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Poland's homeless go underground to survive deep freeze
As bone-chilling temperatures strike across Europe, the homeless of Poland's capital Warsaw have a solution to the sometimes deadly freeze. Thanks to a network of municipal heating ducts, they are able to stay warm underground.Duration: 02:04
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Artificial hearts
Keep up-to-date with the latest news, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/AFP-subscribe Artificial hearts operate like a natural human heart. They are made of soft "biomaterials" intended to lessen the risk of blood clots or rejection by the immune system and are powered by a belt of lithium batteries.VIDEOGRAPHIC Follow AFP English on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AFPnewsenglish Latest news on AFP English Twitter: https://twitter.com/AFP Share your top stories on Google+ http://bit.ly/AFP-Gplus
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Angels in mega trucks: drivers join rescue in storm-hit Texas
Zub Ferrell's passion is driving through the mud and muck of mega truck competitions. But this week he has embraced another mission: using his huge rig to save flood victims stranded after monster storm Harvey.
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Westerners choose a monk's life in Thailand
Thailand is famous for its beach tourism but some western visitors choose to shave their heads, don a saffron robe and enter monkhood -- even if they don't all manage to do it for life. Duration: 01:54.
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Driven to distraction: Pyongyang's 'traffic ladies'
Snapping their heads from side to side, marching into the roads in close-fitting blue uniforms and black heels, the "traffic ladies" who marshal vehicles at the intersections of Pyongyang are an emblematic image of the North Korean capital.
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US-Canada border tensions over the road
On Canusa Avenue, houses on one side of the street are in the USA, but on the other side they are in Canada. Its a spot favored by illegal immigrants, and authorities are taking notice. The US is planning to build a wall on the street, and they've already installed a customs post. Duration: 01:50
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Sicilian hilltop homes on sale for one euro
It's an offer you can't refuse: rustic abodes in a picturesque hilltop village on the island of Sicily, are up for sale for just one euro, helping to breathe new life into the area, Gangi, Italy on August 19, 2014. Duration: 02:16
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Atlanta, hub for black entrepreneurs
Atlanta, the vaunted capital of the "New South", has become a hub for black entrepreneurs. Their businesses may hold valuable lessons on how to drive the US economic recovery. AFPTV visits with men and women working to make their dream careers a reality.Duration: 02:15
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Kenya's pimped up matatus are the kings of the road
In Nairobi, Kenya, 'pimped-up' buses known as 'matatus' are kings of the road -- attracting passengers with their graffiti and pop music.
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Cassava carrier bags: Indonesian tackles plastic scourge
An entrepreneur from Bali, disgusted at the rubbish littering the famous holiday island Bali, is trying to tackle the problem with alternatives to conventional plastic.
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New super-slim skyscrapers are changing New York's skyline
A new generation of super-slender residential skyscrapers for the super-rich is changing New York’s iconic skyline, and sparking debate in a city where the price of housing is a hot topic. By William Edwards. Keep up-to-date with the latest news, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/AFP-subscribe Follow AFP English on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AFPnewsenglish Latest news on AFP English Twitter: https://twitter.com/AFP Share your top stories on Google+ http://bit.ly/AFP-Gplus
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India bets on solar power for bright future
India is giving its solar energy sector a major boost to try to satisfy growing electricity demands from its 1.2 billion strong population and tackle climate change. Duration: 02:16
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Norway's Svalbard, a haven at world's end
With its harsh and frozen landscape, the Svalbard archipelago, the last outpost before the North Pole, is a surprising haven for people from all walks of life, some as far away as Thailand and Iran. Although it officially belongs to Norway, Svalbard has a special status which means that anyone can go there without a visa. Duration: 02:21.
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Chinese farmer finds new life in an orange submarine
In the village where he was born, a Chinese chicken breeder emerged from a lake of green to tell of his life beneath the waves in a homemade orange submarine. Duration: 02:08
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Hungarian 'Master' fires passion for horseback archery
No one knows more about shooting arrows from a speeding horse than Lajos Kassai, the man called "The Master" by students and visitors alike at his school in a remote Hungarian valley. Duration: 02:39
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France's Elysee Palace
Home to the president of the French Republic, the Elysee Palace comprises more than 350 rooms over 15,000 square metres, from the famous Cour d’Honneur in the north end and 2 hectares of garden in the south. It is a powerful symbol of the republic, but that wasn’t always its destiny. VIDEOGRAPHIC
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Britain's Will and Kate shoot arrows in Bhutan
Britain's Prince William and wife Kate try their luck at archery on the first day of their visit in Bhutan.
