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Whoville Christmas Song
The Whoville Christmas Song on How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
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Ghost - Depeche Mode acoustic cover
Cover song of Ghost by Depeche Mode 'Quiet Sessions in the Universe'. Images taken from Words and Images of the Universe. (c) 2009 Venusnote Limited under exclusive license to Mute Records Limited
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The Art of Courtship (Gulliver's Travels)
The good 'ole fashioned art of courtship in the town of Lilliput, from Gulliver's Travels. (c) 2010 Twentieth Century Fox. All Rights Reserved.
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Creating fur in polymer clay - timelapse
Just a short time lapse of a project I'm currently doing which requires the appearance of fur in polymer clay. I'm using super sculpey III. I start either larger portions then carve into them to create smaller areas and vary them as much as possible. I may add or subtract more pieces to create the look I want. Thanks for watching! 👍😁
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Its Called A Heart - Depeche Mode acoustic cover
An acoustic/electric cover song of Depeche Mode's 'It's Called A Heart' performed & recorded by Mayson Gray (www.soundcloud.com/maysongraymusic), as well as a video tribute to the early years of Depeche Mode, who would become known as a world-renowned electronic/alternative band and great influence of my own writing. Hope you enjoy both the music and video! Thanks for watching. :)
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NEW Depeche Mode-inspired single Thrill of Fear
A preview of the new single from FOTLM or Fellowservant's of the Last Millenium called 'The Thrill of Fear' which will be out very soon, inspired by the acoustic side of Depeche! If you like this preview track, please visit their other pages and add them or like if you do! Thanks for listening! www.youtube.com/user/fellowservantmusic https://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/Fellowservants-of-the-Last-Millennium/140318377626 (c) 2011 FOTLM. All Right Reserved. Lyrics by H. Rowe. Music by N. Graham To read more poems by Hannah Rowe please visit: http://diaryofafailure.webs.com/mypoems.htm
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A Night of Belly Dancing at Loftbeats
A special night of belly dancing performed by Jocelyn Tuchon and Adina Dane at Loftbeats in Pomona at the 2nd Saturday Artwalk in Pomona on April 14, 2012.
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'Bloomington Fountain' at Fashion Island
Footage I took of the new, large fountain near Bloomindales at Newport Fashion in Newport Beach, CA.
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Value & Blending Tips in Acrylics
This is a simple video I created for my lessons on painting values and blending I just wanted to share. I consider myself a beginner still and this is only my second time painting still life ( the first were apples), and this particular subject, a rose, was fairly challenging because of it's peculiar shape! But the same techniques apply for value and blending. This was initially a lesson on Value, but I also went ahead and painted it full color for the final too. I was pretty pleased with the outcome! :) For the Mottled background and Drops, I actually learned those techniques right here on YouTube from other artists! For the rest, I'm taking my time in a book for acrylics I bought to build a good foundation in painting techniques so I can have a good handle on it! Thanks for stopping by and I wish everyone the best in their painting as well! All comments, questions and suggestions are welcome. Thanks! :)
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Teen Wolf - Chubby scores!
Scene from Teen Wolf (1985). Chubby scores in the last game of the movie! Sorry for the pauses.
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Steve McQueen Car Show 2012
The 2012 annual Steve Mcqueen Car Show, held at the Boy's Republic in Chino Hills, CA. Looks like they expanded it more this year with a few more vendors. Again, a nice sunny day! Music the property of The Hollies - Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
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Backflip on Scooter (At Ayala Skatepark)
Nice backflip by one of the kids at Ayala Skatepark.
