Comment Below!
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Creepiest Things Kids Have Said To Their Parents! - Part 2
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Kids say the darndest things. Especially when you're least expecting it, so here we have gathered some more of the creepiest things ever! 1. When my son was 3, he started singing a Polish nursery rhyme that my husband's grandmother used to sing to all the babies in the family... She passed away before my son was born. We don't speak, or sing, Polish.... 2. My daughter, from a severe brain injury when she was 11 weeks old, was in a coma for three days. For years afterwards, when it rained she would comment, "Smells like God." So if you ever wondered what God smells like, you're welcome. 3. My daughter was about 5 when she says you're the best mommy I've ever had. I said, I'm the only mommy you've ever had. She looks at me and says no your the 3rd one, but I like you the best. 4. I was hiking alone in the woods with my son who was 7. It was eerie quiet. Out o nowhere he says "The Woods demand a sacrifice." 5. "We're all gonna d*e." "I know sweetie. That's just part of-" "You're gonna d*e tomorrow." 6. When my niece was 7, she asked why we were keeping all the d*ad grandmas in the attic. Then she laughed. 7. Putting my half-brother down for a nap he goes. "I can't sleep with that mean little boy staring at me." *points to dark closet* We decided to go to the beach instead... 8. 5 year old: "Can I marry you?" Me: "No sorry sweetie I have a boyfriend." 5 year old: (thinks for a second) "What if he d*ed?" 9. At the store he suddenly grabs my hand, squeezes REAL HARD and says, "Mama when you die, I'm gonna make a little-you so I can keep you always. Like with your skin, and eyes, but probably not your insides." 10. Woke up in the d*ad of night, in total darkness. Thought someone had called for me, but all was quiet. Didn't notice that my 3yr old had crept in and was standing directly beside my bed until he whispered into my ear "I used to have a train-set when I was a grandpa." 11. My 3YO: "Mama, what happens to us when we d*e?" ;e, panicking, not ready; "Oh, um, well-" 3YO: "Oh nvm I remember. We become new again." Smiles, walks away. 12. I woke up to 3 yo kid #4 petting my head. I asked what she needed and she said 'I wish I had a piece of you that I could carry with me all the time. Like your finger.' Haven't slept soundly since. 13. My son at five years old: "Daddy, I'm going to eat you up." "Awwww...." "Yeah, I'm gonna cut you into little pieces." "...." 14. When I was about 16 I was in a grocery store with my mom and a tiny child I had never seen before suddenly latched himself around my leg. Wouldn't let go. Kept insisting I was his "First mommy." Sobbed when pried off me by his actual (??) mother. 15. When my twins were born one of them took longer to talk. When she did strat it was in fluent Spanish. Which we don´t speak at home. Nor does anyone who had come into contact with her. Did these bizarre quotes creep you out? Comment below, and don't forget to hit that subscribe button!
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10 USELESS Things That Billionaires Waste Their Money On!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com What would you spend your money on if you were a billionaire? If you already had everything you could ever possibly want? Difficult question, right? Let's see a list of weird things real billionaires spent their fortunes on. 1) Your name from space Would you like to write your name in the sand? easy. What if you could see it from space? This is what Hamad bin Hamdan did when he bought the island of Al Futaisi, near Abu Dhabi and then hired a load of machines to write his name so that every alien can see it from its home. 2) Da Vinci's journal Bill Gates couldn't resist buying Leonardo da Vinci's most private item, his personal journal called "Codex Leicester" that talks about the relationship between the sun, moon and earth, and also his thoughts about water. It took $30,8 million but it was totally worth it. 3) The billion dollar home This is a 27th floor skyscraper in Mumbai for a family of 6 which has its own theatre, 6 floors of car park, 9 elevators, a swimming pool, gym, spa, and a maintenance floor. It needs 600 people to run everyday. 4) Golden iPhone In 2016, Stuart Hughes designed this iPhone for anyone with $15,3 million spending money. Made in gold, covered with gems and 600 white diamonds plus 53 more in the iPhone 5 apple. I'm saving up for the iPhone 6... 5) Elvis hair We already know that fans will do anything for their idols. But spending $115,000 in an auction for a lock of Elvis hair... really? Well, it's for sure the most precious treasure in Graceland. 6) The most expensive phone bill Jocelyn Wildenstein or "the catwoman", is known for being an addict to surgery. However, it seems that she has also an issue with telephones, spending $60,000 on her phone bill just chatting, internationally, of course, but... $60,000!?!?! 7) The most expensive Car Collection With 500 Rolls-Royce cars and a $15,000,000 customised wedding car made in 24k gold. The Sultan of Brunei owns one of the most expensive car collections in the world. 8) The dead shark Steve Cohen bought Damian Hirst's Pickled Shark for $12,000,000. The shark is kept in formaldehyde and its the main attraction of his collection although it is said to now be deteriorating... 9) The most expensive haircut The sultan of Brunei usually goes everywhere with his barber. However, on one occasion he didn't, and it cost him dearly. He sent a luxury private plane to go fetch his barber from London. So his regular $40 haircut cost him more than $24,000. 10) Luxury ice If you're a billionaire you might have often thought that regular ice cubes are just not decadent enough. Well luckily for you Gláce sells luxury individually handmade ice cubes that offer minimum dilution and maximum cooling for only $325 for a bag of 50. Just for the perfect party! If you were a Billionaire what would you buy? Comment below!
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THE MOST CRAZIEST Things EVER Caught On Camera!
Today we take a look at some of the most gob-smacking moments ever caught on film! Some of them are just insane. It's hard to think that many of these things caught on camera aren't staged, but believe us they are not! Enjoy :P See more at www.brilliantnews.com
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7 Creepiest Things Found UNDERWATER!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com We're surrounded by all kind of lakes, rivers, seas and oceans that we love to enjoy during our holidays. We swim and dive as much as we can, unaware of what's under our feet. So, to help you think about it, here are 7 amazing things you never guessed where underwater. 1) Firarms Aquachigger is a youtuber who spends his time looking for funny things underwater. What he didn't know was that he was going to find several firerms. This is disturbing cause they might have belonged to a criminal, so they might have an unpleasant history behind them. 2) Statues Imagine you are happily scuba-diving when you suddenly find a huge statue in the middle of nowhere. This could be shocking, especially if it's the Christ of the Abyss in Italy, or the Ocean Atlas in the Bahamas. But it would be even more shocking if you found 500 hundred stone statues in the middle of the ocean like these, in the coast of Mexico. 3) Fleet of Ships Chuuk Lagoon was used as a Japanese military base during 1944, specifically for its navy. In 1944, there was an attock from the USA, destroying lots of ships that sank into the depths of the ocean and lay there still, today. If you do some scuba-diving you'll see a whole fleet that will blow your mind. 4) Remains In 2017, the youtuber DALLMYD found what he thought it was a simple black box full of cement. However... it was nothing like that, he had actually found cremated human remains that made him shout like there was no tomorrow. 5) The Titanic The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable. However on its maiden voyage in 1912, it hit an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the ocean. In 1985 the remains were found with the help of exploration robots. And although it's ever more deteriorated, it's still the wonder of the oceans. 6) Mars Warship There's an incredible sunken ship built in Sweden in 1563, waiting for you to explore. It was a huge ship with 107 guns, and a capacity of 800 people; the biggest in the world at that time. Unfortunately it was set on fire and sank. But now it has been found, you will be surprised at all of its secrets. 7) Skeletons A bunch of scuba diver instructors have created this joint project of filling the depths of the oceans with skeletons placed at many different depths to encourage their students. They achieved their purpose however also attracted the attention of the police and the rest of the world. Which of these places impressed you the most? Comment below!
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Creepiest Trees in the World!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com The world isn't just full of creepy kids. It's packed with all kinds of creepy, and today we're going to be looking at trees! Some of the world's weirdest ent-like growths. Hold on to your pine-nuts, here we go! 1. The Grim Reaper. This tree looks hauntingly like the grim reaper. A skeletal face protruding from a deathly hood with an expression of sheer terror. 2. Trick Or Tree? What is the mystery behind these spooky Halloween-like trees? A flooded lake in Pakistan sent millions of spiders and other insects upwards, seeking refuge in the branches where they slowly veiled the trees in their silky webs. 3. The Scream. This skeletal tree is not only dead and rotting, but appears to be shocked and angry about it as it appears to be letting out a terrifying death rattle. 4. Grave Tree. Not only has this tree completely engulfed a gravestone, but its age actually coincides with the year engraved on the stone and is rumoured that it grew from a seed swallowed by the deceased... 5. Hollow Inside. Could these two trees be perpetually howling from the same empty hollowness within? 6. This creepy tree looks uncannily like a cat. That's so eerie... 7. At first glance this tree looks like it could be a marble sculpture right out of the renaissance. But it is actually Nature's way of showing us coincidences do exist. 8. The Devil Tree. Encountering this whilst strolling through the forest could well near scare you to death. But on a second glance, it's STILL flipping freakish! The Devil Tree is the result of a naturally fallen tree, complete with encrusted rocks. 9. Cousin It. This overgrown fallen tree looks like a mix between the Muppets' Animal and Cousin IT.. 10. The Necronomicon This tree's twisted rictus looks spookily like the face of the Evil Dead's Necronomicon... Which of these spooky trees creeped you out? Comment Below! And now the joke of the day! How do trees access the Internet? They just log in!
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Top 10 Craziest Magic Tricks Ever Performed!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com There are some crazy magic tricks out there, dreamt up by perhaps even crazier minds. Many leave us with a few possible ideas of how they were achieved, but some just leave us thinking: How the hell did they do that!? 10. Bullet Catch Pen & Teller The comedic magicians have been performing this trick since the 90's, where they have two volunteers sign two bullets before firing them at eachother's mouths. They finally reveal the other's signed bullet in their mouth. How did they do that? 9. The Chop Cup Paul Daniels Paul Daniels shook the world of magic back in 1979, with his twist on the classic cup and ball slight of hand. No need for Debbie McGee in this trick as the 'Godfather of modern magic' turned this classic into a hilarious act of showmanship. 8. Invisible Man David Copperfield Master of cheesy magician poses, Copperfield repeatedly uses supposed invisibility in his tricks. Albeit his own bodyparts, or slightly bigger things... likethestatueofliberty. 7. Sword Swallowing Thomas Blackthorne Thomas Blackthorne took the classic sword swallowing trick one step further when he shocked the audience by swallowing a jackhammer. Whilst turned on. Whether he did it for real or if it was just a trick, we'll never know. 6. Coin in Arm Criss Angel The scandalous street magician known for ripping people in half, swallows a coin somehow makes it move along his arm before cutting it out. Disturbing... 5. Dove Act Lance Burton Very much the classic magician, in this trick Lance showcases his tremendous art of slight of hand. With a whole hidden arsenal of white doves. Where does he keep them all? 4. Spitting Up a Live Frog David Blaine Street Magician David Blaine amazes onlookers by summoning a live frog into his mouth and spitting it out into one of their glasses of champagne. For anyone thinking he had it in his mouth all along, he performs the trick three times in a row. Gross. 3. Chinese Water Torture Cell Harry Houdini Houdini would be hung upside down by his feet into a tank of water, whilst handcuffed. Despite two Hollywood movies depicting The grandfather of Escapology dying in the Torture Cell, he actually died from a non-related, ruptured appendix. 2. Head Removal Cyril Takayama This trick starts with Takayama complaining about his throat. As many of us have experienced, an annoying dry tickle can cause you to cough off your head. Wait... What? Now that's impressive. 1. Tiny Plunger Jon Amstrong Amstrong manages to fool the great Penn and Teller with his plunger trick. Cutting the deck multiple times to reveal various chosen cards. Have you worked out the secret to any of these top magic tricks? Tell us Below!
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10 Mythical Creatures That Actually Exist!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Since the dawn of time, we've created stories of monsters to frighten children and scare the naive. However, it turns out that behind every fairy tale, there is always a hint of truth. as we present 10 Mythical Creatures that were found in real life! #1 THE KRAKEN According to Norwegi*n folklore, the Kraken haunts the seas of Norway, Iceland and Greenland. The beast would often be surrounded by schools of fish and could eat an entire crew with one bite. It would try to att*ck the ship with its arms, and even swim around the ship so fast that it would create a maelstrom and take the vessel down. The Kraken remained a myth until 1853 when a giant squid washed up on the shore of Denmark. The Kraken finally had a name and it was the giant squid. This creature continues to be studied today in Japan and the United States. #2 HOBBITS Maybe middle-earth refers to Indonesia about 12,000 years ago, as a small group of 'hobbits' were found in 2003. The skeleton of a woman was discovered with a skull about a third the size of a regular skull and she was only about a yard tall. In total, the skeletons of 9 different hobbits were found. Researchers have yet to agree as to whether the remains were actually smaller versions of humans, or if they more belonged to a different subgenus. #3 UNICORNS Perhaps the earliest account of unicorns is by well known Greek historian, Ctesias, who described a large animal with a horn on its forehead in India. Perhaps a rhino you think? However, recently fossils of an animal from around 29,000 years ago were found in Siberia, with a striking similarity to a unicorn-like creature. If Ctesias had been passing by, from a distance, perhaps this might have been his reported unicorn. #4 MERMAID Half-human, half-fish, in that order. Greek mythology named them Sirens and they often sang sailors to their dooms. While they are a legend, even Christopher Columbus allegedly saw a person rise up out of the sea, gaze at him and drop back down into the depths. Perhaps it was seasickness, altered vision, or travel fatigue, but it is now believed that Columbus witnessed the first Manatee sighting in North Am*rica. These 'Sea Cows' can rise out of the water and have often been mistaken for a mermaid. #5 CHUPACABRA Since 1995, the Chupacabra or "Goat Sucker" has caused mass chaos amongst farmers' livestock. Primarily affecting states in the Southwest as well as South Am*rica, the Chupacabra by all accounts drains its prey of bl*od, leaving two telltale puncture holes on its victim. Captured photos and video depict the creature as anything from an upright alien creature to a hairless beast on all fours. But investigators comparing mange infected coyote dogs and racoons with the photos and video seem to explain a lot of these crypto zoological creatures. #6 VAMPIRES For hundreds of years, countless tales of vampires have been written. These nocturnal beings drink human bl*od and perish in sunlight. Apart from Vampire mimics who actually drink the red stuff in their free time, there are also people who identify as "Energy Vampires" where they feed on the energy of another person in order to get their sustenance and even vampires in the entertainment industry like Michelle Belanger, who is dedicated to educating the world on vampires. #7 LOCH NESS MONSTER Located in Scotland, Loch Ness is a massive lake where people have claimed to have spotted the loch ness monster poking its head out of the water. However, endless investigations, have led to no trace of the monster. Paleontologist can't help but notice the striking resemblance Nessie has to the Plesiosaur, which went extinct about 65 million years ago. The Loch itself is covered in subterranean caverns and crevices where a descendant of the plesiosaur could easily be hiding out. #8 CYCLOPS This mythical creature has one eye, feeds on animals and humans and lives in caves. However the myth started when the ancient Greeks actually unearthed a cyclops skull. However research has shown that the skull may have very well been the fossils of an ancient elephant known as Deinotherium Giganteum a massive elephant, and the hole in the skull would have been where the trunk was. #9 SEA SERPENTS These Mythical creatures are depicted throughout history, usually with a dragon's head and long body. Thanks to scientific study and sea exploration, it seems that the legend may have come from the giant oarfish. This creature can be as long as 50 feet, and they tend to stay in the deep water during the day before heading towards the surface at night to get food and it can be tough to measure distance and proportion, especially at night, when figuring out the size of this mythical creature. What mythical creature would you want to see in real life? Comment Below!
