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Finesse/Prince of Bel-Air Remix
Music made on https://www.soundtrap.com. Soundtrap is also available on the AppStore and Google Play.
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Hitler Reacts to The Fantastic Four Trailer
Make your own Hitler video at http://downfall.jfedor.org/
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Gatorade | Groove Like Mike | G50 ft. Kurtis Blow
Fun one! Subscribe for more
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Beat It*Black Spider-man**RR3mix
Fun to make. All videos and images used under fair use
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God's Plan/Ain't Nuthin' But A G Thang -Remix
Music made on https://www.soundtrap.com. Soundtrap is also available on the AppStore and Google Play.
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Footsteps In The Dark-Isley Brothers-KeyboardCover
I do not own the song
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Mariah Carey vs Mark Morrison
Had to funk it up a bit! Samples used: S.O.S Band: Good and Plenty Mariah Carey: Fantasy Mark Morrison:Return of the Mack
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One More Time Acoustic -Daft Punk Cover
A subscriber of mine inspired me to keep playing even after I had sold most of my instruments for rent. So I dusted off my old guitar with missing strings and decided to do this song. Thanks IG83.
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Sledgehammer Remix-Ft. Fifth Harmony ft. Peter Gabriel ft. Common
Old Versus New in this remix! 80s 90s and today. Dont forget to like and subscribe. I do not own the vocals or lyrics. All content is produced under fair use.
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Somebody I Used to Know/One More Time-Mashup--Daft Punk**Goyte
Quick mashup! Dont forget to like and subscribe!
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9107: Nostalgic Wonders
Music made on https://www.soundtrap.com. Soundtrap is also available on the AppStore and Google Play.
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Never gonna give you up- Hard Rock Keyboard Cover
This has a more Metal feel too it, and I wanted to try something new. It was awesome to play! Enjoy!
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Cool For The Summer-90s Hip Hop Mix-
Funky As usual made under fair use Check out more of my vids
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Calvin Harris- Summer-Trap Remix
Trap Cover
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One More Time-Daft Punk Remix ft.T-Pain
I do not own any of the vocals or musical content. All aforementioned subjects are used under fair use.
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Will Smith-Wild Wild West-Remix
Will Smith, like him or hate him, created some great upbeat music in the 90's. I decided to do a tribute by doing an original remix! Hope you enjoy (the one person who actually likes this vid.) 🙏
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Beautiful Things: Isaiah Reimer
Leading Worship! A bit shaky at first but once I let go it was great to be able to praise the Lord
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MY HERO-Foo Fighters-Keyboard Cover
Everything you hear (drums included) were all done by me by the tones given on the keyboard.
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Time of Our Lives/Kick It Jackie Chan/Boo’d Up-Cover
All music used under fair use
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Let It Ride-Original song
You like cringy R&B? Well say no more fam
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App Jams 1 : Nothing Can Stop Me
Using the Android app Music Maker Jam I was able to make a pretty decent song using prerecorded loops. Highly Recommended!
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Love Never Felt So Good-Michael Jackson KB COVER
Fun song. Its a bit late, and every one and their mother covered it already, but I thought hey why not. I do not own this song or its lyrical content.
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Time to Move Your Beat-Junior Senior RR3mix-feat.Daft Punk/Michael Jackson
A bunch of classic songs I mashed together for this video. Special thanks to all the artists. I do not own the music, lyrics, or vocals of any artists and all subjects belong to their respective properties.
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Tupac-How Do You Want It-Remix ft. The Whispers
Real fun remix to try and shake it up! Leave a like and support for more!
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24k Funk-Bruno Mars-Mashup
Both of them make me wanna dance! All lyrics, vocals and likenesses belong to their respective properties. I do not own any of the aforementioned subjects, and share this video under fair use.
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Explanation for Music Haiatus
Sorry for being so dormant the last few months guys, I'm going to try and get more vids out soon.
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Losing You-Original Song
Here's how my summer went!
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