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DIY: Distressed Jeans
This is how to make your own distressed jeans right in your home. Why go out and buy some expensive jeans that are distressed, when you can easily do it yourself at home with any part of jeans. Materials: Scissors White color pencil or marker Pocket knife Cardboard Any jeans Music: Infinity - Niykee Heaton ( Lllenium Remix ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxG5C4q_rEs Please subscribe and give it a thumbs up! Thanks guys
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Struggles Of Having Separated Parents
This video is not to target people who have separated or divorced parents. These are just some struggles that we come across, some a tad bit annoying but this video is meant to be funny. So I hope you enjoy, because this idea legit just popped into my brain & I had fun filming it at 12 p.m. Social Media- Twitter: @gracielaxgarciaa Instagram: @gracielaxgarcia Subscribe, Comment, Like! Guys really comment, I like when you do! -xoxo chela
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School After A Long Winter Break
My own spin on how school really feels after being away for so long.. Like don't you miss christmas already, the hot coco, the music, the movies, sleeping in until 3 in the morning! Music: High By The Beach - Lana Del Rey ( Justin Caruso Remix ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psiFno7f5_A Subscribe! Like! Comment! Social Media: Twitter: @gracielaxgarcia Instagram: @gracielaxgarciaa WATCH MY LAST VIDEO! https://youtu.be/-UMGSDAvqkA
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This is a mini vlog of saturday's day at the fair. enjoy! Social media - Twitter: @gracielaxgarcia Instagram: @gracielaxgarciaa SUBSCRIBE! LIKE! COMMENT! Xoxo, Chela
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DIY Summer Room Decor / 2016
Once again since my room is completely grey, I decided to come up with inexpensive room decorations. Which in my case are just black/white. So here are some easy to do yourself decorations with little under a budget of $10. Social Media- Twitter: @gracielaxgarciaa Instagram: @gracielaxgarcia Follow me, I'm really legit! SUBSCRIBE! COMMENT! LIKE! Music is from soundcloud.
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Vlog #1: Prom Dress Shopping 2016
First vlog in forever, after putting it in my bio.. but yeah here's a recap of my entire day of in being Downtown LA, and searching for the perfect Prom dress! (: SOCIAL MEDIA- Twitter: @gracielaxgarcia Instagram: @gracielaxgarciaa Subscribe, Comment & Like! Let me know if you guys want more vlogs
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In the Inland Empire in a school called Colton High School. We have a program named Link Crew, and what this certain program does is help mentor incoming Freshmen and prepare them for High school. Link Crew is a program only for Juniors & Seniors, we do these events called Synergies. Link Crew invites a certain amount of people from any grade to Synergy for a day filled with laughter, tears, joy. Everyone thinks we're known for a day of just crying when that's really not all we do. Anyways but yeah here's vlog of almost the entire day... Enjoy! I LOVE ALL MY PEEPS FROM COLTON HIGH! Colton's Link Crew Twitter: @CHS_Linkcrew Instagram: @linkcrew_chs SUBSCRIBE! LIKE! & COMMENT! Xoxo Chela
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My Morning Routine
Since it's Spring Break, I decided to film a Morning routine. Yes there's many videos out there about morning videos, but I legit do not do anything so in depth but here's the basics of just getting up every morning. Oh god, this is a long description but yeah heres the video Face products- Lush: Ocean Salt face/body scrub Mask of Magnaminty Moisturizer: Simple Replenishing Lips- M.A.C. Matte Lipstick in Persistence Colourpop Liquid Lipstick in Limbo Social Media- Instagram: @gracielaxgarciaa Twitter: @gracielaxgarcia Subscribe, Comment, & Like! Stay Tune for more videos xoxo chela
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Day In My Life Vlog #5
Yes yes... I know I haven't posted much on my channel lately. But I believe everyone gets caught up with life and the motion of it. I started college back in august, and I have mixed feelings about it, and I am still currently trying to adjust. I began to focus more on school and work, and being a better me than posting videos. I am truly sorry to subscribers, but here's a vlog of my day. Hope you guys enjoy. SUBSCRIBE! LIKE! COMMENT Xoxo, Chela Social Media Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gracielaxgarciaa/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/gracielaxgarcia