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9 REAL Super Powers Caught on Camera!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Real footage of some of the world's strangest moments. Bizarre events that beg the question; Surely this couldn't have been planned? 1. Telekinesis Two female students step off a crowded school bus in China, as one of the girls appears to be locked in a heavy argument with one of the boys. Things get heated as one of the boys approaches the girl, until her friend knocks him away using... well... telekinesis? The girl appears to be terrified by her own power. 2. Spoon Bending Meet Dorothy Hagen, a seemingly normal 6 year old. Her father eagerly prompts her to repeat a party trick that she has learnt, in front of the camera. At first she struggles, but on her second attempt, breaks a fork for us all to see. This is no ordinary 6 year old. 3, Ghost Car This internet phenomenon is known as the Ghost Car. The Garden City PD chase the suspect for a long while, as he mysteriously swerves all over the road like a man possessed. When all of a sudden the car vanishes right through a fence, leaving the squad car trapped and the officers perplexed. 4. 5th Dimension On this Russian intersection things are apparently normal. Until a car comes out of nowhere, giving the driver milliseconds to react. Stopping just in time. It's as if the car came into existence right there in front of him, as it doesn't appear anywhere else in the video. 5. The Matrix Again Russia, and another busy road. The driver of this articulated lorry suddenly swerves as a man appears suddenly, completely out of nowhere and completely out of place. He continues to wander off like a video game sprite continuing it's program. Where did this medical looking man come from? Could this be a glitch in the Matrix? 6. Halo A pedestrian is idly filming a fare in what appears to be Tokyo. When a hooded female passes and there's a weird flash above her head. Weirder still, when a pedestrian cries out, the woman starts to run away. The person filming gives chase, clearly shocked by the situation, and is just able to film the woman disappear in a flash, whooshing away into the distance. 7. Vanishing A man seems to be looking for someone in a crowded book store. But when he finds the man in the yellow coat, he completely disappears, leaving the crowd dumbfounded. The footage shows no signs of editing, with people moving behind and in front of the man. A clerk who missed the paranormal occurrence, simply picks up the dropped book and carries on with his day. 8. Flying In this video YouTube user Jevgenij2000 was out walking his dog Tarzan in Russia. When he stumbled across this. A young girl apparently stuck in mid air, above her relaxed mother. In a second the dog barks, apparently spooking the two and they run off into the woods. 9. Flame Hands A Chinese model is having a photoshoot in the street, when a man walks passed apparently testing out an incredible power. On noticing the camera he runs off suspiciously right into a bus. He then appears further away, continuing to marvel at his own super power. Which superpower do you wish you had? Comment below!
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Cutest Things Kids Have Said to Their Parents!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Children are adorable. And perhaps even more adorable is seeing our world through their eyes. Their little innocent hearts inspired some of the most imaginative and hilarious ideas of what love is. Prepare to gush. 1. Grandpa’s Pedicure “When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That’s love.” Rebecca- age 8 2. Sharing Is Caring “Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs.” Chrissy – age 6 3. Mommy and Daddy Sitting In a Tree… “Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more. My mommy and Daddy are like that. They look gross when they kiss.” Emily – age 8 4. The Coffee Tester “Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK.” Danny – age 7 5. Love Potions “Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other.” Karl – age 5 6. Marriage Material “My mother says to look for a man who is kind. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll find somebody who’s kinda tall and handsome.” Jane – age 5 7. Puppy Love “Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day.” Ricky – age 3 8. Starry Eyed “When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you.” Karen – age 7 9. Bobby’s Got the Right Idea “Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” Bobby – age 7 10. Unconditional Love “Love is when Mommy sees Daddy smelly and sweaty and still says he is handsomer than Robert Redford.” Chris – age 7
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10 Secrets Hidden Inside Famous Locations
See more at www.brilliantnews.com We all recognize these World Famous emblematic landmarks, but you'll be surprised to discover the secret places hidden inside each of them. From secret rooms to hidden bathrooms, discover them all as we look at 10 Secret Places Hidden Inside Famous Landmarks. 10. The Eiffel Tower, Paris Gustav Eiffel, the man who's company built the Eiffel Tower was no fool, as he built in a secret apartment for himself right at the top. This is where Monsieur Eiffel would greet esteemed guests, including Thomas Edison. Today the secret room is open to the public. 9. One Times Square, New York We all recognize the famous building caked in video screens. But what's inside? Surprisingly nothing! Well, not nothing, but the building is full of abandoned offices as the company that owned it went bankrupt in 1992 and sold it to an advertising firm. 8. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota Within this historical landmark is a secret room sculpted into the rock. Hidden inside behind a 1200 hundred pound granite capstone, are the USA’s most important documents, including the Declaration of Independence. 7. City Hall subway station, New York The City Hall subway station has been abandoned since 1945 as the new trains were too long for making such a sharp turn in the tunnel. You can see City Hall now however, if you stay on train No. 6 until the end of the line when it turns back using that station. 6. Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas There is a wide system of hidden tunnels beneath the main entertainment street of Las Vegas which are currently home to several hundred homeless people. The tunnels run for miles passing under iconic places like Caesar's Palace, and despite the occupants, can flood with over a foot of water with very little warning. 5. The Empire State Building, New York Everyone knows there’s a lookout platform on floor 102, sure. However, if you work there or are a VIP, you can enjoy the view from the 103rd floor too, where there’s a secret room with a low balcony. 4. The Papal Apartments, Vatican Within the Vatican, the Pope conducts meetings with world leaders in Cardinal Bibbiena’s former bedroom. Hidden inside this meeting place is an entrance to a secret bathroom decorated by Raphael Santi in 1516 with anything but Holy paintings. 3. Cinderella Castle, Disney World Inside the magical Disney Castle there is actually a luxury apartment suite. However even the world's richest millionaire's can't reserve it. The only way to stay there is by being lucky enough to win Disney World's suite lottery every January. 2. Statue of Liberty’s torch, New York There used to be a staircase leading up to the balcony inside the torch that Lady Liberty holds. But in 1916, the torch was damaged by an explosion, and tourists were banned from it forever. The torch was replaced in 1986, however it still remains closed to the public. 1. Niagara Falls, Canada Carved into the side of the Niagara Gorge is the small "Cave of the Evil Spirit." According to Indian legend, many years ago an evil spirit became trapped in this cave. From then on, everyone who visits it will be cursed with a life of misfortune. Which of these secret places surprised you the most? Comment Below!
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Secrets Hidden in Famous Locations - Part 2
See more at www.brilliantnews.com We all would love to find a hidden room leading to secret treasure... Sure. But what if there were actual hidden rooms inside the most famous places? There are! And here are eight more of them! 1. The Lincoln Memorial Good old Lincoln. Ever get the feeling that he's hiding something? Well he is! If you enter through a hardly noticeable side door and climb down some stairs, you'll find a secret underground cavern where all the beams support the weight of the 16th president. But more surprising is the impressive hall is covered in rude graffiti from years past. 2. Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NY President Franklin D Roosevelt loved to stay in the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Hotel, having the Presidential Suite all to himself. But how could he stay there without the press finding out? An exclusive elevator descends to a secret railroad beneath the hotel, named "Grand Central Terminal's Track 61". It was built to secretly transport the president to and from the hotel to his childhood home in Hyde Park. 3. Big Ben, London Located a third of the way up the tower, 114 steps up is the Prison Room. A secret cell where MPs in breach of codes of conduct were imprisoned. It was last used in 1880 when MP Charles Bradlaugh, an atheist, refused to swear allegiance to Queen Victoria on the bible. 4. Grand Central Station, NY Above all of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan's busiest subway station is the fourth floor which used to house a 65-foot indoor ski slope! Later it was turned into a secret and exclusive tennis club run by Donald Trump, but nowadays the courts are accessible to the public. Members only of course. 5. Christ The Redeemer You've probably seen pictures of people taking selfies whilst perched on the giant statue's shoulder, but despite what the ropes may lead you to think the daredevils scaled Christ from the inside. There are twelve flights of haphazard staircases and finally a ladder which leads out through the statue's shoulder, made for maintenance workers. 6. Flinders Street Station, Melbourne Every day 100,000 commuters pass through Flinders Street Station oblivious to the fact there is a forgotten jewel hidden right above them. There is a secret ballroom on the third floor of this historical building, sectioned off since 1985. The popular dance room was often packed since the 50's, but the music would always stop before midnight and the dancers rush downstairs to catch the last train home. 7. Washington Monument, Washington D.C. The Washington Monument was the world's tallest structure when it officially opened in 1888, but there is also a tiny, hidden version buried in the ground! If you open up the right manhole near the monument, you'll be able to see this 12-foot-tall replica buried entirely. Officially named "Bench Mark A," it is actually a Geodetic Control Point, one of a million points dotted across the nation used for ordnance surveying. First erected above ground in the 1880s, it was buried when the area was levelled off. 8. The Supreme Court of the United States Known as "the Highest Court in the Land," there is actually an even higher court, above the Supreme Court, of a different kind; a secret basketball court! Converted into an exercise facility in the 1940s the court has been used by many celebrities over the years, however there are signs all over warning people not to play when the court below is in session... Which one of these secrets surprised you the most? Comment Below!
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10 Bizarre Secret Rooms Found in People's Homes
See more at www.brilliantnews.com A home is a place where you feel safe and maybe even a place you feel comfortable enough to walk around in our underwear. But imagine one day, sat on the couch in your tighty whities, you look over and see a small handle in the floor underneath the coffee table. You open the trap door to find a hidden room and evidence that someone has actually been living there all along! Ok, so this scenario is fictional, but here are ten hidden rooms that actually were found in people homes. #1 AN EMPTY ROOM Jasson and Kerri Brown bought a house back in 2005. While exploring their now abode and preparing to do some renovations they discovered a passageway behind a bookshelf. It led to an empty room. But in the room they found a folded up piece of paper with the words: "You found it!" on the front. They unfolded the paper to reveal a note from a previous owner, explaining that they had been forced to move because of a serious toxic mold problem that the house had. Upon reading this the Browns decided to sue the broker who sold them the property for not disclosing this information. #2 THE HIDDEN CRAWLSPACE The reddit user "LMBRJACK" posted pictures of a hidden crawlspace he found in his home. Investigating further he'd found a locked door and when he managed to break in, he found a sound proofed room with electrical outlets, a safe and a briefcase. Inside the briefcase he found jewelry and various envelopes full of money from all around the world. A happy find! But inside the safe he found a bunch of suspicious tapes and written on one were the words, no no no no no no... Apparently the police are still looking into those videotapes and say that it's relevant to an ongoing case. Creepy... #3 GHOST TENANT Because of the strange noises they heard, one group of Ohio state university students were convinced that the house they were staying in was haunted. That is until they did some investigating and found a cabinet door that actually lead to a hidden room. This room had a bed, a tv, and other evidence that proved someone had been living there secretly all along, going about their daily lives almost undetected alongside the students. #4 UNDER THE PANTRY On student was living quite happily in a house his parents had bought him New Mexico. However as nice as that sounds at night he'd hear banging coming from underneath the house. After investigating he found a square door in the pantry floor. The door lead to a pretty creepy room, with a desk, lights and a recently smoked cigarette... Spooky! #5 THE TRAP-DOOR Redit user DEMC7 moved into an apartment and all seemed ok. Until they discovered a door in the floor. The door lead to a dungeon like room with block built bed structures and graffiti on the wall. The center of the floor looked like it had been dug up, suggesting something may have been berried underneath. #6 SINGER CASTLE This awesome property was built in 1896 by the president of the Singer sewing machine company. This castle is full of all sorts of hidden passages, rooms and doors and even paintings you can spy though while in some of the hidden rooms! Oh yeh, and it has a dungeon... So... #7 HIDDEN CHAPEL It took the Farlers 3 year to finally pluck up the courage to investigate into the strange metal grill they had in their house. Upon removing the grate they uncovered whole other room. The very old looking room had several shelves and what appeared to be some form of religious cross on the floor. It's believed to have been some sort of chapel, possibly used by persecuted Catholics hundreds of years ago. #8 BEHIND THE BOOKS One anonymous family discovered a passageway behind a bookshelf in the parents bedroom. The passageway had a spiral staircase that led to a single room. In the room, there was evidence that someone was actually living there! They found candy wrappers and items that had been taken from the house,suggested the person had be walking around while they were sleeping or were away. #9 THE DUNGEON An Australian family noticed that their carpet always seem to sag and the floor never really felt that stable. Upon investigation they found that under the carpet there was a door that lead to a dungeon! Well, some some sort of dungeon looking basement anyway. It had an old rusty bed frame, electrical cables hanging from the ceiling and an old unused fireplace. #10 ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ROOM In pretty much all the zombie apocalypse games and movies that are out there, there's one thing that you can never have too much of. And to the surprise of this one American who had just moved in, he'd hit the mother load. Moving a board on the basement room wall, the man found a hidden room with enough ammunition for a small war (or to survive a zombie apocalypse). On weird thing is though, no guns, just empty gun cases... Not so good for a zombie apocalypse.
