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Los Tres Cabritos Grutt
spanish project.
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Lika a som body
@epic meal time
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Spanish Project
Edited by Gerald Richland
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Mitchell ford needs a new gamertag
12 video of deans muzina and mitches fords opinions. Deans in it so it has to be nasty.
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Jumping tables tribal dance
Band class, Mrs. Hall makes us vandalize school property by dancing. xD
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Nike Zoom Mogan Mid 2 id shoe: review
My own custom shoes i got from www.nikeid.com Cost: $137 USD Ching Chong
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New Sunglasses: ook ook oakleys
Very nice glasses i bought today. I got um from outlet mall in aurora and they were orginally $200 dollars but i got um for $135 dollars from a discount. They are made out of aluminum which can provide an increase of durability. The folds have springs that alow "wide heads" like me be able to fit the oakleys on without snapping!!! Overall i really like these. They are gray/black with blue lens. CANT WAIT TO HIT THE BEACH WITH THESE BAD BOYS
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Candy Donut pastry - Epicmealtime
Candy donut UFO w/skittles, brownies, and cookies
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Fast Food Pizza Cake - Epic Meal Time
The mother f***ing cheese fest is here. Base Layer -- Little Caesar's Large Pizza 2nd Layer -- Shredded layer of mozzarella/cheddar 3rd Layer -- 6 Burgers and 20 Mcnuggets 4th Layer -- Another Shredded layer of cheese mentioned above 5th Layer -- 2 large fries dumped on top Top Layer -- Handful of cheese
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Not on my watch!
This dude sleeping in a weird position? Starring brenden hall
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18 y.o. Weight Training Progress Pics
Zishan Mei Max Elto - Shadow of the Sun (Mako Remix)
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Fast Food Dumplings w/ Nestle Cookie Dough Fortress - Epic
All Rights belong to the owner of the house Alexandre and JP Faddoul With the help of many others -Nico Zullo -Amos pak -Raghav Mehlotra -Jackson Morton -Zishan Mei (Chef), (JP was cookie dough chef)
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Playboy radio with JP faddoil
Aaron Mia turns on playboy on the rado to annoy the heck out of JP faddoul
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