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Starfish & Anemone in Laguna Beach, CA
Raw footage taken with my Nikon CoolPix L110 camera of starfish and anemone off the coast of Laguna Beach, CA, which will most likely be used as part of a longer video later on. Hope you enjoy this for now! :) Video captured by Naasson Graham. Please do not use without permission. (C) 2012 Naasson Graham
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Hollywood U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
U2 tribute band 'Hollywood U2' sings 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' at 4th of July celebration in Baldwin Park. For more info, visit: www.hollywoodu2.com Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed their cover, I did! :)
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Petting Zoo at Tom's Farms
Some footage of the small petting zoo at Tom's Farms in Corona, CA, shot in Dec. 2011. You can also feed them by hand, didn't get any shots of that unfortunately. They shut it down shortly after that cause it was freezing out there! Shot and mixed by myself. Music: Tout Doucement by Feist
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Black Celebration - Depeche Mode acoustic cover
A preview of 'Purely Acoustic' cover song of Black Celebration by Depeche Mode. 'Quiet Sessions in the Universe' Stay tuned, full cover coming soon!!!
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Homage to Dreams - Erin Kaye/Mayson Gray
Homage To Dreams (previously So Far Away), a collaboration between Erin Kaye (ekaye86) and Mayson Gray. Lyrics by E. Kaye, music by M. Gray. Hope you enjoy, thanks for watching! And be sure to check out Erin's channel too!
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Gypsy Trails Gallery Debut!
A 'fan video' made by myself showing the beginnings of Gypsy Trails Gallery, a new concept founded by Hayley Marie Colston in which the goal is to travel the US with a 'gallery on wheels', showing various artwork by artists all across the continent. This video shows the process of setting up to the actual debut of the show! Along with Hayley's work, Ian Kirkpatrick also contributed to this show. To visit or join GTG, go to: https://www.facebook.com/GypsyTrailsGalleryPage Thanks for watching!!!
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Live painting by Hayley Marie at the TakeOver Show
Live painting by Hayley Marie Colston at the Loftbeats After Hours Art Show "The TakeOver" at the FOX in Pomona, CA. For more info on Hayley Marie and Gypsy Trails Gallery visit: https://www.facebook.com/GypsyTrailsGalleryPage http://www.youtube.com/gypsyTrailsGallery
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Light Art
Light Art photography by Naasson Graham. (Music is Esque by DM)
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New Resident by Fellowservant
New Resident single by Fellowservant, an electronic/alternative band based in So Cal. Hear more of their songs at: www.myspace.com/pureascent
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Jeep Cherokee Mud Test
Testing my 2014 Jeep Cherokee Sport over some very sloshy mud this weekend using the Sand/Mud 4x4 feature. It held up very well and didn't encounter any stalls along the way. Unfortunately I didn't video my way uphill where I encountered much more puddles and deeper mud, and although I got sideways a few times, I got through it without any stalling and made a successful ride! :)
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Acoustic Set at dba256 Art Show
My first acoustic cover set with Erin Kaye (ekaye86), a very talented singer, at the dba256 Art Show curated by Erns of Loftbeats in Pomona, CA. Show took place at the dba256 Wine Bar Lounge on October 18, 2012. This set was only cover songs but we are working on original songs for the next set! :) Sorry for the blurriness and *ahem* mishaps, we're working on correcting those! :D
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Light Art 2 - Orbs In Motion
Light Art 2 Orbs in Motion is the second video showing photographic light in motion in various ways. All photography was done by Naasson Graham under the pseudonym LYMB. I really enjoy using the tracks of artists such as DM that would otherwise go unnoticed and would never likely see a video. Both of these tracks gave my photos the perfect atmosphere I was looking for. I slowed the photo sequence down a little on purpose, to give the viewer a real good look into each photo, which has more info than it first suggests. As otherworldly and strange as the photos may seem, which can suggest images of ufo's, aliens or strange phenomena, all the photo you see here are untouched and original, with the small exception of balancing the values. All colors remain untouched. I hope these 'orbs in motion' only give inspiration to your own imagination as it contemplates each photo in it's fullness. Thanks for watching! Music credits: Sneakerpimps - Sushi Lunches (from their Splinter album) Depeche Mode - Uselink (from their Ultra album) (c) 2010/2011 LYMB