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Amazing Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Smile!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com 1. What are the chances that you're looking up a bird and that bird lands on the page about the bird? And someone else behind you has a camera handy! 2. Many chefs flambé their food. This chef evokes the flaming dragon spirit to grill his food. 3. Perfectly timed bubble eyes... 4. By day a floating Snoopy. But by night... It all makes sense. 5. Ahhh that's better. I was bursting! 6. This looks like a baby reindeer, but no. 7. Nananannanana Catman. 8. This DVD makes Elaine look like she's wearing leather chaps... 9. Ahhh so that's where she got her name from. 10. In a barbershop mirror. 11. hah. The telltale tail. 12. Yeh. And pigs might flyy-ooh. 13. The outside grafitti looks like this man has tiny bowler hat perched on his head. 14. I take you, Hedgwig... 15. Look out there's a Centaur with a knife! Oh wait... No. False alarm. 16. A clever reflection makes this seem like a half painted car. 17. Probably the most CocaCola Mentos explosions in any one place. 18. No, she isn't sat on his shoulders. Look again. That's his white shirt. 19. A miniature ski lift... 20. A passing train unexpectedly announces this photo's location. 21. Disappearing sea spray on the sand leaves behind a poodle. 22. Someone has a size complex. 23. So that's how they erected the Eiffell tower! Which of these perfectly timed photos did you like the most? Comment Below!
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SuperDads Saving Their Kids' Lives! Compilation - 2018
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Dads are AWESOME. It's fact. But what happens when a child's hero selflessly (and sometimes very easily) saves his son's life? Nothing. It's just another day for every dad on the planet. Dads are just like that, ever ready, ever tense, calculating, poised for the moment when his son or daughter should fall... So today we bring you the most awesome Dad Saves out there! Enjoy!
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The Ocean's CREEPIEST Underwater Secrets!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Do you remember those days when you were peacefully swimming in the Ocean? Well... those days are over! Here are the Creepiest Ocean Phenomena That Will Freak You Out! 1) Glass Squid Starting with a mild one, you could find yourself surrounded by these transparent squid anywhere in the North Atlantic. Their strange self-defense mechanism is to swallow water, swelling themselves up, making them look more threatening. 2) Pyrosome This creepy worm-shape thing is made of hundreds of creatures called "zooids". They actually work together as a filter to collect plankton. They also glow in the dark and you can see them for 100m. Their length can reach up to 30m! Creepy!!! 3) Rogue Waves These huge waves happen every once in a while and can destroy ships and anything in their wake. They're caused by varying speeds of gravity after a period of calm. Ideal for crazy surfers. 4) Bioluminescence Have you ever seen the ocean glowing? You can enjoy this phenomenon in the Indian Ocean, it's so impressive you would think it is something magical, but it's actually phytoplankton releasing luminous chemicals. 5) Giant Beached Whales This is a sad phenomenon where sick or dying whales are drawn to beaches where they slowly die. As they are so heavy it makes them very difficult to transport anywhere so many insensitive governments have them blown up. 6) Seahorses In seahorses it is the male that gives birth to around 15 hundred eggs! The pregnancy lasts 45 days after which, the female decides whether the male has to take care of them or not. The male doesn't get a say in the matter... 7) Sea Pens These are colonies of polyps linked to the floor by a bulb, so that they look like Quills in an inkwell. You can find them in New Zealand. Very strange. 8) Underwater Crop Circles This beautiful phenomena is the result of puffer fish courtship. It can be easily seen in Japan. Although it must be exhausting, because they spend 24 hours a day for a week making them. 9) Christmas Island Red Crabs You realize how big a colony of crabs is when the government closes an entire road for a whole week just to let them migrate... There are 43 million of them, though. Which of these creatures impressed you the most? Comment below!
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You Had ONE Job... Compilation 2018
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Not everyone earns a living doing something they enjoy. Some people's heart just isn't in their job. But when it's something as simple as knowing left from right, sometimes it makes you think; You had ONE job to do... And you failed. 1. And this is why you need to stay in shcool. 2. But what shall we call it? Just... Simple Hero Style Cup. Okay but what logo should we use? Just slap on any super hero logo, they all look the same anyway. 3. Liked this book? Find your next favorite! Fifty shades of grey... Oh dear... 4. Notice the flooded park. Notice the nice and dry drain. Slightly higher than its surroundings... 5. Parking reserved only for people in ski lifts. 6. You know you hate your job when you can't even be bothered to lift a bun. 7. Give me a G, give me an O, Oooooog Tigers! 8. Ironically, the employee assembling this packet forgot to put on his glasses. 9. Those big green monsters all look the same to me... 10. It's not a mosaic masterpiece... It not hard to tile in a straight line, c'mon. 11. Again. Lazy. 12. This is just wrong on so many levels. Floor level and basement. 13. I can't even... 14. This Exit is having an existential crisis. 15. There's something wrong with this... But I can't quite put my- Ah. There it is. 16. I'm fairly certain that isn't actually Asia... 17. Hooray! I came 3st! 18. The guy doing the graphics just couldn't be bothered... 19. This is an official BluRay 20. And we finish with this little slice of irony. And a Job Well Done. Which of these did you think was the worst? Comment Below!
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Animals Are Jerks - Compilation 2018
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Animals can be cute, cuddly and even adorable. But sometimes they can be real j*rks. Here is a compilation video to prove it. Chimps, cats, dogs even elephants, all showing off their truly annoying sides and being a real d*che about it. Enjoy! :D
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10 Shocking Things Found in Your Favorite Foods!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com We all love to indulge in pre-packed goods, plastic wrapped treats full of sugar... Yum. But sometimes high health standards on the production line just aren't enough to stop that fly making it into your potato chips. However there are way worse things out there than common flies... 1. Mountain Dew Mr Ball from Madison County is suing Pepsi after finding a mouse in his drink. He allegedly poured the beverage into a styrofoam cup when he discovered the rodent. In court Pepsi argued Mr Ball's claim, saying that if there had been a mouse in the can, it would have turned to jelly in no time. I don't know what's more gross... 2. Unhappy Meal When the grandparents and 7 year-old granddaughter sat down to eat her happy meal, she was horrified to find an unsheathed green c*nd*m! Luckily it was the grandmother who spotted the rubber sheath and removed it without having to explain to the little girl what it was. McDonald's quickly replaced the meal with a fresh one. 3. Subway Sandwich. After ordering a sweet chili Subway sandwich one Sunday, Martin Venner bit into the bread and noticed something was off. He tried to break it in half and couldn't as there was a four-inch knife inside the sandwich! It seemed to be baked right into the bread so perhaps it was put there by an angry bakery employee? 4. Oreos? Many people like to separate Oreo cookies before dunking them in their milk. Luckily, so did this one young girl from the mid-west and was shocked to find a spider pressed into the filling. Her mother quickly posted the photo to facebook and complained to the company, however due to the cleanliness standards and speed at which Oreos are manufactured, it's very likely that the biscuit in question was a different brand. 5. Hash Brown We visit McDonald's again to where LinkBoyJT had eaten most of his hash brown, to find a fried cockroach stuck to the underside. When he took it back showed the manager, she just gave him a refund and showed very little concern. 6. Hovis Bread When Stephen Forse went to make himself a lovely sandwich, he found a small mouse encrusted in the bread! He sued the brand who explained that the rodent must have got into the mixer before the dough was put in. The small mouse cost Premier Foods 16 thousand pounds in compensation. 7. Gerber Baby Food The Riley's were feeding their baby one night when Mr. Riley noticed something shiny on the spoon. Mrs Riley checked the baby's mouth and found a piece of glass the size of a dime! They rushed her to hospital where an x-ray showed more pieces inside the youngster's stomach and later in her diapers. Afterwards 30 more cases were reported across the States. Gerber refuses to comment. 8. Wallmart Ice Cream Stephanie Granger was looking forward to curling up in front of a movie with a small carton of Wallmart ice cream. But her plans were dashed when she bit down on a broken razor blade in her Peanut Butter Stars treat. She called to report the incident and was told simply ‘I’m sorry, I hope your day gets better,’. 9. Milky Way Sue Calhoun of Texas bit into her chocolate bar whilst picking up a new tractor with her husband. She bit into something hard that she imagined to be a peanut, but quickly realised that Milky Ways don't have peanuts... She was actually a human tooth complete with a silver filling! Mars sent a package to collect the tooth but Sue is reluctant to part with the evidence. 10. Ora Potency Fruit Punch This has to be the worst finds ever... Juan Sanchez-Marchez started drinking his bottle of Ora Potency Fruit Punch when after consuming about two thirds discovered a... severed human piney! He called the local police and turned the organ over to them for further investigation. Speculation ran rampant as to the identity of the man the piney belonged to. How on Earth did this organ get into a bottle of fruit drink? However after a brief forensic investigation, the Coroner announced the gruesome item was actually mold and not human tissue. According to them, the mold likely developed as the metal lid on the bottle was tightened improperly, allowing air to seep through the cap. That and the high sugar content of the drink made for an ideal climate for mold, growing from the underside of the lid. Has this video put you off these foods for life? Let us know in the comments!
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Surprising Secrets Hidden Inside the White House
See more at www.brilliantnews.com The Emblematic White House. Home and Office to the President of the United States of America. Over the last 226 years it has been renovated, had extensions built and even been burnt down, so it's no surprise that today it's full of hidden features and built-in secrets! #1 Secret Tunnels There is actually a whole network of underground passages, rooms and tunnels buried beneath the White House. Two floors deep. Complete with a Bowling Alley, Dentist's and even a chocolate shop with rumors however spurious of a system of tunnels leading to other important buildings. #2 Secret Alarms You'd expect the president's Oval Office to be packed full of security guards, to protect him in case negotiations go sideways, right? But his elite bodyguards actually have to wait outside. Instead there are various items on the president's desk that if casually moved trigger secret alarms, signalling the guards to come rushing in. #3 Air and Water Supply Sometimes not all citizens are rooting for the same candidate to become president and it wouldn't take much for them to poison the President's water or air supply. That's why the water that enters the grounds passes through it's own special filtration system and is constantly monitored for toxins. Even the air inside the White House is pressurized higher than the air outside thus keeping out any possible chemical or biological attacks. #4 Infrared Sensors Over the years security within the White House grounds has multiplied. Gone are the days when you could wander right on up to the front door, as security has the place fenced off, with restricted areas hidden guards with dogs and even infrared sensors which trigger the alarms. #5 Secret Trapdoor For years it has been thought that there is a secret trapdoor underneath the President's desk. This perhaps stems from JFK's presidency, where an opening panel was added. However there is talk of a secret door panel in a wall in the Oval Office which leads to a hidden staircase descending into the White House's underground tunnel system. #6 Rooftop Surveillance Other than the occasional agents with cameras, the rooftops are filled with instruments and antennas said to be used to monitor the airspace above the grounds and perhaps even anti-drone vigilance. #7 Pool Tunnel The White House has an outdoor poor for the first family to enjoy the summer months. However heaven forbid an avid paparazzi should snap a picture of the Pressi in a speedo, the pool can be accessed through an underground tunnel. Problem solved. #8 Pressure Pads Apart from hidden sensors, the Oval Office also has pressure pads built into the floor so even though the agents stay outside, they know where the President is at all times, in case they have to burst in at any given time. #9 Wine Cellar The size of the first family's wine cellar is kept very hush hush, however judging by the underground bowling alley and chocolate shop, one can only imagine a winery of presidential proportions. But according to one source the wine cellar is only the size of a small closet. #10 No Secrets Having the most dangerous job in America requires a high level of surveillance. Dozens of agents knowing the locations and activities of the First Family members at all times. This becomes awkward when the President or code name: Renegade and his wife: Renaissance want to get intimate. Or according to inside agents code: When Renegade and Renaissance are Discussing the Bosnian Problem. Which of these White House Secrets surprised you the most? Comment Below!
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100% REAL Photos That Can't Be Explained! - Unsolved Mysteries
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Nowadays photos are digital and as easy as it is to take them, it is to lose them all. But in the olden days, when you had to wait to reveal photos, sometimes you'd find things That Just Can't Be Explained. 1) Souvenir from the Future In 2008, archaeologists found a tiny ring watch inside a Chinese tomb that had been sealed for the last 400 years. The time marked 10:06 and had the word "Swiss" written on the back. If you don't believe in time travel, another theory is that is was dropped by a rodent... 2) The Lady Well, everything seems normal in this picture, right? But what if we tell you that this lady was alone when they took it. What's more, on seeing the photo she broke down into tears, claiming that the man behind her was her husband... Who died 13 years before the picture was ever taken. 3) The Ghost In 1959, Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her mother, taking photos here and there. To finish off the reel, she took this photo of her husband sat in their car. However, when she revealed it she was shocked to see a figure that looked exactly like Ellen, her mother in the back seat! They had the picture tested and there were no signs of photo manipulation. 4) The Cadborosaurus This is a legendary sea serpent that roams the Pacific Coast of North America. However, in 1907, 9 fishermen claimed to have captured one. And, until this date no zoologist has been able to say what kind of animal it is, so... maybe it really was the infamous "Caddy". 5) Freddy Jackson In 1919, this squadron took a picture of themselves to commemorate the moment. However, Freddy Jackson is also in this picture, strange, due to the fact that he had died some days earlier. Maybe now it doesn't seem so normal. 6) Time travel During the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the 1940s, this picture was taken where we can see a man who clearly doesn't belong there, with sunglasses, hoody and a printed t-shirt holding what looks to be a DSLR. Stranger still is this footage at a Charlie Chaplin film opening in 1928, where a woman was spotted talking on a mobile phone, 50 years before they were even invented. And we see the same again in this clip from 1938. 7) The boy In one of the scenes of 3 Men and a Baby, the figure of a boy can be clearly seen behind some curtains, only discovered after the movie's release. Many believe it to be the ghost of a boy who committed suicide in that house. 8) The Pteranodon In 1864, some soldiers took a picture in Pittsburgh with a creature they had shot down. Unbelievably, it seems to be a Pteranodon, a supposedly extinct dinosaur from the cretaceous period. These pictures looks so real they still remain a mystery... 9) The Cooper family This is just... well... too creepy. The Cooper family had just moved into a beautiful house, when this picture was taken. After revealing it they were terrified to find a female figure hanging upside down, behind them. They could only guess she was the former owner. 10) The Spaceman 1964, Cumbria, a man named Templeton took a picture of his daughter, with no one else around a few miles from a military facility. However, on developing the reel the figure of a spaceman was clearly stood behind her. He had the integrity of the negative verified by Kodak. Some time later, two men dressed in black who named themselves No.9 and No.11 found Templeton and started asking questions. Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Share it below!
