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buffbunny collection party | Meeting Heidi Somers and Christian Guzman
Heidi's youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/heidisomers Christian's youtube:https://www.youtube.com/user/Christianguzmanfitne video game guy99:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6YJTbyYuLY5PGhTa_wZmPQ Vlog guy 99:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA9uSfl8TozeY3-TRoEeqwQ
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Quick workout | Nashville vlog
Quick 30 minutes of cardio and a back workout! we are starting our fitness journey and we are loving it! its been fun! we went to nashville on vacation for a little and are back now so expect some more san antonio vlogs!
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The Journey (Episode 2)
This video is Lara's first vlog!
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UP Energy review | First Vlog workout
Up Energy: https://shopupenergy.com
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Lara, Jon, and Video game guy99 all play bean boozled together. It is a super fun game where you get to try different jelly beans. trick is one could be coconut the other could be spoiled milk and they look the same! watch till the end to see who gets dead fish and almost throws up!
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It's her birthday!
Cheat meal | workout | Sisters birthday
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ugly sweater challenge l 12 days of vlogmas day 2
Lara and i take on the ugly sweater challenge and see who can make an uglier sweater! let us know down in the comments who sweater you think is uglier!
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Snow day | San Antonio Texas | 12 days of vlogmas!
What is up guys! So this is going to be day one of the 12 days of vlogmas. In this vlog it snowed for the first time in texas since 1985! we got to have a snowball fight and even build a snowman! it was crazy to see snow for the first time!
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Lara, Ethan and I baked a German chocolate cake today. It was a lot of fun! Ethan and I struggled for much longer then is shown to find a small basketball to play with and we failed lol hope you guys enjoy!
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Maybe this was a bad idea
Today we decided to try to make chocolate covered pretzels,strawberry and other stuff. Not to sure it was the best idea to give Ethan that much chocolate but hey he enjoyed it!
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Okay okay okay! I get you people up north can laugh at me all you want but to this Florida boy this is at least a bit of snow! I couldn't believe we got some snow in November! Pretty cool!
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Walked through walls | Harry potter world | Universal studios
I went to florida for a few days to hang out with family. we went to universal studios but spent 90% of the day exploring harry potter world. walking through walls flying on brooms and using magic.
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