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Bound (For Greater Things) - Mayson Gray
Rough Preview of Bound (For Greater Things) by Mayson Gray, a song still in progress. You can hear more of Mayson Gray at: www.soundcloud.com/maysongraymusic (C) 2012 MaysonGrayMusic
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Smiths - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want cover song
Smith's cover song in preparation for upcoming acoustic show at the Fox Theatre in downtown Pomona with Erin Kaye (ekaye86). Check out her channel as well, she does some very nice cover songs herself! :)
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Now & Forever - Mayson Gray (unofficial)
Unofficial preview of Now & Forever by Mayson Gray. You can hear more songs at: www.soundcloud.com/MaysonGrayMusic or www.reverbnation.com/MaysonGray. Thanks for coming by! (c) 2012 MaysonGrayMusic
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The Wild Reeds - Turkish Delight (live)
The Wild Reeds playing Turkish Delight live at the House Show in Claremont, CA. Early in their career, you could catch the Wild Reeds playing around places like the Arts Colony in Pomona, CA, singing and playing to a crowd during the Pomona Art Walk. This particular show was a backyard show with the Buffalo Skinners. It was a cloudy night and during the show it actually started to rain! But as they say, the show must go on and play they did. I had the pleasure of being able to see and talk to some of them after the show. :)
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Comin' Home - N. Graham (unofficial)
Unofficial song & video of Comin' Home, written and produced by N. Graham.
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Jellyfish at the Aquarium of the Pacific
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NFI Fountain - slomo
1 minute of slow motion footage of fountain in Fashion Island :)
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Holiday - Mayson Gray (preview)
Preview of 'Holiday' by Mayson Gray. (c) 2012 MaysonGrayMusic
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A Night of Triphop
A little weekend experimentation doing some triphop, venturing into more of a 'live' set rather than electronic like usual. NO looping was used in this, all original work including acoustic guitar. Hope you enjoy!
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Commission Painting of Watson
Steps taken in an acrylic painting of a pointer named Watson. I'm a self-taught painter and still consider myself quite a beginner but learning a lot about painting, color mixing and brushwork, so any constructive criticism is welcome, along with any other general questions. Thanks for watching and hope it encourages and inspires you in some way! You can also find me at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arte-of-Naasson-Graham/223162441032392 For updates on twitter, follow me @gothembourg Music: Secret Garden - Passacaglia
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Trip to Angeles Forest/Mt. Baldy (Pt. 1)
We took a little spontaneous trip through Angeles Forest to see if there was any snow up there yet. Indeed there was! Found a few good spots to stop at and ended up just going to the top and checking out the ski lifts. No trip on the ski lifts...not this time anyways! :)
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Living Room 'New Years Eve' Jam at the Press
The Living Room 'New Years Eve' Jam at the Press in Claremont, CA on Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012, featuring The Atolls, The Plustones, and other musicians.
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Test Video 1 - Wheel within A Wheel: High speed video project
A simple high speed video project set to personally created musical compositional called 'Wheel within a wheel" which is currently in progress, under the name FOTLM or Fellowservant's of the Last Millennium. Created using Adobe Premier Pro. High speed video recorded by the Biomechanics team at Manchester Metropolitan University. (c) 2011 FOTLM
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Shogun Chefs Rock!
Shogun Chef caught rockin' the grill on our night out! (I admit, I jazzed it up a bit!)
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Snow White & The Huntsman (Tribute Music)
A short piece I wrote in tribute to Snow White & The Huntsman. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy! Music written & composed by N. Graham (C) 2012 Naasson Graham
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Love is a No Letter Word - Mayson Gray
A live instrumental version of 'Love is a No Letter Word' by Mayson Gray, followed by the unofficial version still in progress. Hear more nostalgic sounds from Mayson Gray at: www.Soundcloud.com/MaysonGrayMusic (C) 2012 Mayson Gray Music.
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