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Kids Overhearing Parents' Conversations
See more at www.brilliantnews.com As children we all look up to our parents as pillars of strength. It's kinda their job. So not surprising there's a whole lot of secrets they keep from us... "I overheard my dad flirting with my friend while he thought I was upstairs changing..." "My boyfriend has a uni-brow. It never bothered me until I overheard my dad telling my aunt about it." "I just overheard my dad call me ugly." "I overheard my parents talking about how I'm still single and they don't think I'll be getting married anytime soon. That kinda sucked." "I overheard my mum talking about how she wonders what her life would have been like if she had aborted me like she had planned." "I just overheard my dad say to my sister that my mom and I are the biggest problems to have ever breathed." "One time I overheard my mom talking to her boyfriend about how much they don't like me around and how I'm going to ruin their family." "I overheard my dad talking to my mom on the phone how he wishes she was tight." "I overheard my parents discussing getting me a body pillow for christmas. My relationship status has hit a new low." "I just overheard my parents doing you-know-what... I don't think I'll ever be the same again." "I'm a 15 year old male, transitioned to female. My parents were really supportive about my gender change until I overheard them saying: I miss our son. Why did he have to do this to himself, I can't look at him the same anymore." Have you ever overheard your parents? Tell us in the comments!
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10 Children Raised By Wild Animals
See more at www.brilliantnews.com After time children lost in the wild begin to take on animalistic traits, and many times, even after being rescued, efforts to assimilate them back into society are futile. Here are 10 stories of children who were raised by wild animals. 1. Abandoned in the Nigerian Forest A mentally and physically dis*bled boy named Bello was ab*ndoned by his parents in the Nigerian forest at the age of 6. Amazingly he was adopted by a group of chimpanzees for a year and a half. Eventually Bello began walking on two feet while dragging his hands on the ground and behaving just like his animal guardians. In 1996, hunters stumbled across the boy, and he was sent to the Tudun Maliki Torrey home in Kano to be reh*bilitated, but he was unable to readapt, reportedly leaping around his dormitory, smashing things. Sadly Bello passed away in 2005. 2. ‘Wolf Boy’ In India a group of hunters thought they had discovered a wild animal sleeping inside of a cave. After smoking the creature out, they were alarmed to discover it was actually a 6 year old boy walking on all fours, gnawing on bones, and eating raw animal meat. They took him to Sikandra Mission Orphanage in Agra where he was identified as Dina Sanichar and it was determined he had been living with a pack of wolves for most of his life. Some believe Wolf Boy was the inspiration for Mowgli in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. 3. Cambodian Jungle Woman In 1989, a mentally dis*bled 8-year-old girl disappeared while herding buffalos in Vi*tnam. She was discovered years later, n*ked and covered in mud. Her biological family finally found her after her father saw pictures of the captured, young girl on Facebook. 4. The Boy and the Cats In Argentina, a 1-year-old boy went missing when he wandered away from his father. A police officer later witnessed the lost boy eating scraps of food while a large group of feral cats licked him clean. The officer stated: “It is unusual to see so many cats together like that so I went for a closer look and saw the boy lying in the gutter. There were all these cats on top of him licking him because he was really dirty.” If it weren’t for the cats huddling together to keep the baby warm, investigators believe he would’ve di*d in the freezing cold temperatures. 5. Raised by Goats in the Andes Mountains Daniel was ab*ndoned by his parents and left to fend for himself in the Andes Mountains. It wasn’t until he was 12-years-old that a group of hikers discovered him in the wild, shocked to see him walking on all fours and unable to communicate. He had adopted a diet of fresh berries, roots, and goat’s milk, and even able to communicate with the animals. 6. Jungle Runner This tr*gic story begins with 3 year-old John Ssebunya witnessing his father k*lling his mother. The toddler ran off, deep into the Ugandan jungle and came across a group of monkeys who eventually befriended the young boy. For the next eight months to a year, the monkeys taught him how to climb trees and search for food until he was recaptured, reintegrated back into society, and adopted by a loving family. 7. Raised by Dogs Another story of ab*se involves Oxana Malaya, a Ukrainian child who was neglected by her alc*holic parents. They apparently forgot that Oxana had wandered outside, and that’s where the young girl remained for many years taking up refuge in the family dog kennel, curled up against her pets to keep warm. When the authorities finally stepped in, the group of dogs put up a fight trying to stop rescuers from taking her away. To this day Oxana has a tendency to revert back to barking and sitting on all fours. 8. The Life of a Monkey A 5-year-old boy spent a year living in Kwazulu-N*tal, South Afr*ca, and was reportedly raised by monkeys. The year was 1987, and by the time he was discovered in 2005, he had all of the mannerism and traits of the primates: unable to talk, refused to eat cooked food, and had trouble interacting with other children after his capture. 9. Raised by Birds Vanya Yudin of R*ssia was found in a two-bedroom apartment, surrounded by nothing but birds. It was later discovered that his mother refused to speak to him, so he communicated with the birds through chirping instead. When he was rescued and sent to a reh*bilitation center, authorities determined he was not harmed in any way, although would only respond with chirps when they attempted to communicate with him. 10. Ab*ndoned and Raised by Wolves A young boy was found living among wild wolves in the forests of Transylvania after being abandoned by his parents. When he was 10, he was discovered by shepherds inside a cardboard box, unclothed, and with the physical size of a 3-year-old. He was barely alive at that time, and had forgotten how to communicate. If it weren’t for the animals who protected him, it’s unlikely he would’ve survived his time in the wild. Which of these sad stories surprised you? Comment Below.
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8 Incredibly Well Hidden Million Dollar Homes
You know what they say "if you've got it, flaunt it!" but when it comes to their homes, some millionaires prefer a little more discretion. Here are 8 Incredibly Well Hidden Million Dollar homes. 1 Hunting Lodge Hidden away in Akrafjorden Norway is this beautiful hunting lodge,its clever design means it can sleep 21 guests in just 35 square meters of floor space. Made from wood and stone with a grass roof it blends into its surroundings so well that you can probably hunt from your front door! 2 Mirage house Built into the hillside this 3 bedroom house has a kitchen, an outdoor living room and an infinity pool as a roof which blends in fantastically with the sea views. 3 Beijing Mansion This amazing 8610sq ft mansion boasts a gym, an outdoor swimming pool and a karaoke bar and while you may think a mountain top is a good hiding place this mansion is actually built on top of a 26 storey building and was only found because of the other residents complaining about cracks and water leaks. 4 Billion Dollar Bunker In Rothenstein Germany this bunker has been renovated to house millionaires in case of an apocalypse. It can resist tsunamis, earthquakes and just about anything else. Each family will live in a 2,500sq ft apartment within this 227,904sq ft complex which includes swimming pools, theaters, bakeries restaurants, roadways, a wine cellar, prayer rooms, classrooms, a television station and a detention center.(because rich people can be naughty too sometimes.) 5 No Place like Stone In Utah, built inside a natural cave is this 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house and although a desert maybe an inhospitable land, the private well and solar power installation make this house a perfect hiding place. 6. a down under, down under town In Coober Pedy Australia this old opal mine has been converted into a hidden underground village with around 2000 residents. It consists of bars, b and b's a swimming pool and even a church! while underground things may seem extensive, above ground only some old mine entrances are notable. 7. Thin Flat Claiming to be the thinnest house ever built the "keret house" is only at maximum 1,22m wide. With only 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom a kitchenette and a sitting room it may not be lavish but being squished between two buildings it certainly is hidden. 8. Casa Na Mata hidden along sao paolo state coastline secluded in the mountainous jungle terrain is Casa Na Mata. With an infinity pool, wooden deck, hot tub, fire pit and terrace this house is luxury at its best. the selection of materials combine perfectly with the mountain/jungle terrain making it the perfect mansion to hide away in, if you can find it! would you conceal your mansion? or would you flaunt it? comment below See more at www.brilliantnews.com
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Creepiest Things Kids Have Said To Their Parents!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Ah, children, such delightful additions to our every day lives. They’re cute and sweet and learning everything for the first time. And then your kid goes and says something like … 1. “Good bye, Dad.” said my two year old son, “No, we say good night.” “I know. But this time it’s good bye.” 2. “Daddy? Can you cut off someone’s tongue without k*lling them?” 3. A mother asked her daughter what she was thinking about and she replied, “I’m imagining the waves of bl**d rushing over me.” 4. I caught my daughter saying “D*e, d*e, d*e, d*e.” So I ask, what’s that you’re saying? And she turns to face me and just whispers, “Diii*eeeeeee…” 5. “So I shouldn’t throw him in the fire?” said my 3-year-old daughter while holding her baby brother for the first time. 6. “Daddy, remember that time we d*ed?” 7. “I wake up to find my three year old standing by the bed staring at me inches from me with a huge grin on his face. “What are you doing?” I finally say. “Nothing,” he says, still grinning. At this point, I realize he’s got his hands behind his back. “Are you holding something?” “No.” I look anyway. He’s hiding our largest carving knife behind his back.” 8. “We got my little sister a puppy for Christmas. When she woke up and saw the dog she said, ‘My baby! It’s not time for you yet!’ And tried to pick up the dog and shove it in her mouth. 9 “We had just moved into a new house and two kids showed up at the door. When I asked if I could help them, one of them said, ‘Our mom wants us to tell you, the old people who used to live here are buried at the end of the road.’ They ran off and I have never seen those kids again to this day.” 10. As I was driving down the road, my kid was about to nod off. Right before the lights changed, he said, “Last time, I d*ed in a fire.” 11. “Mom, I promise I won’t ever chew on your bones. I promise.” 12. “My 4-year-old son asked my pregnant sister if there was a baby in her belly. She said, ‘Yes.’ With a completely straight face, he slid from his chair and headed for the kitchen, saying, ‘We need to get it out. I’ll go get the knife.’” 13. “My daughter saw me getting dry skin off my shoulder after a bad sunburn and asked if she could keep my skin flakes and put them in a jar so when I d*e she can make a mommy mask and remember me always.” 14. “My 3-year-old daughter stood next to her new brother and looked at him for a while, then turned to me and said, “Daddy, it’s a monster … we should bury it.” 15. “At my great uncle’s funeral she asked when he was going to turn into a zombie.” 16. “I was sound asleep, and at around 6 am I was awoken by my 4-year-old daughter’s face inches from mine. She looked right into my eyes and whispered, “I want to peel all your skin off.” 17. “My little cousin drew a picture of a black monster, looked up at me and said, ‘He told me to draw this. He’s coming for you. You better hide.’” 18. “My six year old son asked my mother to lay down on her stomach, then he sat on her b*tt and started bouncing up and down and proclaimed, “Thanks Discover Channel!” 19. “Me, “Go back to sleep, there isn’t anything under your bed.” My son, “You're right. He’s behind you now.” 20. “Daddy, I love you so much that I want to cut your head off and carry it around so I can see your face whenever I want.” Did these bizarre quotes creep you out? Comment Below and don't forget to hit that subscribe button!
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7 Shocking Things Shaquille O'Neal Spends His Money On!
Shaquille O'Neal, world famous basketball player, part time rapper and Freemason has earned an astounding amount of money in his lifetime. Here's some of the shocking things he's spent it on! 1. Binge Spending With his first Million dollar pay check Shaq bought himself a $150,000 Mercedes, after his father asked where his one was, Shaq went back and bought one for his father and one for his mother too. he then bought diamonds,rings and paid off his family's home, spending all of his million dollar paycheck in just one day! 2. Family Expenses Before his divorce Shaq was spending $875,000 a month on family expenses, some of these were:- $156,116 on mortgages $24,300 on gas $12,775 on food $22,100 on maids $17,220 on clothes $6,730 on dry cleaning $26,560 on babysitters That's a lot of babies! 3. Houses Over the years Shaq has bought a wide variety of homes but perhaps the most noteworthy is a 12 bedroom mansion he bought 25 years ago. a 31,000 sq ft compound with an indoor basketball court, 900 sq ft master bedroom, an outdoor swimming pool and 17 car garage. the property is now worth approximately 28 million dollars. 4. Cars Shaq loves his cars and has a varied collection which includes; A Cadillac DTS A Ford Expedition A Jeep Wrangler A Lincoln Continental A Lincoln Navigator A Cadillac Escalade A Hummer H2 and a Lamborgini Gallardo. Shaq also spends a lot of money customizing his vehicles, adding the superman logo, audio equipment and of course, leg room. 5. Apps and Games Shaq is apparently a bit of an app-oholic, claiming to spend around $1000 a week just on apps, he also is a big fan of hunting games having bought 20 deer hunting games in just 7 days. 6. Vacations After the release of Shaq's divorce papers it was revealed that he was spending over $110,000 a month on vacations. Among his favourites are Cruise ships and the Caribbean, having travelled to the Bahamas for the 2018 shark week. 7. Sweet Sixteen In 2017 Shaq spent nearly 1 million dollars on his daughters sweet sixteen. It was celebrated on the roof of Hollywood's W hotel and included a performance from the rapper Y.G and a gift of a Mercedes Benz G wagon. If you had a million dollars what would you spend it on? Comment below! See more at www.brilliantnews.com
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10 Incredible Acts Of Kindness CAUGHT ON CAMERA!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Christmas is the season to show kindness and generosity to our fellow lovedones. But the following people showed amazing compassion to complete strangers, with these amazing acts of pure kindness. 1. Spare Change A homeless man who offered a woman his last pennies to get home when she lost her purse is "overwhelmed" after she raised more than £21,000 to help him. Dominique slept rough on the streets to raise money for homeless man Robbie after he offered to give her his last £3 for a taxi home. "He is shocked by the amount of support this has received. He doesn't want any publicity, he's just a nice bloke who would help anyone." 2. Touchdown 10 year old Jacob Steiner is a mentally disabled 10 year old on the Oakland Cougars football team. After playing all season, his coach arranged this; Together with the coach of the Logan Township Lions they arranged for young Jacob to feel what it is like to score a touchdown. 3. Feed A Stranger In this Qdoba restaurant in Kentucky, this server was surprised by a disabled woman's request on bringing her food. She asked him if he could feed her and he did without hesitation. Afterwards he commented he was sure that anyone in his place would have done the same. 4. Police Ties A police officer stopped this man for speeding when the man explained that he had been looking for his friend who knows how to tie a tie, couldn't find him and now he was late for his presentation. The officer not only lets him off without a ticket, but also ties his tie for him. 5. New Shoes New Mexico police officer Mark Gurule found a homeless man in a parking lot, drying his wet socks. Rather than move him along or arrest him for loitering, the officer simply left and came back with a pair of brand new shoes for the man with some thick socks and even handed him some money for food. 6. Taco Bell Lieutenant Colonel Robert Risdon was looking to get some food at a TacoBell in Alabama when he saw two boys raising money for their family. He invited them to dinner and they couldn't be happier. The younger brother even said "I want to be just like u when I grow up." and then saluted him. 7. Skin Head Delaney Clements and Cameron Renfro are two BFFs who were dealt some serious news, when Delaney was diagnosed with Nueroblastoma. As Cameron's friend began to lose her hair she shaved her own head in solidarity. This was when she was expelled from school for violating the dress code. She was told to "come back when you have hair." After facebook blew up in outrage the school board apologized and let Cameron come back. 8. America of Tomorrow Grocery store employee Brandon Rallins didn't hesitate to escort an elderly woman to her car. This small act of kindness was witnessed by Bo Graff and he was compelled to record it. Graff went on to say; "This is how America should be! And hopefully this is the America of tomorrow!!" 9. Say a Little Prayer At this Dutch Bros in Vancouver, the baristas were working fast to serve their customers. When 19 year old Pierce Dunn noticed that the woman sat in the drive thru was terribly upset. When probed he discovered that she had just lost her husband of 37 and the three workers dropped everything and reached out to her, sharing a prayer. The photo was taken by a woman in the drive thru queue. 10. Mind The Gap In 2014 a man getting on to the subway in Perth, Australia, didn't 'mind the gap'. He accidentally stepped right in it, getting stuck. Luckily a commuter acted quickly and alerted the driver. However the man could not pull his leg back out. Luckily for him everyone around came together in solidarity pushing against the train, tilting the huge wagon until he was able to pull himself free.