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The Whisper Challenge Ft. My Brother
You all know the whisper challenge, you say a couple of phrases to each other see who gets the most out of each other's list of phrases.. wins. Apparently, only me and my brother got one. Hope you enjoy! Subscribe, Comment, Like! Thanks (:
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Summer Fashion 2016
I know I know, I lagged on this video for an entire week. But! here it finally is, it's pretty short because I couldn't quite film the angles myself. Hopefully you guys enjoy the outfits I put together, drum roll please, TAAAAA DAAAAAAH! SUBSCRIBE! COMMENT & HIT THOSE LIKES! Last Video: GRADNITE VLOG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7sbH8IXrzI Twitter: @gracielaxgarcia Instagram: @gracielaxgarciaa Music: Big Jet Plane - Angus & Juila Stone
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This was a video I have recorded a while ago, but never posted. Here's a video of me doing my little cousin's face makeup. I practically just used my own makeup, I am in no means a pro makeup artist, we just did this out of boredom and to have fun. Hope you guys enjoy it, STAY TIL THE BLOOPERS! Face- Foundation: Milani Perfect+Conceal in 03 Concealer: PRO La Girl in Porcelain Setting Powder: LAURA MERCIER Translucent Eyebrows- ABH Dipmade in Light Chocolate Cheeks- Milani Baked Blush Rose De' Oro Highlighter- MAC Soft N Gentle SUBSCRIBE! LIKE! COMMENT! Xoxo, Chela
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DIY Valentine's Day Room Decor 2016
I mean who doesn't want Valentine's Day room decor less than $10? Here's three DIY that I pretty much got everything at my local dollar store. The photos were only to about $4 something at Target, but it really depends on how many photos you're willing to paid for. Materials- Garland: Twine Cardboard White pen/color pencil Tape Your photos of choice Scissors Frame: Cardboard White pen/color pencil Scissors Xoxo: Cardboard White pen/color pencil Scissors Subscribe, Comment, Like & Tag! Stay tuned for more videos! SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @_Cheelaaxd Instagram: @_cheelaaxd
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My Method Of Curls
So, I always get asked how I do my curls since I stopped burning my hair about three years ago. Well I happen to use Flex Rods, which are these metal flexible tubes you put in your hair overnight or for 15-20 mins. It really depends on your preference. The thing is my hair the first couple of times did not adjust to the tubes. So you just got to get your hair in the rhythm of adjusting to the tubes. You can buy these at your local Sally's, I brought mine at Ross for about $5.99 for a set of 16. Last Video- Struggles of Having Separated Parents Social Media- Twitter: @gracielaxgarcia Instagram: @gracielaxgarciaa Subscribe,Comment, & Like Guys! -Xoxo Chela
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My Everyday Makeup
First of my channel is nothing related to makeup, I am not a makeup artist, so please do not judge. This is my some what sorta everyday makeup, I used high end and drugstore, it really depends on what I can afford but yeah here's the requested video. PRODUCTS: Face- Primer: Neutrogena shine control M.A.C Foundation NC30 Eyebrows- Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate Set with M.A.C. Charcoal brown eyeshadow L'oreal brow stylist plumper gel medium to dark Maybelline Clear transparent setting gel Under eyes- Covergirl concealer in medium Revlon Colorstay liquid concealer in light/pale Set Face- Neutrogena mineral sheer loose powder in soft beige Bronzer- M.A.C. Mineralize skinfinish in dark Blush- Milani Baked Blush in Rose D'Oro Highlighter- Urban Decay NAKED Illuminated in Luminous Eyelashes- Maybelline Great Lash in very black LIKE! COMMENT! SUBSCRIBE! & SPREAD SOME LOVE! Social Media: TWITTER: @gracielaxgarcia INSTAGRAM: @gracielaxgarciaa Music: We Got The World - Iconia Pop ( Scott Campbell Remix ) Spark - Oski Last video: School After A Long Winter Break https://youtu.be/xDrF9cCXcMM
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Disneyland Gradnite Vlog #3 // June 11, 2016
Gradnite is an event hosted by Disneyland for high school graduates, by far the best memories came out of this day. Thank you, to Disneyland for hosting such a great event for us, it was a amazing experience. The thing that was not the best was the aftermath of gradnite, my legs and feet were killing me... luckily when I got home I slept like a baby. Gradnite happened on Saturday June 11, 2016. Instagram: @gracielaxgarciaa https://www.instagram.com/gracielaxgarciaa/ Twitter: @gracielaxgarcia https://twitter.com/gracielaxgarcia SUBSCRIBE! LIKE! & COMMENT!
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