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Underground nuclear tests
North Korea said Tuesday it would restart a nuclear reactor to feed its atomic weapons programme, in its clearest rebuff yet to UN sanctions at the heart of soaring tensions on the Korean peninsula. Videographic explaining how underground nuclear tests are carried out.VIDEOGRAPIC
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Dogs ease Namibia's cheetah-farmer conflicts
Bred by cheetah conservationists to stop farmers from killing the big cats, Anatolian shepherd dogs are transforming farming techniques in Namibia by reducing conflicts between carnivores and humans. Duration: 01:53
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Guns cheaper than smartphones in Pakistani tribal town
Gunfire echoes through a dusty northwest tribal town, the soundtrack to Pakistan's biggest arms black market, where Kalashnikovs welded from scrap metal are cheaper than smartphones and sold on an industrial scale.
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Dutch retirement home breaks boundaries and age divide
An innovative retirement home in The Netherlands has opened its doors to students who live on site and help elderly residents in return for free lodgings while they carry out their studies. Duration: 02:36
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In Antarctica, a town that thrives despite the shivers
Antarctica is home to a few hardy souls who endure -40 degree Celsius winters. In Las Estrellas town, the snow and glacial wind doesn't keep its 64 inhabitants from having a bank, a school and occasional visitors. Duration: 02:09
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Chilean architecture stands test of earthquakes
There is no such thing as zero risk in an earthquake, but Chilean architects have become masters at getting as close as possible thanks to anti-quake measures like base isolation and energy dissipation.
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A history of climate change negotiations
The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro laid the foundations of ‘green diplomacy’. It resulted in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.Every year since 1995, the Conference of Parties to the Convention – known as COP – brings together signatory states - to try to combat climate change by reducing emissions. VIDEOGRAPHIC
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The causes of flooding
Several people have died as torrential rains lashed central Europe on Sunday, forcing hundreds to leave their homes after floods and landslides. Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic sent in army units to help with rescue efforts after rains reached record levels in some areas.VIDEOGRAPHIC
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When the House becomes a home
Life as a US Congressman isn't all perks. Some lawmakers are now sleeping in their offices in Washington, bunking down to save money -- and to set an example of cost-cutting as Congress debates the debt crisis.Duration: 02:00
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Rugby Union: The rules of the game
The rules of Rugby Union explained.
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Aleppo's famous soap industry caught in civil war
Aleppo soap is famous the world over for its hydrating and soothing properties, but the state of civil war in Syria means that the export market has all but dried up. Duration: 02:02
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Sleepy Uruguay village makes tourism comeback
A sleepy village in Uruguay of some 200 inhabitants has transformed itself into a chic tourist destination over the past few years. Visitors are flocking to Garzon -- located about 180 kilometres northeast of the capital Montevideo -- for its peace and tranquility as well as its good food.Duration: 02:16
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Bangladesh otter fishing tradition faces extinction
The rare tradition of using otters to catch fish in southern Bangladesh is dying out as fish populations fall and riverbeds dry up. Duration: 02:22
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How vaccination works
Vaccines work by exploiting the immune system’s memory. Vaccination simulates an infection, training the immune system and enabling it to develop weapons to fight back. Videographic explaining how the body fights infection and how vaccination works.
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US World Bank nominee doubles as rapping spaceman
He's a man of many talents. US nominee to the World Bank Jim Yong Kim took a starring turn as a rapping spaceman in a student talent show during his tenure as Dartmouth College president. Duration: 01:32
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Treasures from England's Mary Rose ship resurface
The relics from the Mary Rose, the flagship of England's navy when it sank in 1545 as a heartbroken king Henry VIII watched from the shore, have finally been reunited with the famous wreck in a new museum offering a view of life in Tudor times. Duration: 02:35
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French language across the world
The word 'francophonie' was first employed in 1880 to refer to people and countries using the French language globally. Today there are more than 220 million French speakers, making the language the second most spoken mother tongue within the European Union and the ninth most spoken in the world. March 20, 2013, is International Francophonie Day.VIDEOGRAPHIC
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Japanese 'rent men' who are paid just to listen
From lonely pensioners to Japanese schoolgirls with shattered dreams, Takanobu Nishimoto and his crew of middle-aged men will lend an ear to clients who would never dream of spilling their guts to a therapist or worse, their families.