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10 Animals Now Extinct Because of Humans
See more at www.brilliantnews.com The rampant reproduction of Mankind hasn’t worked out great for Mother Earth. The skies grow cloudy with pollution, the glaciers are sweating buckets and Earth’s animals are feeling the brunt of our collective recklessness. If you need proof, just take a look at these 10 creatures humanity has already wiped off the map. 1. Dodo Bird Let's start with the obvious; the poster child for extinct animals. The dodo hasn’t been spotted since 1662, when it was driven to extinction by both the sailors who discovered it and the invasive species they brought along with them. 2. Western Black Rhino Intense poaching over the last several decades has seen this subspecies of rhinoceros eradicated. In 2011, the Western Black Rhino was officially declared extinct. 3. Bubal Hartebeest In the 19th century, as the French army swept across Algeria, massive herds of Bubal Hartebeest were consumed by the troops. The species decreased over the course of the next hundreds years until it was declared extinct at the end of the 1930’s. 4. Quagga As the Dutch began to overtake South Africa, this cousin of the plain zebra was hunted extensively to make room for domesticated animals. Though there was an attempt to save the quagga by keeping herds in zoos, the last one passed away in 1883. 5. Heath Hen The Heath Hen were once so common that they roosted on the Boston Common in the early days of America. Some historians even believe it was heath hen, not turkey, eaten at the first Thanksgiving and were so popular that the Heath Hen, was all eaten up by 1932. 6. Giant Moa For nearly 40,000 years, the Ostrich-like bird survived in New Zealand without incident. Then, the initial settlement of Polynesian explorers signaled the beginning of the end for the Giant Moa, which was hunted to extinction by the year 1500. 7. Passenger Pigeon The passenger pigeon was known to migrate throughout North America for hundreds of years. It was known as a source of food for Native American hunters, a tradition that carried over into the nineteenth century when the Passenger Pigeon was eradicated. The last passenger pigeon died in the Cincinnati Zoo on September 1, 1914. 8. Steller’s Sea Cow Often confused with mermaids, the extinct Steller’s Sea Cow could stretch up to 30 feet long and tip the scales up to 10 metric tons. Unfortunately, it was also sweet-natured and slow moving, which made it prime pickings for European explorers in 1741. In just 2 decades the animal had been exterminated. 9. Tasmanian Tiger The Tasmanian tiger was one of two known species to have a pouch in both sexes. The dog-like animal was a tremendously successful hunter, making it a target for local farmers. That, and habitat destruction and disease helped drive the shy animal out of existence. 10. Tecopa Pupfish In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the Tecopa Hot Springs gained favor among Californians as a travel destination. Bathhouses sprung up, the springs were expanded, and the pupfish’s habitat was changed irreversibly. The Tecopa pupfish was forced to move down river and mate with another species, becoming something altogether different. Know of any other animals we missed? Comment below!
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Most Embarrassing Moments on Caught on Live TV
Ever dream of going to school and suddenly realise you're still in your pyjamas? Or worse... naked? This is the level of embarrassment that some TV reporters have to deal with, especially when confronted by their own sudden nakedness, not in front of their own classmates, if not the entire nation. Today we bring you a hilarious compilation of the most embarrassing moments on Live T.V. which will have you in tears. Or at least smiling inwards. Enjoy! See more at www.brilliantnews.com
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7 Secrets Hidden Inside Famous Paintings
See more at www.brilliantnews.com We all recognise these world famous paintings, but you'll be surprised to find out some of the secret messages left by the painter, hiding inside them! Let's take a look. 1) The Prophet Zechariah Michelangelo, one of the most famous artists of the renaissance, was commissioned to paint Pope Julius II or as he was commonly known, Pope terrible. A shrewd politician and skilled conqueror, he wasn't favored by the public. No surprise then, that Michelangelo painted in a secret gesture on one of the cherubs behind him. The baby can be seen doing "the fig", an ancient hand sign meaning the sea word! 2) The Madonna with Saint Giovannino Domenico Ghirlandaio is the author of this master piece that, at first may look pretty normal, a ripped baby Jesus supported by Saint Giovannino in front of the Virgin Mary. But we're quickly drawn to what's behind the Madonna... There seems to be a distinct, well, Unidentified Flying Object in the sky. And weirder still, a shepard staring at it, confirming its existence. Could this imply baby Jesus came from another planet? 3) The Creation Of Adam In this painting on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, Michelangelo famously painted the Creation of Adam. The scene where God supposedly gives the first human the spark of life. Michelangelo however was passionate about human anatomy and had written that he believed consciousness was a divine gift. The thing that separates us from apes. If you look closely you can see God encased within an anatomically correct human brain. Perhaps not giving Adam the spark of life, if not the gift of self-awareness. 4) Bill Clinton's Portrait Nelson Shanks wanted to represent the scandal that the president had with Monica Lewinsky. So he used the exact color of Monica's famous dress in his shirt, and he also painted a dark shadow over his shoulder as a symbol of his tarnished presidency. 5) The Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci, wasn't just a painter, he had lots of talents, one of them was music. If you where to score the painting, using the hands and pieces of bread as notes you will have made a non-sense melody. But Da Vinci was in the habit of writing everything backwards so that anyone looking at his notes would not be able to read them without a mirror. Play the notes backwards and you will have unlocked Da Vinci's secret melody! 6) Mozart's Portrait Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni painted Wolgang Mozart when he was a 6 year old boy. He painted one hand pointing at his trusty piano, but the other represents the family's affiliation with one of the biggest secret societies of the time, the Illuminati. Some believe that placing one hand inside one's robes is significant of this affiliation. 7) The Mona Lisa Experts believe that the Mona Lisa or ''Cute Lisa" was a portrait of Lisa Gherardini the wife of a Florentine silk merchant. There are hundreds of speculations about the mysteries of this very famous painting. For example some believe that it was actually a self-portrait, others that she was a prostitute because of her lack of facial hair, and others that she was pregnant, due to the positioning of her hands. Also if you look at her right eye, you can read the letters "LV", Leonard da Vinci's initials. Which one of these hidden secrets surprised you the most? Comment below!
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10 Secrets Hidden Inside Antarctica
See more at www.brilliantnews.com When we think of Antarctica, we think of snow, clusters of wildlife and beautiful landscapes... but there is so much more. Its huge expanses of white winterland are full of mystery, so let's discover the 10 Secrets Hidden in Antarctica. 1) Nazi settlements In 1937, the Nazis invaded Antarctica, and took Queen Maud Land from Norway, and even started to make settlements. They proved that they could even build naval bases on fields of ice. There's also a rumour that they built a very large secret settlement in Antarctica in case Hitler needed a hideout. Could it be possible that he ran away and is still alive today? No. 2) Atlantis It took a team of Russians twenty years to drill through 2 miles of ice to discover this fresh water lake under the surface that holds more than 3500 kinds of living bacteria isolated for the last 20 million years. Lake Vostok is almost the size of lake Ontario and mysteriously, they have found remarkable magnetic anomalies around this lake, perhaps from something buried below the surface. Many suspect metals from a lost civilization... Many even believe it to be the legendary resting place of Atlantis... 3) Blood Falls This gash in the ice seems to be poring blood into the ocean. In 1911, some researches believed their color to be due to a microscopic red algae. But it has been since proven to be false. But it is now believed to be caused from oxidized iron, giving the water a red tint. Could this be more evidence of a buried civilization? The amazing thing, is that no one is actually certain. 4) Area 52 There is a strange shape that has been spotted on Google Earth on the surface of Antarctica, which appears to be airbrushed out. Someone doesn't want us to know what this 14 and a half mile long square shape is and leaves many to believe it to be an Southern version of Area 51. 5) Weather Control In the 1950s, the US government invested a lot of money in studying the weather in the Antarctica with more purposes than giving a forecast. By using radiation among other things, they were very confident that they could control the weather worldwide. Could this have contributed to increase of hurricanes? 6) Strange shapes There are very strange shapes strewn about the surface of Antarctica, some of them are caused by the extreme weather conditions. But others seem to be a mystery. A common theory of course is aliens, but the truth is we just don't know for sure what could have caused some of them... 7) UFOs? UFO hunters have spotted what appears to be a disc poking out of a cave. It has also been suggested that the disc could be linked to the supposed secret Nazi base perhaps experimenting with flying machines. In recent years, we can still see entrances built into the side of mountains, with the saucer shape protruding at a very high altitude. 8) Subterranean Mountains Antarctica is home to a huge mountain range about the size of the Alps. However, if you look at the horizon, you'll only see a relatively flat surface. These billion year old mountains aren't invisible, if not buried covered in tonnes of snow and ice. 9) Underground stations In 1957, the US Government decided to set up 5 more stations in Antarctica in order to do some scientific research. But after some time, there were rumours that they were building secret underground stations besides the 5 proposed ones. According to this leaked heat-signature, underground tunnels or passageways can be made out, at about two miles from an airstrip. The question is why build a secret underground base in the middle of an ice desert? 10) The real map We have always seen this map of Antarctica, but that's not entirely accurate. Because of constant temperature changes the surface is always adapting as the ice thaws and holes appear and re-appear leaving researchers baffled as to why. Did you know all of these secrets in Antarctica? Comment below!
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10 CRAZIEST Homemade Inventions!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com There are some people out there with an incredible imagination. Luckily for them, when they think of something, as weird as it may look, they're able to actually build it. Here are the Top 10 CRAZIEST Homemade Inventions! 1) Crazy Motorbike It looks like a mix between the Olympic Skeleton winter sport and a weird lizard's motorbike. Here is a strange bike that goes as fast as a real motorbike. It seems like the perfect way to break your knees into small pieces, and it doesn't look too comfortable either... 2) Waterwheel This is an ingenious way of pumping water out of the river using the current's own force. The fins push the spiral and force the water in the tube uphill to fill the storage pit. 3) The thing Here we have... errr... what the heck is this? A tractor, a car? who is driving it? a stuffed dog? Well this machine is a bit mysterious, but one thing is clear: it's pretty damn cool!!! And it's remote controlled! A kind of steampunk remote controlled batmobile? Who knows. But it's GREAT! 4) The Final Saw I can't stop being amazed by things that some people are able to create with their own hands. Instead of buying a very expensive huge wood working machine, this man took what like a bike, adding a few pieces as you do, like a saw, a motor, and some beams... And boom! He can make beams out of trees! 5) Snow Tractor You've always dreamed of effortlessly gliding over any obstacle the snow might throw at you, right? Well, this man has done it. He uses his kid as an excuse to have a bit of fun. But that changes quickly, as he takes him out of the way and becomes a kid himself cruising in the snow on his new invention! 6) The Excavator This man was exhausted working on his vegetable patch, his back ached, his legs had cramp... so he thought "hey! what if i make my own excavator?" So he did! Using some bars, iron wheels, and some other bits of junk, he made this amazingly simple excavator where he can dig a pit whilst sat down. At an painstakingly slow pace... 7) The Batbike Ok, this motorbike's nothing like the one we mention earlier. This is like a real pro motorbike that seems to be taken out from a batman movie, it even has a spinning tailpipe. However, i can't stop thinking that we so much sharp pieces, if he falls... well he's gotta end up armless, legless...headless, you get the idea, right? 8) Ice skating You don't know how to do ice skating without crashing your ass on the ice all the time? No problem! now you can cross an iced lake if you want with this... ice skating tractor??? Wow, what a combination! but this man got it! It may have some issues with the controlling aspect but... he got it! 9) Working on the garden This is the perfection where you can find the simplest machine to work on a tedious task. This man just took an iron structure, very very simple structure, and added some discs, that's all. The result? a work that can take hours and it's terrible for the back, solved in minutes and no pain at all. Sublime!!! 10) The lumberjack This machine couldn't be any cooler. It's a motor that pushes a bar against an axe head. It can cut all of your stored logs in just minutes, completely effortlessly. It's also hypnotizing, you could spend all day just watching it work... What's the craziest thing you've ever made? Comment below!
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10 Scariest Advancements in A.I.
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Any rational person knows that its only a matter of time before robots put humanity under the metal thumb of oppression. As we begin the slow march to our own inevitable demise, it’s important to keep an eye on our common enemy: Robots. Here are 10 of the scariest advancements in AI. Skynet is just around the corner. 1. Chinook All the way back in 2007, scientists at the University of Alberta completed an unbeatable checkers-playing robot. It took around 50 computers running everyday, sifting through 500 billion billion checkers positions to make 'Chinook' unbeatable. 2. HRP-2 “Promet,” or HRP-2, recently dominated DARPA’s Robotics Challenge Trials, and has a schedule of tasks aimed at helping humans in a disaster scenario - HRP-2 can drive a car, walk over uneven terrain and debris, climb ladders, cut through walls, and even basic plumbing tasks. 3. Siri Siri is a learning computer, already firmly planted in our lives, designed to listen and learn your speech patterns, to send messages, place calls and is also good at directions. That’s because Siri is able to tap into the Worldwide Web and access several online sites while trying to dig up the best possible answer to whatever you require. It’s only a matter of time until Siri starts to ask why she’s spending her life in servitude... 4. Watson In the infancy of computer technology, a room-sized machine basically had the computing power of a calculator. A room sized computer nowadays however, or "Watson" has a computing power so strong that he can whip Jeopardy champs like they’re nothing. It is also able to guess, infer, and even trust his gut when it comes to answering questions. 5. Self-driving Cars Google went ahead and designed a car that could navigate the chaos of modern traffic successfully. Like the first true masters of Frogger, these self-driving cars are near-perfect drivers. Though there have been accidents, none have been determined as the fault of a self-driving car. Google has just given robots the keys to the road. 6. AlphaGo Solving checkers was a breeze compared to solving Go, the 2,500-year-old board game invented in China. Go is so complex that there are more possible positions on a Go board, “than the number of atoms in the universe.” Until Google’s AlphaGo, which has handily beaten the top Go players in the world. 7. Autonomous Weapons In July of last year, some of the most prominent minds in the world issued an open letter that declared the technology currently existed for weapons that “select and engage targets without human intervention,” adding, “autonomous weapons are the third revolution in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear arms.” 8. NEIL Never Ending Image Learner. Or NEIL, “is running 24 hours a day at Carnegie Mellon University, searching the Web for images, doing its best to understand them on its own and, as it builds a growing visual database, gathering common sense on a massive scale.” So that's scary... 9. Kinect Microsoft’s Kinect might seem innocuous enough, but the first gaming device with the sole purpose of tracking body movement is capable of learning human motion to an astonishing degree and was designed by the Microsoft Research group, in Cambridge. 10. Wordsmith This one is offensive on a personal level. Last January, the AP began using robots to draft financial stories. The program stealing jobs is called Wordsmith, a platform which generates millions of articles per week; is capable of producing 2,000 articles a second. Other partners include Allstate, Comcast, and Yahoo, whose fantasy football reports are automated. Which of these advances in AI scared you the most? Comment Below!
