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Red Tilapia Breeding Pond, Silay City, Negros Occidental
I brought more than 50 pieces of red tilapia breeders from Batangas last April 10 through Ro-ro but because of extreme vibration during transport, only 4 pieces of red and 2 pieces of black remain alive, I immediately dug a small portion of land with spring water so to avoid further deaths. This videos show some happy and healthy red tilapia after a week of transfer. This is a live fresh spring water. My plan is to have these tilapia breed here and then transfer the fingerlings to a bigger pond some meters away (not shown in video)
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One of the most dangerous roads in the Philippines: Atimonan, Quezon Zigzag Road
Considered as one of the most dangerous roads in the Philippines located inside the forests of Atimonan, Quezon province.
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Towing went wrong / Jeepney destruction...
Suzuki multicab is used to pull the front part of the AUV because this supposed to be lengthen but the back portion was heavy so it went upside down. This AUV/Jeepney is to be repaired from 8 seater to 10 seater.
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Explained: How Kapa Makes Money
Papano ba gumawa ng pera ang Kapa at bakit hindi ito sustaianble.
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Adding Different Clocks on Windows
Adding clocks on Windows with different time zones. If you are working remotely, it is very important to have a real time clock.
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Watch How Scammer Wesley Bacate Lure People to Join Success200
Serial scammer and founder of RUaffiliates Wesley Bacate is luring people to join his Success200 online scam program. After the failure of this program, he openned another program called ruaffiliate - which is also facing a number of problems with its members and the Securities and Exchange Commission. More details here. http://www.okd2.com/serial-scammer-wesley-bacate-ruaffiliates-face-syndicated-estafa-charges/
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Kahit Ayaw Mo Na (This Band) Cover by Sx Year Old Kid  - Ukulele
Here is a beautiful cover by a talented six-year-old girl from Cebu. Click to subscribe for more interesting videos. Watch Pinoy Movies Online - https://patoksatakilya.com/
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Propellerads 2018 Review
It looks like Propellerads.com has stopped paying since April 2018 so here I am giving my honest review supported by data....
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Growing and Feeding Tilapia in My Backyard Concrete Pond
I have a 2 x 6 meters small concrete tilapia fish pond at the back of my house. I am feeding them every morning and afternoon. Tilapia can be harvested between 6 to 8 months. Watch
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OLX Philippines Review and why you should not pay for premium ads
Olx Philippines is supposed to be the biggest online classified ads in the country but the series of recent changes made the website less appealing. Watch the video how Olx is prohibiting buyers to contact you.
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Natural Spring Water Pool in Malvar, Batangas, Philippines
Here is a natural spring water pool in Malvar, Batangas, Philippines. One of the best place to visit. Very cold water this summer. Enjoy... This is located at Brgy. Bulihan, Malvar, Batangas, PH.. the place is called by locals "Alulod".
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Globe Tattoo connection after fair usage policy is implemented
Don't be annoyed, just wait.. lol This is how fast the connection after Globe broadband tattoo implement fair usage policy.. More info..: http://www.okd2.com/heres-globe-stealing-millions-pesos-tattoo-broadband-customers/
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How To Hold a Cat Correctly
Here is the proper way of holding a cat.. :) :) :)
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