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How To Comfortably Sleep in A Hammock - 4 Camping Tips
A friend reminded me that I had a hammock the other day (this one is an ENO doublenest), and I decided to try sleeping in it again. Partially because I have a 10 day backpacking trip coming up soon and also because I had a few new ideas about how to make it more comfortable for myself. So the four things that I have decided on as being of significant importance when sleeping in a hammock are as follows: -- the anchor lines coming from your hammock ends should be at 30° (NOT 45º) -- sleep diagonally -- slide your whole body toward your feet until you feel you are the most balanced left and right -- use a small pillow or blanket to support your knees from underneath The hammock used in this video is a "Double Nest" from ENO: http://goo.gl/DgDLJ
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Living in My 1987 VW Westfalia Van - Rufus - Berkeley California
I can't believe I actually own one of these vans! It's a 1987 Volkswagen Westfalia van, with the full camper setup. Compared to the Nissan Xterra I was sleeping in, this van is pure luxury!
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Making Money While Living In My Car Traveling Around the US
Freelance web design was the name of the game. There are tons of websites that will connect you to clients needing web design work. I mostly used Craigslist, but there are other more consistent methods.
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Print Multiple Amazon FBA Labels with Dymo Thermal Printer
-- NOTE: This method does NOT use the Dymo software -- I tried every setting in every different way in hopes of getting a long list of labels for all my Amazon FBA items, with no luck. In this video I'll show you the simplest solution to get your very own 11-label string of FBA labels!
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Grad School and Living in Berkeley, CA
I've sold my van, moved into an apartment, and started grad school!
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Living In My Car - My Reasons Why I Decided To Travel
This is video #1 from my old Dirtbagging channel. I am uploading all of my old videos and then deleting the old YouTube channel. A Valentine's Day recording from a parking lot in Fresno, CA about why I decided to travel and live in my car.
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Sleeping in a Public Park in Southern California
I had this idea to sleep in this little hut in a public park and...
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Sleeping In A Forester- My Curtain Setup
Here's an idea for a curtain setup in your Subaru Forester to prevent people from looking in and maintain some darkness in the early morning hours when you want to sleep-in. Also, the towels used in this video provide quite a bit of insulation and sound dampening.
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Starting My Masters in Wilderness Therapy at Naropa University
I'm driving from California to Colorado to start my master's degree in transpersonal psychotherapy with a focus on wilderness therapy!
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A Different Perspective - How To Question Negative Situations In A Positive Way
Lately I have become curious why I make certain decisions. This brief snippet of thought is a beginning to understanding why I make the choices I make and how they serve me.
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Sea-to-Summit Pump Sack - My Favorite Camping Pillow with 3 Functions
This is a quick demonstration of the pillow that I've been using as of recent while camping and it seems to be absolutely perfect! As a side sleeper it was always difficult for me to figure out how to get good sleep, but this has completely solved that riddle.
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Naropa Wilderness Therapy (Psycholog) - Beginning of Year 2 Update
Learn what's going on with me lately as I've started my 2nd year of graduate school. I'm attending Naropa University's wilderness therapy program.
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Climbing the 650' 2nd Flatiron in Luna Origen Flaco Sandals
I set out to climb Boulder Colorado's famous Second Flatiron in my Luna Origen Flaco minimalist sandals. I was highly impressed with the grip and comfortability of these sandals all the way up the 650 foot face.
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Having Different Views / Perspectives than Others is OK
After a conversation with my barber, I had some clarity on why I think it's important for me to accept another's perspective, especially when I disagree with it.
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Living In the Foothills Near Boulder Colorado
I moved out of my Forester and into a house in the foothills of Boulder Colorado. Check it out!
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Living In A Nissan Xterra Traveling The US
My Travels From Dec 31, 2009 - Feb 12, 2010. This is video #2 that was posted to my old channel, "Dirtbagging". I am transferring all those videos (9 of them) to this newer channel.
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Taking a Shower in a Public Cemetery in California
Needing to shower before showing up a friend's house (2nd date actually), I picked a dark place, snuck through the fence, hung up my Camelbak water bladder for a shower... and then realized I was in a cemetery!
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Making Money Part-time - Flipping, Hustling, Thrifting, Reselling on eBay & Amazon
Showing off a few items I picked up from a thrift store with plans to sell on eBay and Amazon.
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Working on Noticing When I have Judgements of Others (Psychology)
A few things I've noticed around my own habits of judging others.
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Hiking Colorado's 14ers - Grays Peak (14,270' ASL)
My friend Kelly and I set out at 7am to summit Grays Peak in Colorado's Front Range mountains. We hiked very conservatively and summited at 11:48am; just in time to avoid a small rain storm that rolled in afterwards.
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Are You Too Sensitive? My Thoughts On This Accusation
I'm sharing a few thoughts on why I don't believe that being "too sensitive" is the reason many people speak up about certain controversial topics.
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Moved Again, New Grad Program, Bike, Colorado, Craigslist!
I've moved to Colorado for a new graduate program! I also bought a sweet mountain bike, got some awesome free stuff on craigslist, have been sleeping in a hammock, and a few video ideas.
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I"ve Been Living Barefoot for 16 Days Now!
This is what I've been up to since the "A Couchsurfer Joins Me in California" video. I moved to Costa Mesa for a job!
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Christmas Day 2015 in Georgia was 76 Degrees
Why's it so damn hot in December!!?
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Really Feeling Your Feelings - Staying Regulated During Tough Times
Exploring ways to expand our window of tolerance with emotions that typically overwhelm us.
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Created a New Channel + Moved Again
This was the last video I uploaded to my old "Dirtbagging" channel. Since then I have been posting to this channel, ArbitraryLifestyle, that you're watching now.
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Revisiting Georgia Childhood Stomping Grounds
During a visit to Georgia I went to check out one of my favorite childhood creeks and almost stepped on a watersnake! Dad and I also went fishing in a private pond and I caught 2 largemouth bass.
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Snorkeling Gear and A Top 5 Idea
So I'm looking to put together a "top 5" for places to snorkel in Orange County. I have a list of 6 places so far and plan to visit them within the next two weeks to pick out my favorites.. The "crash pad" I'm talking about in the video is for bouldering (similar to rock climbing). I just realized some people won't be familiar with a crash pad.
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