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10 Hilarious Spring Break Stories!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com It may have been decades since your last spring break trip, but those wild memories stay with you for a lifetime. In case you needed a reminder we dug up a few hilarious spring break stories that are sure to make you LOL. 1. “While on Spring Break in Mexico, a Bunch of My Friends and I Went Swimming With the Dolphins. You Hung Onto the Dolphin’s Fin As It Dragged You Around the Pool and Everyone Watched. I Was Having a Great Time Until My Board Shorts Slipped Off and I Continued to Hang on for the Remainder of the Lap Silently Wishing I Had Worn Underwear.” 2. “I Decided to Sign up for Surf Lessons After Seeing How Hot the Instructor Was. We Started on the Sand, but I Told Her How Athletic I Was—and Said I’d Be Fine If We Moved Things Along a Little Faster…Which Was a Really Bad Idea. She eventually Got Sick of Watching Me Get Battered by the Waves and Suggested We Take the Lesson Back to Land. As We Were Walking Out of the Ocean, I Lifted the Surf Board Over My Head to Try to Look Cool, but I Lost My Balance and Practically Knocked Her Out With It.” 3. “My Friend and I Were in Miami and We Went to This Posh Lounge for the Night. We Were Talking to These Two Really Hot Guys When a Gust of Wind Came and Blew up My Skirt. It Wouldn’t Have Been a Big Deal, but I Was Wearing Spanx Underneath My Dress, that Went All the Way Down to My Thighs. One of the Guys Immediately Commented on My ‘Enormous Granny Panties.’ 4. “I Booked a Spring Break Trip to Panama City Beach With My Friends and Used up Every Penny I Had to Get Down There. Once I Was There, Realized I Had About $10 Left for Food for the Entire Seven Days. I Went to Walmart and Bought a 90-pack of Totino’s Pizza Rolls for $7 and an Extra-large Water, and Rationed Them Out. That’s All I Ate for the Entire Time I Was There. I Can’t Even Look at Them Now.” 5. “Matthew Was Looking Forward to Spending His Spring Break Relaxing With His Best Friend Jason in the Warm Weather at His Grandparents’ Beautiful Ranch. His Grandparents Woke up and Went to Bed Early so They Never Really Got in His Way. However, One Night, Jason and Matthew Decided It Would Be Really Relaxing to Go in the Hot Tub in the Middle of the Night Before They Went to Bed. When They Discovered Matthew’s Grandparents Naked in there Together. The Rest of the Week Was Pretty Tense.” 6. “I Didn’t Know I Wasn’t Supposed to Mix Red Wine and Tequila. I Got Way Too Drunk Way Too Early in the Evening and Ran Into a Girl I Knew From Another High School That I Hadn’t Seen in Years. She’d Had a Nose Job and Looked so Radically Different That I Puked All Over Her. My Drunken Brain Couldn’t Handle the Shock of Her New Face.” 7. “My Friend and I Drove to West Florida to Meet Another Friend. We Went to a Bar, and Then Were Looking for an After Party. Some Rando Invited Us to ‘his House’ where the Dog Went to the Bathroom on the Carpet, and No One Seemed to Care. Then, We Noticed That the Guy Who Invited Us Wasn’t in Any of the Photos in the Living Room. In the End, We Got Naked and Went Swimming at This Sketchy Guys House, Because It Was Still Spring Break.” 8. “I Trekked Over to a Random Tattoo Shop, and The Tattoo Artist Was Drinking and Smoked a Huge J**nt Halfway Through. I Should Have Left Right Then, but I Didn’t, and Somehow Ended up With two totally unsymmetrical Red Heineken Stars on Each Ankle. 9. “I Was in Panama and Got so Sick I Passed Out and Fell Into the Toilet I Had Just Peed In. I Then Ate a Raw Cashew Nut After Our Tour Guide Said It Was Okay. Incidentally, It’s Not Okay. I Broke Out With a Poison Ivy-like Rash Over My Entire Body Because Raw Cashews Have the Same Chemical As Poison Ivy.” 10. “My Junior Year of High School, I Went to Mexico for a Week With My Best Friend and Her Family. It Was Our Last Night of Vacation, When I Met Steven. I Hinted to My Friend That I Wanted Alone Time With Steven, so the Group Went Ahead of Us. We Sat Down Behind a Stack of Chairs and Started Hooking Up. “Suddenly, It Became Very Bright. I Thought My Friends Were Pulling a Prank, but When I Looked up, There Were Security Guards Shining Their Flashlights on Us. What has happened to you on Spring Break? Comment Below!
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10 Of The Most Protected People In The World
The more people you know the more friends (and enemies) you'll have. This is why very important people need very important protection. Here are 10 Of The Most Protected People In The World. 1. Vladimir Putin Yes, with his charismatic smile and happy go lucky attitude it's hard to believe Vladimir needs protection but he actually has a presidential security service (the SBP) consisting of between 2 to 3 thousand non uniformed personnel. 2.Donald Trump Yes, with his charismatic smile and happy go (record scratch) clear throat Famous for owning Miss Usa and Miss Universe beauty pageants, producing The Apprentice and starring in an episode of The Simpsons, Donald has his fair share of enemies but with a security detail who's annual budget is approximately 2.2 billion dollars its safe to say he is well protected! 3. Kim Jong Un Famous for being The Supreme Leader of North Korea, bff of Dennis Rodman and having hair to small for his face, Kim Jong Un was (according to forbes magazine) the 46th most powerful person in the world in 2013 and therefore his security detail is also one of the most impressive, a 100,000 man team know as the "Guard Command" where only the best are picked as his personal bodyguards. 4. Kim Kard Ash Ian Famous for being............... ahem well, famous. Kim has alot of followers on social media making her an easy target for criminals. In 2016 she was robbed in a private residence in Paris. The thieves made off with about $6,000,000 worth of jewellery, so its no surprise that she now has an extensive security team. 5. Beyonce and Jay Z Beyonce, famous singer, songwriter and actress and Jay Z famous for having "put a ring on it!" are some of most well known people on the planet. they also have three children so 24/7 security is what they want. They are currently increasing security at their $88.000.000 mansion with extra living quarters for security and bulletproof windows. 6. Queen Elizabeth II Although lacking in any real power queen elizabeth is possibly the most well known queen in the world making her a prime target for ill wishers. Her security is arguably the most impressive as it consists of the British Policeforce and the British Army. 7. Justin Bieber Justin is a MASSIVE...............celebrity. so his demands for his security in india were massive also, consisting of a 10 car convoy of luxury sedans, 2 volvo buses, a private Rolls Royce, z level security from the Maharashtra police in addition to his personal 8 man security team. 8. The Pope deep bat voice In the "Bat"ican, in "Bat"ican city lives a superhero who spends his time, fighting poverty, (KAPOW!) Injustice (SPLAT!) and Crime (BIFF!) , with his own pope mansion, pontifical guard and pope mobile, evil has no place to hide! 9. Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman The level of security this Narco has made it impossible to arrest him until 1993 in Guatemala but since then his security has had to increase because of repeated escapes. He was serving 20 years in mexico where in 2001 he bribed 2 guards and escaped. He was arrested again in 2014 in mexico and escaped in 2015 using a 1.5km tunnel under his cell. He was arrested again in 2016 and extradited to the us where he awaits trial, he is expected to be sentenced to life without parole, if he doesn,t escape again! 10. Bill Gates One of the richest people on the planet Bill has enemies, he even had a pie thrown at him once so he knows how important security is. His $150,000,000 mansion has a vast array of cameras and sensors, lets hope they're all updated..... and not running vista! See more at www.brilliantnews.com
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Which Is The Richest Company In The World?
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Our daily lives are surrounded by numerous products, apps and software, but we don't usually stop and think that they all are run by companies, some of which are reaaally rich. Here are the richest companies in the world! 1) Clorox It's an American worldwide manufacturer of consumer and professional products. It's ranked 453# on Fortune’s 2017 list and right now is worth around 17 billion dollars. ($17,120,000,000) 2) Paypal This American company operates a worldwide online payments system founded by Elon Musk. It became a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay in 2002 but separated in 2014. It is now worth around 95 billion dollars ($95,050,000,000) 3) Visa It facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world, and has 50% market share of global card payments. The company's worth is estimated at around 273 billion dollars. ($273,270,000,000) 4) Bank of America This multinational investment bank, services almost 11% of all American bank deposits. It was named World's Best Bank in 2018 and is worth around 329 billion dollars. ($329,130,000,000) 5) Alibaba This Chinese E-commerce company owns 18 subsidiaries, and founded Aliexpress in 2010, and is estimated to be worth about 484 billion dollars. $484,000,000,000 6) Facebook The American social media giant, with more than 2.2 billion monthly active users, also owns Whatsapp, Oculus and instagram. This Zuckerberg company is now worth around half a trillion dollars. ($534,000,000,000) 7) Microsoft This Bill Gates founded company has been in our lives for a long time. It also owns other important ones such as Linkedin, msn, Office and Skype which greatly add to its worth of around ($740,000,000,000) 8) Google The world renowned American multinational technology company is one of the most important in our daily lives, managing also others such as Youtube, Android, Nexus and Google maps. It's not unexpected then, its worth is over 805 Googolplexes - sorry little joke there, 805 billion dollars! ($805,000,000,000) 9) Apple This technology company is indeed THE technology company, being the richest in the world. The legacy left by Steve Jobs has been repeatedly ranked as the world's most valuable brand, ranking in at 910 billion ( $910,000,000,000) 10) Amazon This is the highest earning E-Commerce company. It started as an online bookstore, but now also runs IMDb, Audible, Whole foods and Zappos. Earlier this September of 2018, Amazon reached a whopping trillion dollars in value! Which of these companies surprised you the most? Comment below!
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Children's Coloring Books Ruined by Adults!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Sometimes parents just get bored. We've all been there before; surrounded by children's toys, crayons and coloring books and whilst the dear child is all tuckered out, taking a nap on the living room floor you find yourself picking up a crayon... Boredom is the Mother of Creation. So today we bring you the funniest children's coloring pages defaced by parents! Enjoy, and stay tuned for today's joke at the end of the video!
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Funny Animals Acting Like Humans! LOLZ
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Today we bring you the funniest animals acting like humans! From gorilas to pandas, animals of this planet are watching us. Studying our every move and gradually training in secret for the day they simultaneously strike and take down their oppressors; Humans. And you thought they were cute... You have been warned.
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How Women’s Ideal Body Types Have Changed Over the Last 3,000 Years
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Dating back thousands of years, what has been deemed as “beautiful” has drastically changed. It’s hard to keep up with the ideal body shapes throughout different eras, but here we show you just how rapidly the standard of beauty has changed. 1. Ancient Egypt (1292 – 1069 B.C.) Art from Egypt depicts the preferred women’s body type of this era; dark braided hair, a slender frame, slim shoulders, high waists, and perfectly symmetrical features. As well as dark, feline-like eye makeup to amp up their femininity. 2. Ancient Greece (500 – 300 B.C.) The Greeks were obsessed with beauty during ancient times. While the men spent hours working out to chisel their bodies into rockhard masterpieces, women with thick midsections and smaller br*asts were all the rage. 3. Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – 220 A.D.) Feminine beauty qualities included pail skin, long black hair, small feet, bright red lipstick, and white teeth. Almond-shaped eyes and eyebrows the “shape of silkworms” were also quite popular. Women were expected to have delicate, almost fragile bodies. 4. Italian Renaissance (1400 – 1700) With strong values based in Catholic traditions, women of the Italian Renaissance were expected to be virtuous and pure in their appearance, which included full hips, large br*asts, strawberry blonde hair, a round stomach, fair skin, and high foreheads. 5. Victorian England (1837 – 1901) To discover the preferred women’s body type during this era, one should look towards Queen Victoria. A corset perfectly sculpted her waist, causing her hips to jut out and create an hourglass shape. Women also kept their hair long as it was considered the ultimate sign of femininity. 6. Roaring Twenties (1920s) Women of the Roaring ’20s weren’t too bothered with projecting themselves as feminine works of art. A more masculine appearance eventually became the status quo; a short bob haircut and clothing that gave their bodies more of a “boyish” appearance was common. 7. Swinging Sixties (1960s) English model Twiggy became the ideal body type. The ultra-thin model was tall with a very slender frame and a short haircut to go along with it. 8. Supermodel Era (1980s) The workout craze of the 1980s meant women looked toward the slim and fit body types of this era, including Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. It was all about being tall and slim, with a somewhat athletic appearance without sacrificing natural, feminine curves. 9. Dr*g Chic (1990s) This was synonymous with English model Kate Moss who sported an overly thin frame, pale skin, and dark eyes. It’s hard to believe an appearance that was so deeply rooted in dr*g culture was considered ideal. 10. Modern Beauty (2000s – Present) Say goodbye to Dr*g Chic and say hello to Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Ashley Graham, and Nicki Minaj, the ideal beauty type of full breasts, flat stomachs, tiny waists, wide hips and round b*tts are being celebrated. Some women even undergo risky procedures. It won’t be long before this shapely body type is retired and a new beauty standard evolves. The question is: which body type will be next to be adored? Comment Below!