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'Heaven-guided' underground maze proves Armenian tourist draw
An underground labyrinth under a one-storey house in the village of Arinj outside the capital Yerevan may not look like much, but today it brings in visitors from all over the globe after a 23-year labour of love by the late Levon Arakelyan.
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Hong Kong: home of world's cheapest Michelin restaurants
After queuing on the street, diners are sat next to strangers in the cramped Hong Kong restaurant before rinsing their own cutlery. Welcome to the world's cheapest Michelin-starred experience. Duration: 01:54
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Fish boom in Jalalabad
For years chicken, mutton or lamb has been the dish of choice for Afghans, yet in Jalalabad fish is becoming ever more popular, encouraging some to start their own fish farming businesses. Duration: 02:37
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Somalis return to their homeland to set up shop
Ayan left Somalia in 1997 and worked as a designer in the UK, and like many others, she has returned to her homeland to set up a business. It isn't known how many Somalis have come back in recent months to set up businesses, but the International Organisation for Migration has been encouraging Somalis with skills to return. Duration: 02:22
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Critics of Cambodia's Hun Sen refuse to be silenced in Australia
From the safety of suburban Australia, Bou Rachna recalls her husband Kem Ley, a prominent Cambodian political analyst, who was shot dead at a Phnom Penh gas station in a 2016 killing that rattled the nation. She and her five children arrived in Australia last month where they were granted asylum, but reminders of the violence that felled Kem Ley have followed them, with death threats mailed to the family ahead of a visit to Sydney by Cambodia's strongman leader Hun Sen for a special Australia-ASEAN summit this week.
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Le Cinq restaurant in Paris gets third Michelin star
France's Michelin guide, one of the hallmarks of fine dining, announced its 2016 ratings on Monday, rewarding the country's best chefs but stripping other establishments of their top ranking. Among the big winners this year were luxury hotels in the French capital, with chef Christian Le Squer bringing a third star to the George V.
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Chile's indigenous Mapuche Indians fight for ancestral lands
Indigenous Mapuche Indian communities living in southern Chile are locked in a fierce battle with the state as they try to reclaim their "ancestral" lands, large portions of which were annexed at the end of the 19th century. Duration: 02:25
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Mountain life key to longevity for Kashmir's centenarians
A group of centenarians living in a remote village in Kashmir are defying Pakistan's reputation as one of the worst countries in the world to live as an old person, putting their longevity down to their simple mountain lifestyle. Duration: 02:52
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Turkey fulfils sultan's dream with opening of Bosphorus rail tun
Turkey will on Tuesday unveil the world's first sea tunnel connecting two continents, fulfilling a sultan's dream 150 years ago, but also fuelling recent anti-government sentiment for such mega projects. Duration: 02:22
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Decommissioning a nuclear power plant
How to decommission a nuclear power station at the end of its active life.
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Designer launches handbag company in Ethiopia
An Ethiopian-born business graduate has left the US to return home, where she has launched a company making luxury leather handbags. Although the majority of bags are sold abroad, 26 year old Abai Schulze is pinning her hopes on Ethiopia's growing middle class.
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Beaufort scale
Nearly 70,000 homes were left without electricity Thursday as a cyclone lashed the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion. Winds of up to 180 kph and torrential rain caused extensive damage to the electricity network after cyclone Dumile passed within 90 kilometres of the island's west coast Videographic explaining the Beaufort scale, which classifies wind in 13 categories linked to speed, sea conditions and the visible impact on land.VIDEOGRAPHIC
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The rise of Turkey's defence industry
On the occasion of the first defence and aerospace exhibition in Ankara, we take a look at the Turkish defence industry. One of the most dynamic in Europe, focused on research and development, it is poised to become an important weapons exporter in the region. Duration: 01:59
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Global drugs trafficking
An estimated 230 million people around the world are drug-users. Of those, some 27 million are considered to be dependent or drug addicts, making trafficking the most lucrative trade for organized crime networks. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction publishes its annual report on November 15, 2012.VIDEOGRAPHIC
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Shattered dreams haunt life in Spanish ghost towns
When Spain's economic bubble burst, the unsustainable construction frenzy which had widely contributed to financial downfall, came to a juddering halt. Whole towns were abandoned in mid build, apartment blocks lie empty. But some properties are now finding occupants once again. Duration: 02:00
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