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MW3 Kill Confirmed Hard Hat
This is my first MW3 and i'm using the Roxio Game Cap to record it if you like the video then please show it by liking or subscribing. I will consider any criticisms as help for my many future videos. Hope you enjoy :)
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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, 4 Man Mulit-Kill With Barrel
Got a kill followed by a bit of a spray across the map, hit a barrel which blew up killing 4 people.
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MW2 Mini Uzi Free For All
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MW2 Sniping Montage
Me playing MW2 and most of the time kicking ass and failing occasionally, and I haven't hacked this account but i have my others
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Black ops Havanna
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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 1 On 1 Private match
Two normal players playing on rust, with a very funny commentary.
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Homefront multiplayer gameplay ps3
How to play homefront :) But I'm not the best
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MW2 My first montage
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