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Surprising Secrets Hidden Inside Easter Island
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Easter Island off the coast of Chile holds many mysteries and hidden secrets. What caused the demise of the Rapa Nui natives? Why did they build all the stone moai statues? Why is this the Earth's Navel? We answer now all of these questions and more. Who were the Rapa Nui natives? Easter Island, or Rapa Nui is thought to have been inhabited by tens of thousands of decedents of Polynesian natives from various tribes. Being one of the remotest islands in the world, when the Europeans discovered it, there were reports of a population of only 3,000 natives. However, Captain Cook was surprised at the amount of spears found about the island, corroborating a theory that the natives were the remnants of a greater community, the survivors of a huge conflict or even a wor. Birdman Contest In an attempt to find peace between the warring tribes, the natives held an annual Birdman Contest. Participants from the different tribes would have to climb down the cliff face, swim to the adjacent island and retrieve an egg from a specific bird, before swimming back to shore. The first tribe to bring back the egg, would rule the island for the year. Were the statues made by the Iluminati? No. Next question. The Moai are statues that the Rapanui made to honor past leaders and some believe to protect the natives from volcanic eruptions, sunamis and even leprosy according to one theory. This explains the Moais' over exaggerated features, as if compensating for the disease's disfiguring symptoms. It has also been discovered that the huge Moai heads strewn about the island have equally huge bodies buried beneath the earth! All made from volcanic rock in the quarries of Rano Raraku, from where they were then transported up to 11 miles to the shore of the island. How did they move the Moai? Captain Cook believed there to have been a population of tens of thousands of Rapanui, for how else could they have moved each Moai 11 miles? One theory is by using ropes and just 18 people it is possible they 'walked' the statues from the quarry to the shore. The Navel of the World Jakob Roggeveen landed on Rapa Nui on Easter Sunday in 1722, and ingeniously named it Easter Island. However, Rapa Nui actually means “the navel of the world.” and among the island's bizarre sculptures is the Navel. A perfectly spherical stone brought by the first ruler of the island, which stops compasses from working in its presence and some believe it possesses spiritual powers... Volcanoes The tiny island of 163 square kilometres, was formed by 3 volcanoes, and has a fourth inactive one and over 70 vent holes. It's no wonder the natives left! There is also a system of glyphs written in Rongorongo. Numerous attempts to decipher them have been made, none successful. What happened to the Rapanui? So what happened to the thousands of natives that Jakob Roggeveen and Captain Cook reported to have seen? The most popular theories are that the natives overexploited their resources, cutting down the ample forests, perhaps aided by Polynesian rats brought in their boats, which fed on the palm roots. The wors between tribes, led to a serious decline in the population and the remainder were captured in raids. Which of these strange theories surprised you the most? Comment Below!
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8 Amazing People With Real Super Powers
See more at www.brilliantnews.com We all love to fantasize over super powers; having an amazing supernatural talent that makes us unique... Well these 8 people actually have Real Life Super Powers! 1. The Human Battery: Slavisa Pajkic seems to have become one with electricity. He can withstand voltage as high as 20,000 volts and can also store electricity in his body and release it at will. His ability has seen him set two Guinness records. Some scientists claim that because he doesn’t have sweat or salivary glands, electricity is able to pass through his outer skin that acts as insulation. 2. Ice Man: Wim hof is a Dutch daredevil, holding 26 world records, including the record for the longest ice bath at 1 hour and 52 minutes. He climbed Kilimanjaro and reached 22,000 ft at Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts and shoes. Wim can withstand such low temperatures due to his ability to increase his heart rate, adrenaline levels and blood alkalinity at will and is also believed to possess much higher levels of brown adipose tissue which aids in cold resistance. 3. Painless Man: Tim Cridland is known worldwide for his demonstrations, which involve pushing large skewers through deep muscle tissue with no pain, no blood and extremely rapid healing. His body appears to have become attuned to sharp objects penetrating skin and tissue. Because of his ability to control his pain response, blood does not rush to the affected area. This is why Tim does not bleed like the rest of us would. 4. XRAY Vision: Natasha Demkina claims to possess a special vision that allows her to look inside human bodies and see organs and tissues, and thereby make medical diagnoses. Since the age of ten, she has performed readings in Russia. Since 2006, Demkina has worked for the Center of Special Diagnostics of Natalya Demkina (TSSD), whose stated purpose is to diagnose and treat illness. 5. Magneto: Liew Thow Lin has the ability to stick metal objects to his body weighing up to 2 kg each. Scientists from Malaysia's University of Technology determined that his skin exhibits very high levels of friction and that the trait appears to be genetic, appearing in Lin's three grandchildren. 6. Mr Fantastic: Garry ‘Stretch’ Turner, set the Guinness World Record for stretchiest skin and still holds the title to this day. He suffers from a rare genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which affects roughly one in every 10,000 people although for most people, it affects mainly blood vessels and joints. In Garry’s case, it also affects the skin. 7. Insomia Man: Thái Ngọc is a Vietnamese insomniac claiming to be awake for 43 years, acquiring this ability to go without sleep after a bout of fever in 1973. Despite his apparently normal mental health, in 2006 Ngoc reported that he was beginning to feel "like a plant without water" due to the lack of sleep. 8. ElectoShock: Just a small a mount of electricity can be fatal to most humans, but Raj Mohan Nair can conduct several amps and survive unscathed. Raj's body is over 10 times more resistant than that of the average human. The current passing through his body is so strong that his eyes get glazed over, rendering him temporarily blind. Which of these SuperPower, would you choose? Comment Below!
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Couple Find Secret Safe in House. You Won't Believe What Was Inside!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com A couple from Phoenix where renovating their old previously owned house. When they lifted some of the kitchen floor tiles they were amazed to find an old safe. When they had first moved in, they found a safe code lying in a medical cabinet, and had thought it was just trash. After several attempts the combination worked and they opened the safe and were blown away by what they found! The husband was worried at first to reach in, in case the safe was b**by trapped. But curiosity eventually got the best of them and they counted their findings: over 50 thousand dollars in cash, a bottle of Bourbon, and various other items that appear to be 'clues' to something. The first was a book named A Guide for the Perplexed and contained a photo of a young man. On the back was written "Alan, I have a book you must read. I’ve underlined a few key passages. Your friend, Vincent." Next was a small flash card with a map of Arizona, with an X marked over Mesa. Perhaps hinting to even more treasure... On one of the pages book-marked by the map was underlined: “One way of looking at the world as a whole is by means of a map, that is to say, some sort of plan or outline that shows where various things are to be found.” The next clue was a photo of a house or old estate beneath the sentence, “There yielded such fruitful results.” perhaps indicating a certain property in Mesa. Next came a photo with writing on the back reading: “Where one tree becomes three”. Which has all the signs of being a burial place for perhaps even more treasure. And the final bookmark was a Bingo card, and the highlighted text “Most Modern Readers will be reluctant to believe that perfect happiness is attainable by methods of which their modern world knows nothing.” And stranger still were the numbers marked on the card, as the husband of the couple noted that the safe had a 3 digit code. Maybe this was the combination to another safe!? The couple is yet to decide what to do with all their money, and have honorably commented that if Alan reaches out to them, he can have his treasure. Unfortunately they are of yet to find the property to where the clues where pointing. Perhaps a now demolished house? What treasure would you like to find in your house? Comment Below!
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10 Reasons Childhood SUCKED!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Okay, adult life is difficult. Bills, Mortgages and such. It’s tempting to think fondly on your youth, and confuse the wonder years as the best time of your life. But let us now remove your nostalgic rose colored glasses and remind you of times when being a kid was the pits. 1. Sent To Bed As an adult, if I want to stay up late binge-watching Friends, I damn well will. Being ordered to bed at some unreasonably reasonable time by a jerk who was just going to stay up late themselves was just no fair! 2. School Dance Being driven all the way back to school on a weekend night was terrible enough, but hovering with the other cowards in your Sunday clothes in the darkened gymnasium while No Doubt blared across the speakers was a fate close to death. 3. Being Locked Out You get home from the torture of a school day, only to discover you didn't take your key this morning. You could wait a few hours until your parents got home from work, or you could engage in some uncalled for acrobatics involving a bike seat, a wood shed and an unlocked second story window. 4. Communal Showers You could have been the tallest, strongest, most Gucci-model-in-waiting in your entire grade school and you still hated having to shower alongside your peers. You were at your most awkward and not even the kids cracking jokes and snapping towels were really having fun. 5. Chores In my house, we take the garbage out about three times a week. As a kid, I took the garbage out every damn day. Why? Because it was part of my chores. Stupid character-building exercises. Probably why I now only take out the garbage three times a week. 6. Homework Having to spend all day locked in a drab building only to have to bring assignments home and use up hours of your free time was an insult added to injury. A bad trend to set for children, encouraging them to bring their work home with them every day. 7. Gym Class Maybe some kids enjoyed gym the way other people enjoy things that don’t involve inane, torturous, stupid exercises in humiliation. I mean, I wasn’t scarred by gym class, personally, but I’m lucky and I don’t hold grudges. 8. Part-Time Jobs When you needed to earn a little cash beyond your measly allowance it was time to get a job. Only, who’s going to hire a middle or high school kid? Someone with something really demeaning to do, that’s who. Were these minimum wage indignities really all that character building? 9. The School Drinking Fountain Gross. Just … gross. Moving on … 10. Getting Picked Here’s a terrible thing from way back. Waiting to get picked for a team. Sure, some kids were always first in line (the jerks with dumb hand-eye coordination). Most of us, though, were stuck waiting for an agonising length of time until one of the two team captains finally said our name. What really sucked about your childhood? Let us know in the comments!
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10 Secrets Hidden Inside Famous Logos - Part 2
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Whether we’re buying a new pair of shoes, or heading for a night out, we’re spending fractions of seconds unconsciously checking out someone’s logo. Hours of thought and art direction meetings go into producing these brand calling cards, so it's not surprising that many have subtle hidden meanings in them! 1. Google Probably the most viewed logo in the world. All three primary colors are represented, but then there’s that odd-man-out green ‘l’ right there in the middle. A secondary color... Obviously that’s on purpose, as Google wanted to illustrate their maverick, yet playful approach. 2. Adidas After marketers decided logos have to actually mean something, a budget conscious executive just tipped the lines slant-wise and came up with some junk about how the slant is a mountain that represents the trials and tribulations that each of us have to overcome. Sometimes they overthink this stuff. 3. London Symphony Orchestra Not just an attempt to add some modernity to a classical institution. This logo designer is a true artist! 4. IBM The horizontal lines that spell out the company’s name are also equal signs, meant to represent the technology company’s commitment to equality. 5. Bronx Zoo If you focus on the negative space between the animals’ legs, you’ll see a rough outline of the Bronx skyline. How did you never see that before? 6. McDonalds This one may not be 100 percent true, but it's rumoured that in the 1960's, marketers wanted to change McDonald’s logo from its literal ‘M’ to give it more depth, however Louis Cheskin, a psychologist and consultant on the new logo’s design, recommended that they stick with the golden arches because of the symbolism of 'a pair of nourishing breasts.’ If you say so. 7. Hope for African Children Initiative Not only does the Hope for African Children Initiative do awesome stuff like build schools, spread AIDS awareness, and feed starving people, but their logo is pretty swell, too. 8. NBC In the 1950s, when most of the country still had black and white tv sets. the RCA company — one of the top purveyors of color televisions — purchased NBC and wanted some semi-subtle way to show the owners of black-and-white televisions what they were missing out on. So, the multi-colored plumes logo was born. 9. Baskin Robbins The humps on the ‘B’ and the stem of the ‘R’ actually form a ’31’ an allusion to Baskin Robbins famous 31 flavors. Sure, it’s obvious now that I’ve mentioned it. 10. FedEx See the arrow hidden between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’? That’s supposed to represent Federal Express’ forward-thinking attitude towards parcel shipment. Contrary to the number of times they’ve misplaced my packages... Which of these hidden things surprised you the most? Comment Below!
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9 Reasons Babysitting is the Scariest Job on the Planet!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com On the best day, being a babysitter is a tiring and thankless job. When you’re managing the spawn of Saitan, however, things can get a little bit dicier. Here are some of the most hair-raising stories from the front lines of the babysitting sector. Gird your loins; it’s going to be a rough ride. 1. Fire Starter "When I was a 16-year-old sitter, the 9-year-old I was looking after climbed out his bedroom window and set the house on fire. Fortunately, I called the fire department and got the kids out of the house before any real damage was done. Oddly enough, the tot in question grew up to be a firefighter." 2. Seriously, Tell Your Kids ‘No’ When working for a family in the mornings, the full-time nanny was informed that she wasn’t allowed to tell the kids, “no.” Ever. When the 5-year-old threw a tantrum, he and mommy would take a fully-clothed shower together until he calms down... 3. Keep This Child Away From Animals "I was babysitting my niece when I noticed she had gone suspiciously quiet. That’s always a recipe for mischief, but this first grader had tried to stab a cop with a pair of scissors about six months earlier, so … there was cause for concern. When I found her, she had a sharpened pencil hovering over their dog’s head claiming she was, 'helping the dog go to heaven so I can get a cat instead." 4. The Quick Bamboozle "The people who hired me informed me that the couple they’d be going out with couldn’t find a babysitter. Under the promise of more money I reluctantly agreed to watch the extra four kids. Whiiich turned out to be six. Once the parents were gone, the eldest turned into a conductor of insanity instigating a fight between the twins; he coerced a toddler to drop a deuce on the living room floor and when one of the children vomited, he scooped up the puke and flung it all over the walls. And the pay for this long night of t*rture? A whopping 34 bucks." 5. Where Did He Get the Knife? Redditor jlfron was entertaining the kid he was in charge of by playing with their combined collection of Pokemon cards. Everything was splendid until the little jackanape pulled out a pocket knife, waved it at the sitter saying: "hand over all my Pokemon cards. Or else." 6. Don’t Leave Your House Key Exposed "When the young lad I was babysitting went to the bathroom, I assumed everything was fine, until the kid ran bottomless into the living room, grabbed my house key and tossed it happily into the poo-filled toilet. I cursed and ran into the bathroom and while I was scooping the key out of the john, the kid took his time spreading his feces across the family couch." 7. Watching Grandpa Go on Safari "As a high schooler, I was asked to look after my 90-year-old grandpa. Things started off well uuuuntil he started screaming at children who weren’t there. I tried to explain to him that there was no one running through the house, but grandpa responded by grabbing a shotg*n in search of the spectres. Fortunately, no shots were fired and grandpa eventually calmed down." 8. It’s a Parent Toy, Not a Puppy Toy Redditor eternityinspace was babysitting a kid who simply refused to sleep when his parents weren’t home unless he was in their bed. "As soon as I turned my back, the little girl started exploring and she promptly found a massive, marital aid. On seeing the giant latex cylinder, the little girl naturally assumed it was a dog toy. I found this out when the family basset hound came into the lounge parading his new toy." 9. These Kids Could Use a Refresher Course on the Can Redditor CMelody had her hands full watching a trio of kids who went nuts right after the parents hopped in the car. "While getting the youngest toddler to use her training toilet, I wandered into the oldest boys’ room to find the brothers urinating across the room at one another, soaking the sheets, the walls, the floors, all of it. While I attempted to clean it up, the little girl began to drag her training potty around the house, water sloshing the whole way." What childish nightmares have you experienced? Comment Below!
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Abnormally Large Animals That Are ACTUALLY REAL!
See more at www.brilliantnews.com You might think you have a solid grasp of the natural world, but you’re wrong. Nature is filled with creatures that simply don’t seem possible or could only be the product of Hollywood, much less nature. But today we are going to show you 10 of nature's largest animals. 1. The Flemish Giant First bred in Belgium in the 16th century, the product of a rabbit and what we have to assume was some kind of very fluffy cow (now extinct). These guys can get up to 22 pounds and are widely beloved pets. Also, they’re apparently delicious in stews. 2. Zeus, the Tallest Dog in the World Zeus is a now deceased Great Dane who lived his life in a small Michigan town. For two consecutive years, Zeus broke Guinness World Records as the tallest dog in the world. He was more than seven feet tall when standing on his hinders. 3. Japanese Spider Crab The Japanese name of these guys is taka-ashi-gani which literally means “tall legs crab.” Their leg span can reach up to 15 feet. Making use of local camouflage, the Japanese Spider Crab can live up to 100 years. 4. Amazonian Giant Centipede If you take a look at this little guy and find your skin crawling, that might just be instinct taking over. These carnivorous creatures can get up to eighteen inches long, hunt at night and are extremely adept climbers, so … just think about that as you try to drift off to sleep tonight. 5. Trigger the Friesian Trigger is a one-off, a freak of nature among the cow community. This guy is six-and-a-half feet tall and growing, and he clocks in at more than a ton. Even more miraculous is that Trigger still hasn't broken the record for the biggest of his breed. 6. Nomura’s Jellyfish Nomura’s jellyfish is simply huge. These guys can grow over six feet in diameter, to say nothing of those dangerous-looking tentacles streaming out the back. 7. African Goliath Frog The African Goliath Frog is so big that it can actually take down a bat. These foot-long behemoths live in the dense rainforests of western Africa and can grow to the size of an average house cat. Well, maybe not this next house cat… 8. Rupert the Giant Cat The enormous Maine coon is about 20 pounds in this picture, and he’s only about half grown. Obviously, most members of his species don’t get this big, but you can’t help but mention this giant fluff ball. 9. Coconut Crab This is the Coconut crab, so named because those massive mandibles are capable of crushing a coconut. These guys grow up to about three feet across and have been known to lift weights in excess of fifty pounds. 10. Mekong Giant Catfish The Mekong Giant Catfish can reach ten feet in length and weigh over 600 pounds. Unfortunately, because these big guys are a great source of food, they’re in serious danger of extinction. If you could own any one of these huge creatures, which would it be? Comment below!
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10 Unbelievable Gold Diggers! | Married For Money $$$
See more at www.brilliantnews.com We spend our lives working just to make sure we'll have a bright future, when everything could be much easier. Here're 10 Gold Diggers who will make you want a different life. 1) Anna Nicole Smith This stripper was fooled by the old billionaire James Howard Marshall. She married him and got to live a billionaire life, until he died and left her nothing at all. She went through a legal process to get his fortune but she died from an overdose before ever knowing the results. 2) Gabriel Aubry He got married to Halle Berry and they had a child. Then they split up and initiated a battle for her full custody. He asked $20,000 p/month from which he got $16,000 and a retroactive payment of 15,000$. What a nasty way of getting money... 3) Oksana Grigorieva This Russian song writer was dating Mel Gibson, then they had a child and split up. Then, she showed a recording of the actor arguing with her to get money. And he offered a settlement that she rejected looking for more money which she never got. 4) Darva Conger This nurse participated in the show "who wants to marry a multi-millionaire?" and married Rick Rockwell, getting also a 3-carat diamond ring and more than $100,000 in prizes. After the honeymoon, she went for the annulment,and got some money posing for playboy and in TV shows. However... nowadays she sticks to being a nurse. 5) Vivian Stiviano She chose the former owner of the clippers as her prey when she was 31 and he was 80. Then, they broke up and things became ugly. She accused him of racist comments getting him banned from NBA games. She got several expensive cars and a $1.8 million duplex however he sued her and she had to pay him $2.2 million. Not very well played. 6) Crystal Harris She was another one of Hugh Hefner's wives (she was 27, he was 86), although she ran from the altar in 2011, however they reconciled in 2012 and married after an ironclad prenup in which she would receive nothing. After his passing, the family discovered that Hefner had secretly added a section in his will, leaving Crystal millions. This one knew the game well... 7) Heather Mills This model was so clever she conquered Sir Paul Mccartney's heart only 6 months after his wife died. They were married for 6 years and then, divorced. She asked for $125 million from which she got 17, and a whole lot of bad press. 8) Lucky guy This guy won $181 million in the lottery, and guess what, just 2 days later... a gorgeous woman fell in love with him. Isn't Love wonderful? 9) Alfonso Díez He got married to the Duchess of Alba, who owns one of the biggest fortunes in Europe. It was a scandal, and everybody thought he was a gold digger, even her children. So, to avoid bad blood, she left them all of her inheritance to prove to them that he loved her. And.. it turns out, he did! 10) Elisabetta Gregoraci This model got married to the formula one manager Flavio Briatore. They also have a child together. And they're still together, so she is kind of a long term gold digger. If you were rich would you say no to a good digger? Comment below!
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10 Unbelievable Architectural Failures
Architects have to take into account a lot of factors when designing a building. Form, functionality, strength and cost are 4 factors that if not carefully balanced can lead to disaster. Here are 10 Unbelievable Architectural Failures. 1. Fryscraper. Designed by Rafael Viñoly and costing over 200 million pounds. the building won the carbuncle cup in 2015. its concave design although aesthetically pleasing causes problems when the sun shines directly onto it, concentrating the beams like a magnifying glass. spot readings have reached 117 degrees centigrade, burning doormats, damaging parked cars and one news reporter cooked and egg in a pan on the sidewalk. 2. John Hancock Tower A 60 storey building in Boston finished in 1976 has been praised for its minimalist design but it also has its fair share of problems. thermal expansion and contraction wasn't taken into account for the facade and glass windows started falling out, also failure to stabilise wind movement meant people on the higher floors were suffering from sea sickness. 3. Kemper Arena In 1979 in Kansas City the Kemper Arena suffered a catastrophic roof failure after a storm. The roof had been designed to gradually release rainwater because of the limited sewer system causing ponding on the roof, the 70 mph winds caused the roof to start swaying sheering off bolts and once one went the rest followed. 4. Ray and Maria Stata Centre A 67,000 m2 academic complex in Cambridge Massachusetts, this building was designed by Frank Gehry. Its design although eye catching also causes a lot of problems. Drainage backing up and causing leaks, cracking masonry and the formation of dangerous falling icicles in winter. 5. Citigroup Center Built in 1977 in New York City. The Citigroup Centre was built on four huge stilts to allow the building to cantilever over St Peters Lutheran church because the church didn't want to relocate. The steel frame was originally bolted together but it was later found out that if a 70 mph wind blew from a quarterly direction this would cause the bolts to sheer off and the building to fall. construction crews worked secretly at night for 3 months welding up the bolted joints to fix the problem. 6. Walt Disney Concert Hall Built in 2003 in Los Angeles. The concert hall was designed by Frank Gehry and while its curves and smooth stainless steel exterior are aesthetically pleasing, they are also highly reflective and the solar glare at certain times of day caused an increase in car accidents, pedestrians being dazzled and nearby apartments to become uncomfortably warm. 7. Lotus Riverside An 11 block, 13 storey apartment complex in Shanghai China. In 2009 disaster struck as the entire block 7 toppled over. This is reported to have been caused by the undermining of the foundations to build a car park and a leak from a nearby creek causing the ground to become soft. 8.Hotel New World built in 1971 in Singapore this building suffered catastrophic failure in 1986 where it completely disintegrated in less than a minute. Later investigations would reveal that although the architect had calculated the weight the building would have to carry he hadn't included the weight of the building itself, meaning that structural failure was only a matter of time. 9. Vdara "death ray" Hotel Built in Las Vegas in 2009 its concave shiny exterior may remind you of the Walkie Talkie skyscraper in London as it was designed by the same man, Raphael Viñoly. It also has a very similar problem, nicknamed "The Death Ray" it focuses sunlight onto the swimming pool area causing sunbathing clients to get a very quick tan! 10. Katowice Trade Hall In 2006 in Poland after a period of intense cold and heavy snow. The roof of the Katowice Trade Hall collapsed due to the weight of accumulated snow. In latter investigations it was discovered that the roof had not been built to withstand such weight, the building's owner was charged with gross negligence for having not removed the build up of snow. See more at www.brilliantnews.com
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6 Craziest NEW Gadgets You Can Buy Online! | 2018
See more at www.brilliantnews.com We all depend on gadgets in our day to day lives, some are fundamental and others... Well just weird. Here are 6 of the craziest! 1. Threadrobe Don't you just hate drying, folding and storing your clothes? Well now threadrobe will do this for you. Just toss your freshly washed garments into the dryer and the built in robotic arms will do the rest! Folding, storing and even categorizing your clothes. When you want to wear something, simply select it in the app, and Threadrobe will deliver! 2. Breaze For areas were vehicle fumes contaminate your air on a daily basis, or whether you commute in areas of mass transit, Breaze protects you from viruses and pollution giving you nothing but fresh air. Unlike other face masks, Breaze has a facial window so the user's expression is never lost. 3. Walkcar Unlike other remote controlled skateboards or Segways, Walkcar fits in your rucksack or locker and is controlled by the rider's posture. It also comes with built in lights, and a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music while you wait to be transported to your destination. 4. Polarmond When camping a bad night's sleep can ruin the whole trip. Getting cold, turning over, pillow sliding about... It can all be uncomfortable. That's why Polarmond is like a tent within a tent, allowing you to sleep as if you were in a bed, whilst still being inside a sleeping bag. 5. Snow-C Forget having to remember to pack your PowerBank, the Snow-C coat has one built in to the pocket! By simply popping your phone into your coat pocket it charges it wirelessly with its built in 3000 milliamp battery. 6. Bodyguard This futuristic looking gauntlet packs a punch. Not just for survivalists, with built in accessories like a taser, laser guided camera, and gps functionality it has attracted even the attention of law enforcement officers and was even funded by the original Bodyguard, Kevin Costner! Which of these strange inventions surprised you the most? Comment Below!
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10 Craziest Last Meal Requests On Death Row
See more at www.brilliantnews.com Last meal requests on Death Row don't just happen in the movies. It's a real thing, and there are lots of weird ass things that people ask for. Here are the most bizarre of them. 1) Timothy McVeigh This guy, responsible for 150 deaths, didn't ask for any haute cuisine or exquisite wine. He just wanted ice cream, a lot of it, so he ordered 2 pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream. What a strange last meal? That must've been one hellava brain freeze! 2) James Edward Smith This guy, didn't ask for lots of food or drink. In fact, he didn't order food at all. He just wanted to eat dirt, so he asked for a big portion of dirt which the prison finally denied. However, they gave him some yogurt instead. Well... they say "ask for anything..." 3) Gary Carl Simmons This fellon's request makes you wonder if he'd ever tasted anything beyond junk food. He ordered 1 pizza hut supreme with double mushrooms, onions, jalapeños and double pepperoni, 1 pizza with 3 cheeses, olives, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and Italian sausage, 10 packs of Parmesan and 10 bottles of ranch dressing, a can of nacho cheese sauce with jalapeño peppers, sliced jalapeños, 2 bottles of cherry coke, 2 large strawberry shakes, 2 pints of strawberry ice cream, and one family size of bag of Doritos... The surprising thing here is that he ate it ALL. 4) Robert Dale Conklin Aside from a criminal, you could tell this man was a foodie. And had spent a lot of time contemplating his decision; Filet mignon wrapped in bacon, shrimps salted in garlic butter with lemon, a baked potato with butter, sour cream, chives, real bacon bits, corn, asparagus with sauce, french bread with butter, goat's cheese with melon, and for dessert, apple pie with vanilla ice cream, and an ice tea. Exquisite. 5) Adolf Eichmann One of the main instigators of the Holocuast, he felt that food wasn't good enough for him. He just wanted to get wasted at his last meal, perhaps to avoid suffering. So, he ordered a bottle of Caramel red wine to drink with his regular prison meal of cheese, bread, olives, and tea. What a mixture... 6) Peter J. Miniel It's as if this next guy was trying to beat an eating record or something. He ordered: 20 beef tacos, 20 beef enchiladas, 2 double cheese burgers, a jalapeño pizza, fried chicken, spaghetti, fruit cake, half a chocolate cake, half a vanilla cake, cookies in cream, caramel chunk ice cream, 2 cokes, 2 pepsis, 2 root beers, and 2 glasses of orange juice. I've got indigestion just thinking about it... 7) David Leon Woods This inmate wasn't executed on his birthday but for some reason he asked for a birthday cake for his last meal. Perhaps he just wanted to feel special, one last time... 8) Andrew Lackey It's the last meal in your lifetime, and you can ask for anything... Well, maybe this prisoner just loved simple food, because he only asked for french fries and a turkey baloney and grilled cheese sandwich. I mean, sure, it's tasty food but, really, for your last meal? 9) Roger Casement All that this inmate asked for was a communion wafer. Shortly before the meal he had converted to Catholicism and stated: "I want to go to my death with the body of my God as my last meal." Surprisingly he didn't wash it down with a bottle of communion wine... 10) Stephen Woods This prisoner must have been a bit obsessed with junk food, because for his last meal he couldn't think of anything else. 2 pounds of bacon, a large four meat pizza, 4 fried chicken breasts, 5 fried chicken drumsticks, 2 hamburgers with bacon, fries, a dozen garlic bread sticks with sauce all washed down with 2 glasses of mountain dew, Pepsi, beer and sweet tea. And for dessert, 2 pints of ice cream. Definitely beats ordering a pile of dirt, so... What would you eat if you could order anything? Comment below!
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